Yvonne Darcq is a woman in pain. What most people do not know about her relationship with Kristoff is that she risked it all for him, leaving behind a wealthy husband only for Kristoff to cheat on her with Kush Tracey for the second time in as many years.

Juicy! Singer Kush Tracey opens up about being assaulted by Yvonne Darcq over rapper Kristoff

Kristoff addresses videos of him cheating on Yvonne Darcq with Kush Tracey

Yvonne Darcq broke her silence over the matter in a conversation with Willy M Tuva, and when she spoke I heard a woman who is in pain at both the betrayal by her beau and the public humiliation that has occasioned to her.

During her conversation she said,

Walikuwa wanashikana mkono, they were holding hands, what sort of nonsense is that? They were holding hands so clearly there is something there. And they kept calling each other “babe”.

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