I have an aspiration of one day owning a Land Rover Defender. I find them really beautiful in a masculine way. So it is something of serendipity that I have found a viral photo on Twitter that shows just how much it costs to maintain a similar car.

A Range Rover Sport was involved in an accident and the owner of the car shared a photo of th damage done to the car and the amount it would cost to fix up his daily driver.
Suffice to say the cost is enough to make me reconsider buying this car. Or perhaps it is more accurate for me to say that I will grind hard enough to be able to afford the car and fixing this type of damage:

A goddamn fog light costs 34,000/-!

Anyway, I speak it into being even as I grind towards it.

Oh, also, the record for the most expensive car repair bill is held by Mr Bean. No, I am not kidding, Rowan Atkinson had some car repair done that cost 900,000 sterling pounds.