This has been yet another dramatic week in the entertainment scene.

On the Big Scoop with Adelle, Shaffie and Mpasho’s Uncle Chim, the discussions were pretty hot and interesting and of course Vera Sidika drama was the main topic.

By now, we all know Vera and Otile broke up, with Vera taking to YouTube to air the dirty laundry.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown


She revealed that Otile borrowed her ksh500,000 to buy a Mercedes,  but she refused to give him the cash, and he got mad. He then decided to ghost her for a week before he broke up with her AGAIN.

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Otile did all he can to show Vera that he can actually buy himself a car as he flaunted his Mercedes Benz on social media.

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Otile Brown sends Vera Sidika a strong message, buys himself a pristine white Mercedes Benz

Now fast track to the latest gist. Vera apparently has a new bae, a Tanzanian model by the name Calisah. It seems that Vera wanted to show Otile that two can play that game and bought this ninja a Mercedes Benz.

If that isn’t being petty, we just don’t know what to call. It has also been reported that this Calisah guy has a wife back at home.

This whole situation is quite crazy and from the look of things, we will be seeing alot of Vera drama.

In other news, Eric Omondi had to clear the air about rumours that Chantal had dumped him, after she posted a very cryptic message that could suggest that there was trouble in paradise.

Chantal wrote:

“It is funny how you think you know someone, bit you actually don’t…”

Eric however refuted the claims stating that Chantal is abroad and he’s busy working on his comedy so he doesn’t understand where all the rumours are coming from.

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