Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

Brenda Wairimu is all about making shmoney moves up in these streets and no one is about to stop her.

Brenda was a TV host for talk show, ‘Let’s Talk’ on Ebru TV but later on left after the first season.

Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

In a past interview with K24, she explained that acting has always been her love and hosting kinda comes after. Balancing the two was also quite a challenge and she would find herself getting to work late.

It was overwhelming for me because of just trying to find that balance. Niko acting set and I’m getting late for work, it’s eating into my character and I end up doing a terrible job there. I end up getting there (work), being flashed and not ready. I have always wanted to be an actor so hosting kind of comes after.”

Brenda Wairimu/ Instagram

Well, Brenda has a new TV series called ‘Monica’. Monica is a Kenyan series directed by Neill Scheil and produced by Scolly Cheruto.This is a story of young lady born into a poor family dissatisfied lady seeking to vault up to the social ladder from her lowly status and she is ready to anything to get herself up.

The series is about to premiere and you can watch 13 exclusive episodes on for just 250 kshs until October 10th. Regular price is 500 ksh after October 10th. Simply sign up, pay with Mpesa or PayPal ($5) and stream as many times, anytime!

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