The hashtag BettywedsDennis has been trending for quite sometime now. And no, Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari are not remarrying. The reason the said hashtag is trending is for a completely different reason.

Last year October, Dennis Okari and his longterm girlfriend Betty Kyalo tied the knot in a colorful star-studded wedding , at the Marula Gardens in Karen, which created quite a fuss because of it’s glitz and glamor.

But is their marriage over after just six months? This has been the question lingering in everyone’s mind, after repeated rumors of a break-up.

The two never confirmed if the said rumors are true. So Kenyans have taken it upon themselves to read in between the lines… so much so that keen tweeps noticed that Betty dropped her husbands name on her twitter profile.

Her profile which read, Betty Okari now reads Betty M Kyallo. And honestly, this has raised eyebrows.

Kenyans on twitter have gone crazy, making their own conclusions about the two media personalities relationship. Many however have decided to revive the hashtag #BettywedsDennis which was trending on twitter when the two got hitched…. the same hashtag is being used by others to discuss their marriage. Sad.

Check out some of the tweets below.

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