Celebrity couple, Brenda Wairimu and Juliani have broken up.

They served so many delicious couple goals, we all wanted a piece of their sizzling chemistry.

Brenda opened up about her relationship with rapper Juliani in a past interview on Talk Central.

The actress reminisced about how she met the rapper. Apparently, she DMed him when she heard he was coming to USIU though she told him he might not see her as she is short.

Juliani read the DM and followed up. Five years on their love was very apparent. Until the splitting rumours started to surface.

The 29-year-old movie star admitted that at one point in the relationship, the duo gave up and took time off.

“We had broken up before. I don’t think I’m that person who would go into details about why a relationship is working or not working but in that moment it wasn’t and we needed time out.”

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Brenda went on to advise slay queens and Nairobi fisilets about relationships.

“This generation, people give up very easily in relationships. This is an example of kutoana mabali and working through the relationship together. Ni muhimu kuvumiliana, kusaidiana and to grow each other in relationships.”

During that period when Brenda and Juliani were on a break, she revealed that team mafisi were active on her DM.

“Competition is always good, I mean…” she said shrugging.

Brenda who is an orphan after her parents passed away in 2012 and 2015 narrated how Juliani met both of them.

“Actually we meet my dad a different day from when he met my mum. He met my dad when I had bought my dad shoes and I remember I was taking them to him. I used to have this hustle of ‘I don’t know how I would get all the way from Thika Road where he used to stay to those sides of Mombasa Road’. So Juliani actually took me . They meet and had a long chat. I have no idea what they talked about to date.”

She lost her father in October 2012, due to Kidney failure. She had a very strong bond with her daddy and this brought her down. Brenda sunk into depression. She spoke to Kalekye Mumo about it on Talk Central.

“I didn’t handle it well and no I didn’t turn to drugs. I don’t know anyone who handles death well. I became very withdrawn but I never turned into drugs,” Brenda said.

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The cute lass unfortunately, lost her mother on Sunday, November 15, 2015, three years after burying her dad.

Brenda also shared about her mum passing on.

“We accept humbly that truly our MUM has gone to be with the Lord. This is her in her hay days, gorgeous isn’t she…
She left us on Sunday morning, and for most all of us, it still seems like a dream.
A one-offf undraiser for family and friends will be at Mbaraki sports club Wednesday 18th Nov from 4pm, laid to rest later this week. Thank you to all who have shown us love and strength through this whole time.  Love you Mum.”

Brenda said that Juliani met her mum when “he actually came to our house in Mombasa.”

According to the Pulse, Juliani has to woo back Brenda Wairimu after she moved out of their house and went to live with her mum in Mombasa.

They worked out things and they moved back in together until recently when Brenda moved out.

A source close to the couple told Pulse that the relationship could be over for good.

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The source alludes that Brenda moved out with their baby and is now living solo in a leafy suburbs.

‘This story is hush-hush because Brenda does not want it out there. She has always been protective of her private and you would be sure she be the last person to admit her relationship with Juliani is no more,’ the source whispered.

The source added that she moved out of the house they were living in a month ago.

Do you remember seeing Brenda Wairimu and Njugush on Holiday courtesy of Bountiful safaries. Now here is the thing about this sponsored trips, they always tag along their partners, but in this case, where was Juliani?

In an interview with Chito Ndhlovu on his Maloko show on Kiss FM, Juliani was asked about their relationship status.

His answer was cryptic.

“There is no official position with our relationship and maybe everyone is right with what they think about us,” Juliani said.


Brenda, on the other hand, seems to have moved on and one of her post suggests so.

“Blink away tears and walk forward, even if the first step hurts…because we grow fearless, by walking into our fears.”

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