What is a fuckboy? Who is a f*ckboy? Are you a fvckboy? Well, Bridget Achieng will be teaching you abit more about this mysterious term. This term seems to evolve a new meaning depending on the context and the user.

But one thing is clear, ladies seem to blame them almost in equal measure as the devil gets flack for things going wrong.

Bridget Achieng deletes emotional open letter to baby daddy

Bridget Achieng who has been missing from the limelight ever since she got a son has resurfaced for this noble cause and I for one cannot wait to catch up with her as she demystifies this most perplexing of terms and perhaps teaches wee socialites how not to get tripped up by one -afterall, nothing is more detrimental to the existence of the slay queen industry quite like a young man who can gonga vidonge for free.