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Which are some of the blazing hot stories

  1. A second businessman has come out to claim Bahati has conned him. The first was Thuranira in 2017, and the second Onyango a promoter based in Europe, last week, with receipts to prove his case. It turns out they were to work out something to do with a studio, investing almost sh500,000. Bahati finessed him, and the businessman went to social media to shame him.

He has reported it to the police and intends to go through with the suit. We have reached out to Bahati and his manager who didn’t respond to the allegations.

Mr Seed leaves Bahati’s EMB Records, gives reasons why…

2. There is still more drama around Bahati. This time it’s Mr Seed who has left Bahati’s EMB records, amidst allegations he wasn’t paid. Mr Seed in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie, said his pregnant fiancee Nimo was kicked out of  new years eve event after Bahati asked cops to escort her out. Bahati’s wife Diana has had a tiff with Nimo. It’s sad that Mr Seeds was Bahati’s ghost writer, and wasn’t paid a cent for his work.

Drama as Bahati called cops on Mr Seed’s fiancé, Nimo Gachuiri

3. The next story is about zero chills. It’s about a relation ship story that has died. Kenyan rapper Cashy, who was dating Khaligraph broke up with him and was spotted pregnant. When asked, Khaligraph confessed she has cheated on him, and they were no more. Cashy also took to the cheating allegations, taking to social media, where she said she will talk about how she stopped music, and why she left a certain relationship that was abusive. The only relationship was when she was with Khaligraph, so has she mentioned which ex exactly? No. She said the next post will break down the allegations. We can’t wait to sip some tea.

3. We have more heartbreak stories leading up to Valentines. Pendo, of Nairobi Diaries, was dating a mzungu called Joseph Kner, and things went south. He dumped her in a hotel with an unpaid bill and was put in jail. We reached out to the mzungu and he revealed how he spent sh1.4million.

He left her in the hotel after claiming he thought Pendo really loved him, but only to discover the whole relationship was fake. It turns out that she was using him to generate content for the TV series.

How far would you go for a reality tv show?

Exclusive: ‘It was a deal, not a relationship!’ Pendo’s mzungu ‘fiance’ exposes her

4. We are swinging over to Tanzania, where the Chibu’s newest member Tanasha Donna showed off her mother.

We sat down with Tanasha about postponing the wedding, and if she thinks he will cheat on her.

On the wedding, she said it’s because her mother wouldn’t make it on time, and it has been postponed to later. She wants her big day to be a fairy ale event.

5. Meanwhile Diamonds Ex Zari has a new man. She took to her Instagram to show off a sh180,000 handbag that she claims was bought by her new man. Why we don’t believe her is that a few days ago, she was speaking about how she loves her single life, and has no time for men because she is busy taking care of her children.

If we break down the receipts in December and January she said she has a full time job running her business and children, and has to bear the burden of paying bills.

Now when Tanasha and diamond relationship being the focus of social media, with Ugandans tagging her on social media, she suddenly found a new man.

Do you talk to Zari? Tanasha Donna opens up about Diamond’s ex

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