Bridget Achieng is an unhappy camper. The socialite is unhappy that she had to find out her baby’s father was nyanduliwad by her Nairobi Diaries co-stars. And the two ladies she blames for stabbing her in the back in such a cruel manner are Pendo and Mishi Dorah.

And the two of them are quite tickled by the allegations. While Bridget Achieng was frothing at the mouth, sputtering her anger at how she lost her partner and her child lost its father all thanks to hateful divas.

Pendo on her part defended herself saying she has no taste for men with light complexions or of Nigerian persuasion. And the mocked her for her insistence on the turn of events. Mishi Dorah, ever exciteable, declared that she would never agree to share a partner with Bridget Achieng but in more colourful terms than that.