Just when you think Zari is done with all the negativity surrounding her failed relationship with Diamond Platnumz. The thing about Zari is that her brand has her market herself as Ms Independent and one would think that after she has declared that she’s done with an ex, she would move on.

Unfortunately, those people would be wrong.

Zari for some reason is still keeping tabs on her ex even though she has unfollowed him on all her’s and her children’s accounts yet she still knows all the latest gossip surrounding him. Kinda makes you wonder about that Boss lady tag…

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On a tangential note, do you have an experience with such an ex? Someone whom you once dated but now the two of you are no longer together but they keep cyberstalking you? That is precisely the situation Diamond finds himself in as Zari took what can only be described as thinly veiled shots at him in reference to Tanasha Donna.

By now I hope you are aware of the rather credible rumour about Tanasha being pregnant with Diamond’s baby aye? Well, Zari commented on the matter saying,

Anyways what´s popping now that Ramadhan is done.

I see you getting back to your old habits😁

Yes you👉😂

Tafakari hayo! While Diamond and Tanasha are busy living their best lives, whether messy or not, Zari is still keeping tabs on them rather than focusing on “King Bae”… Says alot doesn;t it?

Forgive me but it has to be asked, on a scale of 1-Zari, how petty is your ex?!