Petra, Shaffue, Adelle

If you think Cardi b is dope, then you haven’t heard Petra.

Soft spoken Petra was in studio four years back, and now returns to Breakfast With The Stars with Adelle and Shaffie.

Her collabo is with Victoria Kimani, and she discusses how that went down.

‘We worked on it four years ago. I wrote this song six years ago and Victoria passed by the studio and revealed how she wanted to do a hook to my song’.

‘That was the first time I was meeting her. In the song, I talk about my break from music, coz when I took that break people were making up stories and talking about my pregnancy, coz I was dealing with so much pressure going on in my personal life. I get really emotional in the song and let out some personal stuff like my dad and how he used to motivate me to rap at ten years, he passed away in 2004 when I was nine years.

PetraShe also admits there’s more to the video than just acting, revealing;

‘So I open up about that, so in the video in the second verse I’m seen in a room alone writing lyrics and that’s meant to depict I was in my break. So from there Ulopa the producer did the track and meets some investors and tells them I have this rapper she is really dope and he comes o me in the isolated room gives me th w money and tells me lets do this. In the second verse I come out all blinged out.

Here is the song. Is it a hit or a miss?




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