Are you ready for your weekly dose of “mucene” Grab your popcorns. Fridays on Kiss FM are all abut udaku with Chim from Mpasho.

The Kiss FM big scoop went down today and we learned that we have moved from prayer partners to pension partners.

So Willy Paul introduced his partner Jamaican singer Alaine, after pictures of their wedding went viral.

The photos took the internet by storm, until we all learned it was about a wedding song they have collaborated on.

But they continue to call each other bae, and it was even revealed that she was staying at his house, oh snap!

Have you heard the song? Its called ‘I Do’.

Willy Pozee’s song has broken records setting the first Kenyan record.

Willy Paul and Alaine’s lovey dovey. Mpasho reached out to him, to congratulate him for breaking a Kenyan record. He is the only Kenyan artist who within 24 hours has managed to garner 200k views on youtube.

After accepting congratulations, Willy Paul took shots at an artiste who released a song a week ago, but hasn’t managed to get as many views. Who is it?

Hmm… have you heard the song Kumbe Kumbe by Bahati featuring Mr Seed. Yup, that one.

Willy Paul was taking shots at Bahati and Mr Seed for not doing so well.

Numbers don’t lie, as Bahati’s collabo with Mr Seed has 106k views after one week.

How much of a superstar is Willy Paul?

Jamaican media is referring to the lad as a superstar. Weuh!

But keep in mind, that even Bahati took shots at Willy Paul, referring to Pozee as his sister. He repeated it several times to Mpasho.

Moving on swiftly to Nairobi Diaries.

The female cast members have been going in on one another. The girls catfights have gone a notch higher. Bridget Achieng, a no holds barred kind of lass, decided to call out her fellow cast members. She losses it as she rants at them about their levels of ratchetry.

Go to to listen to the uncensored clip. Bridget abuses so many people.

The cast members responded to the shade being thrown their way. Pendo and Qupi responded to suggestions that she smells. Listen to the audio below courtesy Kiss FM and;


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