Celestine Ndinda, the wife to comedian, Njugush popularly known as ‘Wakavinye’ has been the talk of time for a while now, thanks to her ‘banging body’.


The couple’s fans have been noticing a big change in Wakavinye’s body in terms of incredible weight loss, especially leading to their ‘Through thick and thin stand up comedy show in February.

Fans couldn’t help but marvel and praise her tremendous body transformation, and now the ‘new body who dis’ mama has revealed her secret.

Posting a couple of photos to compare her progress, Mama Tugi through an Instagram post revealed that she has lost an incredible 17 kilogrames in less than an year of going to the gym.

She wrote;

So on my previous post, guys couldn’t believe that was ne. Sikuwa na shingo baby fat was real! But guess what, less than one year later 17kgs down. @Freddy_kaloki narudi gym sasa, hizi picha zimenichocha aki,…. enyewe nothing is impossible.

Ndinda also went ahead to encourage mothers out there who are struggling with baby fat, urging them to first focus on breastfeeding their babies then tey focus on hitting the gym hard.

…. And to all those struggling with baby fat imagine itaisha. Kwanza we maliza breastfeeding toto then hit the gym or diet which ever works.

The attracted hundreds or raving praise from her fans who were left inspired to working towards getting their desired body weight.

Read some of the comments;

Wanjiru Robert: Aww good job mama…you look amazing…woii hope siku moja nitafika hapa…the struggle is real i swear ina fika point una loose hope.

Sophy: You are cute in both of them

Clady: Looking lovely mama Tugi

Nancy Mbogo: Wooow! you even look more younger