Have They Hooked Up? Redsan Spotted Getting Cozy With Bootylicous Singer Vivian (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Veteran Kenyan ragga and reggae artiste Redsan has been in the music industry for more than a decade and it looks like age is not going to stop him.

The celebrated rapper has over the years proved to the best at his game, dropping hit after hit, earning him popularity and respect across Africa, while becoming a household name in Kenya.

Redsan, real name Swabri Mohammed is known for some of the best reggae and ragga hits in Africa, having worked with big names like Jose Chameleone and celebrated Jamaican artiste Demarco in the Badder Than Most remix.


Other songs under his name include; Mikono Juu, Chicken, Unbreakable, Umalaika, Leo Ni Leo, Touch, Yule Pale, Step On It, Julie, and his recent single Shoulder Back, which has received massive airplay since last year.

12 hit-songs from Redsan back in the day (Videos)

Redsan likes to keep his private life under wraps and very few know about his family, but now, he could be exposing a lot after he was spotted with sassy Kenyan singer Vivian.

Vivian is currently making waves with her 2016 smash hit Charm, featuring Uganda’s music legend Jose Chameleone, and is one of the most played songs in local music stations and playlists.

In a series of photos I received, Redsan and Vivian are seen getting cozying at an undisclosed location, where she shows off her curvy body in bikini wear.

From a source, the two are allegedly in the Comoros Islands, but it’s not clear whether they are romantically involved or whether they are working on new music.


Vivian has also been linked to wealthy Kenyan singer and businessman, Jaguar, whom she collaborated with on her first song Dream, that propelled her to the limelight back in 2014, and also top rapper  of the moment, Timmy Tdat.

“He Is Not My Type” Vivian Finally Responds To Rumours That She’s Dating Timmy Tdat (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Well, check out the photos below as Redsan and Vivian enjoy each others company, as we follow up on what they are really upto? Is it a love affair or just work and play?

Be the judge.




5 Times Zari Hassan Has Been Spotted Copying Kim Kardashian’s Style

They both refer to themselves as Boss ladies and they kinda share a couple of traits. They are socialites, wives to music heavyweights, trendy mothers or every man’s eye candy, you would call them any other way you wish but Zari Hassan and Kim Kardashian share alot in common.

So, who is copying who? evidently, Kim doesn’t know Zari but Zari seems pretty familiar with Kim’s style. The wife to the Salome hit maker has been seen severally rocking clothes that resemble those of Kanye West’s socialite wife Kim Kardashian and for sure she does look good.

zari kim


Zari, who refers to herself as The Boss Lady, is one of the richest female celebrities in East Africa after walking away from her marriage with a huge fortune from her ex, Uganda’s filthy rich businessman Ivan. The two were together for 12 years, after which the they broke up over accusations that Ivan was physically abusing Zari.

zari kim ring

Tit For Tat! Diamond Platnumz Uses Socialite Huddah Monroe To Get Back At Wife Zari Hassan

Just like her supposed mentor Kim Kardashian, Zari has been through a chain of boyfriends. After breaking up with the flamboyant businessman, Zari went ahead to date a basketballer but that relationship did not work out. Afterwards, Zari dated an American guy where evidently their love never grew and finally came Diamond, the rich bongo flava star. Well, the two have since married and have two lovely kids, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. However due to pressure from Diamond’s family, Tiffah’s DNA had to be confirmed if the child was his. It is called Zari’s love triangle.

zari kim k

Well, now that this family is inspired by Kim and Kanye West’s styles, lets chill and wait for the drama “Keeping Up With The Chibu Dangote’s”




After Being Killed On The Internet, Hussein Machozi Is Back (VIDEO)

He has been recognized as one of the people that reigned supreme at the start of bongo music. After a long silence from the music scene, Hussein Machozi is back and with no apologies.

It was his silence that sparked rumors that he was dead, but alas the artist is alive and kicking and come out to shut down the rumours, saying the horrible news affected his mother leading to her hospitalization.

hussein machozi

Hussein has now broken the silence, and it seems that the lad had been in the US for all that time the internet had killed him. Well, even before he went silent, he was not without scandals. The Kwa Ajili yako hit maker accused Diamond Platnumz of stealing his song which was dubbed Haikai that Diamond later tittled Kizaizai. The singer would then reveal that Diamond had been stealing other people’s song, and in his words he says Nataka Kulewa was also stolen. Talking to a local publication, Hussein said that no one would be able to do music like him other than an artist identified as Mr.Blue.

hussein m

Before venturing into music, Hussein was a professional footballer in the Tanzanian premier league and the under 20 national team. He was then removed from the group under unclear circumstances which made him go for music instead.

As we await his new song, here is a teaser of what to expect;

Kaa Ule mkao wa kula vitamtam.. #goodmusic #tutaelewanatu @man_water @scassandro.ale @mzaziwillytuva

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Machozi is crazy with lovely music… #goodboy #tutaelewanatu

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Confirmed!!! Khaligraph Jones And WCB’s Rayvanny To Drop A Hot Collabo (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

When Kenya meets Tanzania, music becomes the message of the heart! The Kenyan heavyweight rapper Khaligraph Jones is set to make a big collabo with Tanzania’s bongo kid Rayvanny.

The two, who are almost done with their music project, met on social media when Khaligraph made a free style of his lyrics which definitely went viral. It is always nice to appreciate good lyrics and along came Rayvanny, who contacted the Kenyan rapper for a collabo.


In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, Khaligraph made it clear that he had already started a project and asked Rayvanny to join in after which he, Rayvanny added his verse and the chorus and alas, the audio is done. The are now planning for a video for their new track which will be done by next month.

ray vanny

NILIKUWA NAVAA MITUMBA! Khaligraph’s Testimony From Rags To Riches Will Move You To Tears(VIDEO)

The two are well known for good lyrics with Khaligraph reigning in the Kenyan rap industry. Just when you thought Rayvanny cannot rap, the lad surprised many after he released a rap track dubbed Sugu which was well received. Khaligaraph on the other hand is hitting the headlines with the song Naked which I must say is an electric song with great creativity. Did  I mention his freestyle with girlfriend Cashy dubbed Micasa Sucasa? That needs no debate!

As we wait for the two to do their thing, here is an exclusive interview with the Mazishi hit maker;



Wedding Bells: Intimate Details About Sarah Hassan’s Wedding (Audio)

Sarah Hassan is one lucky girl as she is soon set to be someone’s wife. Last year seems to have been a pretty good year for this beautiful lass. I can think of a couple of things that would make it amazing.

Well first, she got engaged to one Martin Dale. He’s quite a cutie pie if you ask me. Girls always dream of that time when someone special will put a ring on it. Sarah’s prince charming liked it so much he put a ring on it.

Two, she moved to the US with her fiancé where they stay together as he also works there. Since she left the country, she has constantly shared photos of her new life and what it’s all about.

Sarah Hassan


Three, she joined a film school, New York Film Academy, where she was focusing on TV and film production since she is a renowned actress back home. She even graduated top of her class. Talk of beauty and brains.

This past Saturday, her close friends and family held a classy bridal shower for her which was attended by her fellow colleagues, cousins and close friends.

Ready To Say ‘I Do’: Inside Sarah Hassan’s Hen Party Before She Gets Married (Photo Gallery)

Since that’s all over now, why not jump straight to the day y’all been waiting for. Sarah is finally about to say I do to the man of her dreams.



Our close source has revealed some details about the wedding. Even though the venue was not mentioned, the wedding will be held at a posh garden in Nairobi this weekend.

If you’re thinking of gate crashing, my friend you better think again as the wedding is an invites only ceremony. It will be attended by celebs, former colleagues, close friends and family.

So that you don’t shine on her parade, no guest will be allowed to use their phones during the ceremony.

I got in touch with Sarah to get some information in regards to her wedding.

Listen to the audio below to hear what she had to say;

She Is Here Sleeping! Willy Paul Brags About Being In Bed With Alaine (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

A wedding, a song project or a publicity stunt? You may call it what you want, but one things for sure Willy Paul will be answering some hard questions from his fans.

Willy Paul has posted photos of him and Jamaican singer Alaine, captioning it with words suggesting that the two are now happily married. In an exclusive interview with the Tiga Wana hit maker, Pozze has revealed that he ‘wedded’ the singer last weekend in a colourful wedding.



Willy wrote;

“God is good, I know I’ve kept it a secret untill now!! I finally did what most men are afraid off doing. Yes I did it last weekend. I’m no longer a bachelor!!! #pozzes!!”

He continued to say;

“My Family You Amaze Me With Your Quick Assumptions and predictions …I Know The Problem Is That I Didn’t Show My Newly Wed Wife’s Face ….Here She Is …Yesss!!! Alaine Said Yes….Habari Ndio Hio …Niko Hapa Nawacheki Tuu Najua Maoni Ni Kibao Na Tofauti ….Legoo
GOD has good things in store for the faithful ones..
I know papers and bloggers are going to change the whole story. But you heard it from me.”

willy paul6

The photo by the controversial gospel artist elicited mixed reaction from his followers. Pozze, who now calls himself Simba like Diamond Platnumz, insisted that he did not want his fans to know that he and the Jamaican singer were dating. And yes, something does not add up here!



EXCLUSIVE! Willy Paul Launches Hot And Sexy Kim Kardashian Look-Alike ‘Girlfriend’ (PHOTOS)

Talking to a local publication, Pozze was quoted as saying that he was hosting Alaine for a song project and the two were not lovers. I might agree that he loves publicity stunts and this is one that’s not going to work. So what if it emerges that the two are not legally married, will we be wrong to call the “gospel” artist a terrible LIAR?

willy paul3


We called Willy early in the morning and he was so exhausted, bragging that Alaine was sleeping next to him and that he was also tired from the long night the two ‘lovers’ had. So, where is the honeymoon? He explained that it was a secret destination! Well, we have learnt that Willy Paul is working on his wedding song which will be released any time next week. Let’s wish the controversial Pozze all the best in his drama filled publicity life.

willy paul


Here is an exclusive interview with Willy Paul;





Vanessa Mdee’s Younger Sister and A Tanzanian Media Personality Mimi Mars Launches Music Career With Her First Single ‘Shuga’ (Video)

 Mdee Music presents their latest music act Mimi Mars, sister to celebrated Tanzanian pop music queen Vanessa Mdee in her debut single “SHUGA”, produced at Hightable Sounds.
 Shot in Dar es Salaam by the Tanzania director Hanscana, the colorful music video has cameos by Tanzanian superstars like Navy Kenzo, Rosa Ree, Wildad, Quick Rocka just to name a few.

“SHUGA” is nothing but sweetness. “SHUGA” will leave you on a sugar high, thanks to its dose of funky freshness.

Mimi Mars
Mimi Mars is a media personality who has over the years established herself as a respected YouTube, TV personality and mcee. In her new music venture, the husky-voiced songstress lures you into her world with a sultry tone and her amazing vocals.
Thanks to Mdee Music, the creators of mega hits including Niroge, Hawajui, Never Ever, Nobody but me ft South Africa’s K.O.  – Mimi Mars is already in great company as she takes on a new career path.
Watch the video below;

Money And Fame!!! Top 5 Celebrities With The Most Flamboyant Houses In Town

You will look at these houses and agree that Kenya is not a poor country. And yes, it is true that fame comes with money. I’m not talking about dead beat celebrities who get caught up with petty areas over refusing to pay rent in their posh houses, I’m talking about celebrities and personalities who own their own homes.

I will let their flashy houses tell the story;


Call her madam boss or the Benefactor hit maker. She is indeed filthy rich and even with fans speculating where she got all that wealth, it is true that Akothee owns most of the posh houses in Kenya. She has several houses after building another house in Nairobi from Mombasa where she used to live. But do I say!

akothee house1(1)

Mike Sonko

Let alone his Mua Hills mansion that left many jaws dropping over the flamboyant mansion. Mike Sonko’s house in Mombasa is one that even some of his fellow politicians cannot afford. He is stinking rich and his house shows how wealthy this politician is.


Allan And Kathy Kiuna

They are probably the most wealthiest pastors in Kenya. The two who run the Jubilee Christian Church have one of the most flashy houses in the country. The couple have received condemnation for living a flashy life. But that doesn’t faze them. Check out their not-so-humble abode.


Vera Sidika

Never mind her big derriere that gets her all the attention and did I mention her bleaching or as she likes to call it, skin lightening. Man, Vera loves the limelight and the limelight loves her. From her days of being a video vixen in the music video, You Guy, she has re-invented her brand. With the re-invention comes the money that has seen her invest in a posh house, in a leafy suburb.


Mwai Kibaki

Kenya’s former president Mwai Kibaki owns a Ksh 500 million. That is what was spent to build the house. Whoever said more money more problems has not enjoyed the idyllic and calming view from this grandiose piece of real estate. The thing is, he refused to occupy the house once it was complete.


Anne Waiguru

She needs no introduction! The former devolution CS lives in Kihigo estate, Kitsuru and is one female politician that we surely can say lives a luxurious life.

waiguru M

William Ruto

Deputy president has had a rags to riches history, from living in a mud house in the village to getting a presidential house worth Ksh 450 million. The deputy President has two residences in Karen and Eldoret.

ruto M

Raphael Tuju

His rich neighbors around his Karen mansion cannot stop talking about how expensive and luxurious his mansion is. The former minister for Information and communication cum minister for tourism and wildlife has embrace life in the best way possible.

tuju M

Raila Odinga

Less has been told of his personal life but the Former Prime Minister is living large with a house in Karen, another in Bondo not to forget his posh mansion in Mombasa.


Aden Duale

Being a majority leader, he need not tell you he has a flamboyant house, right? Check out his house;






EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Rapper Octopizzo Nominated For Oscars

First of all, Congratulations Octopizzo!

He is all the way up there, representing Kenya in the world arena.

Wondering what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the Oscars.

Yes, it is confirmed that Octopizzo has been nominated for the biggest award ever.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, the Ivo Ivo Ivo hit maker has revealed that he has been doing social work for the needy in this nation which has enabled him scoop the nomination in this year’s Oscar Activism Awards.



Octopizzo who was featured in CNN as one artist who rapped his way to success – from the slums to the mansions is also recognized for his Ambassadorial roles in UN with the campaign to stop Violence Against Women and Girls Through Football.


The Namba Nane rapper is at it again. Even though many did not know about his charity work around the nation, Octo says he is exited that International communities are recognizing Africans that do good for other Africans from the heart.

Kipendacho Roho Ni Dawa! 5 Photos Of Octopizzo And His Mzungu Bae That Prove He’s More Than Love Struck

He has been nominated in a collaboration track that was shot with a number of other artistes and was used in a charity project. Octo has however revealed that since the nomination, he has received two job offers which he is gladly going for and will be missing in action from the music scene at some point in the year.


Let’s wish Octopizzo all the best and support his work and hope he will bring the award home.

Here is the exclusive interview with the rapper;


Rihanna Is Named Harvard University’s 2017 Humanitarian Of The Year

She’s a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and actress.

But Rihanna will be honored for her philanthropic work as she has been named Harvard University’s 2017 Humanitarian of the Year.

The 29-year-old Barbadian beauty will receive the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award during a ceremony on the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus next Tuesday.

‘Rihanna has charitably built a state-of-the-art center for oncology and nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat breast cancer at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Bridgetown, Barbados,’ Harvard Foundation director S. Allen Counter said.

Last month Rihanna shed her usual pop star privileges as she dressed down to visit a Malawi school.

Make-up free and wearing a practical outfit of shirt and trousers, the Work singer looked ready to muck in as she visited the school in Lilongwe.


She toured the classrooms and met with the students during her charity trip.

‘Met the bravest, most humble kids and young women this week! I can’t wait to share more! #CLF #GC #GPE,’ she wrote alongside an Instagram snapshot with a group of children from her trip.

Rihanna traveled to Africa on behalf of her Clara Lionel Foundation, and is working as the ambassador for charities Global Citizen and the Global Partnership for Education.


In May last year, she launched the Clara Lionel Foundation’s Global Scholarship Program, dedicated to giving people in nations such as Cuba, Haiti and her home country, Barbados, the chance to study at universities in the United States.

‘Giving back is important to me and it should be important to everyone,’ the multi-talented star said at her annual Diamond Ball Gala benefit in 2015.

‘If you have the ability to help and lend a hand, no matter how big or small, you should definitely make that your responsibility.’


Timmy Tdat’s Shoes Can Buy Dela And Kush Tracey’s Weaves And Pay Their Rent For 5 Months (PHOTOS)

He needs no introduction! Timmy Tdat’s punch lines have launched his career in the entertainment world, but one things for sure, the Trikide hit maker has swag.

Timmy, who has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, has proven he has much more to offer than relationship scandals. The Usinikazie maker was recently spotted rocking designer shows evident that his apart from his scandalous life, his music is making money for the rapper.

timmy tdattt

Just so you know, he doesn’t need to shout from the rooftops because his new kicks are worth Ksh124,400. So let’s have a look at what he’s been rocking? He might be proving a point to rapper-cum-ex girlfriend Kush Tracey for dumping him let alone challenging his lungula skills.

timmy shoes

Just recently, yet another singer Vivian was spotted with him severally and when asked if they are an item, she played coy insisting that Timmy is not her type. We know love is not the vanity materials that come with it, but lets hope she is not regretting where she is now.


Nani Anatosa??? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Timmy Tdat’s Dela And Kush Tracey Are Like Kerosene And Water

The Mafeelings Dela might be smiling all the way to the shopping mall because this man seems to only have time for international designers. Perhaps Dubai mall will do right Timmy? The rapper, who is currently hitting the airwaves with his song Trikideis clearly setting standards.

timmy tdat


These Are The Top 5 Hairstyle Trend Setters Everyone Is Talking About

Is this not beautiful? It’s 2017 people and this of course brings with it top trends among them hairstyles, that should inspire you. Forget the dramatic signature style rocked by celebrities in the name of trends. Here are the real Kenyan trend setters when it comes to hairstyles and no, Huddah and Vera Sidika are not part of this game;


From her music to her personality, the co-founder of diva hair is always representing with her flawless braids and she absolutely never disappoints. Don’t you agree with me that this deserves a thumps up!



forget her music, her hairstyles are out of this world. She graces your Tv screens with that unique touch every time she rocks a new hairstyle and I must say every time she switches things up I am left amazed!


She hosts a local Tv entertainment show and one can’t help but notice that her hairstyle changes almost everytime she is on air. Evidently, she is a believer in maintaining flawless hair;



She’s a naturalista and one things for sure, Maureen knows the perfect style for her hair and from the look of things, she and the entire Elani band are creating waves with their looks.

Betty Kyallo

She is embraces all kind of styles from, natural to weaves and her work at her recently launched hair studio is evident on her head. She doesn’t disappoint fans who regularly tune in.

Game Of Throne’s King Slayer Coming To Nairobi

If you are a Game of Thrones fanatic then you will go googoo – gaagaa over news of an impending visit from one of the cast members.

Nairobi will be hosting the popular TV show’s King Slayer – real name Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – who is also the UNDP Goodwill Ambassador.

He will be in the country as part of a regional tournament for women supporting the United Nations 17 Global Goals dubbed ‘Global Goals World Cup (GGWCup)’, will be held in Nairobi Kenya on 5th March 2017.­


The Royal Danish Embassy, Safaricom, Save the Children, UNDP and Eir-Soccer; partners in this tournament will assemble 24 teams of passionate women to experience the sheer joy of playing soccer and the meaningfulness of taking a stand for the world they want.

Game of Thrones actor will referee the tournament. The winning team gets a spot in the global final to be held in New York City in September 2017.

“The Danish government is proudly supporting Global Goals World Cup. The 17 global goals, including their recognition of gender equality, are fundamental for our international engagement. It is indeed worth playing for. In Kenya, the Danish government for many years has supported women empowerment, women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights – and it is still a very important focus. I am happy to invite our partners to the tournament, playing for fun, creating awareness for the millions of women and girls in Kenya for whom the fight for their rights is deadly serious,” says Ulla Tørnæs, Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation.



“The 17 UN global goals for sustainable development are a must win battle for our generation. Winning this battle requires an extraordinary and unified effort from governments, NGOs, private companies and civil societies, but the real key to success is that we – the people – get engaged and take action,” says Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore.

GGWCup is global movement initiated and executed by the award winning Danish Soccer organization Eir-Soccer. The movement originated in Copenhagen and is rapidly spreading to all continents of the world.


“Children represent more than half the population, and the future. Efforts towards achieving the SDGs must serve the needs of the most disadvantaged children, and explicitly link the different areas of children’s well-being, such as learning and education, health and sanitation, nutrition, and protection from violence,” said Save the Children’s Kenya Country Director, Duncan Harvey.

The tournament uses the power of sport to unite and inspire individuals all over the world to take positive actions. The football matches are played by a different set of rules, awarding points for both scoring goals as well as working for the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

After Drama With Socialite Girlfriend, Prezzo Recognizes Ex Wife, Says He Loves Her To Death

Has Michelle Yola seen what her bae controversial rapper Prezzo is upto?

Now that we know Prezzo broke up with ex wife Daisy Kiplagat and went searching for a woman he has not yet found, Prezzo seems to be rekindling the love these two had. The rapper and Daisy wed at a private invites only ceremony which was attended by celebs, among others, but it didn’t take long for Daisy to recognize that Prezzo was not the one.


The two would later break up in what many termed as the nastiest divorce, which saw Daisy get full custody of their daughter. Evidently, she never wanted the daughter to experience the wrath of a socialite dad!



The two moved on with their lives, with Prezzo dating several lasses from socialite Huddah Monroe to drama queen Mitchelle Yola, who was rumoured to have beaten Prezzo. Prezzo and Michelle have an on-off relationship even after proposing to her late last year. Well, Daisy on the other hand has moved on and during her birthday, she would go ahead to declare to the world that she had found love and yes she’s engaged too.

Daisy wrote;

“Feeling blessed and loved today. Thank you God for all the years you continue to bless me with, good health, strength and wisdom. To my fiancé, a great father and a loving caring partner. My family, I love you all so much and to all my friends, thank you I appreciate each one of you and love you all so much. Thank you for all your birthday wishes.”

(EXCLUSIVE AUDIO) Prezzo Replies To Michelle Yola’s Claims That He Has a Small ‘Joystick’

It seems the My City My Town rapper is experiencing regret for living a drama filled life after he finally recognized his ex Daisy and daughter citing that he loves them to death. Is he going to beg her to come back after a horrific marriage? What would you do?

daisy k

Prezzo wrote;

“Love u both to death. Its Wednesday right…. so iam going all in with the ones i let down but have unconditional love 4. #WCW #TheMakiniTeam”



L Jay Maasai’s Posh Watch Can Pay Your Rent 7 Times, It’s Worth Will Shock You (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Sema lanes! While others are thinking of making “earthly” music, L Jay Maasai’s hottie girlfriend is walking all the way to the gift shop to buy her singer bae L Jay Maasai, a watch.

Just recently, the Ukitafuta maker posted a photo of a watch accompanied with a bracelet bearing the name Ashley. In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, the singer was shy to disclose if he and the gorgeous girl identified as Ashley Mutahi, are in a relationship or not, insisting they are cool friends even after pictures of them kissing went viral.

l jay

According to L Jay Maasai, the watch which his bae went out of her way to buy him is worth Ksh.70,000 and was imported from Norway. Trust Kenyans to investigate if the watch is truly worth that much. See what a google search unearthed; clear that the watch is Ksh 3,000. Aki haters!

l jay maasai(3)

Even after failing to recognize her as his girlfriend, it seems that the lass is head over heels in love with the gospel artist who said that his fans “should read between the lines.” So who is this Ashley girl all over L Jay’s hands? L Jay says the two pray hard together making them “Prayer Partners.” Evidently he is taking a swipe at Bahati and video vixen girlfriend because the two have had bad blood for the longest time ever.

L Jay Maasai Takes A Swipe At Bahati And Also Unveils His ‘Prayer Partner’ (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)


L Jay, it’s just time you told your fellas where those girlfriends who can get you a posh  watch are found! Her is an exclusive interview with the singer;












No One Is Ugly, Just Poor: Check Out These Crazy Celeb Throw Back Photos

I will probably be killed if I do not say “credit for these photos belongs to Shaffie and Adelle’s interns”. You thought I was going to credit them huh? So did they. But shout out to The interns who compiled this list of celebrity photos.

And why am I sharing them? Well because they are a way for us to celebrate “penye tumetoka“. In truth, unless you were born in the lap of luxury, you know what a glow-up is. And if you were born in the lap of luxury, take a knee, this isn’t for you.


We can see the struggle our celebrities went through before the money came and reworked their images -true to form, pesa ni sabuni and trust me when I say some look extremely ratchet.

But don’t take my word for it, check them out below:


Ready To Say ‘I Do’: Inside Sarah Hassan’s Hen Party Before She Gets Married (Photo Gallery)

Sarah Hassan has been MIA for the longest time. But she is back in town after her stint in New York. Maybe wamekuja kulipa mahari before she walks down the aisle with her longtime fiancé.

Sarah Hassan got engaged in 2015 to a South African tycoon and later relocated to the USA early 2016. During her stay abroad, Sarah applied to study at the prestigious New Yolk Film Academy. Now that she has graduated maybe we will be seeing her in more international movies.

Sarah Hassan's New Photo


Her pals threw her a hen party at Kiza Lounge and later at B Club, last night. There was a lot of drinking and merrymaking. The bride to be was dressed in a black and white figure hugging ensemble while the rest of her bridal party were in all black.

Some of the recognizable faces at the hen party were actress Mumbi Maina and radio personality Anita Nderu.

Here are some photos from Sarah Hassan’s last night before she is officially Mrs South African Tycoon.

Real Pastor: Adelle Onyango And Shaffie Give Their Two Cents On Being A Brothers Keeper (Audio)

Having friends is an essential thing in life. It makes it worth living. Friends can either make you or break you depending on what your friendship is based on.

There is a clip that has been making rounds of a young man who goes ahead and asks a pastor to pray for him to get married. Just like any intelligent pastor would do, he asked him a few questions before praying like if he had a job, had property, any savings and others things of which he answered NO to all questions. So the pastor decided to pray for him anyway. Well, the prayer was the deal breaker as it was not close to what you would expect.

During The Morning Kiss with Adelle and Shaffie, they played the clip and discussed it in detail. They asked the listeners to give their take on the issue of being your brothers keeper.

Shaffie thought that the pastor did a great job considering most pastors tend to blind their sheep.

Listen to the rest of the audio below -and also listen to the pastor’s prayer –  to know exactly what transpired;

Horrific!!! Top 5 Worst Dressed Male Celebrities (PHOTOS)

This is terrifying!!! You must know by now that when you put yourself out there for the public to thirst on your sexy self, you must also put your A game up.

On the red carpet especially in international events, it’s common to see celebs wearing bizzare outfits, which our Kenyan celebs have embraced. What has escaped them is making it as flawless as international celebs. Below is my list of such Kenyans.

Check them out;

Dennis Oliech

He is rich and yes while he has the money to get himself an international designer, the problem is what many Kenyans describe as the tasteless sense of fashion he has. Wearing this skirt like-pants was a trend that caught on and proved popular with Jaden Smith, among other celebs. You like it or nah?


Ian Mbugua

The thought that he is in a fashion panel discussing style just doesn’t add up. The TPF judge is often attacked by Kenyans on social media who claim he has no clue about fashion at all. KOT have suggested that he should stick to music.


Top 5 Male Celebrities Women Hate To Love But They Do It Anyway

Othuol Othuol

Forget his looks! Do you know this comedian rocks this one green suit? You might be saying it’s because of his comic signature style, but nah! Othuol Othuol has no sense for fashion at all. Honestly, he should ask for professional help!

othuol othuol


He is well known for spotting shorts but it seems the rapper is abusing them. It is not bad to try other things but if he really insists on them, it’s time he wore them in a different way. Sosuun, bae needs your help on this!

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Take heart! Celebrities who’ve survived scandals and moved on

They did what they did, were shamed by Kenyans before they dusted themselves off and moved on with life. Most of these Kenyan celebrities hit the headlines sometime last year and of course, we wonder where they went to, right? They must have gone silent to escape the wrath of fans but even as other celebrities emerge with even worse scandals, here’s a list of celebrities who’ve moved on after being the subject of public scrutiny for their scandals;

Creme De La Creme

He is definitely one of the best Dj’s in town even after his s3x tape scandal. He defended himself through an interview in a local Tv show, adding that he was glad that that particular clip gave lessons to people and has since then moved on, happy with his life with his wife Denise.

“It was a bad example but am glad that people have learnt from that story…Learnt that you need to do things not thinking about today but think about the future…You know some things have to happen in your life to be humble enough…In the midst of that storm i think i have found myself coz its been a journey of self discovery’


Mustapha And Marya

His public break up with Chokoza hit maker Marya was downright nasty after the two ex lovers exchanged blows on social media. Mustapha would then say that the singer had cheated on him leading to their break-up. Mustapha moved on to socialite Huddah after he released a song “Dodoma” which many fans considered pornographic. Since then, Mustapha has had a chain of scandals while Marya has found herself a flamboyant boyfriend and the two have a baby together.


Betty Bayo And Pastor Kanyari

Kanyari is a creative pastor, from the 310 panda mbegu allegations to touching other women’s goodie goodies, he really made headlines! He and ex wife singer Betty Bayo hit the internet by storm after Kanyari was busted conning Kenyans of their hard earned cash. Betty would then go into exile in the US and return pregnant. Did she get another baby daddy? Well, Kanyari doesn’t appear much in public, and Betty too.

Pastor Omba And Gloria Muliro

Silence, sorrow and loneliness rocked Gloria Muliro’s heart for the longest time in her marriage with her congolese Pastor Omba. The pastor is alleged to have had flings with female congregants. Later, the pastor would mistreat the Kitanzi hit maker to a point of embarrassing her before friends and even writing rules that her friends should follow. Well, the singer had enough and called it quits. The pastor is currently planning to get married to another lass while Gloria is now concentrating on her music.

Gloria explained;
“I always knew he was cheating on me and friends would always come around with reports but i always shut them out. I did not want outsiders, but God to show me the truth . In fact, besides my family and one bishop, no one else knew the hell I was going through… He even sent me over to a friend’s place saying she would teach me how to cook and keep good hygiene only to discover that I was being turned into a house girl.”

Eric Omba would then blame Gloria for their break up;

” it is true that the joy and the union of a couple comes from babies and that is why the baby issue has been coming up. Gloria can’t give me a babies, only God can and we have been working on that. Probably if we had one,these things would not be happening.” 


From being declared the richest gospel artiste in Kenya to being evicted for defaulting on rent! It was claimed that singer Ringtone hadn’t paid rent in a while for what we all thought was his Karen home after details from the owner’s advocate reached us. The guy is now living in Runda, maybe another posh rental? Let’s hope this time there will be no eviction scandals.