Teacher Wanjiku is cute as hell in this picture and team mafisi can’t help but thirst over her (Photo)

Kenya’s funniest female comedian Teacher Wanjiku is serving goals right about now.

The funny lady has been on a weight loss mission since giving birth to her adorable daughter. And evidence of her journey is now more clearer than ever.

Teacher Wanjiku has lost a massive amount of weight, and her latest picture on social media tells us so. She shared the saucy picture, asking her fans to comment. Team mafisi did not hold back salivating over her.

teacher wanjiku thirst trap pic

Read some thirsty comments

George Mark… My Role model…. cant wait to share a table with you when invited!!! U #Rock

Steve Kinyanjui.. Teacher how about i become your form tharrry four Bae 😂😂😂

Ezekiel Mutai.. Hizo miguu

Kiprono Jeff Mutai …slow down teacher..its too much!

Samwel Wangechi… Assume am the head teacher I will drive you hom teacher wajiku tutafika kweli

Toney Juma.. U look extra ordinary beautiful, God do create wonders….i appreciate u

Vincent Tendie… Waaaaaa where is chepkatineza I need a password for this server, Hae uko on point teacher

Wahinya Chef Ricky….. aki mammy umeivaaa….that gold dress its dope….can i have dinner with u in that dress?

Gerald Shitavo… Inama mbele ndio ujue haujui


#PhotoPhridayOnKiss: Here are the Kiss FM fans who checked in for roll call with Adelle and Shaffie

Every Friday morning we ask Kiss FM fans to check in for roll call by sending in selfies using the hastag #PhotoPhridayOnKiss.

Check out some tweets.


Electoral preparedness: A statement by the National Police Service

During this electioneering period, the National Police Service assures Kenyans of their commitment to provide a safe, secure and peaceful environment for the 2017 General Elections.

To this effect, the National Police Service has put in place adequate security measures and deployed security teams to secure every part of the country to the best of its ability as it fulfills the mandate of protecting the lives and property of every citizen.

The National Police Service remains impartial and will discharge its duties without fear or favor and with strict adherence to the law. The measures include constant monitoring of the security situation in the country and swift responses aimed at preventing and addressing any emerging security issues.

“We urge members of the public, all candidates together with their supporters, the media and all the other stakeholders, to be vigilant and utilize the engagement and dialogue channels we have put in place to communicate with us”, said Joseph Boinnet, the Inspector General of the National Police Service.

“We equally call upon members of the public, as they have always done, to report any out of ordinary situation or suspicious character to the nearest Police Station or security agent for urgent action to be taken to secure our country now, during and after the general elections”, he added.

“Please call us using our Toll free numbers 999 and 112 whenever you need our assistance from whichever part of the country. We are a listening and responsive Service 24 hours a day”, he further said.


This message is brought to you by the Inspector General, National Police Service.

From DK Kwenye Beat To Fashionista Silvian Njoki See Who Rocked The Busy Signal Peace Concert (Photos)

The much anticipated concert went down at the KICC, and boy was it a hyped event.

The celebrities who attended the event did not escape our notice, and I must say they came dressed to impress in spite of the chilly weather we are experiencing.

See who we spotted at the KICC grounds jamming to ragga sensation Busy Signal’s music.

 busysignal20    busysignal9   busysignal8

















Fashion Label Setutsi Makes Waves In Nairobi With Its Latest Collection

This month, got a VIP invite to one of the most hyped fashion events of this year. It was a fashion show and after party organized by Setutsi, a fast-rising, urban funky wear. Dubbed Episode 2: The Circle of Life, the event took place at The Tav, a hangout joint located at Mirage here in Nairobi.

I have attended so many fashion shows and ended up being out of place. For this one, I felt at home.

Kwami Okudzeto is the brainchild behind the brand.

Setutsi Kenya
Kwami Okudzeto, the designer.

Unlike other fashion shows, the event was a chilled out one; it incorporated a concert like atmosphere.

Before the main show began, there was a traditional dance and acrobatics performed by

The event was a huge success as it attracted loads of attendants, with all of them cheering on as the models strutted the runway red carpet. Nairobi’s top models Sean Andrew, Nayanka Singh, Sonia Pinto, Bobo Kibathi, Zeyna, Njambi Nzuki, Tupac Keith, Daniel Muvya and Muigai Kamau were among those who rocked the collection.

The cool stuff being showcased included bomber jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, bucket hats, t-shirts, masks and bikinis. The unique thing Setutsi is that it infuses African wear into contemporary designs, giving them an fluid, eclectic aesthetic.

Sean Andrew
Model Sean Andrew at the show.

The after-party came in at midnight with everyone switching up to dance to the latest Migos, French Montana and Wizkid hits. It was a dope night.

Among the attendees were Kwami’s closest friends and family who came out to show support to the promising designer.

Here are photos from the cool event.

Setutsi 2017 Revellers
Attendees at the event looking fly.
Setutsi 2017 12
Friends of Setutsi.
Setutsi 2017 11
The acrobats doing their magic.
Setutsi 2017 10
The runway was lit.
Setutsi 2017 9
Not your typical fashion show.
Setutsi 2017 8
The Setutsi brand incorporates African and contemporary styles.
Setutsi 2017 7
Some of the different designs that were being showcased.
Setutsi 2017 6
The hoodies.

Setutsi 2017 5

Setutsi 2017 4

Setutsi 20173

Setutsi 2017 2

Setutsi 2012

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Songstress Rosa Opens Up about Her Musical Journey And Why She’s Just Trying To Build Her Brand

The sexy songstress Rosa stopped by our studio this morning for an interview on Kiss FM the Breakfast with the Stars hosted by Adelle Onyango  to drop her latest jam Mchezo ni Kwako.”

Rosa who’s doing a media tour kicked off the session saying, “It’s been actually 4 years of me singing, recording. It became serious a couple of months ago, and I am just trying to build my brand”, she said about her musical journey.

She is signed to the Flag42 and she  had to say this about the record label’ IT’S CHILLEED! They let me do whatever I am comfortable with and it’s different from those artists that are bossed around. They are like family.”

She’s Back! Kenyan Artiste Rosa Releases New Video And Single ‘Mchezo Ni Kwako’

Since venturing into the music business, it’s not always been a bed of roses as she revealed that she faces numerous challenges. Adelle wanted to know more about it, and Rosa disclosed that venturing in the business is challenging because:

  • Being a female artiste in a male dominated industry, one has to work twice as hard to prove themselves.
  • People do not take you seriously.
  • Females get paid less when it comes to gigs.
  • Deciding what to finally do in terms of genres.


“I spend alot of time playing the guitar, singing and doing covers and I love driving, but my main thing is music” Rosa said about her daily life routine.

But just like other musicians or Kenyan entertainers, she studied something totally different in school. She was studying Marketing and recently graduated and has plans to do Masters in Entertainment.

Listen to her jam below.

Kiss FM fans who wanted to know more about her were using the hashtag #RosaOnKiss, and here are some comments;

yooo this jam drives me crazy shld do a collabo with thm

who she dated first

Listen to the full interview below:

Team mafisi feast your eyes on the sexy Rosa below. Gorgeous isn’t she?



New Music Alert: Rosa Releases ‘Chunyi’







The richest man in China, Jack Ma, coming to Kenya. Read his remarkable story

He recently made headlines after his visit with US President Donald Trump and subsequent announcement of his assistance in creating 1 million jobs in the United States. He has inspired and empowered millions of people around the world especially with his incredible and true rags-to-riches story and now, Kenya will have the privilege of hosting the sensational Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma.

According to Forbes, Jack is worth an estimated $29 billion and this includes his 7.8% stake in the Alibaba Group — China’s answer to Amazon — and close to 50% stake in the payment-processing service, Alipay.

Although Alibaba and Jack Ma aren’t household names outside China, it’s worth noting that Alibaba is worth more than Facebook and processes goods more than eBay and Amazon combined!

What’s his story?

Ma Yun a.k.a. Jack Ma is among the rare breed of self-made billionaires with humble beginnings. Born in Hangzhou, south-east China, he was raised alongside his elder brother and younger sister at the rise of communist China and its isolation from the Western regions. His parents were poor and made a living as traditional Musicians-Storytellers. That income wasn’t adequate to have them even considered as middle class at the time.

Ma Yun a.k.a. Jack Ma is among the rare breed of self-made billionaires with humble beginnings. Photo / COURTESY


Rejections and failures

Without money or connections, the only way Ma could get ahead was through education. Jack Ma failed in his Primary School examinations twice! He failed thrice during his Middle School exams. When applying to universities after his High school, Jack failed the entrance exams twice, before finally joining University. He even applied and wrote to Harvard University ten times about being admitted – and got rejected each time.

He graduated in 1988 and started applying to as many jobs as he could.

Jack tried and failed to get a job at a several places after applying to them about 30 times in total! He once recollected at an interview, “When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job. Twenty-three people were accepted. I was the only guy who wasn’t.”

He was also one of the 5 applicants for a job in Police force and he was the only rejected being told, “No, you’re no good.”

“When KFC came to China, 24 people went for the job.  Twenty-three people were accepted.  I was the only guy who wasn’t.” – Jack Ma


At one of his interviews, when Jack was asked about his past rejections, he stated “Well, I think we have to get used to it. We’re not that good.” Naturally, he learned to overcome the pain of rejection and how to treat rejection as an opportunity to get better every time.

Learning English

When former US president Richard Nixon visited Hangzhou in 1972, there was an increase of tourists in his home-town. It was like a tourist Mecca and Jack wanted to make the most of it. He always wanted to learn English. He spent his early mornings riding his bike to a nearby park and at the city hotel, he met visitors and gave them tours for free in exchange for English lessons.

Screenshot / Crocodile in the Yangtze


It was then he met a tourist who gave him the nickname ‘Jack’ because she found his name “difficult to spell”.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English, he worked as a teacher at Hangzhou Dianzi University and earned just $12 a month!

Computers, the Internet and technology

Jack was captivated by the internet when he first used it during a trip to the US in 1995. He had just begun a translation business and he made the trip to help a Chinese firm recover some money. His first search online was “beer” and surprisingly, he found no Chinese beers in the results. It was then that he made a decision to found an internet company for China.

His first two ventures failed but four years later, he got together 17 friends in his apartment and convinced them to invest in his vision – an online marketplace he called “Alibaba.” This website allowed exporters to list products which customers could buy directly.

Screenshot / The Crocodile in the Yangtze


Initially, Alibaba hadn’t a single penny from outside investors but soon got attention and raised $20 Million from SoftBank – a Japanese telecom company that also invests in technology companies and another $5 Million from Goldman Sachs in 1999.

Building trust among the people of China that an online system of payment and package transfers is safe was the biggest challenge Jack Ma and Alibaba faced, a challenge that Jack will cherish for life.

Fast forward to 2005, Yahoo invested $1 billion in Alibaba in exchange for close to 40% stake in the company. This massive for Alibaba — at the time it was trying to beat eBay in China — and it would turn out to be a big win for Yahoo as well, netting it $10 billion in Alibaba’s IPO alone.

At an interview, Ma told Bloomberg that he knew Alibaba had made it big when another customer offered to pay his restaurant bill.

“I’m your customer of Alibaba group, I made a lot of money and I know you don’t make any money,” said the customer. “I’ll pay the bill for you.”

The company’s $150-billion IPO was the largest offering for a US-listed company in the history of the New York Stock Exchange at the time. It also made Ma the richest man in China, with an estimated worth of $25 billion.

This made Ma an extremely wealthy man though he has made very few flashy purchases and he still maintains some pretty modest hobbies. “I don’t think he has changed much, he is still that old style,” Xiao-Ping Chen, a friend of Ma, told USA Today in an interview.

He likes reading and writing kung fu fiction, playing poker, meditating, and practising tai chi.

After the IPO, Alibaba employees threw a huge party at the company’s Hangzhou headquarters in celebration. Ma told employees at a press conference that he hoped they would use their newfound wealth to become “a batch of genuinely noble people, a batch of people who are able to help others, and who are kind and happy.”

Ma’s visit to Kenya

Ma’s visit to Kenya is scheduled for July 20 where in the morning hours, he will engage entrepreneurs at NaiLab who will have a fireside chat with Jack on “The role of small businesses in global trade”

In the afternoon, he will lead a delegation representing Chairmen and CEOs of leading companies in Asia. Industries represented will include: ecommerce, financial services, health, real estate, technology, and pharmaceuticals.

Ma’s visit to Kenya is scheduled for July 20 where in the morning hours, he will engage entrepreneurs at NaiLab who will have a fireside chat with Jack on “The role of small businesses in global trade”. Photo /COURTESY


The objective of this busiess-to-business session will be to introduce Chinese and African leading business players to cultivate mutual understanding and initial relationships.

It will also serve to present and discuss the key opportunities and challenges facing the future development of the economies in Africa and the special role that technology, education, entrepreneurship and young people can play.

Blac Chyna Turned Away From Pre-ESPYs After Party For Having A Bad Attitude

Blac Chyna was reportedly turned away from a pre-ESPYs party at the Avalon Hollywood nightclub on Tuesday.

According to a source for NY Daily, the reality star reportedly tried to attend just 48 hours after she was in court to gain a restraining order against ex Rob Kardashian after she accused him of posting revenge porn.

The outing comes as Chyna has been accused of withholding jewellery from her former flame, to the tune of around $100,000.

The latest news regarding the furore comes as a source claimed to TMZ that Rob had previously sent a jeweller to Chyna’s house with seven pieces of bling worth $250k.

The site reports that she was allowed to pick one item but the jeweller decided to leave all of the pieces there, so that she could make her mind up.

In happier times: Part of Rob's Twitter rant read: 'I never been so disrespected in my life. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday' 
In happier times: Part of Rob’s Twitter rant read: ‘I never been so disrespected in my life. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday’

They add that she tried to charge a large sum to Rob’s card but his business manager declined it and she wore three of the tennis bracelets to court on Monday when she went to court to get a restraining order.

Yet Chyna’s lawyer Lisa Bloom says Rob gave her all seven pieces as a gift. Chyna returned four items in the end as a goodwill gesture.

Something to say: Blac Chyna has spoken out about her experiences with Rob in an interview with Good Morning America
Something to say: Blac Chyna has spoken out about her experiences with Rob in an interview with Good Morning America

Part of Rob’s Twitter rant read: ‘I never been so disrespected in my life. I just bought her 250K of jewelry yesterday.’

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna has been keeping a relatively low profile on social media following Rob’s X-rated rant against her on the site.

He has since apologized to his mother and sister for his actions.

‘The family was horrified at the entire thing,’ a source told People Wednesday. ‘Rob has been on such a good track lately and he used really poor judgement here and got emotional.’

He's sorry: Rob has since apologized to his mother and sister for his actions insisting they were right all along
He’s sorry: Rob has since apologized to his mother and sister for his actions insisting they were right all along

What’s more, the insider claimed, momager Kris Jenner and her daughters are ‘deeply disappointed and frustrated’ with Rob, 30, and think he needs ‘to grow up.’

The reality star clan want the focus now to be on baby Dream, whom he shares with former stripper Chyna.

Chyna who also has a four-year-old son King Cairo with her rapper ex Tyga, obtained a temporary restraining order against Rob on Monday.

The sock entrepreneur is required to remain at least 100 feet away from his ex and is prohibited from posting online personal photos and information about her and her children.

Read more: dailymail

Barak Jacuzzi Delivers 90s-Themed Party At The Creative Garage

There is something extraordinary about the 90s that just doesn’t seem to be go away. From neon windbreakers to stripped sweaters and rayon shirts, the style back then seems to be greatly inspiring the current fashion trends.

19932971_733994746784081_2136555778025193472_n         19931803_481347342206138_5580851586407596032_n_002

So Kenyan-American rapper Barak Jacuzzi hosted the first ever “Barak Jacuzzi & Friends 90s Jam” at the Creative Garage to celebrate his latest release and offer attendees a moment to revisit the 90s trends.

The event, which came exactly a day after he released his sophomore EP Coco Season, allowed the audience to enjoy great music as well as exhibit some of their most stylish 90s outfits.


There was a live performance display and Barak Jacuzzi kept the crowd hyped throughout the show.

The only way you could be cooler was to come dressed in any notable designer brands matched with fascinating ideas and concepts.

Determined to ensure everyone was dressed to fit the occasion, pop up shops were set up by street vendors to sell clothes and jewelry.

Goals! Amber Rose Writes Sweet Words To New Bae 21Savage

Amber Rose and American Rapper 21 Savage  have been in the public eye since they started dating. It has been a few months of dating and Amber can not get enough of her man.

Image result for amber rose and 21 savage

Amber Rose KISSES EX-BOYFRIEND Wiz Khalifa At Clive Davis’ Annual Pre-Grammy Party

Not forgetting she was in a long time relationship with Wiz Khalifa and has one child with him. But it seems that 21 Savage is cool with Amber’s child as sources say.

Recently she took to her social media to shower her man with sweet words and her fans had positive feedback.

Charming! Amber Rose Shares Adorable Selfie With BFF Blac Chyna’s Daughter Dream Kardashian (Photo)

This is what Amber wrote:

It’s pretty amazing waking up every morning feeling love like this. I’ve cried endlessly and been hurt a lot in my life, I’ve been abused, talked to like I wasn’t shit, been gaslighted and Slut shamed by men that I once loved and cared about. So I’m so thankful that God brought this amazing person in my life who genuinely has my back and is ready to “pull up” to defend my honor by any mean.

Amber Rose Lashes Out At Critics Who Accused Her Of Laughing At ‘Molestation Victim’

Maybe he’s just as broken as me and that’s why we’re perfect for each other but either way he’s not going anywhere and neither am I.


Take a look at the comments below:

princesaoliviaa:Yes babe you go! You deserve it all! I’m so happy for you! I wish you guys the best wishes! Don’t ever let anybody say otherwise, keep slaying, y’all cute, keep getting your money girl and stay a boss! @amberrose

aaputraofficial:Ah sweet @c.thesaa

misssaraasiy:This makes me happy

kidonthecouch:I hope they go far and this isn’t some bs.

glovestate:Make it last sister …

brandonfield:He must have a huge personality


rorouni_tgme:Sincerely happy for you @amberrose . You deserve to be happy!

sebinalevember:Every one deserves to love and to be loved. I’m happy for that you already found the one




Exclusive Interview On Breakfast With The Stars: Meet Phil The Mokorino Singer Who Has Covered Ed Sheerans ‘Shape Of You’

Phil Waweru is a guitarist, songwriter and a vocalist. He quickly buzzed into the social media when his viral video of him singing the cover of Ed Sheeraan’s Shape Of You in different languages went viral.


“I did not expect it to be as big as it is. I am still in shock” said Phil when asked what was his expectation since the video went viral.

He recently performed at the Jamhuri Festival Jam Session that was created 2 years ago to provide a platform, to celebrate the rich and verse African talent.


”I felt the need to change something in this industry in order to create experience, nurture and develop talents in early age and to industrialize the thing” said Thomas as he explained the essence of Jamhuri Festival Jam Session.


“Without a doubt this is the best episode” said Thomas and added that the talent outside is mind blowing. Phil’s mentor is Mordecai from Hart The Band who also takes him through song writing.


Phil discovered he could sing back in primary school and his parents have been supportive throughout his journey. He is currently studying music at Sauti Academy.


“I had the hunger to see change and its to play the role to industrialize theme” said Tom when asked why he came up with the event. They also said that every week they post two new videos and audios.


Every week they host concerts at Nyama Mama and artists come to showcase their talents form 7:30pm and it is a free event .They also give the artists platform to show new talent, to build their fan base and also guide and give advice when it comes to the music industry.


Their next event will be this coming December but no exact date has yet been set.

“Practice makes perfect and consistency is key” said Tom as an advice to those who want to venture into the industry.


Nairobians bring out their best futuristic styles at Thrift Social 12

2ManySiblings provided Nairobians with another opportunity to exhibit their creativity with yet another installation of the now popular Thrift Social installation.


The 12th Edition that was held at the Alchemist Bar on Sunday, July 2, provided attendees with the opportunity to showcase their best interpretations of future trends.

While some chose to keep it simply stylish and minimalistic, the fashion risk-takers opted to show off their most innovative ideas of futuristic statements.


It was a case of integrating the inconceivable and the most absurd elements to create an eye-catchy, artistic presentation.

The street style heroes and geniuses behind the event’s success Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike stayed true to afternoon’s theme leading the attendees with their mesmerizing looks.

As usual, there was great attendance from fashion designers, models, street style photographers, bloggers and entertainers who did not want to miss the action.

Cosmic Homies Taio and Mix Master Lenny kept the crowd hyped up with their stellar music mix set. Steph Kapela was welcomed on stage by the crowd that danced to his tracks before the deejays took control of the party again.


The show would not be complete without the heavily present vendors who sold vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, and other products.


Reality Star Kim Kardashian Cooks Up A Storm For Kanye’s Pals

It’s one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year and Kim Kardashian is making sure to spend the Fourth of July weekend with her family.

Unfriendly? It seems the Kanye references also referred to the feud between the two, which reportedly flowered when Jay-Z failed to reach out to Kanye when his wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint back in October (couple pictured in June)

The reality star shared images from a brunch she threw at her home in Calabasas on Sunday, with her husband Kanye West and two adorable kids.

In one photo, Kanye can be seen sitting behind his gorgeous wife while their daughter North, four, and their son Saint, one, sat on her lap.

Keeping it in the family... Later, the two musicians gathered both their families for a group photo on some stairs in the backyard

Kim Kardashian Shows What Kendall Got North For Her Birthday

In one photo from the relaxed lunch, Kanye and 2 Chainz were seen sitting side-by-side at a long table following their lunch, with the Real Friends rapper seen beaming at the camera.

Happy: Normally stony-faced, Kanye West was all smiles as he posed alongside hip hop artist 2 Chainz at a lunch organized by Kim Kardashian on Sunday

Later, they gathered both their families for a group photo on some stairs in the backyard.

Kanye is seen sitting behind Kim, who is cradling their children, North and Saint in her lap.

“It Was Meant to Happen To Me” Kim Kardashian Opens Up On The Ellen Show

Beside them, 2 Chainz – real name Tauheed Epps – is seen sitting wife his family. He’s joined by his wife of four years, Kesha Ward, and their three children, daughters Heaven and Harmony, and son Halo.

And it appears Kanye may indeed have a new BFF, with both families appearing chummy with each other.

Keeping it in the family... Later, the two musicians gathered both their families for a group photo on some stairs in the backyard

Kanye did seem to be enjoying the Sunday Funday hosted by his gorgeous wife.

Lavish lunch: Kanye looked happy as can be as he enjoyed the delicious lunch party thrown by his wife in Calabasas on Sunday

Kanye was seen sitting at a long table with beautiful floral centerpieces next to a large group of family and friends.

Fancy fete: The Sunday Funday was enjoyed by many family and friends

He smiled at the camera as his gigantic plate of food awaited.The social media video included tantalizing shots of macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and rice and beans.

Buffet of dreams: The social media video included tantalizing shots of macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and rice and beansBuffet of dreams: The social media video included tantalizing shots of macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and rice and beansBuffet of dreams: The social media video included tantalizing shots of macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and rice and beans

Plate of deliciousness: Kanye showcased what he was about to get into

‘Unforgettable’ Singer French Montana Shares Adorable Photos Of His Son For The First Time

Fresh off his performance at the just concluded 2017 BET Awards ceremony, singer French Montana is set to drop another album next month.

During the Sunday performance, the ‘Unforgettable’ singer announced to his fans that they should expect something new from him, an album titled Jungle Rules. He revealed the release date for his new album as July 14th.

Following that performance, the music sensation attended the NBA Awards on Monday, where he also stole the show.

He walked the red carpet with the most adorable boy. French has posted several photos of his son on Instagram. Check them out below.










5 things BET producers did to ensure Chris Brown and ex Karrueche didn’t bump into each other during Sundays award ceremony

Producers at Sunday night’s BET Awards had a logistical nightmare on their hands ensuring Chris Brown wasn’t in violation of the restraining order taken out against him by his ex, Karrueche Tran.

Producers at Sunday night’s BET Awards had a logistical nightmare on their hands ensuring Chris Brown wasn’t in violation of the restraining order taken out against him by his ex, Karrueche Tran.

Chris Brown and Migos ‘involved in a brawl after the BET Awards’

1. Insiders say Karrueche was told in advance the notorious bad boy would be performing at the awards show, but she opted to go ahead with her appearance anyway, which had been arranged two months prior.


2. She was apparently moved into a holding room during the Party singer’s performance.

3. Sources say she didn’t watch his performance on a screen from inside the room, and instead simply waited it out.

4. Furthermore, Chris never sat in the audience during the awards show.


5. He was kept backstage throughout the show to ensure their paths never crossed and to maintain the legal distance required between them.

Last week, a judge ordered the restraining order stay in place for the next five years.

The troubled singer was first served with papers for the restraining order during his birthday party back in May.

Courtesy Dailymail

‘I’ve Always Wanted To Be The Voice Of The Voiceless’ – Patoranking Opens Up

Patrick Nnaemeka Okore well known as Patoranking is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer and a songwriter. His latest album  dubbed ‘God Over Everything’ has taken the music industry by storm.


Patoranking has visited Kenya more than once and he has grown to love the country over the years. The thing he loves the most about this country is how much Kenyan appreciate good music.

In an interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast with the Stars, he had so much to say stating he appreciates how Kenyans love his songs.

The fact about Kenya is that they appreciate good music. They love my music and this makes me want to come here,” he said.


Mafisets Mpo? Nigerian Heartthrob Patoranking Reveals That He’s Single And Marriage Is Not a Priority To Him

He did a song with Wizkid called, This Kind luv produced by Sarz, but they are yet to release the video soon. “We linked up and went through the album and decided to collabo on one of the songs,” he said. Don’t you think they did a great job? Well they did and it is still a banger.

Just like many artistes, Patoranking has a few things that inspire him to write his amazing songs.

My inspiration to make hits is that I make music with what I see.” He went ahead to add that the inspiration behind his love songs is that he always wanted to be the voice of the voiceless.


He is currently in the 254  will performing at Kiza Lounge this coming Saturday, where he’ll get  performing all songs.


He will also be working with King Kiba (Alikiba) in yet another season of a popular music show. He even had these words to say about him, “He is a cool guy and he is someone that Ive always been a fan of his works.” Patoranking also said that he would love to collabo with Nyashinski.



Ask around and you will hear that Patoranking is a humble guy and he has never been ashamed to say where he came from.

“I came from the ghetto and the only option is fighting forward, ” he said when asked how his journey into music started.

Before venturing into the music industry and making his debut he was a footballer.

The Home And Auto Expo 2017: Its The Biggest Yet!

The Home & Auto Expo is an annual event that has been running since 2013 and this year’s is going to be bigger and this will be the best yet!

It runs for 3 days, Friday , Saturday and Sunday at the KICC Tsavo ballroom and will be on this weekend from the 23rd to the 25th of June.

To be part of it, simply dial *297*3# and register.

There are lots of prizes to be won including goods worth Sh300,000/= courtesy of Ramtons, 1/8th of an acre in Nanyuki courtesy of AMG Realtors and a car, courtesy of Prestige Motors.

Home and Auto Expo 2017
Home and Auto Expo 2017

This exciting event creates a platform for exhibitors who deal with matters home and cars to showcase their different products.

From land, building materials, already built homes, furnishings, insurance companies and cars.

The expo attracts people who are interested in land ownership, home ownership or both. People who already own homes and would want to renovate, buy a car, or generally keep up with the market. Be it private or commercial property. Financial institutions to assist in financial assistance.

Want more information? Call 0711 046 445

See you at the Home and Auto Expo 2017 at the KICC Tsavo ballroom.

If you haven’t registered, remember to dial *297*3# now.

Party Vibes: Adelle And Shaffie Stun At The Moët & Chandon Party

A party to introduce the Moët Nectar Imperial brand to Kenya went down on Thursday ahead of the official bash set to be held today.

Kenyan celebrities joined businessmen among others to wine and dine at the exclusive party held at a swanky local hotel.

Kiss FM presenters Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru were among the celebrities spotted at the bash.

Shaffie Weru was truly living his lavish reputation, and was joined by his co-host Adelle Onyango, and the two looked simply stunning.

It’s not often that we see Adelle wearing a dress. The only other time I think I have seen her was in her photo shoot for the cover of True Love magazine a few months back.

Team Mafisi, feast your eyes on Adelle, as she looks all ravishing in leggings and boots.

I guess my invite got lost in the mail? Anyway, it looks like it was a fab event. Check out pictures of the two as they posed for photos.

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Ridin’ Solo No More! Singer Jason Derulo Sparks Dating Rumors After Being Spotted With New Girl

He jetted into the country last week for the Coke Studio performance, and the superstar thrilled Kenyans with his chart busting hits.

The hunk in a press conference spoke good things about Kenyans and we can’t wait to hear what he worked on with our talented stars. Besides his musical career,  the Swalla hitmaker back in March this yea, is said to have confessed that he was secretly dating without providing further information.




When the RnB star Jason Derulo jetted into the country for the recording of the 5th season of Coke Studio Africa, what many people don’t know is that he was accompanied by his mystery girlfriend.


Yes, ladies and fisilets, Derulo is officially off the market. Mr Ladies Man is now a one-woman man. In the past, Derulo has confirmed that he is indeed “involved” with someone and was no longer single.


At the Coke Studio Africa presser on Monday evening, the moderator expressly requested the members of the fourth estate not to dare ask the talent “questions about kids and girlfriends and I don’t know what…”


This mystery girlfriend has been identified as Ragon Miller by Page Six. Jason’s past relationships have been public and the break-ups have also played out in public. The Ridin star was linked to singer Jordin Sparks and 50 Cent’s Daphne Joy.


Now, he wants to take things slow and completely off the limelight. Derulo revealed to Page Six, “I’m not single. I’m keeping it on the low. I’ve been trying to… I’m trying to do it different this time because every other time, it didn’t work”.


On Tuesday night during the super exclusive party at the Carnivore, the mystery babe showed up with her man. She took the back seat and let Derulo do his thing. If you were not looking keenly, you would have missed her.

After Derulo performed three of his hit singles, including Talk Dirty, he exited the venue after five minutes and left.Well so much for a short performance! But it was the performance of a lifetime and had ladies scream for him and singing along to his songs.. too bad he is not in the market ladies!