Pull your stool for all the moshene about Avrils pregnancy, and details about a reality tv star whose paid millions for dowry.

We begin in Tanzania where Diamond gave an interview to BBC where he said he wasn’t sorry for cheating. Every time he opens his mouth he tends to say the wrong things.

What would you do if you found out your husband was cheating and there is evidence, but he doesn’t care? Well that is the situation facing Zari Hassan, whose hubby Diamond Platnumz has cheated repeatedly.

In the interview diamond blames the devil for his repeated problems, saying he thanks god for his mistakes. He also said he appreciates the challenges he goes through because at the end of the day his fan base grows and he is also able to sell music. Diamond is also under attack on social media as he wished his son a happy second birthday, and advised him to use women the way he wants. Yes guys, he really did say that.

Well moving on we go to Uganda where Ivan Ssemwanga who died six months ago in South Africa. When he died, his Rich gang friends poured champagne and buried him with loads of cash. Thieves decided to enrich themselves by digging through his grave and helping themselves. They dug the grave and got to the concrete. The family dog however saved the day, and the thieves ran away.

Apparently the security guards manning the grave haven’t been paid so they figured they will take off, and leave the graveside. Diamond has been around an din Kenya a woman by the name of Gladys has accused him of fathering her six year old child. She said they met when Diamond was still an upcoming artiste, and they got married in secret but didn’t consumate their marriage. Later they met up again, where she finally fell pregnant.

Let’s move on from the Chibu’s to Kenyan blogger Sharon Mundia.

After the engagement there were some rumors they called off the wedding but eventually they reconciled and her man Lonina agreed to marry her. They stunned the country with their proposal and marriage in Watamu.

So after they announced they were expecting a baby, they were no longer posting photos of each other on social media. Everyone wanted to know why this was so, with many suggesting they had broken up. Well, Mpasho investigated and found they had separated.

Lonina, her ex husband has been on a rampage after the separation. He was spotted at Space Lounge in the company of a mystery woman, and more rumors also say he has been sleeping around, due to depression. Mpasho will be releasing a list of all celebs who have broken up. Ready to have your mind blown?


Also you can see the picture of Lonina’s hot chick by clicking here.

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