Do You Love Style? Well These 10 Kenyan Female Celebrities Are Serving Mayo and Hot Sauce

Style is one thing we all have to acquire in one way or another. Who wouldn’t want to look good to a point people even try to dress up like you?

Looking good makes one feel comfortable and courageous and wearing clothes that fit you will definitely boost your confidence.

We have some of the biggest celebrities in the country who give us so much life with their effortless style. I mean, most of them make us feel like we are not trying as hard as we should. But one thing is for sure, we all have our own taste that works perfectly for us.

I have deeply searched for some of the most stylish female celebrities in the 254 and I believe they qualify to be termed as style gurus.

Check them out below;


nina lockwood

Fena Gitu

Fena Gitu

Huddah Monroe

huddah monroe

Anita Nderu

ANita Nderu

Grace Msalame

grace msalame

Joy Kendi

joy kendi

Nancie Mwai

nancie mwai

Anerlisa Muigai


Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo

Julie Gichuru

Julie Gichuru

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If You Thought Anerlisa Doesn’t Recycle Her Clothes, Think Again. She Reveals The Truth

As much as Anerlisa Muigai is a rich kid and she’s had all the finer things in life laid in front of her, she still acts like a normal human being and does the same things ordinary people do.

A while back, she revealed that she actually gets her hair done at Kenyatta Market, a very popular place that women go to get their hair done. This came as a shock to many, considering she has the money to go to a posh salon.

anerlisa 2

Anerlisa is always open to share any issues with her fans on social media. Well, she has answered a question that she’s been asked for a really long time. She has revealed that she does repeat her clothes just like most of us.

To answer you. Yes I repeat my clothes and the clothes I will probably never wear, I give to charity,” she revealed.

She also went ahead to ask her fans to share their worst experience as hers was when she recently had a pancreatitis attack.


Anyway that aside what is the worst experience you ever experienced but God helped you overcome it? Mine was my recent pancreatitis attack…I would never wish that pain on anyone.”

Her fans went ahead to give their stories and they are quite touching

Read them below;

gatakacarol: Had a miscarriage at 23wks and then told I can never have a normal pregnancy without stitching…reason_they can not tell what caused the womb to open early

phyloching: Was 20 and in denial that am pregnant.Worse I got rejection from family ended up binge eating to comfort myself.Well I thank God am picking up the pieces and building myself together.

lizznderitu: Losing my grandfather who not only raised me alongside my mom but was one of my closest friends….. everytime I think about him my heart aces …. am still grieving. God has been a constant tho, I feel his peace

iamlindakhadenje: The death of both my parents in a span of 1and a half years

‘I Never Thought I Would Find Myself In This Position’ – Anerlisa Muigai Diagnosed With Pancreatitis

aradione: I hear you. I was first diagnosed with Pancreatitis in 2003. An attack is undoubtedly one of the most painful experiences known to man.

njeri__njuguna: I almost lost my life when bringing my angel to this world three months ago. After I was of the theatre the pain medicine was over and I can say the pain I felt was just killing me. It was the worst. I thank God today for good health for me and my family,and the far he has brought my angel

nancie.mamgee: And why wouldn’t you repeat your clothes?…I mean they are yours repeat them as much as you want…nwe,my worst experience is when I almost lost my son through pneumonia Attack but am grateful to God I was able to overcome that nightmare after spending nights in an hospital seeing him on an ICU ward…To God be the glory

lizgiggz: My worst experience to date was losing my princess 2 and a half months ago. She only lived for a few hours and I never even got to see her alive.going to the hospital all excited and coming out empty yet to get over it.

katherine_cryer: Preclampsia, Overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts after loosing my son a day after birth.. finding peace and self discovery.

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Tonto Dikeh’s Estranged Ex Husband Stops Her Reality Show Over Their Son Appearing In The Show

Things are getting heated as time goes by. It is reported that Churchill Oladunni, Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband has filed a suit at the family court stopping his son, King from featuring in her reality show.


A Nigerian website, Nigeria Today, has reported that the court has ordered that the TV Reality Show called “King Tonto” being produced by Linda Ikeji Media Limited and featuring King Andre cannot be released or aired.

According to the news website Oladunni Churchill wants to protect his son’s image and which he feels is being exploited for financial gains.

Such reality show exposes the life and times of the 1st Applicant, who is a minor, at a time when he cannot make a decision for himself, this exposure is prejudicial to his growth and welfare of his son, the 1st Applicantreads the court document.


Pulse reached out to Tonto Dikeh’s rep who said he couldn’t reveal more about what is presently going on with the show.

The truth is the issue has gone beyond what it is for now as it has now become a personal issue. I cannot tell you a yes or no but let’s leave it as it is for now,” he said.


Finally!! Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Welcome A Healthy Baby Girl

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed their third child.

Their surrogate gave birth to a ‘healthy’ baby girl at 12:47am on January 15 weighing 7lb 6oz. They have not yet revealed the name of their daughter.

The 37-year-old announced the news in a message on her website titled, ‘She’s here! We’re so in love.’


She wrote: ‘Kanye and I are happy to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby girl.

‘We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care. North and Saint are especially thrilled to welcome their baby sister. Love, Kim Kardashian West.’

On Tuesday Kanye was seen in Los Angeles looking like a proud father as he entered a building. The Paranoid rapper held onto a laptop and his cell phone as he wore a dark brown sweat outfit.

Kim and Kanye were both in the delivery room with the surrogate, although the rapper was behind a curtain until after the baby was born, according to TMZ.

kim and fam

Kim was the first person to hold the baby girl for skin-to-skin bonding, but the surrogate was allowed some contact with the child after the birth.

Her sisters Kourtney, Khloe and mother Kris were also at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., where the family’s doctor Dr. Paul Crane oversaw the delivery.

Kanye was spotted in LA on Tuesday in high spirits while out solo.

Too Cute: If You’re Having A Bad Day, Then Madtraxx’ Bundle Of Joy Will Make Your Day (Photos)

Madtraxx also known as Maddy is one exceptional man who has taken the music industry with a bang. He’s not only a singer but also a producer who has worked with some of the biggest artistes in the country.

One thing that we admire about Maddy is how committed he is to his family despite having a tight schedule almost everyday.

madtraxx and family

Unlike other celebrities who prefer to hide their families from the public eye, he always shares photos and videos of his family and we just love how he bonds with his daughter, sharing videos of her little milestones.

Well, the little one will not be the center of attention any more. Madtraxx recently shared photos of his newborn and I must say, the baby is adorable.

He posted a photo of him holding the little one with the caption, “latest member of the team.”

madtraxx and baby

His fans were super excited showering him with congratulatory messages.

Read some of them below;

mimmokenya: Awww shhoooo cuuuuute!

kimothojackie: Wow!!Cuzo you look great….my niece ako tu sawa

niniwacera: Cutest little cookie!!

junegachui: She is adorable!!!! Hello littu niece!!

mutonialice: Ooooh my God I feel like I want to hold her in my hand ooooh soooo cuuuuute

wdjay: Congrats boss

trinamira: Aawwh!! Amazed 😍🙏🏽 bless fam

emkenda1: Mtto mzuri mnoooo,hongera sana

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‘I have been told am a kafir’: Ringtone says he is the most persecuted Kenyan celebrity!

Ringtone has had a storied career. From his days as an artist doing Pamela to doing Talanta, he has become one of the highest viewed gospel artists in Kenya. In 2017, he released two songs with Christina Shusho and Gloria Muliro. The song Tenda Wema with Christina did very well with and has over 3 million views on Youtube at the moment.

Ringtone. photo credit: ringtoneapoko

But he says that even with all the things that he accomplishes, there will always be detractors of the musician. He spoke candidly and exclusively to Mpasho were he explained what was he viewed as haters who will hate him regardless.

Ringtone. photo credit: ringtoneapoko

We had asked him about a certain woman who had claimed that he had sired a child with her. He responded by saying:

“These are new generation socialites. They(socialites) want to get a piece of my name, my success, my publicity. I don’t entertain or give time to those type of people. I just do my thing.”

He added when speaking about what he has been previously accused of he said:

“I have been told am a kafir, that I am a child trafficker. I have been told that I have stolen, you have done everything. I am the musician in the industry of Kenya both in secular and gospel who has suffered the most being accused of things that are not true.”

But Ringtone is a man of great determination and he delivered this parting shot:

Ringtone. photo credit: ringtoneapoko

“All these things have shaped me and made me stronger and I don’t really care.”

Do you agree that he is the celebrity with the most hate speech against him?

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Another love story brewed on screen! Tina reveals her love addiction to Ras

So the love story between Kate The Actress and Phil is couple goals for many of us hopeless romantics.

Now, Tina who also acted with Kate seems to be following the same love steps. We all love the drama she brings with her love, Ras. This might just be a happily ever after story.

She posted on her instagram the love she has for Ras off screen and just any kind of love but an addiction.

“It’s not about work,think am addicted to him.”

Questions have risen as to whether he is the baby daddy to her amazingly adorable baby girl. We do not know much about her love life and especially her family life so speculation is what people have opted to go by.

Jackie with ras on the set of Mother-In-Law
Jackie with Ras and Charlie on the set of Mother-In-Law

But with such a caption I mean what more do we expect? The other big question now is of course the elephant in the room, has Ras left his wife for Jackie Mungai aka Tina?

Jackie clarified to fans.

“Ohhhhh guys thanks so much, he is a great friend, and a brother. A true friend!”

Fans, ofcourse had something to say…

dominicndivo: Sema ras kuangukia.

itssethodiwuor: Wah!Some men are lucky!Yaani unapata gold ukiketi tu?

deniziah_nanah: No wonder u two kiss cha ukweli… Anyway I love how u act guyz

richfraterniy: If only you two were together, you guys could be one of the greatest couple ever.

tuzo_maziwa: mzuriNyinyi watu wawiri mumefuruta fangi side siothe mbiri. Wueeeeeh!
dav_soulYes indeed u a addicted to him and that means u should take it to the next level au sio Jacqy….

ashleymurugi: Chemistry on point!

eduardokitutam: Tusemeko ukeli ras, hukatiangi huyu dame in real life?

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Hamisa Mobetto tells haters that their bile is her gain!

Hamisa Mobetto has had a long-running battle with Zari the last couple of years. The se** screen vixen has been attacked viciously, even her mother was not spared in the onslaught from team Zari.

She even came out to ask for some sort of detente after team Zari started attacking her mother.

The model recently spoke to MCL Digital and the mother of two advised her critics to keep calling her names so that she may get more deals.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto .photo credit: instagram/hamisa_mobetto

Instagram account ‘Team Zari’ is notorious for attacking Hamisa Mobetto. She was forced to ask Zari to rein in her abusive fans after they started attacking her mother.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto .photo credit: instagram/hamisa_mobetto

Haters now refer to the beautiful socialite with derogatory terms. She is being called names like ‘Mbu’ (mosquito), Laki tano (500k) Chuchunge (a certain type of fish) among others. Hamisa said that the more she gets attacked the better she does.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto .photo credit: instagram/hamissa_mobeto

So if you are in Team Zari, then take note, the more you attack her the more she goes smiling to the bank.

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Diamond’s mum begs Zari not to leave Diamond over fresh rumours of cheating. Zari blocks him

Zari Hassan has had it. This time there is no going back.

Rumours are swirling around that Diamond had another affair, this time with socialite Tunda.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Diamond in a recent post wrote: “ONLY PLAYERS KNOWS WHAT I SAW HERE…😊

Diamond claimed in a tweet that he is free to marry as many wives as he pleases and this year will be it. The tweet was later deleted.

In the same breath, a Kenyan beauty queen called out Diamond for sliding into her DM when he was in Nairobi for a pool party.

Now, the boy from Tandale has been accused of cheating. These allegations spread like wildfire to the point were Wolper Stylish told Zari to be on the lookout because her baby daddy is being stolen.

Wolper warned Zari,

“Tunda anapika na kupakua mdale. Wewe endelea kunyonyesha Nillan huko.”

Zari did not waste time, she shot back with the response:

“Stupid. Ulitaka nimbebe (D)?”

Zari- Wolper
Zari’s response to Wolper stylish

These rumours seem to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Zari. She blocked Diamond in all her social media.

To placate her, Diamond posted Zari’s photo as his profile picture on Whatsapp.

Zari is the profile photo on Diamond’s Whatsapp

The icing on this scandalous cake is, Tunda is spotting a bulging midriff. It could be as a result of a sumptuous supper or there could be a bun in the oven.

Zari will not be happy at all.

Diamond’s mum is defending her son’s indiscretions by asking Zari not to give up on him.

Sandra wrote on her Instagram,

“Nilokuzoeeaa Zari Mtunza Vyangu Visiri Mwenye Kunisitiri Fundi Mitambooo Kinga Yangu Ya Mwilii Isolipa Biliii Kuchoma Changu Simtaki Kafirii 😷😷😷 📌📌🔨🔨”

Here are some reactions from fans n this latest break-up-to-make-up saga between Zari and Diamond.

charlesere: Zarina Hasan anatakiwa ajiongeze sasa la sivyo atakufa amesimama. Aachane na huyu mtoto afanye yake sasa is too much jaman

maji_ya_mtungi: Sasa si unajuwa hatujamaliza shida zetu kwa mama ntilie. Ni lazima diamond ajifanye kama anajali coz keshamjuwa she is stupid. Atamsameh tu hata azae na wanawake 100.

mouachie: Diamond is just confused… ..a man who plays with other women’s heart is any woman’s enemy… But sisi wanawake twasikia kweli? Hays wacha waendelee na drama zao…we are grabbing more popcorns!

anniemneney: Kuachana nae sio suluhisho. Apige moyo konde amwache ahangaike akichoka atatulia. Afanye mambo yake tuuu. Na hata hivyo wake wa 4 wa halali wakitimia ataacha.

dellly_star: Wanajua kumwinjoy bi mkubwa, uzuri atamsamehe tu yetu macho.Ila Chibu Ni wakuchapa fimbo aeleweki yeye angeweka Mambo yake sawa anampenda Nani bill hivyo atapata pressure bure na mwisho mziki utakuwa kaputi shida washauri wake wote hawamsaidii

ummi_badi: Yaani wamemjua kabisa kuwa wakimkosea ni kumpost Ig na kumuweka profile pic ya whatsApp kweli wajinga ndio waliwao

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Otile Brown And Shetta Narrate How They Met And Did A Song Together (Audio)

Otile Brown and Tanzania’s finest Shetta have just dropped a banging hit ‘Tamu Sana’. The song has crazy beats and with their melodious voices, they made it all better.

Just like any artiste, there’s always a story on how they met each other. Speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, Otile Brown narrated how the two met and decided to do a collabo.

shettah and otile

He’s been a friend and we always chat on What’s app and he’s always congratulating me when I release a song. We never spoke about doing a song together till last month but one. So we decided to do something and I sent him the demo, the next day he sent the verse back and that’s how ‘Tamu Sana’ was made.”

And what does Shetta think about Otile and his music?

Otile ni msani ako poa sana. By the way I used to tell Kenyan people that they have to be proud to have Otile because ni mtu ambaye ana vibe na anapenda kazi yake. Nimepatana na wasaanii wengi lakini yeye ako tofauti manake anajali kazi, anainvest time na capital pia, which si wasanii wote wanafanya. I’m very proud of him.”

otil and shetta

We have all been through a tough time in life and most artistes share their stories of how they came about doing music and what they did to make ends meet. Well, Shetta revealed that he used to sell scrap metal to make ends meet because he was from a poor family.

I’ve been in the music for 8 years now. I’m from a poor family, I can’t lie and I can say I’m the one who made it kutoka kwenye familia yangu. About selling stuff, nilikua nauza scrap metal na kuna kitu huko kwetu kinaitwa Siso. Siso ni kama sufuria, yale material ambayo yamo kama sufuria kule kwetu huwa tunauza. Pia nilikua nauza chupa za soda ama beer.”

Listen to the full interview below;

Wanameremeta: Here Are Top 7 Naturalistas That We Admire

Over the years, women have learnt to embrace their hair no matter the texture. They have different hairstyles that they can rock without having to think if someone somewhere is judging them.

Well, a while back, women were bashed for rocking their natural hair, with many claiming that the hair looked untidy and unkempt. But this has not stopped women from rocking their natural hair with so much grace and swag.

This has given many women the idea to share their hair journey and little details that might be beneficial to other women. The products are in plenty and one has to just think of the right product that will work with their hair and it’s texture be it hard or soft.

Here are top 7 natural hair bloggers in Kenya;

1. Sheila Ndinda


2. Tabitha (Craving Yellow)

craving yellow

3. Wangechi Ngare

Wangeci Ngare

4. Joanna Kinuthia

joan kinuthia

5. Sharon (My Kenyan Puff)

my kenyan puff

6. Anita (From Curves With Love)


7. Miss Lee Leila


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Kim Kardashian ‘splurges a whopping $550,000 on a lavish nursery and baby goods’

She is preparing to welcomed her third child via surrogate with husband Kanye West.

And Kim Kardashian has certainly not held back on decorating the nursery for her new addition – having reportedly splurged a whopping $550,000 on baby goodies.

Getty Images for The Tot

According to Closer magazine, the 37-year-old has been branded ‘out of control’ by her rapper husband, 40, after splashing the cash on an array of lavish items – including a Swarovski-encrusted rocking horse and a $170,000 teddy bear.

On Tuesday sources claimed the reality star has imported some of the most expensive toys and goods in the world from Italy, to decorate her new arrival’s nursery.

Suommo Dodo dummy/ Suommo Dodo

These are believed to include a luxurious velvet crib by designer Dolce Notte, as well as a hand-painted cradle, a silk bassinet and matching wardrobe and chair – allegedly amounting to $40,000 in total.

Not stopping there, the insider also revealed Kim has splurged on a number of designer and diamond-encrusted toys for her little girl, which she is believed to be welcoming this month.

Swarovski-covered rocking horse/ Swarovski

The source added: ‘Kim’s also hand-sourced some of the world’s most expensive toys for her newborn, including a $137,000 Swarovski-covered rocking horse, a $170,000 Steiff Louis Vuitton teddy bear and a limited edition Suommo Dodo solid gold dummy costing $96,000.’

Even her rapper husband, thought to be worth $145 million, is thought to be gobsmacked by her shopping spree, with the source continuing: ‘Even Kanye’s told her to stop spending as she’s out of control!’


Known for her glamorous sense of style, it comes as no surprise that Kim has also decked out the tot’s wardrobe with $100,000 worth of limited edition baby clothes, from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana.

Nigerian Artiste Skales Releases New Single ‘Kpete Wicked’ In East Africa

After delivering mega performances in Uganda and Kenya last December, Top Nigerian Afro Beats artiste, Skales, releases another hit record “KPETE WICKED” to set off East African dance floors on fire.

This Jay Pizzle-produced track is off his successful 2017 sophomore album “The Never Say Never Guy.” KPETE WICKED is a mid-tempo song that incorporates traditional Yoruba acoustics with short saxophone interludes by Rick, creating an overarching groovy sound.


Speaking of his first release of 2018, Skales says, “I am excited to share this new heat especially with my East African family and fans. This is just the beginning! I hope to drop more hits and hopefully some collaborations with artistes from East Africa.” The video shot in Toronto, Canada, showcases Skales adorned in colorful floral prints, celebrating with bottles of champagne. It is a video beaming with high spirits and was directed by Tee Tash. The song sees Skales recounting his blessings, according to him “I feel no more pain; God don answer my prayer.”

Known for delivering mega hits like “Temper” and “Shake Body”, some of the biggest Nigerian tunes to hit East Africa, Skales has been dominating music charts across Africa with smash hit singles “Agolo” and “Booty Language” featuring Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. He is working with top East African artistes and is set to release more hits in 2018.

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The Africa Nouveau Festival Set For February After It Was Postponed

The Africa Nouveau Festival, a 2-day/2-night arts and music festival congregating creators, curators and fans from Africa and its diaspora, is set for February 2nd-4th 2018 (a postponement from the initial date in November 2017 due to considerations around the political climate in October).

The festival will be held at the Ngong Racecourse Waterfront, kicking off at 5pm on Friday 2nd February and closing at 11pm on Sunday 4th February.

The festival aims to celebrate the most progressive, cutting edge and innovative music, film and fashion from African creatives under the theme Afrobubblegum. Coined by renowned film Director Wanuri Kahiu, the Afrobubblegum ideology asserts the right of African creatives to be as fun, fierce and fantastical as they would like to be, and that their creations need not be for any other purpose but joyful expression of their ideas.

The artist lineup for the festival reflects a pan-African flavour, with a bit of representation from nearly every region of Africa, with musicians from Sao Tome e Principe, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and DRC.

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Camila Cabello almost locked lips with Nick Jonas on New Year’s Eve

Camila Cabello appears to be the type of girl that will kiss and tell, even if the kiss only happens in her imagination.

On Friday, the 20-year-old singer appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her self-titled album release when she revealed that she came close to kissing Nick Jonas on New Year’s Eve.


Cabello giggled and told Fallon, ‘The ball was dropping and I was like, am I gonna kiss Nick Jonas? Because you know, it’s like the New Year’s thing.’

The former Fifth Harmony vocalist giggled as the audience erupted into laughter.

Cabello further revealed, ‘I’ve never had a New Year’s kiss before.’

According to the Cuban starlet, she looked around and realized that the only people standing near her when the ball began to drop were Nick Jonas, Ryan Seacrest, and Mariah Carey.

Fallon asked the Havana singer if she went ahead and kissed the famous Jonas brother. Cabello said, ‘I didn’t, I chickened out, but I thought it would be like funny, you know what I mean? But Mariah Carey did blow me a kiss so that’s good.”

nick jonas

The former Fifth Harmony singer donned a green sheer lace long dress with clear vinyl pointed-toe high heels.

Cabello wore her dark brown hair back and donned small earrings.

The Cuba native kept her makeup minimal by sporting a light smokey-eye and soft pink lipstick.

Despite Cabello’s racy revelation on Fallon’s show, the Cuban beauty did not shy away from this surprising disclosure.

‘I Pray I Will Never Take You For Granted’ Size 8 Showers Her Husband With Appreciation

Size 8 is one celebrity who never shies away from showering her husband with love on social media. On many occasions, she’s taken to social media to share with her fans the different things she’s grateful for and among those are her husband and daughter who always top the list.

Well, Size 8 has yet again taken to social media to jot down a beautiful message to her husband DJ Mo, appreciating him for always having her back and helping her even with the baby.

size 8 and husband

Many times the two have served couples and youngsters look up to them as many are motivated to stay strong and stay true to themselves.

Here is what she wrote;

Morning to you all taking this opportunity to just thank my husband @djmokenya for being such a great support to me. Helping me with my personal life my ministry and our baby. What can I say swity am just blessed beyond measure to have you I pray I will never take you for granted. Sometimes you see me out there shinning for Jesus you don’t know my husband pays the price takes the sacrife for me, a true leader he is. He is truely being what the bible says Husbands love your wives give yourself as a sacrife for them as Jesus did for the church. Love you swity 😍😍😍😍…….God thank you for my husband.”

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Lillian Muli reads the riot act at “hateful” trolls: ‘You are a fan in denial!’

Lillian Muli has had it with trolls. She really has.

This comes at a time when Larry Madowo committed social media suicide and quit all the networks.

Both TV anchors have been at the tail end of annoying trolls.

Lillian took to Instagram with a few words of wisdom for her haters.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli’s quote on Instagram

Lillian believes that “social media has its merits but a National Health Survey recently revealed it’s leading to mental health issues amongst a significant number of followers. While someone out there is faking it for the gram…another is slowly falling into depression wondering why their life is not as fabulous.

Another Instagramer posted a sad and sobering comment detailing how people don’t want inspiration posts on their timeline.

Ndinda_kriss wrote, Ask any girl from as early as 13 years old what she wants as a gift and you’re most likely to hear, “nataka ile phone ikona selfie camera poa” Why? So they could take “bomb” pictures like other girls are and flaunt for the “gram”! As early as 13! #Sad
Anyways, I once posted a sentimental post talking about the trying things I was going through at that particular time, so that people out there going through the same would know they are not alone. And I got a vast amount of support from “friends”(in quote because I barely know half of my followers. Most of them aren’t exactly my friends).

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

I did get support nonetheless. I was labelled, courageous, strong; given words of encouragement and it felt great! However the most astonishing thing was, I got A LOT of personal messages and calls from people asking me “why did you post that? That’s so sad. Take it down. Why would you put it out there.” And that’s when it became crystal clear. The notion that goes on in everyone’s minds is, it’s not worth posting if it’s not on “fleek”. If it’s not “trendy” if you’re not “happy”, it’s not worth being on the gram. Its like there’s an unwritten law. Thou shall not post it unless it’s “GOALS”! It’s just sad how people aren’t real on social media.

And so I wonder, what’s the point? I’m only 21 and if i got a dollar for every time social media left me feeling broken, i wouldn’t have to work another day in my life! I’m human, hence like most people, I too fall into the trap of comparison.
It’s only a few months back, after taking some time away from it that I realised if we’re not careful, we might get to a point where it’s unfixable. Theeen, there’s when you post a picture and a meme is made of it. The list is endless really!!”

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli knows too well how fake social media is and how fatal it can be and she is not letting the trolls win. Not today.

For all you idle, bored hating types who feed off negative vibe you spew about others in your shady closed platforms you don’t even know the people you talk about and you never will! You’ve only seen them on magazines or TV or heard them on Radio and you claim you know them. You are a fan in denial. Work on your insecurities first it takes a very emotionally unstable person to spread hateful lies. But then again there is no publicity that is bad publicity…y’all just mad at yourselves…For real though get Help; brands pay to get advertised you on the other hand are so philanthropic you advertise them free of Charge; so you make the brand popular and where does that leave you?” Lilian shot back.

Other fans who have experienced cyber bulling chimed in…

nyagawanji: Ooohh Lillian Muli this morning am so mad at someone and it’s like you have read my mind.. especially the town I am Nyeri town has a lot of idle people who just talk talk and talk bad about people they have no clue where they work nor get money to pay rent… i just hate this… waaahh true people need to get checked … and get help…!!!

barbara_kakai: True that Nzisa I went through the same this morning waking up to negative energy from some frustrated pseudo account claiming to know me inside out.This cyber bullying has to stop, you can’t just hate on people for no valid reason

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‘They even hate my imperfections,’ scoffs Betty Kyallo

Getting trolled is not a party you want to be invited to. Our celebrities have been trolled and cyber bullied and lived to tell tales.

Betty Kyallo revealed recently how mean netizens were to her. Chatting with Lillian Muli, Betty encouraged the Citizen news anchor after she was a victim of hateful trolls.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli posted on her Instagram:

“For all you idle, bored hating types who feed off negative vibe you spew about others in your shady closed platforms you don’t even know the people you talk about and you never will! You’ve only seen them on magazines or TV or heard them on Radio and you claim you know them. You are a fan in denial. Work on your insecurities first it takes a very emotionally unstable person to spread hateful lies. But then again there is no publicity that is bad publicity…y’all just mad at yourselves…For real though get Help; brands pay to get advertised you on the other hand are so philanthropic you advertise them free of Charge; so you make the brand popular and where does that leave you?” Lilian shot back.

Betty chimed in saying, “Love it babe. That’s the truth.”

The KTN news reader added,

“Kwanza juzi they were discussing how dark my armpit it is. I was like my armpit is subject for a discussion. They even have a problem with my imperfections that I don’t worry about. I love it. As they were Love. Waendelee.”

Lillian responded,

“Honey, you are a star keep shining bright no one can touch a star.”

Lillian wrote that the reason she stands up against trolls is because , “I don’t pay attention to haters dear I just don’t want a generation of young girls and boys growing up to become spiteful people.”

Betty Kyalo
Betty Kyalo. photo credit: instagram/Betty Kyalo

Here are other reactions from fans.

kamenegoro: Yaaassssss!

ms._sitawa: Betty don’t mind them; People always look out for something negative to ride on; to make them feel better about their own imperfections. They wish they were half what you are, anyway.

shonella_kanyewest: Betty, armpits, yawa! That’s stupid. Don’t use roll on that have alcohol in it to avoid your armpit being dark. Nakupenda mtoto wa Kyallo.

barbara_kakai: Betty, you’re still on the winning team it’s quite unfortunate such crap is being used to belittle great voices.

miss_ribery: Betty, you are winning and those damn haters will say anything to try put you down. We’ll adjust your crown and keep running your palace as the queen you are. Ignore them naysayers!!

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Siku Za Mwizi Ni Arubaini! Davido Allegedly Sued Over Tax Evasion!

Davido’s day to pay the taxman has come.

This guy makes a whole load of money! Took them long enough but they finally caught up with him!

The Lagos state government have decided to tackle high-profile tax defaulter in the state and ‘Mr. 30 million for the account’ is no exception.

Davido has signed deals with Sony and is the CEO of HKN Music in Lagos has not been filling his tax returns.

Of course he went forward to deny the allegations saying he has always paid his taxes since he is originally from Lagos.

Davido. photo credit:davidoofficial

The Lagos government official even quoted the amount of money he made from a recent concert which was 500 million Naira and so they want to know how much he paid to the government as tax.

He said, “Davido said he made 500 Million Naira from his 30 billion Naira concert recently. We must know how much he paid as Tax.”

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Taylor Swift warned by cops after obsessed fan tells them he’s her ‘boyfriend’, needs gun to protect her

She’s had more than her fair share of obsessed fans.

Now a 58-year-old man is claiming he’s Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and needs a gun to protect her, TMZ reported on Sunday

New Hampshire law enforcement sources told the website the man was at the station for voluntary questioning on an unrelated case when he bragged he was the singer’s significant other.

The police say he even showed them texts with a ‘Taylor Swift’ as the recipient.


They got suspicious when he asked how many states he could drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit.

He also reportedly told them he wanted a gun to protect the 28-year-old pop star in Africa. It’s unclear why he thinks she will be there.

However, she is due to start her tour in support of her new album, Reputation, on May 28 in Glendale, Los Angeles and it will take in Canada, the UK, Ireland and Australia before wrapping on November 9 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The cops didn’t detain the man because, as they explained to TMZ, simply saying you want a gun to protect someone is not a crime.


However, the source told the website that the cops have tried to contact Taylor’s team to warn her.

It’s not the first time the Look What You Made Me Do singer has had to deal with an obsessed fan.

Mohammed Jaffar, 29, was committed to a state psychiatric facility in September by the Manhattan Supreme Court after he broke into the megastar’s NYC apartment building in February and called her management 60 times in a two-week period.

About a week later, he came back two days in a row to ring her doorbell and continued to violate orders to stay away from Taylor until his March 6 arrest.

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