Love is a wonderful thing.

Carol Radull is a lass over the moon with love in her heart. She recently took to social media to celebrate her man and she even referenced where they met. It is a beautiful time-honoured story of boy meets girl, the boy sweeps the girl off her feet when she least expected it.

They met under the ancient gaze of the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza -if that doesn’t set the tone for magic, I do not know what would. She was living her best life and he was on holiday no doubt doing the same.

I met this Sultan in Cairo and I was swept off my feet… 😍 only to realise he was a “Sultan” from Samitsi; in KAKAMEGA 🙄@bramwelkaramoja🙄

It is always good to see someone happily inlove with heir special someone and the fact that she has decided to publicly celebrated not only her man, Bramwell, but the relationship aswell is heartwarming! Check out her post below: