Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo is not one to be cowed by troll and unfair critics.

Nope, she is not.

On the day that Dennis Okari, her ex-husband, got married to the love of his life, Naomi Joy in what was supposed to be a secret ceremony, Betty was oblivious of the online trolling.

A guest who was invited to witness the nuptials told

“No one was told the venue of the event. No one. All we were told is come to Kiambu Road then call a specific number to get directions. The event was supposed to be very clandestine and hush hush.”

The guest to requested not to be named added, “Dennis Okari really wants to live a quiet life and doesn’t want the whole hulabaloo surrounding his nuptials.”

This is how he loves me! Betty Kyallo shows off weekend get-away with bae

Anyhow, KOT were on fire comparing Okari’s wedding to Naomi Joy to his first ceremony with screen siren Betty Kyallo.

Later that evening, Betty responded to these tweets with a classy post.

She later went on a romantic weekend with her bae in Naivasha.

On returning, trolls and fans of her ex-hubby would not let her be. Sh she penned a message for them.

“They never wanna see you laughing this hard, they be like angalia vile hata hajui kucheka, angalia kicheko fake. Mimi ni mteule hamniwezi 😉😉.”

Dennis Okari and Naomi Joy replicates honeymoon with Betty Kyallo in Dubai

Here are some reactions from her fans to the post.

Patrickatemi: They, y’all, nyinyi. I wonder why Kenyan celebrities are always determined day in day out to show how they have a billion people against them. Pathetic.

ekzip: Wrestling with air….relax, you don’t need to prove to anyone that you are happy mteule. 😀 .

travelogues_africangirl: You have to grow thick skin and respond to what is important. Some folks throw negativity your way not because they’re haters but because they’re looking for attention.😊😊😊

drucaro: Living a life without worrying what others think of u is the most peaceful life u will ever have..haters n criticizers live within us n move around with us..learning to ignore is the greatest path to inner peace ..stop giving them so much ur life u dont have to throw a stone to every dog that barks at you..u will never reach ur destination.

gracewanjeru: Your always my no.1 wachana nao hao wenye roho mbaya wanao kusema vimbaya I love u I love u, ur a role model to many girls out there keep forcused and moving wacha na confused and obsessied followers with nothing to focus and offer in life.

gulf_b: I just like the way she is a free spirit no negativity will ever bring her down ….. you are strong mama IVANA …. Allah loves you big … 💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥👌🏻👌🏻

joycenjure: @bettymuteikyallo aki Kenyans! ! Your feelings are understandable. Hata wewe utaolewa denno asikie kiwaru! Jipe moyo. Ignore the haters, they’re making you feel bad!

masha_mwaura: Everyone goes through ups n downs of life, n so is @bettymuteikyallo,people be making fuss n maybe they maybe facing more hardships, gal when u hit by a wave, pick up yourself n move on praying for the best for you, kuteleza sio kuanguka, 😉

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