Mama Sekani better known as Bridget Achieng to many is serving women goals.

Young girls have come out to say they look up to her life as a socialite despite the fact that she says it not easy being her.

Bridget fell in love with Sekani’s baby daddy and she got pregnant but months later when he found out, he ran away and she has never known where he is.

Despite that, she has managed to give her baby the best of what the world has to offer as a single mother.

This time, she is making new goals. Bridget Achieng has released photos of her new photoshoot showing off her snatched waist. Women on the comment section are wowed.

Of course, when you are expectant, your weight and physical appearance will change and you’ll look bigger than normal but she has snapped back fast!

Look at her:

‘You do not need a man to take care of a baby,’ Bridget Achieng advises single mothers

Here are a few comments on her glowing body after giving birth:

Maggy: Uuuuu mama Sekani being hot like she never gave birth just the other day…

Layde: Wow mama Sekani glowing…kuzaa made u lose weight vipoa.what was that Naija man thinking 🤔 when he left such a goddess!!

Gelest: What is the secret to a flat tummy after giving birth

Sherri: Yooo! I think ur more prettier wen ur a mom

Sally: Motherhood truly suits you 👌😍😍💞

DJ Butterfly: Where’s the waist? I can’t see it

Njare: Motherhood looks good on you

Lucious: Mama sekani looking so fine😍😍😍🌹 this woman❣️

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