She was in court on Tuesday where she pleaded not guilty for her alleged role in a New York strip club brawl.

And one day later, Cardi B debuted her very racy and graphic music video for her song Press – where she was completely, full body nude – with her genitalia and her nipples digitally removed.

The 26-year-old rapper goes to court in the intense music video – and ends up murdering people inside the courthouse as well as her naked dancers and an inmate inside her cell at the prison.

Cardi B kicks off the video by passionately kissing a woman on the lips.

Not guilty! Cardi B pleads her case against the alleged case

The mother of one is seen in her undergarments with a heavily tattooed man – model Jeff Logan; she walks close to him and puts a long-nailed finger on his lips.

He moves in front of her while she takes a seat – his heavily tattooed back shielding her from the camera.

Cardi B is then alone while flaunting her curves in a white lace bra that features cut’out details on her breasts.

She enjoys a cigarette in her mouth before raising a gun and cocking it.

Fans are seen wildly screaming and holding up signs of support for the rapper as she walks into a court house.

Photographers are snapping pictures of her going inside the building with cops trying to hold back the crowds.

Cardi wears a colourful silky jacket with a matching scarf, thigh-high boots, a fur jacket and sunglasses; a cop roughly puts her in a chair in what appears to be an interrogation room.

Another man – presumably a cop – in a suit and tie, sits down and smokes as he looks at her; she puts her foot on the table.

Cardi then appears naked in an empty lot with a fence around it; her nipples are digitally removed.

The rapper has blood on her arms as she walks toward the camera nude with flashes of her choking the cop with his tie in the interrogation room come across the screen.

The other cop tries to get her hands off of the tie to stop her from choking him; the screen flashes to her twerking in the interrogation room – revealing the bottom of her derriere.

The next scene shows Cardi B in all white – complete with a white wig and white eyebrows; the artist wears a silver embellished white suit with a hat and veil walking into the courthouse.

She makes her dramatic entrance through the throngs of fans, photographers and police in the eye-catching look with her all-female team of lawyers following closely behind her.

She stops in the crowd as she belts the song, obvious of the pandemonium around her.



Source: Daily Mail