Anerlisa Muigai’s husband and Tanzanian singer Ben Pol has revealed details about his past life.

He has presented himself as a sweet and calm guy but before all that, manz was not okay. He spoke in an interview with a Tanzanian Radio station about his dark past as an alcoholic.


Ben Pol said life had lost meaning at the time but hid that fact from the world. He went on to say that he could go for shows and perform but when he got back to his room, he would find himself crying.

However, his son Mali’s birth was the beginning of changes in his life. He now had something to live for.

“It got to a point everything had no meaning in my life. You do a show, people cheer and scream your name and even ask to take pictures with you but there is no psyche. When I get back to the hotel you even start crying. You get a call from your promoter, you talk to him nicely you even get a new gig but when you are alone, you are just a sad guy.

I remember it got to a point I was even using alcohol as my feel-good drug. I even became an alcoholic. I would get into my car, drive from Moroko up until Mwenge and I did not even know how I got there yet you are the one who drove the car.

I had a house in Mbezi Beach but I’d find myself parking at a mall and sleeping there all the way to the morning. So when Mali was born, he brought a form of light to my life and that made me find the true meaning of my life.” Ben Pol shared

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This was the first time he opened up about his life in that manner. He is a very secretive person and he lets his music speak for him. This was an inspiration to the release of his song, Ebenezer.

We are now all waiting for his white wedding with Anerlisa and be sure Kiss100 will update you as it all happens.

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