Boitumelo Thulo known to many of her fans as Boity Thulo is a South African Television personality, actor, model and now rapper.

She is in Kenya for Coke Studio 2019 and she is excited about it all. Boity is already in love with Kenyans saying we are humble people.

the people here are good the way we are treated everyone here is kind and humble the experience has been good except the weather it hasn’t been good

Her journey into the entertainment world is quite interesting. She started out in advertising and now she is big in the industry wearing a lot of hats.

it started in 2009 I got my first tv gig in an advert. it was beginners luck because it’s not usually easy. I always say God wanted me to be here. different from the norm of trying time and time again. my first audition, and I was in.

Boity confesses that it was not hard getting in but going past that become hard because she got a lot of rejections on the way.

So how did she realize that being a rapper is also part of her many hats she wore?

the many times I got on stage to rap, it was me doing me. i would jump into it while MCing. then one moment i decided to do it. got into the studio with nasty C,then when migos was in SA.  i was given a phenomenal opportunity to perform but then no one knew that they could not tell if it was actually me.

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The internet can be a very cruel, but for Boity, she was ready for anything that would be thrown her way by trolls.

I prepared myself knowing that I will get the hate but I needed to understand it was all for me. i wasn’t gonna back down no mater what people would say.

She was also well received by her fellow colleagues and so it a safe space for her to keep pushing hard for her new career as a rapper.

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