Kiss FM Hot 30 hits with Jeff Mote

Here’s todays Hot 30 with Jeff Mote;

  1. Rockabye  – Clean Bandit ft Anne Marie
  2. Mungu Pekee – Nyashinski
  3. Bazokizo – Collo ft Bruz Newton
  4. Don’t come back – Tarrus Riley
  5. Grass ain’t greener – Chris Brown
  6. Mercy – Shawn Mendez
  7. Alarm – Anne Marie
  8. Let me love you – DJ Snake
  9. Luv – Tory Lane
  10. So I can have you back – Joe
  11. Starboy – The Weeknd
  12. Your number- Ayo Jay ft Chris Brown and Kid
  13. Change my love – Craig David
  14. Side to Side – Arianna Grande ft Nicki Minaj
  15. Bad thing – Machine Gun Kelley ft
  16. Kokoro – Rich Mavoko ft Diamond Platnumz
  17. Problem – Naiboi
  18. Blended family – Alicia Keys
  19. Do you mind – Dj Khaled
  20. Bacon – Nick Jonas
  21. Love me now – John Legend
  22. Love on the brain – Rihanna
  23. Benefactor – Akothee
  24. Cash Madame – Vanessa Mdee
  25. Gangsta – Kehlani
  26. Intentional – Travis Greene
  27. Wewe ni mungu – Daddy Owen
  28. Feel Good – Navy Kenzo
  29. Dangerously – Charlie Puth
  30. Be as you are – Mike Posner

Situationship? When you thought you found a potential bae, but y’all stop talking the same week

If you’re a dude whose been seeing a girl, having fun then suddenly she ‘ghosts’ you…congratulations! you just played yourself.

Here’s why. You were in a situationship with her. For instance this guy who called in, explaining his situation to Kiss Fm’s Cate Sidede.


So take this dude who called in to the Mid-morning show with Cate Sidede, explaining how his girl stopped talking to him in December last year, and upto now she’s not answering calls or texts. He wanted to know what had gone wrong, and #TeamSidede was more than willing to help him figure it out.

So, between him cheating on her and her just being bored of her, what did TeamSidede think was the situation? Listen to the clip below;

Would you rather have a dude with cracked lips or nah, asks Kiss FM’s Cate Sidede

Mwanaume ni kukauka lips or nah? That was the discussion today on the Big Deal segment with Mid-Morning show host Cate Sidede.

Cate posed this question to #TeamSidede seeking to find out;


Here are some reactions from our Twitter discussion;

Listen to the audio below of a listener argue their point out;

Listen as this dude pours his heart out to Kiss Fm’s Cate Sidede pleading to be hooked up with a lass

What’s the worst thing that could happen if a dude poured out his heart to you?

Well, a Kiss FM listener Victor today Monday January 16th called in and left TeamSidede in shock after he confessed about  a problem he has.

Victor’s been single for over 1 yr and looking for love. He has a gift (from Dubai) for a woman if she is serious about finding love, but won’t reveal what the gift is.

Mid-morning Presenter Cate Sidede said a little prayer for him towards the end so he can find this love!

Listen to his confession in the audio below;

‘Cate aki niko na problem. Nimekuwa single for a year. and after meeting this chic and romancing her kidogo she told me she lives out of town, and doesn’t seem serious with love.’

‘I have  a present from Dubai, and I want you Cate Sidede to find me a chic. I’ve been single for one year and I don’t see myself being single any longer.’

‘Aki please please, bless me with the love of my life.’


Here are reactions from fans advising victor;

victor is crazy, maombi yenu ishafika…am here for him,lol
Did that guy Victor say that the present he has for the chick he is tongoza-ring ni “managu ya Dubai” Wololo
aki love is hard to find nime amini for Victor his love ako kwa train anakuja so a relax
Hio maombi imeeza ,if that guy doesn’t find a girlfriend this year ,hajaribu wale Atheist
thats a strict rule No.7 ya ‘Mafisi sacco’ pana tambua,real men walikuwa enzi za Yesu
akiringa endea mwingine ratio of males to that females is 1:10 respectively,so u can still move,yeah I mean that

Thumbs up All these ni**a’ sayng “real men don’t do that” Ukikataliwa ukalilie bafu, wake up morning after like nothng happened


Kenyan Artistes Including Nyashinski, Nameless and Big Pin Get Down At Bien’s Birthday Bash[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

What a way to start of the year! One quarter of Sauti Sol, Kenya’s most iconic boy band, Bien- Aimé Baraza, hosted guests, media and entertainers at his birthday party, held at Osoita Lodge, Rongai.

Dubbed, ‘Straight Outta Rongai’, the daytime event saw people networking as well as getting the opportunity mingle with artistes.

On stage to honour the singer were musicians including  Nyashinski, Nameless & Big Pin and Talia Oyando among others.

EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

The crowd was on their feet for much of the party, jamming to popular songs and Bien was not to be left behind, also dancing around and was clearly hyped up.

In attendance was also former Kiss Presenter, Kalekye Mumo, who had a lively dance onstage with Big Pin.

Check Out The Video Below;

LEAKED VIDEO: Visita Recorded Hurling Insults At Kenrazy, DNA And Kidis

A video showing Visita hurling insults at three Kenyan artistes has emerged online. In it, the former Grandpa Records producer and artiste is filmed lecturing the three artistes on how the industry runs. At the end of the video, he flips them off and curses at them.

Called for comment, Visita told Word Is, “I cannot deny that, that video is not there but it is clear that someone is ready to sabotage me.”


The Mapepo hitmaker added, “There was a time we were in Nakuru, it was one of those moments you are just with your boys and you just do stuff.”

So, do you regret recording it because at the moment you are working with Kenrazy?

“I don’t regret recording the video because if it was something I was meant to do I would say I regret it. But it was a moment. I will not regret it because the video was shot like how many months ago? And now we are far away [from those issues and that time] and it seems like someone is trying to drag us behind”.


He added, “A video like that, to some people they may seem like you know… but at the end of the day I was being real with myself. It was something that was meant for that moment, so I did not mean like I’m actually insulting people and stuff like that. It wasn’t like I was mad at somebody but even if the video comes out, it won’t bother me. I had no bad intentions.”

Adding he has an idea who may have leaked the video.

Visita says he is working on “solo projects. For a while now, I have been rapping but I want to go back to singing. And whoever is leaking this video is actually doing me a favour.”

Watch the video here;


Black And Proud! Mohombi Of “Bumpy Ride” Hit Song Reveals How He Met STL And His Love For Kenya (Audio)

Many people know him from his 2010 hitsong Bumpy Ride, which received a nomination at the prestigious Grammy Awards for the Best Song in 2011, not forgetting Mohombi’s alluring looks that makes lasses go wild.

Though many people don’t know this, Mohombi was born to a Swedish mother and a Congolese father, and actually spent part of his childhood in Congo before moving to Sweden when he was 13-years-old.

Mohombi, real name, Mohombi Nzasi Moupondo was recently in Kenya for the first time, where he had some to entertain and thrill his fans at the uptown B Club, then later performed at a pool party at the Best Western Hotel’s roof top.

Kiss FM morning show hosts Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru had the pleasure to sit down with the singer/songwriter before his thrilling performance, for an upclose and candid interview with the down to earth lad.

EXCLUSIVE: “Bumpy Ride” Heartthrob Mohombi Reveals Why He Would Choose STL Over Rihanna And The Age He Lost His Virginity

During the interview, Mohombi talked about his first encounter with celebrated Norwegian-based singer and Kenyan rapper Stella Mwangi aka STL, whom he has a popular collaboration with, dubbed Hula Hoop.


Mohombi also talks about his love for Kenya and Africa in general, saying that he sees himself more of an African, despite growing up mostly in Europe and also revealed how the raging war in Congo forced his parents to move to Sweden.

Well, how about we get straight to the interview and find out more about this heartthrob, Mohombi.



How to dance like Chris Brown

It’s Tuesday and the countdown is on for R&B sensation Chris Browns concert in Mombasa this Saturday.

The much highly anticipated concert will go down in Mombasa on Saturday 8th October, and if you will be attending, it’s important that as you listen to him sing on stage, that you also master his dance moves.

Anyone who’s watched his music video’s knows he can dance, thanks to wonderhowto.

Originally called the next Michael Jackson, the pop star dances and croons his way through his music video for “Deuces.”

If you’re digging the slides, glides, and turns Chris Brown executes in the music video, check out this dance tutorial to learn how to do the moves yourself.




EXCLUSIVE! Sosuun confirms if Kenrazy proposed to her

Kiss FM morning show presenter Shaffie Weru was spellbound when singer Sosuun arrived in studio, for an exclusive interview.

Aside from that, the artist premiered her new song, ‘Kufunikwa’ on KissFM.

The brand new jam has great visuals. She disclosed to Adelle and Shaffie that the song, and more so the video’s concept was aimed at children.

Sometime back, Adelle had hosted Kenrazy, where he spoke about writing a romantic love song, and wanting to get married, possibly to his bae Sosuun.

Screenshot from 2016-07-19 16:22:02

The lyrics set tongues wagging as everyone thought it was for Sosuun, because there was talk about a proposal in the song, and so Adelle didn’t waste anytime asking her if he had indeed proposed to her.

Kenrazy Confesses To Proposing To Sossun On Celeb Quickfire

Sosuun was blushing trying to explain that. Listen below.

This interview with Kenrazy took place in studio about two months ago, and we Kenyans are yet to get more information about it.

Besides her singing career, Sosuun is also a mother to a beautiful five-year-old girl. The couple spoil her rotten, and it turns out that Sosuun is a disciplinarian, while Kenrazy isn’t.

Check out 12 adorable photos of Kenrazy and Sosuun’s daughter

Listen below as Sosuun is at pains to talk about the alleged proposal, their daughter, and their parenting skills.



Forgive Him Yeezus! Watch this dude’s brutal fall after he tries to climb Kanye West’s floating stage

Kanye West had to use his “Power” to dissuade a fan from climbing on his “Saint Pablo Tour” stage on Monday (Sept. 12).

While Yeezy performed the “Power”-ful track off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy at Atlanta’s Philips Arena, a fan tried to climb on Yeezus’ suspended platform, as told on bossip.


The man almost reached the top of the stage, but ‘Ye quickly waved his hands in disapproval and a security guard intervened, causing the concert-goer to let go and fall off.



“The Saint Pablo Tour” has been an eye-popping extravaganza in large part due to its suspended platform, which has been called Kanye’s “floating” stage.

“At least eight months of planning for this,” ‘Ye told E! News. “Traveling around the world and meeting with the best stage designers on the globe and having the best stage designers.”

The lucrative “Saint Pablo” trek will make its way to Tampa’s Amalie Arena on Wednesday. From there, the run will go across North America before coming to an end Oct. 29 in Las Vegas.


Drake admits he has been in love with Rihanna for a while (Video)

Drake just told the world how he feels about bae.

The singer was presenting the Michael Jackson Vangaurd award to Rihanna during the MTV VMAs 2016 ceremony, but before handing over the prestigous award, he confessed something.

“She is someone I have been in love with since I was 22 years old. She is one of my best friends in the world…”

You can watch as he lovingly looks at rihanna in the clip below thanks to Twitter.

His sweet remarks set social media on fire.

After handing over the award, Drake tried to lean in and kiss Rihanna, but she wasn’t having it.

Check out another clip below, one again thanks to Twitter.





Here’s another one;



EXCLUSIVE! Pendo and Noti Flow open up about their fight and if they’re remorseful about it

Socialites Pendo and Noti Flow were in studio today, Thursday August 25th, to talk about that nasty fight on the TV Series Nairobi diaries.

The video of the fight has been widely circulated on social media. Did you see it? Apparently, after the fight, Noti flow reported Pendo to the cops.

The two got into a brawl because of a petty issue at a night club, as Risper Faith tries to intervene and stop them from getting into a physical fight as they insulted each other to the point of throwing glasses around

Morning Presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru asked the two beautiful ladies about what went down that day.

So it turns out that it’s a guy who leaked the video. Listen in to the interview find out who the dude is below.

Pendo opened up, saying it wasn’t her first time getting into a fight or being arrested. Apparently her father also sent her to jail.


FYI..Pendo insists she doesn’t have anger issues, but if you come into her personal space, she will react negatively.

Noti flow couldn’t help but shake her head at this piece of information, probably recalling the nasty fight.


Listen to the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BELOW as the two were asked about girl fights, how they handle trolls, their lack of patience among other issues.





Bahati’s Not So Lucky On ‘The Search’

Award-winning Gospel singer Pitson, who won the Groove award 2016 for Song writer of the year, truly is an inspiration.

When Pitson released his jam ‘Niache Niimbe’, he had no idea he had inspired his fellow gospel musician Bahati and it has proved a hit amongst Kenyans.

Kiss FM’s The Drive Presenters, Jeff and Chipukeezy, picked up a call thinking it was a serious contestant for ‘the search’. But as luck would have it, they cracked the voice as from one Bahati!

The talented and multi-award singer took a shot, but Jeff and Chipukeezy laughed off the demo calling Bahati’s bluff. He sang a song by Pitson which has been produced by Johari Cleff, the studio behind ‘The Search’.

johari the search
‘The Search’

But If you can you sing, don’t be overtaken by celebrities. Here’s your chance at being in a world class music video. The Search is looking! Kiss TV, Kiss Fm and Johari Cleff Studios are giving you that chance to become a star, get a recording contract, plus a jackpot prize of 1 million shillings! Just call up The Search on 0711 046 777 and become a star! Courtesy of Kiss TV, Kiss Fm and Johari Cleff Studios.

Listen to the audio below of singer Bahati take a shot at the ‘The Search’.


Wait…What?!!! Did Ray J Slide Into Malia Obama’s DM?

Ray J just tied the knot with his bae Princess Love, but before the ceremony went down, the star was confronting some major accusations.

It seems somebody put these crazy rumors out there, prompting Ray J to deny he ever sexted the Presidents daughter.

The beautiful couple – whose up-and-down relationship has been chronicled on VH1’sLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood – exchanged vows Friday night in front of 150 of their closest family member and friends at the Vibiana in Los Angeles.

“I just want her to have the time of her life and remember it as the best day in the world,” Ray J told the magazine prior to the big event.

“Even when I wasn’t with her, I told my friends ‘She the one, she the one.’ It was just something about how I felt when she was around me.”


The guy is just so open and honest. Said

The two love-birds have had a roller coaster romance, with Princess love being arrested one time for assaulting Ray J.

They was also another ugly fight, leading to a split.

But, hey: you can’t fight true love.

Well, according to hot97  Barack & Michelle Obama’s oldest daughter is getting ready for her year off before heading to Harvard, and she is going through some typical teenage growing pains… only in the public eye.

First a big deal was made over her twerking at Lollapalooza. Then earlier today, it a clip shows what seems to be Malia taking a puff off of a joint. Now there’s crazy reports that Ray J had actually slid in Malia’s DM’s.


The rumors we gaining so much traction in fact that he addressed them in a video on Instagram.  TMZ also shared a youtube video below;

Exclusive: Collins ‘Collo’ Majale Finally Opens Up About Getting Saved (Audio)

Collins Majale popularly known as Collo is among the most celebrated Kenyan rapper. He was once a member of the boy group Kleptomaniax, and my oh my did they make history with their banging hits.

They later on went separate ways to pursue solo careers. Collo did well as a solo artiste and even released hit songs like Kuwa Mpole ft Frasha, Hodi Hodi ft Amileena, Tawala ft Sauti sol among others.

He has always preferred living a private life and not many know about his inside life.

Of late, people have been talking about him getting saved, others even questioning his ways. But he has finally spoken about it. Speaking on phone with Kiss FM’s Cate Sidede, Collo finally addressed the issue.

“Every man should learn how to enjoy life and the only way one can learn how to live this life that we have, each one of us including you is through God, ” Collo said.

He also revealed he decided to take this path probably two years now.

Listen to the rest of the interview as he reveals the whole truth about his transition.

Kim Kardashian Posts Phone Call of Taylor Swift Approving Kanye West’s “Famous” Lyrics

Taylor Swift has responded to the video of her phone call with Kanye West. “Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me ‘that bitch’ in his song,” she wrote. “It doesn’t exist because it never happened.”

“I wanted us to have a friendly relationship,” she added. “He promised to play the song for me, but he never did.” You can read her full statement below.

The ongoing drama between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, which stems from Taylor denying that she approved Kanye West’s “Famous” lyrics about her, came full circle on Sunday night when Kim posted audio of the call on Snapchat. If you remember, Kim opened up about Taylor in her GQ cover back in June, and went on the record to say that Swift did indeed lie about not approving the lyrics, but gave no indication that the audio would ever come out.

Well, Kim went into full savage mode on Sunday night and decided to share the video on her Snapchat, which was quickly ripped and posted on Twitter. Interestingly enough, Kim tweeted about it being “National Snake Day” earlier on Sunday, which gave fans the impression that something big could be coming.

In the video, Kanye and Taylor can be heard talking, with Taylor saying, “I really appreciate it.” During another part of the conversation Taylor told Kanye that she never thought he would think to ask her to approve a line on his song, but that she appreciated the gesture. Taylor also called the line a compliment, but TMZ notes that sources told them Kanye never made it known that he called her “bitch” on the song.


“You gotta tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way you experienced it,” Taylor said during the call. “Like you obviously didn’t know who I was before that.” As of right now, it’s unclear how Taylor will respond to the audio of the call being leaked, especially after her reps strongly denied that she gave approval back in February when the song first dropped. “I’m really glad you had the respect to call me that and tell me that as a friend about the song,” she added. In case you forgot, Taylor also took some subliminal shots at Kanye during her Grammys speech earlier this year when talking about people taking credit for her success.

2Baba Shoots Video In Kenya, Shares Amazing News

Nigerian artist 2baba landed in Kenya recently accompanied by his wife Annie, among others. Top on the list of the star was a concert at Carnivore where he delivered an electrifying performance with Tanzania’s Vanessa Mdee, Local boy band Sauti Sol. Reports also say he shot a music video alongside Sauti Sol for the single ‘Oya Make We go’.
Well, 2016 seems to be the year of honour for Nigerian pop singer 2Baba as he bags yet another feather to his cap.
A street has just been named after 2Baba in Lekki area of Lagos.
Screenshot from 2016-06-19 11:32:28
2Baba’s street is called Innocent Idibia Street in case you need to go visit him. The ever humble singer, shared the good news on his Instagram page on Friday, June 17, 2016.

He captioned it: “Yes ooo! Innocent idibia str. One love and a big thanx 2 Haven Homes for the honour. Now u know where 2 find me”

Yes ooo! Innocent idibia str. One love and a big thanx 2 Haven Homes for the honour. Now u know where 2 find me

A video posted by Innocent Idibia (@official2baba) on

2Baba is one of Nigeria’s most decorated singers in his generation. On May 10, 2Baba was awarded a honorary Masters degree by the Igbinedion University in Okada, Edo state. This is somebody that dropped out of school to pursue his musical career and has been mocked for not being a graduate.

Huddah Monroe Spotted In Lagos, Nigeria Selling Tomatoes

Huddah is one lady who can do right about anything. She can model, twerk, land deals left right and center and still beat you at your own game. I’m not saying you ain’t hardworking. All I’m saying is she makes life seem so easy.

She basically shares her lifestyle with her fans from all her social media as she posts everything she does and where she goes. But that’s Huddah for you, in case you were wondering.

The socialite seems to have changed her lifestyle. She was spotted in Nigeria selling tomatoes. Yes, you heard me right, at a market place in Lagos, Nigeria. Just kidding.

Screenshot from 2016-06-14 18:33:57

Huddah was in Lagos doing what looked like a photo shoot, but it might be a movie or I might be wrong on both cases. In one of the scenes, she’s spotted sitting beside arranged tomatoes in a Nigerian attire and she looked like she’s selling the tomatoes.

Anyway check out the clip below:


Kylie Jenner’s Rumored New Man Is Already Singing Songs About Her

Kylie Jenner and rapper PartyNextDoor seem to be getting pretty close these days.

Jenner and the Canadian rapper (whose real name is Jahron Anthony Brathwaite) shared a couple Snapchat videos over the weekend, leading many people to say their relationship is definitely official. In one short clip, PND is seen playing a piano as he serenades Jenner.

“Kylie, oh Kylie,” he sings.

In the other, after Jenner appears annoyed that he deleted her from his social media accounts, he tells her he is protecting her. As People reports, Jenner’s “delete me” comment could be referring to a video PND deleted last week after he and Jenner were seen bowling together. Jenner was photographed putting her arm around the rapper, fueling the relationship rumors even more.

Kylie in PARTYNEXTDOOR's snapchat (partyomo)

A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on

Speculation that the 18-year-old reality star and Drake’s protégé were dating began swirling earlier this month after they were spotted together at Russell Simmons’ All Def Comedy Live. Right before that sighting, Jenner and PND, 22, showed off their impressively blinged-out watches.


Hebu Chekeni Kidogo: A South African Woman Claims She’s Beyonce’s Biological Mother (Video)

UK-based South African comedian Thenjiwe Moseley has literally broken the internet with her ‘claims’ that she’s Beyonce’s biological mother. The short video has gone viral, and there are people who actually believe it’s true.

In a set-up that looks like a serious TV interview, the comedian spent five minutes telling a story of how she gave Beyonce to an American couple during the apartheid war in South Africa.

Thenjiwe Moseley also claims that Beyoncé’s real name is Busisiweis, and she urges her to go back home since the ancestors are not happy, and it might affect her marriage with Jay-Z.
Watch the hilarious anecdote below: