Burna Boy has opened up about the xenophobic attacks going on in South Africa in which indigenous black South Africans are attacking predominantly Nigerians in the country. You can read more about that here:

Why Xenophobia is trending and what you need to know about the fresh attacks in South Africa

Burna Boy doesn’t usually discuss politics but this issue transcends mere politicking and instead is a humanitarian issue. And Burna Boy is done seeing his country people get slaughter in the most savage of ways. And at this point, let me take things off on a tangent.
While I have refused to watch videos of human beings being killed in the streets of South Africa like animals, I understand why people are sharing the videos. They create awareness about what is going on and make it clear that the world needs to intervene. If not the world then the rest of Africa must intervene and protect Africans from Africans.

Or then again, given my ancestry, perhaps I am not seeing things clearly because this situation of Nigerians being attacked hits too close to home.

Back to what Burna Boy had to say: