Willy Paul is now living his life with no shame. You can say what you have to say, he is still doing him and enjoying every minute of it.

We judged him when he decided to go secular and we thought it is just a phase but he found what he enjoys doing and he is actually good at it.

All his songs on YouTube have more than a million views which means we like what we see and hear.

Willy Paul’s recent tour was in Kisumu and he enjoyed himself from the video he posted on social media.

The Kisumu babes are known to be very physically endowed and so was the babe who took to stage to grind on him as he sang his famous song, Hallelujah featuring Nandy.

If you have been following the Gengetone trend, women who grind on men I feel are being mishandled because this man will jump on you and in Jamaica, they even sit on your bum.

Willy Paul jumped on that trend and he humped her which got the crowd so excited. He felt he did a good job and even captioned the video,


Now watch him do the most when it comes to nasty on stage:

Fans mixed reactions to Willy Paul’s new song full of nak3d women

If we think this was too much then we are not ready to see the video manz is about to drop that has naked women all over from the beginning to the end.

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