Marya disappeared from the limelight after she was accused by one of Mike Sonko’s relatives of stealing her man, Kevo. The former Ogopa DJ signee was at the height of her fame and popularity in a relationship with Colonel Mustafa that ended with cheating allegations being flung all over the place.

Marya fled from the limelight only to resurface with a man with whom she lived with in Spring Valley but that relationship imploded publicly on Twitter with her accusing him of cheating and her calling her a burden.

It is hard! Marya talks about marriage and her message to Mustafa’s ‘lipunda’

Now she is with Kevoh and together they have a child together.

The two have had their ups and downs but they have managed to stay together through thick and thin. And Marya who is currently enjoying life has put on weight. I guess that is why they say “eating life with a big spoon”.

But although she has become tubby, she is still sexy as you can see from the pictures below: