For about a week or so now, Bahati has been in Tanzania with his bae, Diana Marua. The ninja has just released a song dubbed ‘Nikumbushe’ with WCB signee Rayvanny. The two had hinted before that they might be working together, posting photos on social media.


Well, it was not a rumour but an actual truth, as there’s a song that was released as evidence.

Bahati has been promoting his song in Magufuli’s land and from the look of things, he’s definitely getting what exactly he’s looking for.

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During one of his visits to a media house, Bahati revealed that he once secretly went to Tanzania to meet his all time crush actress Elizabeth Michael (Lulu).


A while back, he had confessed his love for the beautiful lass, making many convinced that he was about to make her his better half. But we all know how that turned out. Diana Marua came to the picture.

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In an interview with Magic FM, Bahati went ahead to dish out his aim was to actually get to meet Elizabeth as he wanted her to be in his music video and that it’s a secret that not even Kenyans knew. The only person who knew about his mission was AY.


He said, “hii ni siri ambayo nadhani hata wakenya hawakujua, AY pekee yake ndiye alijua…nikatoka Nairobi nakuja hapa(Dar)…natafuta connections na Lulu kwasababu nataka awe kwa ile video(Maria)…hii sasa ambayo nimeuweka Jokate…nimekaa kwa hotel Lulu amekataa kushika simu…mpaka ikafika mahali nikamwambia ukija kuniona Mungu atakubariki…siku ya pili akakataa kabisa nikamwambia mshikaji AY acha tu nirudi nyumbani…nikarudi hivyo”

He went ahead to reveal that the reason why he collaborated with Rayvanny was because he had always wanted to push his music to Tanzania too and he believes that the timing was perfect.