Anerlisa and Ben Pol are just so cute, they make me want to create a playlist for my wedding.

Through their social media, they assure each other of their love with cute words. They are the couple you see in movies who have a happily ever after ending.

Ben Pol doesn’t speak much about their relationship but this time, he decided he wants the world to know who his Anerlisa is. He spoke in an interview with Zamaradi Mketema where he opened up about a lot. From his music career to his relationship with Anerlisa.

He listed the small things we don’t get to know about Anerlisa that leaves him in awe. Every man dreams to have a woman who will bring him breakfast in bed, and he found the one.

 to be honest, the picture out there of Anerlisa is so different from what I know. People out there know her as a CEO but the Anerlisa I know is the one who will wake up in the morning and Bring me breakfast in bed. the Anerlisa who will iron my clothes when I am in the shower, she will pick out the clothes for me to wear, the accessories to match with the clothes . This is the Anerlisa I know.

Ben Pol shames Khaligraph Jones for sliding in Anerlisa’s DM

He is so protective of his fiancé that he even exposed the men who have been sliding in Anerlisa’s DM. Very famous names from Tanzania and Kenya and he was not afraid to call them out.

there are so many artiste who DM her. I’ve seen Shettah, Harmonize and Khaligraph and these are verified accounts. But I am not surprised anyway, she is a gorgeous girl

At least I can pick a few things from Anerlisa on how to treat my future husband.

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