Boondocks gang are tired of being used as the poster children for a society that has gone off the rails. Boondocks Gang which is made up of Mr Mukuruweng, Xray (Utaniua) and Odi wa Murang’a (Mr ThoboThobo) have just illustrated the fact that they are not going to be anyone’s punching bag.

Boondocks Gang inks heavy deal with American record label

So if you want to talk about artistes who lack a message in their music or artistes whose music is “immoral” then Boondocks Gang is a name you should keep out of your mouth. This followed Masterpiece naming them as part of the reason why the youth today are going wrong. Talk about virtue signalling.

Boondocks Gang members explained that they are not for the bullshit because at the end of the day gospel artistes are jealous Gengeton actually made #PlayKeMusic a reality.

Boondocks Gang expose gospel artistes for being broke

Masterpiece, huyo msee munasema sijjui Masterpice ni hypocrite. Hawa wasee unaweza patana naye kwa club. Hawa wasee wako mtaani waukata mbaya sana. Wanakupima tuhapa hivi. Kazi ni kupimanisha tu watu.

Mara juzi juzi Willy Paul ameimba Lamba Nyonyo hapa halafu akam kutuimbia ngoma ingine hapo utamskiza aje?

Do you agree with Masterpiece or with Boondocks gang on the matter? And do you think Kenyan gospel artistes are a scam?