Celebrated Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol has a lot of surprises this 2019.

One of their surprises just dropped. Sauti Sol has finally released their LP, Afrikan Sauce.

Last year, Sauti Sol had gone MIA and in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie, they explained that they had been traveling a lot and working on new music with some of the biggest names in Africa.

Kiss100.co.ke called Bien to get more information on their plan this year in terms of music and also to get a comment on #playkemusic since they have not been vocal about this.

Bien opened up on what is affecting Kenyan music saying:

this thing will never change you know. artistes should change their songs so that we can listen to them. if they will listen let them and if they won’t its okay. this campaign is like telling Kenyan girls to like Kenyan men. Nigerians are putting in money and so you can’t force. i would just tell artistes to be determined and do their thing.

The conversation got deep after Jalango accused Sauti Sol of failing to mentor young artistes who will enjoy the same benefits and fame they have. Bien had hard truths for him and others who concurred with Jalang’o.

just coz we do not announce doesn’t mean we are not doing it. we are not releasing a song until we release our artistes. people want me to sign an artiste then announce but i will do just that in a month or so.

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Kaskazini The Band have been under Sauti Sol for a while and were introduced to us at the 10 year anniversary of Blankets and Wine.

We can not wait to see who else they have under them.

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