Breakfast With The Stars On Kiss FM: Meet Zeddie Loky The Kenyan Menswear Designer

He has come from owning a stall in Kenyatta Market where he was selling jeans to the run ways of New York.

Menswear designer Zeddie Loky, a talented Kenyan lad, was this morning hosted on the Breakfast With The Stars show with presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

And how did he introduce himself?

“I’m a Kenyan boy living his dream in the fashion world. I have worked with the likes of Jidenna, Nick Cannon, Stevie J and Jamie Fox.

It turns out that Kiss FM presenter Adelle benefited from his skills as a jeans designer, after he designed for her a pair of jeans, owing to her height.

Adelle; ‘ I see you making these strides especially landing on the GQ cover. What I remember is that I could never find pants that were my length, and I still have the pair of pants that you made for me back then.”

Zeddie; “That was ten years ago. If you tell me you still have those jeans, no worries.”

Adelle; “Who are some of th stars you have worked with?”

Zeddie; “I have designed for the Number 2 golfer, Lebron James, Tyson Becksford who’s my boy, Nick Cannon. I’m humbled to say that I’ve worked with movies stars, actresses.


“This one time during fashion week, we went clubbing, and Jamie Fox had a party, I bumped into him and he fixed my bow tie, and so I went around his crew looking for his stylist coz I wanted to know more about how I could be part of his style team. I wold describe myself as aggressive,

Adelle; “So how did it happen you made it to New York from Kenyatta market?”

Zeddie; “I was at blankets and wine and we ran into a fashion buyer who used to work for Calvin Klein, and she asked for a sample of my clothes. When she came to pick it up she asked me if I had my passport ready, adding she was impressed with my work. So the next thing I know I get an email inviting me to attend the fashion week.”

Listen to the audio below as he explains how it took him ten years to be on GQ magazine.

RAUKA: Shaffie Weru’s Request For A Hotel Room Sounded Like It’s Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Ati you want what?!! A lass was this morning left in shock after Kiss FM presenter Shaffie Weru made a bizarre request for a hotel room.

This was during the Rauka segment on Kiss FM every weekday, where Shaffie gets an SMS from a listener who wants him to ‘rausha’ a friend.

So Shaffie obliged and called Beatrice, who owns a bed and breakfast. He requested for a hotel room, not a problem right?..That was until he requested for some weird stuff. He wanted everything in the room to be black. He even requested for human blood.

Shaffie,” Beatrice, I want you to know money is not a problem. So here is what I want you to provide for my special night out. Let me just give you a list of what I need, because I am ready to pay. We do not eat white meat, only black meat.

Beatrice from here expresses disgust; Arrggh. Nani alikupatia number yangu?’

Shaffie, “ Let me finish my list I will tell you. Can you organize human blood?

Beatrice, “Excuse me? Human blood? Huh!! Then I’m sorry.  Siwezi”.

Shaffie, “We just need human juice”.

Beatrice, “Huh? Are you godly? We don’t offer such juice, except mango, orange..”

Beatrice wasn’t having it. She hang up on him.


THE BIG SCOOP: Someone Leaked chats Between DJ Creme and a lass, and Dr Ofweneke responds to marital drama allegations

On Firday we hang out with Adelle Onyango, Shaffie Weru and gossip baron Uncle Chim Tuna from Mpasho.

Every Furahiday, we have the BIG SCOOP with Mpasho where we break big stories, we basically drop a bombshell.

Todays udaku focused on comedian Dr Ofweneke who has been accused by his girlfriend gospel singer Nicah, of battery.

Mpasho reached out to the two of them for a comment regarding their marital drama. Listen to the full audio as Dr Ofweneke is asked if it’s acceptable for a man to physically assault a lass.

Onto more udaku, DJ Creme’s Sidepiece Humiliates him In Leaked Whatsapp Screenshots.

He had a sextape two years ago, and now he’s back with another scandal. In 2015, Dj Creme was embroiled in a scandal after his sex tape was released. So now to present day, Mpasho got a tip from a lass on Facebook who had been posting certain things on her social media.

There were allegations that she had been sleeping with celebs, and most notable was DJ Crème, footballer Dennis Oliech. And Otille Brown.

Mpasho reached out to him in a three part conversation. The lass says her phone was stolen, and someone leaked the chats between her and DJ Creme.

Here is an audio of the udaku;

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Octopizzo collabos with Barack Jaccuzzi and Boutross

The Namba Nane hit maker is back with a brand new anthem ft, Barack Jaccuzzi & Boutross in a hit dubbed Tergat Gang.

The hip-hop artiste unveiled the song on Kiss FM this morning.

Check it out below, and let us know what you think.

The singer was in studio this morning on the breakfast with the stars Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, to release the new jam.

He tweeted;

..Young BiGii ka CJ Mi-Utunga ka Willy.. we Litty

KISS FM Star: Meet Olive Karmen, a drummer and music enthusiast

This lass has worked with industry heavyweights such as Sage Chemutai, Calvin Mstari, Ameelina and Gilad Millo among others.

Olive Karmen is a music enthusiast and drummer who was hosted yesterday in studio by Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

Every weekday on the Breakfast with the stars morning show, Kiss Fm hosts a star to speak about themselves and their work.

The beautiful Olive has been drumming for six years now, but was quick to point out that it wasn’t easy at first. She learnt off of Facebook, after DM’ing a couple of people to teach her.

She says youtube is ‘life’, everything she does is ‘youtube’.

Kiss FM Fans who were eager to reach out to her used the hashtag #OliveOnKiss, and she surely responded to all questions in the audio below.

How does a lass survive in a male-dominated field? Adelle sought to know some of the challenges and how anyone who’s interested can make money from it as a career.

We h ave picked up some questions and general comments from the #OliveOnKiss hashtag. Go through;

what would u tell upcoming artists aspiring to be selling in the industry in the near future

What do you think should change in the music industry?..

oliveonkiss 2

please Olive freestyle before u head out. Use kikombe ya Shaffie if you’ve to. Haha!

Here’s How Game of Thrones ‘Kingslayers’ Kenyan Visit Went Down

Popular game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in the country recently for some charity work, and during his time here, the famous actor wowed Kenyans with his knowledge of the country.

The actor who plays Jaime Lannister, one of the hit HBO show’s most iconic and recognisable characters, was helping out at the Global Goals World Cup tournament in Nairobi, Kenya. He was supporting the United Nations 17 Goals dubbed ‘Global Goals World Cup.

The regional tournament consisted of 24 teams of women and girls an event which went down at the Impala Grounds this past Sunday.

The Danish star also played the role of a referee during the tournament at Impala grounds

Watch a video below as he explains his role as the goodwill ambassador in Kenya.

The Big Scoop: Move Over Prayer Partner, Pension Partner Is the New Bae According to Willy Paul

Are you ready for your weekly dose of “mucene” Grab your popcorns. Fridays on Kiss FM are all abut udaku with Chim from Mpasho.

The Kiss FM big scoop went down today and we learned that we have moved from prayer partners to pension partners.

So Willy Paul introduced his partner Jamaican singer Alaine, after pictures of their wedding went viral.

The photos took the internet by storm, until we all learned it was about a wedding song they have collaborated on.

But they continue to call each other bae, and it was even revealed that she was staying at his house, oh snap!

Have you heard the song? Its called ‘I Do’.

Willy Pozee’s song has broken records setting the first Kenyan record.

Willy Paul and Alaine’s lovey dovey. Mpasho reached out to him, to congratulate him for breaking a Kenyan record. He is the only Kenyan artist who within 24 hours has managed to garner 200k views on youtube.

After accepting congratulations, Willy Paul took shots at an artiste who released a song a week ago, but hasn’t managed to get as many views. Who is it?

Hmm… have you heard the song Kumbe Kumbe by Bahati featuring Mr Seed. Yup, that one.

Willy Paul was taking shots at Bahati and Mr Seed for not doing so well.

Numbers don’t lie, as Bahati’s collabo with Mr Seed has 106k views after one week.

How much of a superstar is Willy Paul?

Jamaican media is referring to the lad as a superstar. Weuh!

But keep in mind, that even Bahati took shots at Willy Paul, referring to Pozee as his sister. He repeated it several times to Mpasho.

Moving on swiftly to Nairobi Diaries.

The female cast members have been going in on one another. The girls catfights have gone a notch higher. Bridget Achieng, a no holds barred kind of lass, decided to call out her fellow cast members. She losses it as she rants at them about their levels of ratchetry.

Go to to listen to the uncensored clip. Bridget abuses so many people.

The cast members responded to the shade being thrown their way. Pendo and Qupi responded to suggestions that she smells. Listen to the audio below courtesy Kiss FM and;


Kiss FM’s Adelle Onyango Has Called It Quits And She Explains Why

Did I hear you gasp?

Kiss FM Breakfast With the Stars Adelle Onyango has quit the juicing challenge, and is referring the quote that ‘ man cannot live on water alone’ to defend herself against accusations by Shaffie that she is a quiter.

The two presenters began their juicing challenge on Tuesday and after 36 hours Adelle has called it quits. She explains,’ It’s three days and counting , and they taste like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.’

Adelle Onyango can’t keep her hands away from chicken and bacon, or so she claims.

She explains that prior to the challenge she asked the house managers in addition to her siblings to support her in her detox challenge by keeping away all those lovely food items. “Unfortunately I come home to find chicken , what is a girl to do?”

” Secondly my grandma is visiting. If I don’t eat, she also won’t”.

What are some of the symptoms they are both experiencing; loss of memory, slurred speech, confusion, Shaffie claims he has morning sickness.

Listen as Adelle gives additional reasons why she’s done with the detox;




Top 10 Celebrity Kids Who Are Living Large (PHOTOS)

Call them celebrity kids or boss babies but one thing for sure, these kids are living large. Well, they must be proud to also have celebrity parents with all the wealth in the world.

I have compiled a list of the celebrity babies who are living large;

Princess Tiffah

She is the first born to Diamond Platnumz and the fourth born to Zari Hassan. This cute girl already has over 1 million followers on social media and she is already endorsing a major product in her hometown Tanzania. She must be making money!

Ladasha Belle

She is the daughter to gospel singer Size 8, and gospel Deejay, Dj Mo. She recently landed a deal with a local diaper company and for sure she will make some mullah. Did I’s mention she has over 100,000 plus followers?

Akothee’s Kids

She has 5 kids, even with all the controversy she might be receiving from social media, Akothee is definitely working hard for her kids. I must say her two sons are quite adorable. She however has three daughters who seem to be growing up quite fast. Well, work it girls!

Kiba Junior

Call him Kiba Junior or Prince Sameer Kiba. He is Ali Kiba’s adorable son who without a doubt has a striking resemblance to his famous dad. Will he take after his father who has amazing vocals?


Wahu’s and Nameless’ Kids

These popular Kenyan artistes have two adorable daughters Tumiso Nyakwea and Nyakio Mathenge. Tumiso seems keen take after her parents as she has been seen spitting some rhyms with the dad. Wahu’s song Sweet Love must have been dedicated to her!

Morgan Bahati

He is among Bahati’s adopted kids and without a doubt, the gospel singer loves and praises his kids on social media. Morgan hangs out alot with his dad, and will probably find himself in the music industry and the two seem to always get along well.

Kathy Kiuna’s Grandchild

This kid is adorable! She is the granddaughter to JCC’s Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna. With her pretty self it is only right to call her one of the most beautiful babies in town.

Creme De La Creme Son

He is Jamari and recently landed a huge endorsement deal with a clothing line. You can obviously tell the resemblance between him and his dad.

Pierra Makena’s Child

She is one of the most recognized Kenya Djs. Well, Pierra is a proud mum of one who has not yet revealed her daughter’s face but from the clothes the little tot wears on her adorable photos, Pierra’s daughter is one kid to watch out for.

Marya’s Child

Her new-born son was gifted designer shoes barely a week after he was born. It happened that a few hours after her birth, the Chokoza hit maker decided to go ahead and dress the baby in expensive Jordan basketball Jersey. He is a lucky boss kid!






BRAIN DRAIN: Listen To The Exact Moment Kiss FM’s Cate Sidede Understands This Lads Answer

It’s getting harder to crack as the cash prize hits 180,000 shillings. What makes the Brain Drain even more interesting is the answers from Kiss FM fans as they attempt to crack the riddle.

So what’s the riddle? It’s New And Old At The Same Time.

Some of the crazy answers;  a coffin, Donald Trump, Furniture, Condoms (yikes).

So on Wednesday afternoon Mid-morning presenter Cate Sidede had an interesting moment in studio when this lad called in with his answer to the Brain Drain challenge.

His answer? Furniture, but as Cate Sidede heard it..Puncture…

Listen in;

See also;

BRAIN DRAIN: An interesting answer sent Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso into fits of giggles

I guess successfully pulling an accent has proven to be one of the hardest things to do in Kenya, considering our mother tongue struggles.

So on Thursday morning our Breakfast With The Stars presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru were so tickled when they played the audio from yesterday. I kid you not it will tickle your ribs.

But to help you along, here is what it’s not. These guesses by listeners were rejected

      1. A house

       2. Magazine

       3. Nails

       4. Land

       5. Billboard

       6. Pregnancy

       7. Snake

       8. Skin

What do you think is the answer to this riddle?



Rapper Muthoni DQ Teams Up With Swiss Producers In A Thought Provoking Song

This song premiered on Kiss Fm this morning with Breakfast With The Stars presenters Adelle Onyango and Sahffie Weru.

Muthoni Drummer Queen has teamed up with Swiss producers Greg “GR!” Escoffey and Jean “HOOK” Geissbuhler to create a banging, socio-politically charged hip-hop anthem for Kenya titled “Kenyan Message” .

Muthoni, at once the observer and the subject, addresses the political class and citizens of Kenyans equally, questioning the state of the Kenyan society and highlighting the endless scandals plaguing the country. Most notably, Muthoni features the ongoing Doctors strike-turned-movement for better systems in Kenya that has gone unresolved since December 2016.

   KenyanMessagechorus-02      KenyanMessagechorus-03

The video, Directed and shot by David Baumaan of is a stunning representation of the message, with Muthoni’s lead role supported by members of MDQ’s Swiss performance crew- Felix Fivaz (Drummer), Tali Cabral & Daniela Dias (Dancers)

#KenyanMessage pays tribute to the classic “The Message” by DJ Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five; arguably hip-hop’s greatest innovators, and the sentiment sadly rings true, with a seemingly never-ending stream of scandals crippling the public sector and affecting the lives of millions of Kenyans.Aptly, the song ends with the haunting statement “We. Can’t. Breathe” A dire conclusion to the witty-yet-contemplative narrative of modern-day Kenya.

Kenyan Message is the 1st single from MDQ’s sophomore album out in April 2017.

Watch the video here;

Meet Mufasa The Poet Who Was The Go To Guy For Love Letters In High School

Today on breakfast with the stars, we hosted poet Mufasa.

Mufasa disclosed that he been doing poetry for five years, having started writing in high school ” I was the go to guy for love letters in high school”.

The award-winning poet described how long it took him to get courage to go on stage, because he also had ambitions to become an actor, which meant being infront of an audience.

He has performed for one of our Presidents, for Judges, among other high profile Kenyans. Below is an audio of his amazing journey to poetry, and his advice to youngins hoping to venture into poetry as a career.

And where did the name Mufasa come from? He explained to Adelle;

“The name was given to me by a pal, all the way from Qatar. it didn’t stick immediately and it took about four performances before i was like yeah”.

“My first live stage performance was in Mombasa, and before going on stage I was really feeling myself, but that was the first of all performances”.

mufasa kiss1(1)(1)

The hashtag was #MufasaOnKiss, and here are some reactions on twitter;



NEW MUSIC ALERT! Mr Seed Ft Bahati ‘Kumbe Kumbe’

Gospel singer Bahati was in studio this morning together with Mr Seed, to premier their new song ‘Kumbe Lumbe’. They were hosted on Breakfast wit the Stars hosts Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

The song is a collabo whose concept was created about five months ago. Mr Seed explained how he sat down with Bahati to modify it so that it sounds better.

Besides premiering their new song, controversial gospel artiste Bahati was put on the spot about his relationship with ‘prayer partner’ Diana Marua, and how they met.

Here is the new song;

Bahati who was a bit shy to confirm if they’re dating or are just friends, was able to open up eventually.

He disclosed that he met Diana eight months ago on Instagram.

BAHATI: Hii prayer partner manenos…. eh… ehhe I think ni mtu tuu mnaweza pray na yeye, a friend that you can share alot with.

Adelle: So Diana is your prayer partner? When did you guys first start talking?

BAHATI: About 8 months ago, I was online kitu kama midnight coz I write music so late, so on iIG I saw someone liked six of my photos so I was like huh? I was like who is this? So nikaangalia nika like mbili zake bahati mbaya


Shaffie couldn’t help but take a dig at him asking, “So are you guys in a relationship?

BAHATI: “We are prayer partners.”

Adele: “Are you dating?

Bahati: “We are praying!”

Shaffie : “Like preying on each other?

Baha; laughs it off

Bahati also revealed why he deleted singer Weezdoms songs from his music labels youtube channel.

Bahati: “Weezdom is one of my sons, like morgan, I think the Willy Paul saga  iliisha kitambo. As a father I don’t talk about my sons. Congratulations to him for every move, as long as the trending will glorify the lord, its good,

“I’ve made mistakes and in 2017 my focus is making Kenyans gospel proud.”

Hakuna kitu sijafanya!, Baha said ending the interview questions.



BRAIN DRAIN: An interesting answer sent Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso into fits of giggles

These two are so rough! On Furahiday last week, Jeff Mote and Lynda Nyangweso were sent into fits of giggles by a lass who called in with her answer to the Brain drain challenge on KissFM.

The Brain Drain on Kiss FM allows listeners to win huge amounts of money. And today, the loot is up to 144,000 shillings. Listen in tomorrow on The Morning Kiss, Mid Morning Kiss and The Drive to get a chance to be the next winner. Every hour the prize pot increases by Sh1,000.

Here is the riddle – ‘IT IS OLD AND NEW AT THE SAME TIME’.

What are we talking about? Clues: Think- Size Why

But to help you along, here is what it’s not. These guesses by listeners were rejected

      1. A house

       2. Magazine

       3. Nails

       4. Land

       5. Billboard

       6. Pregnancy

       7. Snake

       8. Skin

What do you think is the answer to this riddle?

Listen every day on Kiss FM to know the wrong answers so as not to repeat and you just might be the lucky winner.

AWKWARD! The Moment Cast of ‘La La Land’ realizes a mistake had been made and ‘Moonlight’ actually won Best Picture


There was a surprising plot twist at the ending of the Oscar 2017 ceremony when the wrong movie was announced to have won. The confusion that followed the mistake announcement resulted in hilarious reactions from Twitter.

Arrggh!! So embarassing. Watch the moment everyone realized that LaLaLand was mistakenly named Best Picture at the Oscars instead of Moonlight.

Here are some rib cracking reactions from celebs and netizens



Wedding Bells: Intimate Details About Sarah Hassan’s Wedding (Audio)

Sarah Hassan is one lucky girl as she is soon set to be someone’s wife. Last year seems to have been a pretty good year for this beautiful lass. I can think of a couple of things that would make it amazing.

Well first, she got engaged to one Martin Dale. He’s quite a cutie pie if you ask me. Girls always dream of that time when someone special will put a ring on it. Sarah’s prince charming liked it so much he put a ring on it.

Two, she moved to the US with her fiancé where they stay together as he also works there. Since she left the country, she has constantly shared photos of her new life and what it’s all about.

Sarah Hassan


Three, she joined a film school, New York Film Academy, where she was focusing on TV and film production since she is a renowned actress back home. She even graduated top of her class. Talk of beauty and brains.

This past Saturday, her close friends and family held a classy bridal shower for her which was attended by her fellow colleagues, cousins and close friends.

Ready To Say ‘I Do’: Inside Sarah Hassan’s Hen Party Before She Gets Married (Photo Gallery)

Since that’s all over now, why not jump straight to the day y’all been waiting for. Sarah is finally about to say I do to the man of her dreams.



Our close source has revealed some details about the wedding. Even though the venue was not mentioned, the wedding will be held at a posh garden in Nairobi this weekend.

If you’re thinking of gate crashing, my friend you better think again as the wedding is an invites only ceremony. It will be attended by celebs, former colleagues, close friends and family.

So that you don’t shine on her parade, no guest will be allowed to use their phones during the ceremony.

I got in touch with Sarah to get some information in regards to her wedding.

Listen to the audio below to hear what she had to say;

Woiyee! This Is Why Gospel Singer Benachi Needs Your Prayers(PHOTO)

He is well known for his Mwanake song! Benachi a Kenyan gospel artist has gone to social media to ask his fans to pray for him.

The Nitembelee hit maker is currently hospitalised in the US over an undisclosed illness. The singer hit the headlines late last year after he announced his wedding with the love of his life Joan. The two had a private wedding in the States with only close family and friends attending the glamorous nuptials.


Just after setting base in the US, rumour had it that this gospel artiste had a thing with Benefactor hit maker Akothee, claims he eventually denied and after moving to the states, he revealed the love of his life Joan. Benachi would then dedicate a song to her dubbed Zawadi Nono after the flamboyant wedding.

Benachi made his mark in the Kenyan gospel industry with his hit song Mwanake featuring the late Kaberere, which won Song Of The Year during Groove Awards 2016,  an accomplishment for the talented singer. He has also made it the top gospel charts with songs like Smile featuring Hopekid, Nitembelee, Tulia and Last word.

Mke Mwema! Gospel Singer Benachi Dedicates New Song To Hot Wife Joan (VIDEO)



Well, the singer is now in hospital and we will give you more information as soon as we get it. In the meantime we wish Benachi a speedy recovery. Here is what he has written;

“I just got admitted at the hospital. Please pray for me”

Shaffie Weru Calls Random Lady With ‘Thirsty’ Vibes But Her Guy Wasn’t Having It

Weuh! Dudes, what would you do if a boda-boda guy woke your lass up early in the morning with vibes suggesting thirstiness? Well, this morning, Monday February 13th on KISS FM Breakfast With The Stars, presenter Shaffie Weru ‘raushad’ a chic in the popular segment RAUKA.

The lass named Ruth wasn’t ready for such a suggestive phone call. What’s worse is that Ruth’s boyfriend overheard the conversation and grabbed the phone and proceeded on going ham on Shaffie.

#DabOfShame; Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru Release A Song Dedicated To Uhuru

The conversation from Shaffie centred around a morning glory and how he can help her have a good morning. Ruth’s boyfriend was savage to say the least.

Listen below as Ruths bae confronts Shaffie – it will leave you in stitches.



Pastor Who Officiated Eunice Njeri’s Wedding Finally Opens Up

Last week, the interwebs was hit by news that really shook many people. Gospel singer Eunice Njeri announced on social media that her marriage was annulled. What seemed to confuse many people is when she said no papers were signed and it’s like the wedding never happened.

Eunice Njeri Announces Separation From ‘Husband’ Just Few Months After Tying The Knot

eunice njeri

The news came as a shock barely two months after photos of their wedding started circulating on social media since their wedding took place in Texas.

Izzo’s sister, Lize Bukasa, could not bear to see her brother hurt in silence and so she decided to reveal the truth.

I love my brother so much and have been debating on whether or not to post this. papers were indeed signed. It’s been said that papers were never signed, Here is a prove to it… everything happens for a reason. As the sister am reacting towards all what’s going around. Everything happens for a reason,” she posted on her facebook page together with a video that clearly shows the two signing the marriage certificate.


Eunice had before said that no papers were signed, but there was indeed proof that papers were signed in front of the pastor, family and friends.

The story behind their marital drama keeps unveiling with new findings everyday. Well, a pastor from Neema Gospel Church, Texas where the two tied the knot has finally opened up on the whole issue and shed some light.

He has revealed that indeed Eunice and Izzo signed certificates and remain a couple. So why did Eunice say they never got married in the first place? At least two people now have confirmed that indeed there was a wedding.

‘NDOA SIO MALI’…. 100 Bob Wedding Couple Speak Candidly On TV [VIDEO]

So we all know about this ‘100 bob wedding’ couple and kweli, wanapendana…

Well, they revealed how much love they have for each other and when they actually met.

The young lady went on to speak about the love she has for her guy, and doesn’t actually care about the amount of money he has.

Check out the video below;