Ochungulo Family’s Benzema aka Alejandro alias Chief Inspekta has just teamed up with Breeder LW for what is Breeder’s best song to date and we can’t help but go completely loco for this fire submission.

Ochungulo Family help the girl behind the voice of ‘Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi’

The instrumentals have been well done, produced by Master Pete Schifer and the video which was alright was shot by Tonny De Gigz. And as I said before, the jam is lit like a lantern!

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The two have worked on this Gengeton track much like the RnB crooners do which has worked to make this track simply sublime. Background vocals are contributed by both Benzema and Breeder have been blended with adlibs and that has only solidified the rapping done on the jam.

The lyrics are more or less what you would expect from a Geneton song with the pedestalization of sexuality and the eroticism of the female form but Benzema’s charisma carries through and Breeder’s voice is actually dope

Check out the jam below: