Life on the fast lane is not easy and sometimes keeping up can be difficult. However, there are celebrities even when people are suffering in Njanuary still rock with super expensive jewelry.

Question is, where do they get all this money to spend on their shoes, studs and the luxurious jewelry they rock?

Anyway, that is none of our problem. Even if they steal, beg or borrow to stay blingish, we don’t care because they rock it big and rock it well.

9 Sexy Kenyan Female Celebrities Without Make Up

1. Prezzo.

When you look like Birdman you definitely have to fit into that persona at all costs and Mr. President hasn’t failed on this one. He loves bling and definitely know how to make it rock. However, he doesn’t just shop them anywhere and the amount of money he uses on these jewelry will shock you. You definitely remember that time he rocked in Christian Louboutin Studded Sneakers worth Ksh 106,000?


2. Mike Sonko.

He is almost every youngster’s favorite politician because he always dresses plus his funny hairstyles. He once gifted himself with rings worth 2 million Kenya shillings! That is a lot of money for a gift to oneself but, it was worth it.


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3. Diamond Platnumz

He seems to have copied the flossing mode from Prezzo after he recently flashed his gold and diamond necklaces on Instagram worth $50,000 and rings worth $22,000. That is a whole 7.2 million Kenya shillings on his hands and neck.

4.Vera Sidika

Even this socialite rolls big and her recent bracelet which she clams to have spent a half a million on. How on earth do you walk with such in your hand, what if someone chopped it off? She is the type that can afford to wear a weave worth Ksh.450,000 not forgetting her skin is worth Ksh.50 million.

So if you are planning on being in the limelight be ready to set the trend at all cost.