en pol with Latifa Mohammed and Anerlisa

Ben Pol is a daddy before he is a celebrity.

Back in 2014, he sired a child with the very affable Miss Tanzania 2013, Latifa Mohamed.

In a past Interview with Bongo 5, the beauty queen said dating Ben Pol was the “longest relationship he had ever had”.

“You know I’ve met different types of people. So one can come to your life with preconceived notions they end up disappointed and leave. So if you find someone who understands you, it is very encouraging.”

Anerlisa Muigai’s reaction to Ben Pol’s proposal (Video of the ring)

Latifa MohammedBen Pol has said, however, his relationship with Latifa has not been quite formal because he has not gone to introduce himself to her parents.

However, months after meeting Anerlisa Muigai in 2018, Ben Pol’s parents met in Nairobi in a very hush-hush ceremony in January.

There is word that the two could be tying the knot soon.

‘I don’t hide him. He is a grown man!’ Yvonne Okawara talks about hubby

Latifa MohammedAnyhow, Latifa who has a child with Ben Pol told Tanzanian blogger, Mo Faze, how it was like dating Ben Pol. (Psssssst, Anerlisa, please take notes).

“I don’t see any difference in dating him and a regular guy. He doesn’t act like a celebrity. You need to understand him well. Don’t get angry or irrational when he is interacting with female fans on stage and off stage. You need to be calm and not judge things in haste.”

She continued, “Ben lives a very normal life. He is a people person with a kind heart.”Latifa Mohammed

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