Activist Boniface Mwangi has called on the country’s dollar millionaires and billionaires to to come out and shine amid this coronavirus crisis.
According to Mwangi, the wealthy in this country should not hide behind their piles of money but instead help the poor and those who are a paycheck away from poverty.
In a lengthy post, Mwangi revealed that while on self isolation, he had learned one important lesson in the past one week that all you need is food and a warm bed for survival.
This he likened to being in a jail where you are only offered a place to sleep and food.
He went on to warn the selfish and corrupt politicians that they might think they are safe now but when the poor go hungry they won’t serve them anymore.
This is the time for Kenyan billionaires to show that they care. To give back. Kenya has 42 billionaires, according to the 2020 Knight Frank Wealth report. We have 2900 dollar millionaires. It’s time the super wealthy stepped up and helped.
They might think they are safe because of their money, but they forget their support staff are among Kenya’s poor.
Mwangi warned.
Read Mwangi’s caption;

This Coronavirus pandemic saddens me. It’s heartbreaking to see the anguish millions of people are going through across the world. This past week, spending time at home (social distancing) has taught me something very important, that all you need is two basic things to survive. A warm bed, and food. Everything else is a bonus. That’s why when the government jails you, they give you a cell and food, basic survival boils down to those two things. Comfort is forgotten.
It’s laughable to see how the thieving Kenyan political class who have lived to accumulate and hoard land, buildings and money that they will never use, but when faced with death, it strips them of all that thirst for materialism. Unlike the poor, who have to keep on working to survive, the political class are now self-quarantined in their plush homes, their luxurious vehicles and private jets parked, their passports locked up and a private bed booked in one of our few hospitals, just in case they get infected.
Life has now boiled down to survival. In times like this, even we, the struggling middle class, who are just a salary away from poverty, can do something. The most important thing is to stay at home. We have a role to stop the spread of the Coronavirus by ensuring that we don’t expose ourselves and risk getting infected.

What else can we do?
1. Show compassion and empathy. Most of the people in our country survive from hand to mouth. For those of us who can afford it, let us find at least one family, or even an individual, to support during this period. Some people will go hungry because of the quarantine and the restriction on movements. For those who live in “gated” communities, provide meals to the guards. That will help them save some money for their families.