He has come from owning a stall in Kenyatta Market where he was selling jeans to the run ways of New York.

Menswear designer Zeddie Loky, a talented Kenyan lad, was this morning hosted on the Breakfast With The Stars show with presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

And how did he introduce himself?

“I’m a Kenyan boy living his dream in the fashion world. I have worked with the likes of Jidenna, Nick Cannon, Stevie J and Jamie Fox.

It turns out that Kiss FM presenter Adelle benefited from his skills as a jeans designer, after he designed for her a pair of jeans, owing to her height.

Adelle; ‘ I see you making these strides especially landing on the GQ cover. What I remember is that I could never find pants that were my length, and I still have the pair of pants that you made for me back then.”

Zeddie; “That was ten years ago. If you tell me you still have those jeans, no worries.”

Adelle; “Who are some of th stars you have worked with?”

Zeddie; “I have designed for the Number 2 golfer, Lebron James, Tyson Becksford who’s my boy, Nick Cannon. I’m humbled to say that I’ve worked with movies stars, actresses.


“This one time during fashion week, we went clubbing, and Jamie Fox had a party, I bumped into him and he fixed my bow tie, and so I went around his crew looking for his stylist coz I wanted to know more about how I could be part of his style team. I wold describe myself as aggressive,

Adelle; “So how did it happen you made it to New York from Kenyatta market?”

Zeddie; “I was at blankets and wine and we ran into a fashion buyer who used to work for Calvin Klein, and she asked for a sample of my clothes. When she came to pick it up she asked me if I had my passport ready, adding she was impressed with my work. So the next thing I know I get an email inviting me to attend the fashion week.”

Listen to the audio below as he explains how it took him ten years to be on GQ magazine.

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