Most people who cheat never think they will get caught.

But they eventually get caught.

This was the case for a hubby who was busted by his wife but the catch was, she took her time to reveal to him that she knows his dirty little secret. She decided to wait for the opportune moment to bust him.

A leaked screenshot of how the conversation went has raised eyebrows and got people shaking their heads.

The wife, waited until the hubby made a secret rendezvous with the mistress before she dropped the bomb.

His cover story was that he was going to an out of town seminar for the weekend.

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On arrival at the hotel for the “seminar”, the hubby Whatsapped the wife:

“Arrived safely. But hun why did you pack dirty clothes surely?”

The wife then let him know that she is privy to his torrid affair.

“Oops sorry my cheating husband! Did you think that singejua mnaenda na your mistress? Eeh.. wacha nikupashe! I read all your conversation on you were going to have a good time after the seminar. Anyway since your mistress is soo perfect let her wash your clothes hii dunia ni kushare!!”

Adding, “She can use all the detergents in the market for all i care mwambie ata atumie mate yake I bet they will be more clean kuliko yangu!”

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Check out the leaked screenshot below.