Yesterday, former radio queen Caroline Mutoko marked four years since her adorable daughter, Nduku came into her life and clealry, she is one happy mother.

While wishing her a happy birthday, Caroline was astonished at how fast the four years have gone by. The former presenter took to social media to wish Nduku a happy birthday, though wishing she could remain this young forever and shared photos of Nduku through the 3 years.

She posted;

How on Earth have FOUR years passed since Nduku entered my life?
I wish I could freeze time to keep her this age and this size.
Of course that isn’t possible so I’m holding on to the memories & visual images in every way I can.

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Nduku.
God had a plan for us and it beautiful and it is good.
We are blessed.

Check out the cute photos of Caroline and her daughter Nduku.







Courtesy: Caroline Mutoko Facebook