Bien and Chiki are Kenya’s couple goals.

Well because they both work in the entertainment industry and it is very tricky but from the stories we hear and what we see on social media, they remain loyal to each other.

Last week, women went wild as Bien took to stage during Oktobafest and threw all colours and sizes of their bras at him. He did the most and put them on.

We got a hold of Chiki during the event and asked her how she felt about that and in all honesty, she says that was the best part of the show because it shows he is doing a good job.

Now with this video popping up, I do not know if he will take it as positively as his fiancee did.

Chiki was hosting a carnival yesterday at K1Klub and with all the adrenaline and excitement, her co-partner when it comes to dancing could not help but grab her waist for a picture.

Couple goals! Newly engaged Chiki and Bien excites fans with their s3xy dance

She was dressed in a two-piece costume looking very gorgeous and that body, daym girl. Dancing is clearly a good form of workout.

Here is the short video of the two. You be the judge: