The most vociferous among us who insist on being left alone usually are the least amenable to the idea of privacy. Betty Kyallo, for instance, is often very loud about wanting to be left alone yet she is often the source of most of the stories we get about her.

Anyway, she recently shared a post about her daughter Ivanna who earlier this year was hospitalized in critical condition but thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, she was able to cheat death.

The thing about the post is that it made no mention of Betty Kyallo’s ex-husband, Denis Okari who was there by his daughter’s side the entire step of the journey. As a result, Betty Kyallo’s fans attacked Denis Okari as they were under the assumption that he had abandoned his daughter Ivanna at her hour of need.

Below is her post about Ivanna’s illness:

And while indeed, Betty Kyallo owes it to no one to set the record straight, she chose to ignore the fact that her fans were tearing into the father of her daughter Ivanna with the full knowledge that they were doing so out of ignorant loyalty to her.

Denis Okari himself has been silent on the matter but his best friend Ken Mijungu decided to set the record straight saying,

At the risk of being bashed here and called names, I am deliberate with this post. I have fought my own battles this year and while I may have come out stronger on the other side, this cannot be said of many others. I have seen many fight different kind of battles too. One such person is Ivanna, Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari’s daughter. Yesterday I went to sleep with a heavy heart. I read a post by my colleague Betty. While she has the right to post anything about Ivanna and her challenges this year and thank God for it, she inevitably and deliberately exposed my best friend Dennis as an irresponsible father. From the responses, you guys have bashed Deno for no reason and I know Betty will not correct it so I will. Betty be honest, Okari and even Naomi were there for Ivanna from the day we learnt of her illness and were by her side day and night. Dennis called me on 23rd March at about 10am, asked me to drop whatever I was doing because Ivanna was critical. Too weak to walk alone or drive he asked me to pick him at home. We met on Mombasa road since he couldn’t wait for me and we drove straight to hospital. At Nairobi hospital Betty blocked my access to the ward cubicle where Ivanna was only allowing Dennis in. I stayed by the glass doors from 11am to 2pm watching Ivanna who I must say was very sick. Okari remained inside all that while with Betty and was joined later by Betty’s mum and sister Gloria. I understood her action because it was about the baby. I left at about 2pm. For every single day that followed from that day on Okari was at the hospital day and night with his daughter. We raised funds to offset a 7M + bill. Okari only came to work when he could and our boss understood for all those months. To deliberately paint him as irresponsible is immoral my friend. You don’t have to correct the impression you have created because the Somali guy is by your side but at-least be honest. We were friends before and one day we shall be friends again. Even though the relationship did not work Ivanna remains part of us and we thank God she is ok. As a friend I followed up the progress of Ivanna occasionally texting Betty and sneaking in at the ward to see her. Anyone who has been to the ICU know it’s a huge glass cubicle. You don’t need to thank Okari and Ivanna’s grand parents who visited and prayed with her but at least be honest about it. Ivanna opened her eyes on the 9th of April and we thank God for the miracle.