The Bucketlist episode one: Zip-lining

Ever since I was a young girl, i’ve thought that it was evolutions greatest fault that we didn’t develop with wings. I’d watch birds take off into the sky, their wings outstretched, gliding so gracefully in the wind, and I would wish desperately that wings would burst out of my back and I could join them.

Luckily, humans are pretty smart, and we’ve come up with a number of different ways we can experience the magic of flight, albeit only temporarily. And through our new show The Bucketlist, I have gotten to experience one of those giddy, exciting moments.

Travel for me, is a way to not only see more of the world, it also allows us to enrich our lives with new experiences and to meet new people. But rather than just picking places based on their location or accommodation, this time I chose to pick them on their experiences. Specifically, places that provide experiences that should be on everyones bucketlist.

For our first episode, we visited Kereita forest where we were lucky to go on East Africa’s longest Zip line experience as well as explore the various activities that The Forest had on offer. While I am fairly afraid of heights, it was an experience I won’t quickly forget, especially the stunning views as I soared over the valley.

Take a look at my experience, one I would seriously recommend to anyone looking for a little adrenaline rush in a truly beautiful setting.

And keep an eye out for episode two, because things are only going to get more exciting as the series goes on.

What would you suggest we should do for an episode? Let us know @Kiss100Kenya