‘Why Is He In A Dress?’ Fans React After Big Ted Goes To An Interview In A “Dress”

The fashion world is changing at a fast pace and we are witnessing different designs, with some really worth the mulla but some leave lotsa questions in our mind.

Big Ted is now the talk of town and it all has to do with an outfit he was wearing during an interview. One thing is for sure, he looks amazing after losing weight and by the look of things his hardwork is paying off pretty well.


The popular MC attended an interview in what looked like a “dress”. The outfit might have a name but we’ll just go with a dress.

Well, during an interview with Let’s Talk, Big Ted stated that he loves to dress and look good because what one is wearing determines how you’ll carry them or converse with them. He also revealed that his love for fashion started way back when he was a youngster and Gikomba was his go to place for all the clothes he wanted.

big ted

But the question many people are posing is why did he wear a dress, considering he’s a man of the suits.

Well, only he would know why he wore the piece and we might also be wrong for calling the piece a dress.

Read some of the comments below;

kevin_kyp: Is you gay #bigted

justanothernigha: The elephant in the room… I hope it was adDressed.. no pun intended

suzie_queendom: Is that dude wearing a dress,ama I needs to get me a new phone.

ursula_dianne: Why is he in a dress

ursula_dianne: Hata Kama ni fashion Apana

shikongaruiya: At first I thought its Binyavanga

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DJ Khaled’s One-Year-Old Son Asahd Accompanies His Father To Bar Opening In Florida

He’s one of the foremost partiers in the world.

And it seems as though DJ Khaled is already starting to pass on his wisdom to his son Asahd.

The 42-year-old recording artist brought along his only progeny to The Hideaway bar opening on Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Duree & Co.

The mega producer kept things sartorially simple for the outing, keeping warm in a simple black hoodie.

Son Asahd seemed to take his father’s lead and also wore a black jacket for the event.

Fiancee Nicole also kept things casual, donning a black top paired with a shimmery scarf for the festivities.

While the venue was indeed a bar, the event was reportedly family friendly, as the establishment is owned by Khaled’s fiancee Nicole Tuck’s brother.

Duree & Co.

As the adults enjoyed craft cocktails, Asahd was treated to a bottle of something he could enjoy.

The father son duo looked to be having a fine time, and couldn’t help but smile for the cameras.

Of course DJ Khaled’s last recreational public appearance was his star-studded birthday bash several weeks ago.

Duree & Co.

Christina Aguilera was joined by a long list of A-listers including; Pharrell Williams, Machine Gun Kelly, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland, Jermaine Dupri and Christina Aguilera, as well as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and his girlfriend Cassie.

Birthday boy DJ Khaled stepped out in eye-catching style, wearing a pink, black and white bomber jacket, which perfectly matched his Nikes.

And the Louisiana-born dad – whose birthday was actually November 26 – included one-year-old son Asahd in the festivities as he and his fiancee Nicole Tuck carried the tot into the exclusive bash.

Nelly Plans To Take Legal Actions Against Accuser After Rape Charges Were Dropped

Prosecutors dropped rape charges against the rapper Nelly on Thursday, after his accuser refused to cooperate with investigators.

The 43-year-old rapper plans to take legal action against his 21-year-old accuser to clear his name and save his reputation, his lawyer tells People.

The women said Nelly raped her on his tour bus in October in King County, Washington – shortly after the woman said she wanted to stop the investigation.

Nelly 1

Nelly’s reps told the publication on Friday: ‘The formal close of the investigation into the false allegations made against Nelly is of course welcome — however expected.

‘We were confident that what our investigation revealed from the outset of this allegation would ultimately be clear and Nelly would be vindicated.’

The statement continued: ‘A thorough investigation did show Nelly was a victim of deceitful allegation devoid of credibility. Credible evidence did show this accuser to be deceptive.

Nelly 3

‘We have been in constant communication with the King County authorities and welcomed and appreciated the diligence in which the authorities proceeded leaving no stone unturned.’

In October the Auburn police arrested Nelly – real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. – in his tour bus at a Walmart.

He was booked into jail on suspicion of second-degree rape and released.

The Texas-born rapper’s lawyers wanted to make it clear that the Dilemma singer takes rape allegations seriously and believes women should come forward if violated.

‘Nelly recognizes the need for women who are victims of sexual assault of any kind to be heard and our existing systems changed.’

Nelly 2

‘Nelly supports various women’s advocacy groups that deal with sexual assault and violence against women and is dedicated to raising awareness and furthering the conversation to bring about necessary changes.

‘However, this type of reckless false allegation cannot be tolerated as it is an affront to the real survivors of sexual assault,’ the statement continued.

‘Nelly has suffered very real damage to his reputation. He has incurred economic loss and painfully has watched his family suffer.’

His lawyer ended: ‘As a result Nelly is planning to proceed with litigation as the first step in restoring his reputation.’

Making Moves: Gospel Singer Weezdom Signed To DJ Sadic’s Record Label

Gospel singer Weezdom is making major moves in the industry. He has just been signed to DJ Sadic’s record label, Genius Records.

He took to social media to express his joy and his journey in the music industry.


He wrote, “Morning Family, I’ve missed you guys so much. Thank you for your unwavering support in my musical journey. They’ve been ups and downs but God has seen me through it all. A lot of people have supported me since I started and for that I’m very grateful. I’m just two years old in the ministry but by the grace of God I’ve made milestones including winning the prestigious GROOVE AWARD as the NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2017. One of my biggest dreams has always been to work with a professional record label so as to take my gift to the next level. My dream has finally come to pass and I’m proud to announce that I’m the first official signee of @geniusrecordske I’m ready to work with this amazing and dedicated team to make the dream work. Big thank you to the C.E.O and my manager @djsadic for believing in me. #TeamWeezdom please hold my hand as I embark on this new journey and by the help of God and your support the sky is not the limit. God bless you all.”

Weezdom was initially signed to Bahati’s record label, EMB Records, but left for greener pastures.

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Usiseme Hukuambiwa: Beware Of Bottle Hoes

Week two of DrinkThemba en the party don’t stop with nine days to Christ’s Birthday… The celebrations started two weeks ago, en still going strong…

This year’s Jamuhuri Day will be the most-talked-about in history, after the President decided to be very generous with his Commendations to civilians… President Uhuru beat the record of the most commendations handed out by Kenyan presidents… I doubt even his father Jomo gave out so many commendations after Kenya got its Independence…

The commendations came in fast and furious. #TheRaverend believes everyone knows somebody who got the presidential commendation!!! The commendations were like free comps at a big concert…#TheRaverend is still waiting for his commendation that I suspect was edited out from the list by some haters from State House!!!

So as Kenyans try to get to terms with the President’s generosity of dishing commendations like Father Christmas…We turn our attention to the rising number of road accidents happening all over the country… NTSA normally would not get airtime on #TheRaverend’s column, but Yo! This shit is getting out of control #SkrrrrrrrPoooomPooom 2 plus 2 is 4 minus one is three accidents too many…

Somebody needs to do their job because Kenyans can’t be trusted on the major highways, especially in this festive season…Talking of fhe festive season, all the summer/winter bunnies are back from the various diaspora codes… En when this Kenyans land from foreign land, they come with some serious hunger en thirst to party and drink…

It’s like when in the Diaspora, all they do is work en never get time to go out en turn up or socialise… What they forget is that the locals, aka us guys, have work and bills to pay, so we have a hustle and routine to follow; it can’t be disrupted because some Tom or Tammy whom you last saw when Kibaki was president is back in the city…

Yeah, I know December is one big weekend, but work comes first, so sometimes when we ignore your calls to go out, just understand and don’t take it as an insult or assume we are broke!!! You want to party all week long, find your other Diasporians or that friend who is jobless and is always ready for a plan…

ION, I need to educate my Diasporians en some backward Kenyans of something called “bottle hoes”. They are worse than slay queens as a matter of fact!!! The difference between a slay queen and bottle hoe is very clear… A bottle hoe is ok, a mission, she is employed by the club/pubs/lounges…

Their job is to sell as much alkohor as possible in a night… So when you rock into a club and find a hot chick or chicks coming to your table partying with you, trust me they have targets.

Meaning, they will stay and entertain your sorry arse as long as you keep popping the booties! The moment your cash runs low and the bottles stop coming, you will not see them again… They become invisible like the Ninja and disappear to the next mark…

As for the slay queens, these are the social media chicks. They never have an agenda and all they care about is taking pictures and going to places, en if you’re lucky, you can chipo her very quick…

They don’t work for the clubs and never have a plan. They just look good and look for someone to show them a good time. So pick your girls wisely this festive season as you go out en enjoy the sights and sounds of Kenya!!!

Update: Where the parties at? All major clubs in the city have some sort of dope party happening, so finding a place to party is not rocket science. The major events like the Diani Beach Festival in Ukunda is entering its second week after an amazing premiere weekend with Sauti Sol en the world’s sexiest DJ from Hong Kong among the headline acts having already performed…

#TheRaverend will be in Eldoret for the weekend, so if you’re in Eldoret, you can catch me at your top clubs if you can…

So as we keep up with the appearance this festive season, let’s not drink and drive, unless what you’re drinking as you drive is only water for dehydration, because they say water is life. Be safe as you make your moves on the Kenyan highways!!!

Raverend Reloaded

Utajua Hujui: Popular Kenyan Artiste Caught Pants Down By Lady’s Sponsor

This past weekend was a rollercoaster for a top Kenyan artiste who was caught pants done in the residence of a slay queen who’s lifestyle is sponsored by a rich tycoon, according to The Raverend Juice.

The rapper who has topped charts and is known for his musical prowess after a successful comeback has been having a torrid affair with the air hostess who lives in Nyayo Estate.

Sources claim that the sponsor of the stewardess got wind of the young man munching his malaika. The old gentleman has funded her expensive lifestyle and had even paid for her latest BMW.

The air hostess was treated like a queen, anything she wanted she got. After all she is quite the looker. She is stunning and has class. The sponsor really liked her,” the source whispered.

Once the trap had been set, the singer/rapper walked into it and took off is trousers. The sponsor caught them red handed and went ahead to beat the rapper like a drum.

The drama caused a lot of commotion that the neighbours got out to be treated to the fracas. The star was beaten black and blue.

The star could not be reached for comment but his management gave a cursory and curt response saying, “Stories za Nairobi even if you comment, no one is interested in the truth. Did it happen? Is it true? Doesn’t matter to guys.”

The rich man who is normally spotted riving in and out of the apartment complex in expensive machinery took away the BMW, credit cards and any financial perks she enjoyed.

The poor lass is stressed, she has tried reaching out to the sponsor asking for forgiveness but the sugar daddy is rilling from the betrayal and is left with a sour taste in his mouth.

The question on everyone’s mind is, will the rapper take on the financial deficit left gaping by the sponsor?

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‘Why I Stayed In Kenya’ Kibaki’s Grandson Reveals Why He’s Not Abroad Like Other Politicians’ Kids

Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew is well known to city women as one of the hottest and sexiest lads in town. Yes, man’s hot.

But one question that has stayed unanswered for a while now is why he’s not abroad like any other politician’s son. Yes, those that ran to other countries opting for greener pastures.

Well, Andrew seems to be shutting them down…Real hard! He has come out to reveal the reason why he sticks to his beautiful country.

“Why I stayed in Kenya, there’s so much to see, taste and enjoy in our country.
Sure you can travel aboard and find new things, but nothing tastes as good as anything Kenyan made.
What’s your favourite place to be in Kenya?”

The rich kid came into the limelight after Mpasho introduced him as one of the most handsome politician’s offspring. This was after he made a touching tribute to the late Mama Lucy Kibaki, who was lovingly his grandmother.

Since then, city women have been flooding his social media with love.

sean andrew

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God’s Blessings: Gospel Singer Denno Welcomes Bouncing Baby Girl(Photos)

Gospel singer Denno who is well known for his hit collabo with Daddy Owen called Mbona, has now welcomed a baby girl called Alyssa.

Denno and the love of his life Naliaka, have welcomed the new bundle of joy a year after the two walked down the aisle.The wedding was a private event attended by close friends and family.

He wrote on the day of the wedding:

“Psalm 94:19 ‘When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.’ – The Lord will not forget His people and that includes you.
– Sometimes our anxious thoughts can multiply within us.
– But when this happens we can take God’s word and find consolation.
– Find your comfort and consolation in Him and let His words soothe your soul.
Thanks all who supported me n @faithnalias s in one or another.Aug 15, 2016″

Denno Wedding

Denno Wedding

Denno Wedding

Denno Wedding

He now has something new to be happy about, as he came out to express his joy after getting his firstborn child, a girl. He wrote:


Denno Baby

Check out fans’ reactions;
_christineochieng: Congratulations Me. And Mrs. Denno 🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

doreenwavu: aCongratulations!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
kimlittoz: wooow…..that Good news congrats

rugabraykokubrill: @dennomusic hongera sana my best…

dennisyoungtimothy7: Woooo congratulations @dennomusic n Familia for God’s hand extension ….more blessings

its_essie_glamour: Congratulations to you and your family @dennomusic

musimwa_francine: Congratulations dear bro @dennomusic


daisymike80: Congratulations Denno n Faith

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‘My Late Father Wanted Me To Be A Priest’ Timmy Tdat Spills The Beans

Timmy Tdat is one artiste that has risen at a very fast pace in the music industry and has made sure y’all talk about his music.

His unique style of making music has been appreciated all over and he has been so loyal to his followers, giving them just what they want or would love to here.


Just like every human being, Timmy had a life before he decided to join the music bandwagon.

In an interview with Nation, Tdat revealed that he was raised in a staunch Catholic family and his late father’s wish was for him to become a Priest.

I was raised in a staunch Catholic family. From day one my late father wanted me to be a priest. As a young boy, he would make sure I attended all the three masses at our church and take notes on how they were conducted,” Timmy revealed.

But everyone has their own dream and a path they want to follow and being a Priest was not Timmy’s calling or passion. He even served as an altar boy back in the day. But one thing he’s sure about is that even if his father was alive today, he would be so proud of him.


I served as an altar boy for as long as I can remember but my passion wasn’t in it. Still, I believe that if my dad was here with me today, he would still be proud of the man I have become,” he said.

Timmy is currently ruling the airwaves with his latest jam ‘We’ll Be Ok‘ featuring songstress Dela Maranga.

Watch the video below;

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Bien Baraza’s Girlfriend Chiki Kuruka Lands An Ambassadorial Deal

Chiki Kuruka, one of Kenya’s most talented dancers, is making shmoney moves in these streets. Many knew about her when she was featured in Citizen TV’s Slim Possible as their choreographer and since then, she hasn’t turned back.

She is one beautiful woman and many say that Bien is lucky to have, which is actually true.


One thing about this fine lady is that she’s a hard worker and works hard to get her own mulla and drive her projects in the right path.

Early this year, she opened her fist dance studio, inviting celebrities and anyone who would love to dance to join her and have a good time.

Well, that’s not the only project Chiki is working on. She has revealed that she has just landed herself an ambassadorial deal with a hair product company.


Chiki has amazing hair and not just coz she’s mixed race but you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Landing this deal is a big deal and we are wishing her all the best as she starts this journey.

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JB Masanduku claims that Tina Kaggia tried to commit suicide in front of him at a restaurant!

JB Masanduku is one individual who can make you laugh at a whim. But he also has his moments of folly where his inner demons get the better of him.

As you are all aware, the man had a short, but well documented and very troubled marriage to former radio presenter Tina Kaggia. If marriages could be compared worldwide, theirs would be the Kenyan version of Whitney Houston’s and Bobby Brown’s marriage.

JB and Tina Kaggia
JB and Tina Kaggia. in happier times: Nairobiwire

From allegations of abuse from both sides to alcoholism and stints in rehab this marriage is a cautionary tale, for those who would want to say those famous, “I dos”. In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, JB Masanduku came clean about some aspects of his marriage with Tina. In the interview, he revealed some very shocking and scandalous insights into their marriage and what really went down.

JB and Tina Kaggia
JB and Tina Kaggia. in happier times: SDE

Tina Kaggia had earlier this year spoken in an interview to PULSE, in which she said that she had been depressed and suicidal. And so she disappeared for four months. She said, “I disappeared for four months because I needed medical attention for depression; I was suicidal at this point. I had to go through physical de-cluttering since almost everything I had brought back memories of our time together.

In the interview, she mentions the fact that she was suicidal but does not mention that she had actually tried to commit suicide, which JB claims she did.

Tina Kaggia
Tina Kaggia. photo credit: mchoraji

He explains in the interview that Tina had been going through a rough patch and thus had been drinking heavily.

One day when he was performing at the KNT, he got a missed call from her. When he called her later on, he was told that she had been taken to rehab again. She spent three months in rehab according to JB.

“One day I am at a show at KNT with my sister. After the show, I get a missed call from her. After the show, I call back to hear that she was taken to rehab again, for 3 months…………. Literally, I managed to go and see her. After she came out, she went to the folks, and then she asked to meet me. Then when we met that is when she took the pills, to attempt suicide.”

When JB revealed this explosive detail, we had to confirm if we had indeed heard correctly. He repeated the information and in more detail.

JB Masanduku
JB Masanduku. photo credit: niaje

He continued, “Yeah, It was like a setup. The advantage I had is it was at the Ethiopian restaurant SIP n LIP, So I rushed her to the hospital…….. At least I have the backup, the guys at SIP n lip tried to… I called out for help, cause she was really fighting to take as many pills as possible. So to make sure she won’t survive.”

He added that he was still in contact with the restaurant and could provide proof of the incident. He declared, “If you want footage from the restaurant, I am still in contact with them, they can give you footage, if you need validation, I can get you that. I just went there jozily, she came jozily, then she started crying. she said that her life is going down the drain. her folks have told her to wacha me. She is jobless, so the kids are asking where I am and everything. Then, she just took the pills she was given at the rehab. All the pills I took to the hospital though, there was depression medicine, stuff like that. She popped like a couple of them, while I was trying to fight her over the pills.”

When we called for a response from Tina Kaggia she said that she would not be speaking to us saying:

“Can I just make your life easier already. Whatever it is, I am sure I can almost bet. I know which direction this conversation is going to head, and I don’t have the time or the energy.”

There it is people.

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Meet The Only Kenyan To Receive The Prestigious 2018 Queen’s Young Leader Award

Douglas Mwangi is one man Kenyans are really proud of. At such a young age, he is about to shock the world with his moves.

Douglas will be the first Kenyan to receive the prestigious Queen’s Young Leader Award come June 2018. In an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Douglas explained how he came about winning this golden opportunity.

douglas on kiss

It has been a back and forth process chatting with the Queen’s leader team and I didn’t expect to win it, so I got a call that was like a 15 minutes call. I actually thought it was a regret call at the end, but they dropped the mic and said Douglas you have won the Queen’s Youth Leader Award. I was so excited, shouted everywhere. I’ve never been that emotional in my life, I just felt honoured.”

But before this opportunity came along, Douglas has had his very own fair share of struggles. Coming from Mathare, he had a tough journey growing up to a point it took him years to complete school.

Growing up in the slums is not easy, very limited resources and I can remember vividly, I was in class 7, I spent almost a term home just because I didn’t have a Math text book. The school was collecting books. After clearing Primary School, there was nothing much to do and my mother couldn’t afford to take me to High School. It happened that I started hanging out with this gang around and life wasn’t easy and I almost lost my life and that’s when I realized that I needed to change my life and then learned how to shave hair at 14 years and I secured employment in one of the barber shops in Mathare. Then I realized that this was not the life I want to live. I used to make a thousand bob a month so I started saving and I went back to school in 2004. It was on and off, so I finished in 2010. I spent like six years in High School. I even did construction work.”

They say there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Douglas worked tirelessly to make sure that the people of Mathare are educated and can learn a few skills here and there. So he decided to start and organization, Oasis Community Center, which is a digital community hub for youth and children in Mathare.

douglas on Kiss

So what is the Oasis Center about?

It’s a youth organization and we seek to empower marginalized community from Mathare with ICT skills, entrepreneurship skills, we also have a community library and we have a kid’s corner where kids can play with toys but the main aim for the kids corner is to encourage them to use technology at an early age and then they can also read. That’s basically what we do at Oasis Mathare.”

When asked how he managed to start it, he explained, “I started while I was working with DOT. Joining Dot gave me a very nice platform to work with the youths in Mathare so I was deployed to Mathare slums to train them some entrepreneurship and ICT skills and I have always wanted to do something for the community but I didnt know how and I didn’t have the resources. So I knew once I got the resources I’ll do it coz I had the plan but I didn’t know how to start. So I met this group while I was teaching them. There’s this guy called Jimmy who started a business with nothing, so I realized that you don’t need to have cash to start something. Late 2013, with my laptop and friends, we thought we should start something and in 2014 we had our first space along Juja Road, then moved from the place because the private developer came in and took that place. And that’s how it started.”

Listen to his full story below;

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8 Times Hamisa Mobetto Has Slayed In High End Gowns (Photos)

Hamisa Mobetto is among the most stylish ladies in Tanzania and she has always been confident with her figure and the outfits she chooses for her curves.

The better part of this year, she has been making headlines left, right and centre. It was revealed that Diamond cheated on Zari with Hamisa and the two even have a baby together, something that the public already knew but just needed clarification.


That incident has not stopped her from doing her thing, even she occasionally throws shade at Diamond.

Check out how cute Hamisa Mobetto’s daughter is in these stunning 14 photos

One thing that we have to give her credit for is how beautiful her gowns are. She has the eye for the finer details in a gown and how they fit. Gowns are not the only thing that she slays in. Short dresses do her justice and let’s not talk about how fair her skin is.

Check out some of her best gowns and dresses;










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Kevin Hart Admits Affair Was ‘Irresponsible’ As He Addresses His Fury Over First Wife Calling Eniko A ‘Homewrecker’

Kevin Hart was shamed when he was caught in August in a sex tape with Montia Sabbag in Las Vegas.

When the news hit, the 38-year-old comedian was called a jerk for stepping out on his wife pregnant Eniko Parrish, 33. And on Thursday he told Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club that he was ‘guilty’ of the ‘dumb’ move that was ‘irresponsible.’

Kevin Hart/ Instagram

The Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle actor also said that he was furious over his first wife Torrei calling his second wife Eniko a ‘homewrecker.’

Kevin Hart Reflects On ‘Bumps On The Road’ In Wake Of Sextortion Scandal

This show aired the same day both Kevin and Eniko showed unity when they posted the exact same image of their newborn Kenzo on Instagram.

The child lay on a mini metal bed over a lush grey rug.

Kevin Hart2
Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko Parrish/ Instagram

Kevin said the child was ‘stunting’ and Eniko thanked the photographer Jessie Marrero.

During his 105.1 interview, Kevin seemed fired up.

‘The one thing that really, like, really bothered me where I had to calm down,’ he began before trailing off.

Getty Images

‘With the media and all that I am good with that, thickest skin ever, I, like, take my lashings and I will step back and I will resurface,’ he said about being called a bad guy for cheating on Eniko.

He then got back to his point.

‘But when people try to put that sh** on [Eniko] like calling her a home wrecker, that got under my skin and I had to breathe. That title was put on her by my ex out of anger or what.’

Daily Mail

Jennifer Hudson Claims Ex David Otunga Is Leaking False Claims In Bitter Custody Battle

Jennifer Hudson has accused her ex David Otunga of trying to make her look bad as their ongoing custody battle gets increasingly bitter.

The Spotlight singer, 36, has filed an emergency motion to stop her former fiance from speaking to the press or posting on social media about their custody dispute over son David Jr., eight.

Jennifer Hidson

The actress has claimed the ex wrestler has been leaking false information to make himself look better and is ruining her career in the process, according to documents obtained by The Blast.

David has also filed documents, accusing Jennifer of ‘throwing repeated public jabs’ which would violate their custody gag order as reported by TMZ.

The TV personality has claimed her former partner or his team have been telling media outlets he won primary custody of their son, but she insists that is false.

David Otunga and Son

And though she dropped an order of protection against the wrestler last month, she insisted that was because he agreed to vacate their family home, not because he won custody of the youngster.

She also stated David had signed a confidentiality agreement in August, but he is now denying the authenticity of the signature on the agreement.

Jennifer claimed David is deliberately trying to place her in a false light by creating negative news, and she thinks that is harmful to both their child and her career.

david otunga

But the The Voice coach insisted that without her income, they would all be in financial ruin, and she described her ex-partner’s career goals as “voluntary underemployment”.

As well as wanting the court to ban David and his team from speaking out, she also wants him to be found in contempt and for the court to order him to issue a press release stating he never won primary custody of David Jr. and all the reports he has contributed to were false.

Daily Mail

Watu Hutoka Mbali: Check Out Eric Omondi Back In The Day While In High School (Photo)

When someone makes it in this life, it’s always assumed that they must have slept their way to the top. But one thing people don’t seem to understand is that success is not sexually transmitted and it’s not science. Those who have worked hard over the years, have seen the fruits of their sweat.

Eric Omondi posing
Eric Omondi. photo credit: courtesy

Eric Omondi is the perfect example of people who have worked hard and used their talents to their advantage. He’s among the most celebrated comedians in the country and he’s proven that he can really crack our ribs.

Comedians have always made fun of Eric’s body, because he’s slim and the funny thing is that he hasn’t changed even from way back. He’s still the same size and he took the opportunity of sharing a throwback photo of him in his school uniform and beside him is a lady whom he went ahead to reveal is his sister and not his high school sweetheart.

eric omondi

He said, “That is not my High school sweetheart, that’s my baby sister Irene Adhiambo Omondi.”

Eric’s journey has not been easy and he has had his own fair share of struggles. He revealed that his house was once locked and all his stuff auctioned because he couldn’t pay rent for 5 months.

Sometime in September of 2010 while living in Nairobi West my house was locked and all my stuff auctioned… I had a 5 month rent arrear… This was during the break between season one of Churchill Live and Season two… I was as famous as I was broke… On that fateful day my neighbours watched in owe as two pick ups carried away my things and as the Caretaker “politely” asked me to step out of the house so he could lock the door… All these happened at midday… AS I walked out of the compound totally dejected…I remember saying to God ‘You are my LORD make me LandLord one day‘.”

eric omondi house

Well, Eric is now building rental apartments and he’s more than grateful to God for seeing him through.

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It’s A Baby Girl! Jua Cali And Wife Finally Welcome Their Bundle Of Joy (Photos)

Jua Cali fans have woken up to great news after Jua Cali revealed that they have finally welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Abby.

This is not their first baby as they are blessed with two other gorgeous kids. Jua Cali has always kept his family affairs private and the news of the pregnancy broke after his wife posted on social media a video, rubbing her belly.

jua cali and wife

In an exclusive interview Jua Cali had with Kiss FM, he revealed how excited he was to meet his baby, although he wasn’t ready to reveal the sex of the baby.

He said, “I’m looking forward to meeting my child as we are expecting another member of the family. I won’t reveal the sex of the baby, but maybe later on.”

But we now know the sex of the baby and we are all more than happy for him and his family as they bring up another champ.

He took to social media to announce the news, saying, “Karibu sana Baby Abby. God is Good.”

Here’s the photo of the little angel;

Jua Cali's new born
Jua Cali’s new born, Abby

In other news, it seems like this month is a month of blessings for the Nunda family. Apart from being blessed with an angel, it seems that Jua Cali decided to make things official.

His wife, Lily Asigo, took to social media to post a photo of a ring, and from the caption she put up, it looks like Jua Cali proposed to her.

She wrote, “They say make yourself happy cz no one else will. But I say there will always be someone who will add little or more happiness and know how to make you smile. I count myself lucky 😘.”

JUa cALI Proposes

Her fans were more than happy as they congratulated her

njokireube: Damn girl!!!! Happy for u. 😍😘

steveromeo222: Wow all the way from Bahrain ….najua io ndo ilikua kasuprise

Read some of the congratulatory messages Jua Cali received from his fans after welcoming the bundle of joy;

officialjanetmbugua: Congratulations @juacaligenge 🙏🏾❤

barrytusker: Congratulations baba Yao @juacaligenge

nickmutuma: Congrats mzito

idaempress: And our trademark nose has been stamped again!!! Congratulations my people. Y’all have made me very proud. Welcome to the world my precious niece Abby.

nebulazzkenya: Latest Father in Town

Congratulations are in order for the Nunda Family.

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Exclusive: Victoria Kimani Reveals The Main Reason Why She Left Chocolate City (Audio)

Victoria Kimani is among the most celebrated women in the Kenyan music industry. She has proven over the years that she’s an exceptional artiste with unique content and quite frankly, she doesn’t disappoint.

Well, a while back, she revealed that she was no longer signed to Nigerian record label Chocolate City but many were left with questions as to why she had to leave.


In an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, Victoria revealed that her contract had expired and it was time for her to be an independent artiste.

She said, “You know like every contract has an expiry date. The contract was over and to be honest with you, most of the time I was on the label, I felt like an independent artiste anyway. I did most things by myself. So it was just time for me to step out on my own and do my own thing and not have to split money with anybody.”

When asked if she’s scared to take that route she said, “I’m not scared. For some reason it’s been a smooth transition. I just feel like I’m continuing what I’ve already been doing, I won’t have to throw anyone’s logo on my videos. For some reason it’s been relatively smooth.”

victoria on kiss
Well, Victoria has been ruling the airwaves with her hot jam ‘China Love’ featuring RCity. So how did she get to work with the superstars?

I was in studio with Dre Beat, who produced China Love and we were in a kind of a weird situation because music especially music over there has a sound and everybody keeps doing like the same type of thing and I was like honestly I’m really getting tired of this and this is part of my transition from leaving that label as well. So we got together and did the song and then I was like Imma hit up my boys, because I’ve known them for a while, so I emailed them the song and they were like yeah and they sent it back in like a week, it was like no stress whatsoever.”

When asked what was the inspiration behind it, she explained, “I think my inspiration was, at that time I was going through like some bunch of transitions, So there was this other time and I had so many random people around me, broke up with an ex, I just felt like there was so much fakeness around me, even friends, people in and out of the industry. So I just felt like this was fake and something wasn’t right, it’s not an original type of thing, so when I thought of China, no offence to anyone from China but y’all know all the knock offs are from there, it’s good knock off but it’s not the real thing at the end of the day. So I just like infiltrated that with the situation I was going through.”


Adelle went ahead to ask her if the backlash from people who thought that she’s not embracing her country affected her, she said, “Yeah for sure because I was just looking for a platform for my music to be heard and when I found it, I didn’t think Kenyans would care, I didn’t think the initial reaction would be that. But the more I kept coming back home, it would be such a significant difference between how busy I am when I come here vs when I’m elsewhere and it would make me angry, and it would affect me because we celebrate for an artiste so much but why can’t you celebrate me if I go to a foreign place. It defintely got me down for a while but I dont regret anything because if I didn’t do that, most of you guys wouldn’t know me, the brand wouldn’t be where it is now and to be honest, those who got angry, they are gonna get more angry because I’m planning on going to like mars, like the moon and like far.”

Listen to the full Interview below;

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Is Lady Jaydee Working With A Celebrated Nigerian DJ And Nigerian Songbird Niniola?

Lady Jaydee plans to break in to Nigerian music market. As any Lady Jaydee fan would tell you, it is expected that any time the queen of Swahili RnB releases a song, it will be a hit.

The multiple award winning singer is making money moves as she is set to break into the Nigerian music scene as she is currently working with Nigeria’s biggest DJ, DJ Neptune with whom she has recorded a couple of songs already.


It has also been revealed that she was in studio this past week to record a song with Nini Ola, Nigeria’s most sensational female artiste. However, Eric Shimwadi, A&R manager at Taurus Musik, declined to comment on the Label’s future plans.

The news now is that she has just released a new song. The song is called Baby which she has shot the video with her lover. Basically, she has sang for her baby. She said it is a special song for all babes.

The video of the song is colourful and the song is soothing you cannot fail to watch.


Lady Jaydee released hit songs like Yahaya and Ndindindi. She is Tanzania’s most prominent female artiste. She is also very popular in Kenya where people love her songs and likewise, she loves Kenya too and will always check in the country.

She must be completely in love with his man for her to drop this song.

Watch the song below;

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The Anticipated Video By Alicios Ft Khaligraph Jones’ Song ‘Ya Nini’ Is Finally Out!

Love is a beautiful thing, and we all love listening to songs about love. A few months after being signed to Taurus Musik, multiple award winning singer Alicios has a new video out.

In her video YA NINI, she features Khaligraph Jones in an afro-pop love hit that is bound to get played on and on. The song, which is a mix of Swahili, English and Lingala, has appeal to her fans all over the world.


Speaking as if to haters, they sing about the strength of their love. This is a video that will appeal even to the international fans because it is simple yet sophisticated. As they go back and forth promising their eternal love to each other, the listeners and/or viewers are able to relate to both the song and video.

Sources close to the sultry singer reveal that she will soon be dropping a new album which will feature top local and international artistes and that this collaboration with Khaligraph Jones is just the beginning.

Patricia Waruguru who is head of A &R at Taurus Musik confirmed this, saying that Alicios’ fans are in for a real treat but that they would have to wait to find out who the artistes are.


Alicios and Khaligraph really blended well when the did the song Ya Nini together. The song has been dominating the radio waves since October. The video was not yet out but it has just been released which looks good and worth watching.

Here is the video.

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