‘There must have been a reason’ Big Pin gives his take on the Redsan saga

Redsan has been the talk of town for the past day after an audio went viral of Redsan beating up producer Sappy.

In it, Redsan is heard having an altercation with Sappy.

Sija kusaidia wewe? Sijakuweka kwa radio? Shut Up,” An angry Redsan is heard saying

As Sappy is asking, “Mbona unaipiga.”


Sappy is heard responding:


Redsan responds:


Today on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie, Big Pin graced the studio and he gave his take on the Redsan Saga.

He stated that whatever he did wasn’t right but there must have been a reason for him to react that way.

He said, “There’s a lot of mixed reactions. It’s something we’ve been discussing from like yesterday night. We all know what happened during the album launch. I’m a big fan and I even went for the launch. There was no album which was a bit confusing. Definitely whatever happened, happened for a reason. There’s no way to justify whatever he did, but also people should understand why was Redsan going to that room just to beat up people he’s worked with over a period of time. He’s not mad. He can’t wake up and decide I’m going to chapa all those producers. There must have been something which triggered that we don’t know about. He reacted badly yes, but there must have been a reason. It’s very hard for a man to wake up and decide today I’m going to chapa all this people because I feel like it.”

As an artiste what do you think is the reason?

“First of all you are messing up with the guy’s work. He’s been trying to work on this album for 3 years. This is his work, this is his life. So whatever happened, maybe the producer decided he won’t give him the tracks and of course there’s a rumour that he didn’t pay for the tracks. There would have been other ways to resolve it.”

Well, Big Pin shared his memory about the late E-Sir as they were pretty close.

He knew him since he was 12 and through out school and growing up, the two have been close friends.

He described E-Sir as a cool fresh guy and he was also a merry maker.

Here’s the full interview;

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