She Is Nori’s Twin! See How Much Octopizzo’s Daughter Resembles North West

When you are a celebrity kid it is easy to find your doppelganger especially when you are Octopizzo’s daughter and looking like your mother is Kim Kardashian.

Zara, Octo’s daughter is all grown up and really beautiful. However we can’t get over the fact that this girl is a typical look alike of Kanye West’s daughter, Nori.

That’s not a bad thing, after all they share a lot in common more than just the looks. Their fathers are famous rappers and fashionistas not forgetting that these two adorable girls are daddy’s girls.

18 adorable photos of Octopizzo’s charming daughters

Yay, she is absolutely Nori’s twin sister.

Here are pictures to prove how much these kids resemble each other.

North 1   Zara 6 nori 1

zara 14    north 3

zzara 1     north 5

zara 5     north 6

zara 12     north 2


Kenyans Call For The Arrest Of Jaguar After Two People Die

Jaguar has found himself in a rather weird situation. It has been reported that a lady driving his car hit two men leading to their death.

Read full details below;

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

Well as we all know, Kenyans never let things go quite that easily. After the whole accident, twitter went crazy with a trend #ArrestJaguar and from the tweets, one can tell that people are really pissed with what is going on. The matter is still being handled by the police and the story keeps developing as time goes by.



In the meantime, check out some of Kenyans reactions to the current situation;


‘Stop Using Our A List Artistes As Opening Acts For Other B List “Intl” Artistes’ – SHOUTS Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani is a celebrated Kenyan female artiste who has gone beyond her means to prove that she is a talented artiste. She has released a number of songs the most recent being her first album, Safari.


She is signed to a Nigerian record label dubbed Chocolate City, but recently announced that she was leaving the label after her latest project.

Victoria Kimani Announces She’s Leaving Record Label Chocolate City. Here Is Why…

Victoria has come out to address a pressing issue in regards to Kenyan artistes not been given credit for the work they do or better yet not being acknowledged.

She took to social media to rant about about how other countries, cities and towns put their artistes above our very own.


She wrote, “Riding around Nairobi, seeing billboards on top of billboards of these shows, why are none of us headlining? Why does it have to be this way… year after year after year…. we constantly place every other country, city, town above our own, Not every artist has the opportunities That A few of us have to leave Kenya and be seen on stages with that wide Africa reach, what the hell would I do if I didn’t have those opportunities,,,, I’d sit here and either throw my own concert (coming soon) …. or wait to be some so called’ opening act for less than ksh200K … while we watch them make $50,000 – $100,000 right in our face!”


She continued, “Why can’t we learn from Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and many more and be as excited to see ourselves as we are others?! And then get mad and wanna call me Nigerian because I am blessed to be booked there from time to time…: wow guys…. This self hate we got has to change pretty soon or we will keep loosing gems like Lupita who many of you literally chased away, then get mad if she acts brand new on you when she’s back home 😂 mannn all I’m saying is book us now before you can no longer afford us. Brands too…. use your local faces ! GIVE THE YOUTH A CHANCE…. don’t chase our Artistic dreams away!!…. you guys are sleeping on PICASSO AND MOZART ARE YOU STUPID!? So I and many others don’t have to keep leaving our HOME to make a normal living as an artist ❤.”


This Is The Amount Anita Nderu Pays For Taxi Services And Why She Doesn’t Use Matatus

Most Kenyan celebrities have this kinda lifestyle that they parade on social media for the world to see. Many a times, it’s not what it seems because some of them believe that they have to portray a certain kind of image to the public so as to be accepted. Can we call it the societal pressure?


Anita Nderu is one of the most admired media personalities in the country. Many call her the snapchat queen as she always shares with her followers right about anything that she does. Be it her birthday or landing a mega deal, be sure to know about it from the horses mouth.

Anita Nderu Displays Her Shoe Collection And It Ain’t Your Average Kinda Number

One thing that is admirable about her is that she never sugar coats her words. She says it as it is and that’s why her snapchat following is growing everyday.

As always, she loves to include her followers on social media and even asks them to ask her right about anything and she’s always willing to respond.


During her usual snap conversations, she revealed why she uses taxi services and how much she pays a month.

She said, “So many people were telling me why not buy a car? Guys I spend seven thousand bob on uber in a month. I don’t really think I need a car that bad.”

She added that with having a cab just around the corner, she doesn’t have to hustle and bustle with matatus and getting in traffic for a long time.


It’s A Daughter’s Affair! These Celebrity Daughters are Absolutely Gorgeous!

When you are a celebrity all eyes are on you. What you eat, wear and how your kids look like becomes everyone’s affair.

It can be hard to keep up with this kind of lifestyle but a lot of our celebrities have made sure that their minis rock all the time.

Too Cuddly For Life! Here Are 11 Of The Cutest Celebrity Babies In Kenya (Photos)

It does not matter how old you are, but when your parents are famous they’ve got you sorted.

Here are some of the babies who are growing right before our eyes and definitely look amazing just like their famous parents;

Sylvia Njoki’s daughter.

slyvia njokis

When your mother is a fashionista you definitely have to look great. Nelsine absolutely rocks just like her hot mommy and we are definitely in love with her style and also her dreadlocks. Hopefully she will grow to be a fashion blogger just like her mother.

Dj Mo and Size 8’s daughter


Little Ladasha is just a year old but this little DJ Mo’s look alike is already making us steal a few glimpses. She is just learning how to speak but is already conversant with the world of fashion. We are of course looking forward to see what she will bring on table as she grows.

Top 10 Celebrity Kids Who Are Living Large (PHOTOS)

Octoppizo’s daughters


Tracy and Zara are beautiful and their rapper father ain’t afraid to show it. These two girls are lucky to have Octo as their daddy as he can give them a few fashion tips. Well, he hasn’t failed on this one.

Grace Msalame’s twins.


When your mother is Grace Msalame you are a perfect combination of beauty and brains. These girls are all grown up and always looking trendy.

And finally princess Tiffa

Princess Tiffah25

She’s quite a princess! Diamond and Zari’s daughter has everything handed down to her including her over 1 million followers on Instagram. Yes, that’s what you get when your parents are celebrities and of course you have to keep up with the fashion and this girl is just that celebrity kid you’ve got to watch out for.

See Your Life Oh! This Is How These Kids Of A Pop Star Roll

Don Jazzy Reveals How D’banj’s Parents Financed Defunct Mo’ Hits

Mavin record boss, Don Jazzy, has revealed that it was not all about making money when he started his musical career. He made the revelation during a chat with Big Brother Naija housemates when he paid a surprise courtesy visit to the Big Brother house.
Responding to questions from housemates, the seasoned music producer said that he was never money conscious because all he wanted to do was make music. He stressed that he was never bothered even when he wasn’t paid after doing gigs and shows.
My journey has been crazy. Since I started my musical career, I’ve not been in any situation that I felt like I wasn’t successful; even as I was in the church playing for my church elders, I felt I was Michael Jackson doing my thing. I was comfortable doing it, I did not even know whether I would get money. When I was doing Juju music in London, it was the same thing, if you give me money today, fine, the day if you don’t give me, no problem”, he said.
He went further to say that D’banj’s parents were primarily responsible for financing the establishment of Mo-hits records, a record label he co-owned with D’banj.

Until Mo-Hits time, when we started the company business, we were like this thing is attracting a lot of people from across Africa and the world, so we have to try and grow it into an empire. D’banj and I sat down and agreed that now that we’re going to be putting out songs, we need to have a record label, but then we did not have money. D’banj is from a wealthy family, his parents put in some money, they gave us money to shoot our first video. I then decided that since we’re partners we’re going to share the profit 50/50. As soon as we made the money we went back to appreciate his mother for the help rendered to us at the beginning,” he revealed.

5 Reasons Why Jaguar Took The Blame For Killing Two Motorists

Yesterday, the day came to an end with a developing story that Jaguar’s car had been involved in an accident.



But away from that, eyewitness reports have it that a woman was actually the driver of the car that was involved in an accident -even though the car is Jaguar’s car was involved, he wasn’t driving it at the time.

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

That the raises the question of why Jaguar is taking responsibility for the accident. Because if indeed it is proved that he wasn’t the one driving the Range Rover when it got involved in the accident then he can be charged with obstruction of justice. But I am not a lawyer, I write gossip for a living.

We have however come up with 5 plausible reasons why Jaguar is taking responsibility for the accident. Check them out and let us know what you think:

a) He feels untouchable given his proximity to the Presidency

Jaguar and Uhuru

It could be that jaguar knows that because he and the president are close friends, he is “untouchable”. He might feel safe from pervasive investigations because he can call on his friend should the heat become too hot to handle.

b) He feels he will get leniency because he is a big star

Perhaps Jaguar feels confident in the knowledge that he is a big star so he can get a pass because the eye-witnesses will go slow on him or recant his testimony.

Jaguar J

c) The driver was under the influence

Perhaps he was worried the driver was under the influence. Or he suspected so and he wanted people to focus on him and his antics rather than him.

d) the driver didn’t have a driving license

Perhaps the driver didn’t have a valid driving license

Hiyo Ni Propaganda: Jaguar Refutes Claims That A Man Was Killed After Attending His Political Rally

e) He doesn’t want his relationship with the woman exposed

Perhaps Jaguar doesn’t want a spotlight shone on his relationship with this woman and so he is trying to obscure any relationship he has with the lass. Perhaps it is a business relationship or perhaps it is a more intimate relationship. Who knows.

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

Celebrated local singer Charles Kanyi Njagua popularly known Jaguar is an unlucky man. Recently, a man was killed by mob justice at his rally in Ziwani area after he allegedly stole from someone. Jaguar came out to deny that the late was killed at his rally and barely a week, the Kigeugeu hitmaker had grabbed the headlines once again.

A day ago, Jaguar’s Range Rover sports, KCB 808J hit two motorists Joseph Maingi and Mugo Abdalla who died on the spot along the Makutano – Sagana highway.

Jaguar's Range Rover
Jaguar’s Range Rover

According to witnesses, the accident happened at 3:00 pm causing a snarl up. The Range Rover registered under Jaguar’s name was being driven by a lady and according to witnesses, he was from Sagana heading to Makutano while the two were who were riding on a motorbike were headed to Sagana. They were almost joining the highway when the car hit them.  The two young men fell on one side of the while the motorbike they were using was thrown on the opposite side.

Jaguar Kanyi

Sources claim that Jaguar, the owner of the car arrived at around 3.30pm on the same day (he stays in Athi River) and told onlookers at the accident scene that he was the one driving the vehicle, even though the eyewitnesses saw clearly that it was lady who was driving the car. The car was towed away and the lady plus Jaguar left for Sagana police station. But witnesses claim that later on, the story changed completely.

Hiyo Ni Propaganda: Jaguar Refutes Claims That A Man Was Killed After Attending His Political Rally

According to witnesses, parents to Mugo went to Sagana police station but they were denied the chance to see the vehicle that took away the life of their son and were told to be accompanied by the eye witnesses and this has raised eyebrows.

We tried to contact Jaguar for a comment but our calls went unanswered. He later addressed the issue on his social media pages and here is what he wrote;

“It is with grief that I share this post today. As it is now public, I was involved in a car accident. Sadly, lives were lost in the incident.

It isn’t any ones will to wake up and be involved in an accident such as this.

My heart felt condolences to the families and friends of those affected. I would like to assure all concerned that due process of the law is being followed to amicably resolve this.

I pray God grant strength to the families affected as we all go through this trying moment.
Lastly, lets avoid confrontational remarks in consideration to the pain it is causing the bereaved families.
Be well.”

“Left My Rural Home With No Shoes” Jaguar Reveals His Life Struggles While Growing Up In Poverty

But who is this lady who was behind the steering wheel?

Well, Kenyans want justice for the late two young men’s families and they have taken it to Twitter to asking the police to arrest Jaguar under hashtag #ArrestJaguar and here are some of the top tweets.

BUSTED!!! Diamond Platnumz’s SIDE PIECE Spotted Rocking His Clothes, Zari Throws Shade

Diamond Platnumz’s wife Zari Hassan and his rumoured side chic Hamisa Mobetto have never seen eye to eye… I mean NEVER!



Just the other day, Zari got earings that resembled those of Hamisa Mobetto in their matrimonial home. Evidence enough that Diamond was cheating… but with who? Well, Hamisa Mobetto the video vixen to Diamond Platnumz’s hit Salome was behind all these. It is good to note that all this time Zari, was in South Africa nursing her pregnancy wounds.


She would then come home and find the unbelievable…she then went ahead to write;

 “Watu na Bae zetu… nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the good good in private. U know what that means right & I bet u know where that leaves you ?????. Tag your bae and wish him or her a good night.”zari1

Surprisingly, Hamisa, a model cum socialite was recently spotted rocking pants that resemble the Utanipenda hit maker’s. And yes, clothes do look alike but hey… this is no coincidence.


Zari, angrily posted;


“Afuge dread, avai na boxers apige picha sehemu zote in madale to have her point seen…the thirst is real, that awkward moment when you desperately try hard. These ain’t loyal nawaooo”

After the photo went viral Hamisa went ahead to write a message that seemed to be directed to Zari;

“I am well aware I’m not Everyone’s cup of Tea ……….I’d rather be someone’s shots of tequila anyway !!!☕️????”

Jaguar’s Entry Into The Starehe Constituency Race Complicates Matters For These Aspirants

Popular Kenyan Musician Charles Njagua Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar has declared his interest to vie for the Starehe constituency come August 8 in the general elections.

Jaguar who is a personal friend to President Uhuru Kenyatta was appointed as a board member at the National Authority for Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) in 2015. A position which he resigned later last month due to personal reasons.

jaguar 2

Jaguar’s entry into the the Stare MP race will see him face activist Boniface Mwangi, city business man Steve Mbogo and the incumbent MP Maina Kamanda. Mwangi will be vying on the recently launched Ukweli party , Steve Mbogo on an ODM ticket whereas Jaguar and Maina Kamanda will be using the Jubilee party ticket.

Hiyo Ni Propaganda: Jaguar Refutes Claims That A Man Was Killed After Attending His Political Rally

Close sources told us that local leaders from Starehe constituency approached Jaguar to represent their people in the coming elections since he had proved that he can do it through his various community projects. Area residents believe that he can extend his good deeds when elected as their political leader.

jaguar 1

Starehe residents say that they need someone who can represent their needs in Parliament and not someone who will be fighting the government using the same position.

Sources from the ground also said that the residents need a leader who will represent all the tribes and not someone who will be vying on tribal basis which makes Jaguar a favorite among the rest in clinching the seat come August 8 when the general elections will be held.

7 Times Adelle Has Proved To Have A Unique Sense Of Style (Photos)

Adelle Onyango is one of the greatest and most recognized media personalities in the country. She is admired for her intelligence and hardwork not forgetting her dedication to mentoring the youth.

Her fan base has grown over the years and she has mastered the art of engaging with her audience as a radio presenter and public figure.

She has always been open to sharing her life stories that have definitely touched the hearts of many, with some people relating to what she talks about.


But there’s one thing that stands out when it comes to Adelle; her style. Her style is simple yet so sophisticated. She makes it look so easy and when you try it out, you fail miserably.

She has the body of a goddess and she has learnt what works for her and what doesn’t.

Well, in case you’ve never had the opportunity of falling in love with her dress code, here are some of the stylish looks she pulls off effortlessly.


International Artist Mano Ezoh Takes His Slice of African Fame (Photos)

The popular Artist Mano Ezoh is a well established singer, song writer, producer and vocal coach. Born a natural singer, Mano Ezoh managed to dazzle fans from different parts of the world with his soulful voice. Born and raised in Nigeria, the gifted artist right from childhood took his singing very seriously. As a child, the multi-talented artist had dreams where he was standing in the spot light singing in front of a grand audience. He often told his mother about his dreams and how he loved to sing. His vision was to reach out to the world.

Mano Ezoh

Coming from a Christian family, it was not too long after that when he started singing in church where he attended Sunday school at the age of 5. He went ahead and joined the choir and by the age of 11, Mano Ezoh was singing professionally. He later traveled to Germany where he stayed with a cousin and found employment washing dishes. “I never grew up in a rich family. I come from a family where I am the only child that went to a private school,” he shared.

“I am also the only child that traveled out of the country. I found work when I was in High school, saved up and when the time was right, I organized for myself the means to travel to Germany on my own with the money I had saved up”. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make a good thing happen rather than sitting around waiting for it to happen. The talented singer organized a choir and in 2011 received an entry form the Guinness Book of Records as “the first person with the world’s largest Gospel choir.”

Mano ezoh

In 2013 he produced songs where he collaborated with other established artists such as Snoop Dog and John Legend. The talented young singer took his career all the way to the top and even produced his own label in 2014 which he named “Mezoh Music.” He collaborated internationally with other music companies and produced his first album “Fly” which swept away millions of fans all around Europe off their feet like a fat wave. His songs hit the top of the charts in Europe undoubtedly making him a star.

Today the so full of life, inspirational artist looks to expand his brand and his fan base in his motherland, Africa. He is currently in Nairobi, Kenya and will be leaving for Uganda and Tanzania soon. “I have always wanted to come to Nairobi. I’ve always thought of it as a beautiful country and indeed it is,” he commented. “It would be nice to establish roots in Africa and get my brothers and sisters to love my music,” he continued. The gifted singer will be performing in Nigeria on the 31st of this month.

The talented vibrant Mano Ezoh urges musicians out there to always remember their roots. “I come from a humble back ground and my mother taught me to always be humble and to always remember where I came from. It is so easy to get carried away by all the fame but it is important to stay true to who you are and never lose yourself in it,” he added.

Mano ezoh 2

However when the talented musician was asked if he had a special woman in his life to share his success with he said, ‘the time for that has not yet come although if it does, I will embrace the moment if the right woman comes along.” So ladies, there you have it. Introducing for the first time in Kenya, the super talented Nigerian artist Mano Ezoh. You might want to watch out for the next big thing he is going to do. He is on his way to greatness and there is no stopping him.



Miami Ain’t The Place For A Boob Job! Vera Sidika Tells Kenyan Lasses

Vera Sidika is our very own Kim Kardashian and a lot of mafisi are so much in love with her goodies.

She dropped a bombshell yesterday and confessed to regretting having enhanced her boobs. However, here is her advice to any Kenyan lady who wants to go on with the procedure.



“Y’all ladies rushing to Miami for surgery…learn to love yourselves. If you must, Miami ain’t the place. Hustle harder & go to Beverly Hills,” wrote Vera on her snapchat.

LEAKED! Vera Sidika’s WhatsApp Message About Her Nigerian Boyfriend (SCREENSHOT)

Here is why we agree with her on this one;

Beverly Hills has a lot of famous cosmetic surgeons who have been in business way too long and have helped a lot of celebrities make their boobies look sexy like Kate Hudson for example.

Therefore you can be sure if that is the case most doctors there aren’t on trial and error business with your boobs.

These Photos Of Vera Sidika Before Skin Lightening Have Gone Viral

However make sure you are loaded before making a trip there. Getting the silicon implants which are more popular will cost you around 2000 dollars and the total cost of surgery is around 10,000 to 15,000 dollars.

You definitely don’t want to be botched therefore Beverly Hills would absolutely be the right place for you.

Again it will save you from some side effects like infections which could lead to multiple surgeries. The more you go under the knife the more you end up spending and the worse the damage could get.

If done right it should just be a one time procedure, so ladies you better follow her advice!

“I Regret Getting My Boob Job!” Confesses Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has come out to confess that she really regrets having her boobs done.

That really will come as a shock for many a Kenyan given the number of times Vera had taken to showing off her perfectly sculpted mammary glands.

Vera Sidika

The Kenyan socialite who has also had other procedures done including skin lightening went off on a tangent on her Snapchat account extolling the virtues of self love -a little hypocrisy never hurt anyone.

She told Kenyan lasses that they should learn to love their bodies as they are and not insist on augmenting the beauty God has blessed them with. I gagged when I read her advice.

Vera Sidika


As she prattled on about her regrets, she made sure to tell her followers not to go to Miami for any plastic surgery as the doctors there are largely quacks who will do a hatchet job of an operation.

Check out the self love tips Vera Sidika shared below:

‘I Love My Baby!’ After The Marriage Annulment, Eunice Njeri’s Ex Hubby Redirects His Love To His HOT New Ride

A classic car for a classic man. Eunice Njeri’s ex-hubby, Izzo – real name Ado Bukasa – is putting all his love into an American muscle car.

After his marriage was abruptly annulled by Eunice Njeri, Izzo has found a productive outlet to put most of his energy and love into.

Izzo has a Dodger Challenger that he seem to have invested heavily in both emotionally and financially. He loves showing it off. His ride is his bae.

Pastor Who Officiated Eunice Njeri’s Wedding Finally Opens Up

The rapper gushes about his greyish-black machine.

“I love my baby! Never thought that one day I’d be riding this. #GlorytoGod,” Izzo wrote.

Check out the photos.

izzo ride

izzo ride 1

Other celebrities and friends of Izzo were

Izzo’s very close pal, Holy Dave wrote,

“Nice ride man. God is faithful. Keep putting in that work. #ImaniMovement.”

gerrieywainaina Hapo sawa!

emmymaumauI love your baby too ???????????? U shud name her Emz…..just a suggestion….????????

shemotanga Eish buda…Nafaa nikam nikutembelee hehe noma sana…@leewendo njoo ujionee hehe

Betty Kyallo Is Mourning. Pole Sana Mami For Your Loss. Meet Her Family

KTN news anchor is mourning the loss of a close relative who played an instrumental role in her life.

On March 18, the Kyallo family laid to rest their matriarch in what they called a “celebration of life”.

The matriarch, Beatrice Mutei died at the ripe age of 101 years old. Betty Kyallo is named after her grandmother. They nicknamed their grandma, Kinanda, she was laid to rest in Ukambani.



Betty’s brother Brian, posted about their loss saying,

“Laid to rest the great matriarch of the Kang’ulyu family. Our granny, Cucu Beatrice Mutei ‘Kinanda’, was 101 years. This was a true celebration of life … An event we as family cherished. On my right is my Pops, Major Kyallo.”

Her shared this photo that also introduced their father to their fans.

betty kyallo

Brian added, “Thanks good people .. Tulipoa. But this was truly a celebration. 101 is the kind of life anyone wishes for.”

Friends and family sent in their condolences.

KTN news presenter Joy Doreen Biira wrote, “She lived a whole century and added a year to it…. that’s a platinum life.”

kurian_musa She has left a great legacy in the kind of People you are today. God bless you always to reach and surpass her age.

tinatishphillips Your dad looks so young..and your sisters Betty and Mercy look good.. for you, you look awesome and composed.

wangarereg Such a blessing, indeed a great celebration of a life well lived.

‘You Love Your Quiet Life’ Akothee Praises Her Daughter For Being Different From Her Other Daughters

Akothee has always been one lady who speaks her mind and never needs anyone’s approval. When it comes to her kids, she’s this loving mother who puts her kids needs first.

Celine Dion

A few days ago she narrated how her baby daddy treated her like trash and didn’t even support her when it came to raising their son.

Musician Akothee Savagely Attacks Her Baby Daddy, Claims He Would Rather Spend Money On Sex Holidays

But Akothee clearly made it and she’s among the most richest women in Kenya. Her kids are well taken care of and have all the finer things in life.

Over the weekend, one of her daughters turned a year older and she held a grand party for her, with close friends and relatives in attendance. As if that was not enough, she gifted her with a brand new car, but the gift came with rules; one of them being that when she will be going to pick her at the airport.

Richest Singer Gifts Daughter An Expensive Car On Her Birthday (Photos)

Well, another daughter of hers just turned a year older. She is the quiet one among her other kid. Akothee had nothing but beautiful words for her.

akothee 1

She told her, “Apudo is your name, at exactly 9.00 pm in the night of 21st March you landed, 4.1kg, oh my queen, I din’t sleep that night, was just admiring what came from me, the baby of the family, so quite & child our choreographer, mummy loves you soo much, well, I know social media isn’t your thing, & you love your quite life , but hey, apudo it’s your birthday, Tell me what you want & as soon as you cough I will jump 😍😍 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY QUEEN.”


Happy Birthday Wahu Kagwi! Hubby Nameless Sends Her A Heart-Warming Shout-out

She is celebrating turning a year older, and as a March baby we wish her a happy birthday.

Singer Wahu Kagwi and her celebrity boo Nameless are currently in Dubai where they were performing at a concert. The power couple have the most enviable relationship, and are parents to their adorable daughters Tumios and Nyakio.

wahu kagwi and nameless(1)

As she celebrates her born day, Nameless has sent her the cutest birthday wish, that will warm your heart. Check it out below;

namelesskenyaYour birthday finds us in Dubai working and expiriencing life adventures together… You are such an amazing woman and I thank God he brought you in my life… we have been through alot together, and always remember I got your back.. Happy birthday babe many more wonderful advetures!! Fam help me wish this african beauty @wahukagwi a happy birthday!!!

wahuand nameless

Cute right? Wahu has also not forgotten to wish herself a happy born day with the most hilarious hashtags.

wahukagwi and nameless

Here’s why we celebrate her

  1. Her inspiring hairstyles; whether she is on TV or on her social media, she regularly switches up her hairstyles.
  2. Her nails are on fleek. There is nothing as good as seeing a woman with her nails looking flawless.
  3. She and hubby Nameless give back to society; they lend their support to disadvantaged kids alot.
  4. She always gives special shout outs to other celebrities.
  5. Her wardrobe is to die for girls. From rocking kitenges, to casual or formal look Wahu has a way of looking stunning.

Get Up Close And Personal With Kenyan Designer Zeddie Loky As He Shares His Story Of Success

Kenyan designer Zeddie Loky shared on Kiss Fm his journey to success and how he became the person he is today. Zeddie Loky is a well established designer both locally and internationally. He has dressed the likes of Lebron James, Derrick Williams, Nick Canon, Jamie Foxx and Stevie J from love and Hip hop for those of you who are fans of the reality show. The gifted designer is now an inspiration to a number of people and is a style idol to the men in Kenya. However life was not always full of roses for the intuitive designer he shared.

Zeddie Loky

Born and raised in Kenya, the talented designer studied Art and design while in school. He started out small by opening up shop in the heart of Kenyatta market where he designed jeans which he branded as blackboard jeans. “Life wasn’t easy back then,” he begun to narrate. “I came up with designs and used whatever material I had to make them,” he continued. It was during a blankets and wine event in 2007 when he met a fashion buyer that would open up doors to his success.

Breakfast With The Stars On Kiss FM: Meet Zeddie Loky The Kenyan Menswear Designer

The fashion buyer, Tracy kebata at the time working for grand label Calvin Klein spotted the stylish Zeddie Loky and requested to have a custom made outfit that no one else had. The fashion buyer loved what he made and asked if he had a passport. Although he did not know it yet, that was the beginning of his journey to success. “The next chapter of my life began when he was invited to the African Fashion week in New York where I emerged among the top designers and got featured in the SS magazine,” He stated.

Zeddie Loky

“I stayed abroad for 7 months and during that time, made necessary connections and worked hard tirelessly to make a name for myself. I later met Alexander Nash a profound designer in New York who took me in as his intern,” he explained. However by then, he had already started working with big stars like Stevie J. The famous reality show actor wore a suit made by the gifted Kenyan Zeddie Loky during the BET Awards. He established his name in the fashion industry and continued to work hard. “When there is a green light it means go and I am not stopping” the creative designer continued.

The talented designer shows no sign of slowing down and is definitely making a mark in the fashion Industry. He urges other designers out there to keep it simple and work with what they have because all businesses have to start from somewhere. It doesn’t matter how small or how little you have and remember that nothing good comes easy. “It took me 10 years for my face to appear on GQ cover and it has definitely been one heck of a journey,” Zeddie Loky concluded. He left a message to designers in Kenya encouraging them to know and define their craft as well as taking their time to learn one thing before jumping to the next.



Music Producer Cedo Reveals He Majored In Law But Never Practiced It (Video)

Music producer Cedric Kadenyi popularly known as Cedo is one of the most celebrated music producers in Kenya. His skills have been noticed not only in Africa but across the globe. Don’t let his petite self deceive you because he’s one guy who breathes fire when it comes to music production.

He is one of the leading music producers under Pacho Entertainment which is owned by Michael Kennedy Claver, also known as Rapdamu or Naiboi if you like.


Cedo has worked with some of the greatest artistes in Kenya like Timmy Tdat, Nyashinski, Kansou, King Kaka, Rich Mavoko from Tanzania, Khaligraph among others.

Just like any other human being who has made it in life, there’s always a story behind all the success and Cedo revealed something no one would have guessed.

Cedo always believed that he was meant to be in the music scene in one way or another and he was sure that his passion lay in the industry.

Initially I wasnt sure what I was going to do. I knew I had a passion to do something in the music or media scene. I would probably be a journalist or something. But I knew I wanted to do something in the media scene.”


He started playing the keyboard when he was very young and the interest grew gradually and he knew wanted to work with artistes. But that’s not what he did in school. He rather majored in law, but the twist is that he has never practiced it.

His passion for music won the battle and he decided to focus on music and now he is one of the most recognised producers in Kenya.

Watch the full interview below;