It’s Friday and that means we give you a roundup of all the moshene you may have missed.

We start off with your favorite bongo artiste Diamond Platnumz.

Diamonds father is slowly recovering, and now is throwing shade. The father is on social made making all sorts of shady comments. Diamond has said nothing about the entire saga.

Ringtone is doing so well he is now attacking Wasafi Records. He has made all sorts of comments about Bahati, Willy Paul and now he is telling Diamond, Rayvanny that being naked on stage is the devil misguiding them. He threw shade at them for not wearing designer outfits, and everyone says it’s irritating. Is he being extra just for the attention? Adelle says ‘achana na watu na six pack zao’.

Another scoop? Betty Kyallo.

She decided to open up about sultan in more detail, and rumors have ben conformed about him. it turns out her mother tried to warn her, and the relationship ended badly. When she was doing all this it was at the worst time, she was newly married, had a baby who need attention, but Betty was all over. Another thing that Betty open up was after Sultan posted a picture posing next to the car he repossessed from Betty. She was trolled about it for days on end.

A broke and homeless couple who grabbed the attention of a tour company, has been dumped.

Virginia and Blackie were a homeless couple who got a Valentines day makeover in 2018, after winning the hearts of Kenyans, for their cute story.

The company is alleged to have dumped the couple after they took them to the coast on holiday and made promises of financially supporting them for life. The homeless couple Virginia and Blacky were paid for 8 months rent, and the company said it was an investment.  They got them jobs in Bomet but it didn’t work out. Blacky declined the job offer saying they couldn’t leave the city.

The company in question is alleged to have said ‘kwani we were to feed them for life?’ after Kenyans asked why there was no long term plan for the homeless couple.

What do you think? Should he have taken up the job? The hashtag is #TheBigSchoopOnKissFM.

Do you care who your ex dates after breaking up? Well Tina Kagia does.

Her former bae JB Masanduku revealed a new woman, and Tina in a petty moment said ‘mtaachana tuu’.

Adelle says ‘I don’t think she is wrong’. What does she mean? Adelle says in girl talk, that is a warning.