Moto Kama Pasi: Watch A Sneak Peak Of Susumila’s Unreleased Tune

Top Coast based artiste Susumila has been serving hit after hit. He had gone quiet a while back but once he came back,  he’s been giving his fans nothing but the best he can offer.

Last year, he released a hot tune featuring Avril, ‘Wewe’, that received massive airplay.


Susumila finally makes it clear about praising Illuminati in his upcoming song

Well, it seems 2018 will be the year of making moves rather than just talking about it. Susumila has given his fans a sneak peek of his next song and quite frankly, it will become a hit, especially for those who embrace coastal music.

Here is a video he recorded of the song;

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Sizzling Hot! Otile Brown hits airwaves with Shetta on ‘Tamu Sana’

He has this unique voice that leaves female fans with goosebumps. I’m talking about one of Kenya’s biggest artistes Otile Brown. The sexy lad has started the year on a higher note.

His new song Tamu Sana, a collabo featuring Tanzania’s Shetta is currently at over 100k views on Youtube. Did I mention its also trending? Well, I must admit that Brown put a lot of effort in the shooting of the music video.

Check it out:

Otile Brown Throws Major Shade At Kenyan Artistes, Calls Them Broke And Fake

Previously, Otile had made headlines with the hit song Mapenzi Hisia, a love ballad that was well received in Kenya and across East Africa. Otile revealed to this writer in a past interview that he had invested millions of shillings to shoot it at the coast:

Sauti Sol have interesting thoughts on King Kaka’s new song dissing Kenyan musicians

When King Kaka released his new song Angels ft Suziah  it set off a storm.

In the song, King Kaka takes shots at legendary musicians such as Jimwatt, Juacali and Nameless, calling them out for not taking him seriously when he was new in the music industry.

This is the song;

Boy band Sauti Sol were in studio on Friday and hosted by Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, who sought to know their thoughts on King Kaka having beef with other musicians.

King Kaka and Sauti Sol have also had beef in the past . In October last year, King Kaka mocked Sauti Sol after they pulled down comments about his latest jam Run Ting with Fena Gitu.

King Kaka had dissed veteran musicians saying they have done nothing for the music industry,

Here are Kaka’s comments that set off a storm,

“So juzi nilienda interview nikasema Sauti Sol are not helping out the industry as much. I’m a huge fan of them. By the way kama uko Germany go for their show. But walikua wamepost poster ya song yangu na Fena, Run Ting. Manze Nimeenda page yao nikapata wametoa hiyo poster. Really guys, a poster? Si mngeacha tu. Anyway ni sawa tu but that’s petty.”

Sauti Sol responded saying that signing artistes did not mean that the Kaka Empire founder was helping anyone, referring to him as a lukewarm artiste.


Well, Adelle asked the boys about King Kaka’s views again and they said;

I respect how he has done it, who am I to comment on his history,

Kama story yako ni salty uta sound tu salty…

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Fire Pon Di Mountain: Sauti Sol Finally Release The Much Anticipated Collabo With Tiwa Savage And It’s Fire

When I say this song is fire, trust me it’s blazing hot. Sauti Sol revealed a while back that they had travelled to Nigeria to shoot a number of videos and one was with Tiwa Savage.

Well the much anticipated music video is finally out and it’s serving all sorts of sauce.

sauti sol ft tiwa

Tiwa goes ahead to show the world she can also sing in Swahili, saying “Hey baby, sina noma hii wikendi, niko easy.” Moto kama pasi I’m telling you

Chimano sings the first verse and quite frankly, this guy should sing more often. He has a really deep and beautiful voice and we are loving every bit of it.

Fena Gitu was part of the project as she contributed in writing the song, and as always, Fena has not disappointed.

sauti sol girl next door

This is the second video off their forthcoming collaborations LP, AfrikanSauce.

This song will definitely be a hit for a pretty long time and from the look of things, Sauti Sol will be shocking us frequently.

They will be dropping dope collabos from around the continent every month until November this year and so far they are keeping their word.

Watch the blazing hot music video below;

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Kenyan Afro Fusion Star Makadem Nominated For The Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards

Kenya has some of the greatest talents, who have proved they are good at what they do over the years. We have witnessed our very own artistes winning awards left right and center as some get nominated but don’t bag the award; just getting a nomination is actually an achievement.

Well our very own Makadem is smiling as he revealed that his song Nyako (Daisho Remix) with Behr was nominated for Track of the Year at Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards 2018.

Speaking to Kiss FM, he explained how the song got nominated.


I did this song with DJ Behr who is a producer and an artiste, he’s a South African white. While in the UK the track was taken by a label called On The Corner Records. When it got to On The Corner Records it started going wild, so many remixes and they’ve been tagging me and showing me the developments and then they released it and of course you know such songs now ended up with Gilles Peterson whom I’m told is like the Maina Kageni of huko. Then it was put on a competition for top 20 globally, then it became number 6 and from there is when it was nominated to compete as track of the year.”

When asked how he feels after the song got nominated, he said, “Its kinda salt and sugar because It’s very bad when you get such a nomination and your fellow artistes just ignore you when you tell them about it. But also it’s sugary because I was wowed like how did I even get here, so I feel salty and sweet.”

You can visit Worldwide FM to vote for Makadem for Track of the Year.

Here’s his famous song;

Moto Kama Pasi: King Kaka Releases Hot Jam Mistarillionaire

Musician King Kaka has kicked off the year by releasing Mistarillionaire. 
Mistarillionaire is a poetry piece that charters his life from when he was younger to his evolution as a musician. The song is inspired by his childhood and the life he is living now.
“Mistarillionaire is a collection of memories and time that i have gone through as a person since way back when life was trying to inspire me. where i tell the story of the evolution of Kaka Sungura to Rabbit and to now King Kaka. It is also just bars on bars, read between the lines and see between the frames” says King Kaka.
The Saxophone was done by Dan, mixed and mastered by Jack on The Beat and Recorded at Fast Cash.
The video was directed by the talented Mbayah who first directed King Kaka’s Betty.

Triple Threat: Vanessa Mdee And Her Sisters Nancy Hebron And Mimi Mars Team Up To Release A Gospel Song (Video)

Nancy Hebron, popularly know as Tero Mdee, was among the most celebrated media personalities in the country years ago. She then went missing from the public scene for a really long time, but then it was revealed that she moved back to Tanzania and got married to a pastor.

Many people were left with questions, considering her media career was growing at a fast pace. Well, from the look of things she’s doing great and has joined the music industry.

tero mdee

Last year she released her first gospel song, ‘Taa Ya Miguu Yangu’, which was actually well received by the public and already has over 25k views on YouTube.

Well, Nancy has decided to do something different and included her two sisters Vanessa Mdee and Mimi Mars and together they have released a new gospel song, ‘Beautiful Jesus’. This has come as a shock to many considering Vanessa and Mimi are secular artistes but that hasn’t stopped them from supporting their sister.

vanessa and sisters

Nancy took to social media to share how they came about working together on the new song.

She wrote, “Tuliingia studio kwa lengo moja tu….kuimba! Lakini ikawa zaidi, tuliimba, tulicheka, tulicheza. Mimi ndo niliingia booth wa kwanza nikaimba ubeti wangu nikijua nimefunika 😂😂…..kisha akaingia @mimi_mvrs11 dah dogo alinitoa jasho, moyoni nawaza hayo sijasubutu kusema kwa sauti anisikie…..😅❤ Akatoka Pota @mimi_mvrs11 akaingia caterpillar Somali @vanessamdee. Hiyo caterpillar ikapita akatufunika wote tukalala chini flat!! Kwa kifupi session yetu ilienda hivyo 😀😁.”

Watch the music video below;

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Music Publishers Association Of Kenya Respond To Allegations Made By MCSK Chairman Albert Gacheru

Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE) have come out to strongly to respond to a burning issue, after the current chairman of MCSK Albert Gacheru addressed the President of Kenya His Excellency Honourable Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, on matters concerning the licensing of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs).

This comes after Daily Nation published a paid advert on the same.

MPAKE have since issued a press statement stating that the advertisement was a misrepresentation of facts by Gacheru and want to set the record straight.

Ben Githae, who is the director on behalf of the board of directors of MPAKE stated that on the registration of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), all existing collecting societies are well aware that the licenses are issued Annually, as per the Copyright Act and Regulations.

In a Letter dated 28 th March 2017 (enclosed), from the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) – which regulates CMOs under the Office of the Attorney General, to MCSK – which was at the time, and still is, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Gacheru; the regulator specifically communicated that MCSK had violated
regulations as a CMO and as such, their application for renewal of their
license was unsuccessful.

The letter, addressed to the General Manager of MCSK, by the Executive Director of KECOBO, refers to royalties collected by MCSK from July 2015 to June 2016, and Reads as follows:

I refer to your application for renewal of your License as a Collecting Society.
This is to inform you that your application was not successful f o r the following
1. The Society’s Board expenses went beyond the cap of 8 million set
by the Kenya Copyright Board chiefly because of Board of Directors
involvement in management matters, unjustified Board meetings,
payment of sitting allowances at rates not authorised by the Annual
General Meeting and cash advances not supported by the
Memorandum & Articles of the Society.

2. The Financial Report is not a true reflection of the Society’s position
since Skiza payments is managed on a separate joint account with
KAMP and PRISK. That Skiza account is subject of a separate joint audit

3. The report of the royalties and beneficiaries reflects an
amount of Kshs. 47 million which is from revenues of previous financial year.

As such the Society did not make payments that can
be strictly considered as royalties from the income of the financial year
2015-2016. Even if this amount was taken into account, the royalty
paid is 13% of the revenue collected, less the Skiza disbursements,
compared to 37% in the last period, a drastic and unexplained

The statement continues to read that the Music Copyright Society of Kenya did not deliver on its core mandate of collecting and distribution of royalties, on behalf of its members; and must now cease all royalty collection activities forthwith.

Given this Decision by the Board of KECOBO, the Music Publishers Association of Kenya (MPAKE), who had also made a Pitch via a Competitive Process – in addition to MCSK and one other Party; was issued a License to collect and distribute Royalties, on behalf of Musicians who are Authors and/or Composers and/or Publishers (please see Decision Letter enclosed).

It’s indeed true that Kenyan musicians have not been paid Royalties for their Copyright in 2017, because of a Case at Kakamega High Court, actually Filed by Members of MCSK, which Barred the newly Licensed MPAKE from Collecting for 7 months; until the Court Order was lifted recently, allowing MPAKE to begin Collections in November 2017.

And even then, MCSK illegally continued collecting Royalties in 2017, without a License – Monies which it has Not Distributed, even as of now. MCSK was doing this fully Aware that its License to Collect had Not been Renewed for 2017. Furthermore, Royalties legally Collected by MCSK, from July 2016 til December 2016 (i.e. Half of their 2016-2017 Financial Year), have still Not been Distributed; thereby Flouting their own Distribution Rules, set by the Members of MCSK.

As such, MCSK, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Gacheru, are indeed the Cause and Reason that Musicians have not received any Royalties from Copyright in 2017. Therefore, Mr. Gacheru should Stop Misleading the President and the Public.

Furthermore, Mr. Gacheru alleges that no efforts have been made to bring a lasting Solution. However, MCSK has been prevailed upon to Drop the Cases and engage in Dialogue, but has Declined the offer. It is, therefore, Misleading that Nothing has been Done to Address the Issue.

Meanwhile, despite the MCSK induced Challenges experienced by MPAKE,
since being Issued with a License by KECOBO, MPAKE has still achieved the

1). Since April 2017, MPAKE has already received over 9,000 Membership
Applications from Musicians (as Authors and/or Composers and/or Publishers).
We shall commence Vetting these on the 15 th January 2018.

2). During May 2017, MPAKE signed a Memorandum with the Kenya Association
of Music Producers (KAMP) and Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) for
Joint Collection; whereby, a Customer efficiently Receives just one License
(instead of Three) for the Use of all Rights in Music, which is then Shared by the
Members of the three CMOs.

3). In June 2017, Safaricom agreed to Share music sales Data, through a Digital
Rights Management (DRM) platform. This put to an End the numerous
Complaints from Musicians, that they did not know their SKIZA sales. This is
something that KECOBO, KAMP, PRISK and MPAKE have been consistently
Lobbying for.

4). In June 2017, Safaricom also Increased the Revenue for Musicians on
SKIZA, from 15% to 25%. This was following Negotiations between Safaricom,

5). In September 2017, the National Assembly published the Copyright
Amendment Bill 2017, which has now passed second Reading. This Bill will seek
to Streamline the Collection & Distribution of Royalties, Reduce Online Piracy by
introducing a Takedown Process for illegal Content, as well as many other
Benefits. KAMP, PRISK and MPAKE have actively Contributed to this Bill, on
behalf of their Members.

6). By November 2017, KAMP-PRISK-MPAKE had actively Engaged their
Customers to Help the Growth of the Kenya Music Industry, by Agreeing on
favourable Tariffs to ensure Compliance. This has Resulted in Memorandums of
Understanding (MoUs) being Signed with the Matatu Owners Association, the
Pubs, Entertainment & Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK), the Kenya
Association of Hotelkeepers & Caterers (KAHC) and the Media Owners
Association. This shall see a Growth in Royalties collected and distributed to
Musicians in 2018.

7). Similar MoUs are in Process with the Event Managers Association of Kenya
(EMAK), the Retail Trade Association of Kenya (RETRAK) and the Association of
Deejays in East Africa (ADJ-EA). This shall see a Growth in Royalties collected
and distributed to Musicians in 2018.

8). In this New Year of 2018, the CMOs will Automate the Licensing Process to
be fully Digital and use Mobile Money. This will make it easier for Organisations
to Purchase a License for their Use of Music, which shall Translate to increased
Royalties for Musicians by increased Collections at a Lower Cost. This will also
Eliminate the Cash Handling of Royalties, which has previously seen Musicians’
money disappear during the MCSK’s time.

With all these Milestones, MPAKE expect that 2018 will be a Great year for Musicians
and Everything will be Better into Future.

They also took the opportunity to appreciate the President of the Republic of Kenya – His Excellency Honourable Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, for his Leadership and appointed Government Officials, including the: Office of the President, Office of the Deputy President, The Attorney General, Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts (especially the PS of Culture & the Arts), Kenya Copyright Board and all other Government Agencies that have Supported the positive change that is being realised in the Kenya Music Industry.

Do You Wanna Dance? Popular Star Johnny Skani Ushers The Year With A Comeback Track ‘ZUGA’ Featuring DJ Space

John Wanyama, better known by his stage name as Johnny Skani is a Kenyan singer–songwriter, rapper, MCee, Events Organiser and TV personality.

He made his debut into the music scene after winning a star search competition which was held by a French institution at the Kenyan coast way back in 2001.


He then formed a boy band known as ‘Skani Flani’ in which he was the lead singer/rapper and recorded their first single ‘Reduce Kidogo’. The song became an instant hit all over Kenya and catapulted them onto the national stage, topping charts for several months.

‘Reduce Kidogo’ was even selected by USAID and NACADA as one of the songs to be used in creating HIV and drug abuse awareness programs.


Johnny has won numerous awards and also worked with various industry heavy weights like Nazizi, Abbas Kubaf, Ukoo Flani, Cannibal, Ibra da Hustler (Tz) among others. As a solo artiste he has released hit songs like ‘Bembea’ and ‘Shine’.

Now signed under the music label MOB Entertainment, Johnny Skani is currently working on his debut album and to start off his career professionally as a signed solo act he has recorded ‘Zuga’, which means ‘dance’.

As a TV personality, he runs an entertainment program known as “PUNGWE” and his long term goal is to empower the youth and free them from drug abuse.

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‘Rest easy, blood’ Rihanna raises a family toast to her murdered cousin

Rihanna’s cousin Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne was shot to death in Barbados on Tuesday.

And the next day the We Found Love singer was toasting the 21-year-old with what appeared to be a tequila shot in a private home in Barbados as she held her niece Majesty on her hip.

The 29-year-old Grammy winner was surrounded by family as toasts included ‘Rest easy blood’ and ‘this one is for you bro.’

There was no sign of billionaire Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, who she has been spotted with in recent months.

The superstar wore a black top with no shoes on and her hair pulled back as she joined a gathering of close family and friends.

rihanna cousin 4

They were paying their respects to Tavon, who died in a hospital after being shot several times at close range on the street in the Eden Lodge area of St Michael’s on the holiday island.

One of the guests is heard saying ‘this one is for you bro’ in a mobile phone video shot as the group drink a shot ‘for Tavon.’

The words ‘Rest easy blood!!!’ are also heard.

Rihanna didn’t seem to want to let go of Majesty.

‘Just last night I held you in my arms!’ Rihanna’s cousin shot dead hours after spending Christmas Day together

The star, who is the child’s godmother, calls herself ‘Aunty Oh Na Na’ and regularly posts Instagrams and snapshots of the adorable tot.

On Friday an image of Tavon with rapper Jay Z was shared proving the Diamonds singer had brought the young man into her Hollywood circle.

Rihanna, who saw her cousin on Christmas Day, called for an end to gun crime in an Instagram message.

‘RIP cousin… can’t believe it was just last night that I held you in my arms!’ the heartbroken Wild Thoughts singer wrote to her 59 million Instagram followers.

rihanna cousin

‘Never thought that would be the last time I felt the warmth in your body!!! Love you always man!’

Alleyne was shot near a house in which he was living with his girlfriend in the parish of St Michael.

The performer added the hashtag, ‘#endgunviolence,’ at the end of the post.

Earlier this month, Barbados Police said there had been a significant increase in gun-related crimes on the island compared to 2016. Of the 28 murders committed so far this year, 22 were gun-related, figures revealed.

According to Nation News, Alleyne’s killer, who has not been identified, shot several times before fleeing the scene.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital in a private vehicle but eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Rhianna later added a memorial panel to her Instagram Stories, with a black background adding his handle – @merka_95.

‘Rest up lil cuz,’ she wrote, with emojis of praying hands, a crying face and a broken heart.

The Work singer shared four shots along with the post, illustrating how close she and her cousin were.

rihanna cousin 1

A woman named Tanella also posted a photo of herself with Alleyne at the hospital, putting an emoji of an angel over his face. She referred to him as ‘my brother,’ suggesting she may be another family member.

‘I never thought the day would come that I would have to bury you my love , omggg!!!’ Tanella wrote.

‘This was our first Christmas together we clean we decorate and everything!! Tavon I know you was trying to be a better person!! I loveee you soooo muchhhhhhhhh brother omg!’

Police are currently searching the island for the shooter, and have asked anyone with information to contact the District A Police Station, Crime Stoppers or the nearest police station

It is believed police are currently questioning a suspect.

Alleyne’s Instagram account featured images of the singer, including one in which he wished her a happy birthday in February.

He wrote: ‘Every day we are happy to have you in our lives. Happy Birthday cousin, we really love you. Your presence in my life is a source of joy and happiness. To my favorite cousin, may all your dreams and wishes come true. #LoveYouLoads #wishyoumanymoretocome.’

rihanna cousin 3

A number of the singer’s fans were quick to offer kind words amid the difficult time

The singer had previously taken to social media over the Christmas holiday, showing off her fabulous form in a red gown by designer Christopher Kane amid a winter cold.

She said, ‘When you sick af but yo friend let you wear his dress,’ in a caption on the post, later adding in her Instagram Stories, ‘1st day of Christmas $anta gave to me: the cold!!!’


Rich Mavoko has grand plans with Nyashinski as he is set to bring Nairobi to a standstill (photos)

Bongo star Rich Mavoko is in town for his new year’s party at the Safari park. The Show Me hit maker is one of the recognized artistes in East Africa who has been releasing hit after hit.

Talking exclusively to Kiss website, the singer revealed that he will be dropping a collabo with Malaika hitmaker Nyashinski.

“I’m planning to do a collabo with Nyashinski, he’s one of my best artistes from Kenya.”

Rich Mavokothen went ahead to make a list of artistes whose songs are listened to in Tanzania.

‘The music industry is different, I can’t judge the music here but from what I know, Tanzanians listen to a lot of Sauti Sol, Bahati, Willy Paul, Nyashinski and even Mercy Masika.”

In 2018, Mavoko says he will be unleashing his album early April. He tells his Kenyan fans to expect big collabos from him and other Kenyan artistes, whom he didn’t mention.

Trouble! Diamond Platnumz’s WCB Sued For Copyright Infringement

Check out his photos courtesy of our very own Douglas Okiddy:


rich mavoko c3


rich mavoko c4


rich mavoko c5


rich mavoko


rich mavoko c1

From Mathare to the world! Bahati set to fill Thika stadium

Forget the controversy, Bahati is set to welcome the new year in style.

The singer has vowed to fill the Thika stadium to capacity on the new year’s eve, something that is yet to be done by a Kenyan artiste.


He wrote:


He added in another post:

“MY LAST GOAL IN 2017??? Just to Fill Up Thika Stadium On 31st December😊😊😊”

The year 2017 has been big for the singer with collaborations like Nikumbushe featuring WCB’s Rayvanny, Barua Kwa Mama featuring BET award winning artiste Eddy Kenzo among others,


‘Everytime I look at you, I recognize blessings, kipenzi,’ Diana Marua Tells Bahati

This year also saw the singer tie the knot in a traditional wedding with the love of his life Diana Marua.

Lets hope all goes well for the singer.

Baha is currently hitting the airwaves with the song Lala Amka:

‘When we’re apart I get an empty feeling in my heart’ Professor Jay’s wife pens love letter to singer

Wife to legendary East African rapper profesa Jay has penned down a letter for the Zali La Mentali hit maker on his birthday.

Grace Haule, his wife, has described the rapper cum politician as ‘The only thing in her life that she counts to be real.’

“Mere words cannot begin to tell you how I feel. You’re the one thing in my life, I can count on to be real. We’ve had our ups and downs but whenever we’re apart, I still get an empty feeling deep inside my heart. We’ve stood the test of time,we’ve walked the narrow road and at the end of everyday it’s you I want to hold🙌🏻. I’m proud to be your wife and your best friend 💞😘 I LOVE YOU BABA LISA ❤️😍…….. Happy birthday to you.”

The two walked down the aisle mid this year in a star-studded, invite only ceremony that saw them tie the know after a decade of courtship.

prof jay 1

CONGRATULATIONS! Professor Jay Does Things Right With The Woman Of His Dreams (PHOTOS)

The now 42-year-old and father of one lovely daughter took to social media to appreciate himself saying only God can judge him.

“Oooh NI MWAKA MWINGINE TENA Kwangu, Asante sana Mwenyezi Mungu mwingi wa REHEMA, Kwa Pumzi, ulinzi, Baraka na Neema zako, Hakika huu ni upendeleo mkubwa sana kwangu Naendelea kukuahidi kuwa Nitaishi na kulitangaza Jina Lako na Utukufu wako Siku zote za Maisha yangu..
#OnlyGOD can Judge me🙏🙏🙏.”

prof jay

And from us is happy birthday Profesa Jay.

Beyonce and daughter star at Jay Z’s video which addresses his infidelity

Jay Z finally admitted to infidelity last month.

And it seems like he is taking Beyonce and their daughter Blue Ivy Carter to church to help him repent for his sins.

The 48-year-old rapper released a 30-second teaser on Tidal’s Twitter account for his upcoming music video for Family Feud which addresses his cheating.

Many fans were shocked to find that his 36-year-old superstar wife as well as their eldest daughter, five, are both featured in the clip.

Most of the short video takes place from the inside of a church as both Jay and his wife could be seen sitting in confessionals separately.

Beyonce seemed to be wearing more than just her Sunday best for the occasion as she rocked some rather rather grandiose looks.

The Single Ladies hitmaker sported a navy dress which dropped from her shoulder featuring a large black leather corset.

beyonce 2

She tilted her head and glared at the camera as she completed the look with a huge flowing headpiece.

As if that wasn’t enough couture for the Queen Bey she could also be seen sitting in the confessional wearing a black mini dress along with matching long gloves.

However the most flamboyant part of the look were large white shoulder pads which flowed over the side almost looking like a cape.

She completed the look with large gold circular earrings and a matching medallion clinging to the top of her dress just over her chest.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s $88million Bel-Air mansion developer sued, find out why

Her signature blonde tresses were put up in a bun as she accentuated her natural looks with highlighter around the cheekbones and a swipe of shiny pink lip

Blue Ivy was only shown for a moment as she walked down the aisle of the church while hand-in-hand with her mogul father.

beyonce 1

She looked angelic in a white dress featuring puffy sleeves.

One of the more interesting parts of the video comes when an unidentifiable couple are shown getting amorous.

However it all takes a very hard turn as the woman takes out a knife and stabs the man in the side as he drops dead on the floor.

Some of Jay Z’s lyrics of the song featured in the clip included: ‘Nobody wins when the family feuds… We all lose when the family feuds’

However in the full length version from his recent album 4:44, the Brooklyn-based rapper actually addresses his infidelity as he raps: ‘Yeah, I’ll f***up a good thing if you let me. Let me alone, Becky. A man that don’t take care his family can’t be rich.’

This is a direct reference to Beyonce’s critically-acclaimed album Lemonade which was released in 2016 which had several tracks centered around infidelity and revenge.

More specifically in her song Sorry, the Houston-native sang: ‘He only want me when I’m not there. He better call Becky with the good hair.’

Last month Jay Z finally revealed that he had been unfaithful to Beyonce during an eye-opening interview with Dean Baquet from the New York Times.

The artist said that his scars from his past led him to push away his wife, which she later addressed in her album Lemonade.

blue ivy

Jay told the NYT that: ‘You have to survive. So you go into survival mode, and when you go into survival mode, what happens? You shut down all emotions. So, even with women, you gonna shut down emotionally, so you can’t connect. … In my case, like, it’s deep. And then all the things happen from there: infidelity,’ he said.

He has never named the woman he cheated with. Beyonce has called her ‘Becky with the good hair.’

As they had both addressed it on separate albums, Jay admitted that it was actually not planned that way and they were actually going to do a joint album.

Jay said to the NYT: ‘You know, most people walk away, and, like, divorce rate is like 50 percent or something ’cause most people can’t see themselves.’

Adding: ‘The hardest thing is seeing pain on someone’s face that you caused, and then have to deal with yourself.’

Issa break-up! AKA calls it quits with long term girlfriend

South African rapper AKA and long time girlfriend Bonang Matheba have broken up. On Friday morning, the All Eyes On Me hit maker announced he and the media personality are no more.



But fans are not convinced about this tweet putting into consideration that AKA announced a break up with Queen B early this year only for fans to find out that he was doing a stunt for a song.

akak 3

Queen B: Learn From South Africa’s Bonang Matheba How To Slay On The Red Carpet

Before dating Bonang, AKA was in a long term relationship with one of Africa’s biggest female DJs, DJ Zinhle. The two are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

Check out what fans had to say.

Boy bye! Rayvanny involved in cheap publicity stunt with baby mama

Bongo singer Rayvanny has involved himself in what Kenyan fans term as ‘cheap publicity’ stunts after he faked a break-up with baby mama, Fahyma.

Mid this month, they exchanged nasty words on Instagram where they let fans know that their love is no more.

Fahyma, the baby mama posted,

“SINGLE Mama.”

rayvanny and babay mama

Rayvanny then took to social media to pour out his heart

“Mpende ila usimuamini, mpe ila sio vyote, mtunze ila usimchunge, mpe mwili wako ila usimpe siri zako…. Ata mkojo ulikua soda, vitamu ndio vichungu keep it your mind.”

He added;

‘Safari Njema….. but change that f****** name PERIOD.’

rayvanny babay mama

‘Ni Wa Kwangu’ – Rayvanny’s Baby Mama Warns Mishi Dorah Over Competition

They later deleted their posts, only for fans to find out it was a stunt for his new song dubbed Siri.

The Salome hit maker has released the song using his baby mama as his video vixen proof that he played his fans’ minds to attract attention to the song.

Such brazen shamelessness. Aibu tupu.

‘My new best friend,’ Davido proudly declares Wizkid is his pal

Few days after Wizkid invited Davido to his Lagos concert, the two have shared yet another stage. This time round, Davido invited the Daddy Yo hit maker to his 30 Billion concert where he termed the singer as his ‘new best friend.’

‘Would you like to meet my new best friend?’ Davido yelled to the crowd.

wizkid davido

Wizkid emerged from the backstage which saw fans shocked over their unbelievable reconciliation. The two embraced each other and performed a song together.

The Fall hit maker later described Wizkid as his brother.

“My muhfuckin broda @wizkidayo !! THANK YOU FOR COMiNG !! ❤️❤️ ICONIC! #30BillionConcert” he wrote

wizkid davido 1

Late, last month, the two Nigerian artistes were rumoured to have exchanged blows at the backstage of a concert in Dubai over who was superior.

No more beef! Wizkid and Davido Settle supremacy rift on stage

Lets just say this is a Christmas present for their fans.

Here’s the video of their performance:

See what Jennifer Lopez did for boyfriend on Christmas

As one of most successful power couples, JLo and ARod are hardly down and out in Beverly Hills.

On Wednesday just a couple days after Christmas Jennifer Lopez and her beau Alex Rodriguez were spotted hitting up Tom Ford’s shop in the upmarket neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The duo were seen trying on clothes in the boutique and snapping photos with fans.

The former ball player seemed in high spirits as he tried on a new sweater and chinos.

However, he hardly seemed to be in want of designer clothing as he arrived in a Gucci tracksuit.

While JLo seemed more content to peruse the racks while looking as trendy as ever in a long knit cardigan, tight denim, and Timberland boots.

jennifer lopez

The day before, the 48-year-old singer took to Instagram Stories and posted a video of her at a yoga session.

Jennifer wore a tight black tank top with plunging neckline along with grey leggings in the clip.

She had her dark brown hair tied up in a high bun while recording with her cell iPhone.

Big Money Spender! See How Jennifer Lopez Chopped Money On Holiday With Daughter

A yoga mat, towel and bottle of water were on the ground behind her.

Jennifer tagged the clip with the hashtgag ‘yogastrong’ for her 71 million followers on Instagram.

The singer and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, 42, celebrated their first Christmas together clad in pajamas with her nine-year-old twins Emme and Max

jlo 3

J-Lo shared candid shots on Instagram of herself getting cozy with Alex, her children and extended family in Miami.

She shared a photo of herself resting her head on Emme and captioned it: ‘Hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas full of joy and laughter, surrounded by all of your loved ones…

‘Sending everyone lots of love and good wishes for this holiday season!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ❤️#lovepost #pajamajammyjam’.

The Shades of Blue actress earlier shared a number of cute photos with her sports star beau which she captioned with: ‘#him’

It comes after Alex posted photos earlier in the day and was seen makeup free and in her pajamas as she leaned on the former baseball player while in the living room of a Miami home.

Rodriguez captioned the image: ‘To all of our family, friends, and amazing fans and supporters, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday. Merry Christmas to all of you!’

jlo 2

Her sister Lynda Lopez also shared a similar photo, this one showing off Jennifer’s left hand.

Though several media outlets speculated she would be getting engaged on Christmas, the Amor Amor Amor singer’s left hand was naked

People claimed last week she and A-Rod are ‘definitely’ on the right course for marriage, and their children are even keen for them to tie the knot.

‘All the kids want Jennifer and Alex to get married,’ she said.

‘There are definitely talks about getting married, but Jennifer is old-school and will wait for the engagement ring before she entertains any wedding talk.’

The singer and the former New York Yankees player are said to be ‘looking forward’ to their future together, the magazine claims.

jlo 1

The former sportsman has two daughters, Natasha, 13, and Ella, nine, with his ex wife Cynthia Curtis.

Jennifer has two kids with her musician ex husband Marc Anthony, nine-year-old twins Emme and Max.

People reports the actress feels he is ‘her true soulmate’ and that she ‘can’t believe how happy she is’ with the retired baseball player. MailOnline have contacted both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s reps for comment.

Jennifer has made no secret of how happy she is with Alex. Speaking to HOLA! USA in September, Jennifer said of the romance: ‘I’m in a good relationship. I feel like I can say that for the first time – I don’t know – maybe ever.

And not that I didn’t have great relationships, full of love and adventure, but this is the first relationship I’ve been where I feel like we really make each other better.

‘We complement each other, and there’s really pure, true love’ she added, ‘Just wanting to support the other person and make them happy.

‘So there’s a different selflessness in the love that’s beautiful and different. And healthy!’

Calling this period of her life ‘a golden era’, she added: ‘I am shining brighter than I ever have – that I’m better as a person, as a daughter, as a mother, as a friend, as a partner.’

Jennifer was married to ex-husband Marc Anthony, 49, from 2004 to 2014. The star was previously engaged to Ben Affleck, 45, for two years from 2002 to 2004, earning them the tabloid nickname Bennifer.

jlo cassper

Jennifer was also formerly married to waiter Ojani Noa for just over a year in 1997, and to dancer Cris Judd from 2001 to 2003.

Alex was married to Cynthia Scurtis from 2002 to 2008.

On Thursday the 48-year-old Shades Of Blue actress shared a Snapchat clip in front of an enormous Christmas tree.

Jennifer wore one of her signature looks – a red plaid shirt with ripped jeans and construction boots – as she looked at her tree.

The star seems to be at one of her suburban homes, possibly on Long Island, as a swimming pool can be see outside the window.

The former Fly Girl dancer added Happy Holidays and a photo of packages on the clip.

The tree must be 12 feet tall as she stands next to it, looking up at the white lights and red decorations.

Underneath there are dozens of gifts.

jennifer lopez 1

That same day TMZ claimed the former New York Yankees baseball player has bought an impressive $40m private jet that can seat 14 and fly internationally.

The new plane can fly easily internationally and has room for 14, which means it’s perfrct for J-Lo and her two kids Max and Emme as well as his two daughters.

Before this Gulfstream, he owned a LearJet 60.


Former KTN presenter and Vanessa Mdee on a gospel collabo

Bongo star Vanessa Mdee is from a musical family, the Sammy Mdee family. She and her sisters Mimi Mars and former KTN presenter (Namtero) Tero Mdee have ventured into this industry and recently released a Christmas song together titled Beautiful Jesus.

vanessa mdee and sisters

Tero once hosted the entertainment show Straight Up before going back to Tanzania where she was married to Prophet Hebron. She’s now a pastor in a Tanzanian-based church. She now goes by the name Nancy Hebron.

tero mdee
Tero Mdee before marriage


From Slay Queen To Apostle! Photos Of Former KTN TV Host, Tero Mdee Viciously Chasing Out Demons From Congregants Emerge

Mimi Mars on the other hand is a fast rising female songstress who has released a couple of singles. Tero brought the Mdees together in the gospel song and described how the sisters made that collabo, considering Tero is the only gospel artiste in the group.

“Tuliingia studio kwa lengo moja tu….kuimba!

Lakini ikawa zaidi, tuliimba, tulicheka, tulicheza. Mimi ndo niliingia booth wa kwanza nikaimba ubeti wangu nikijua nimefunika 😂😂…..kisha akaingia @mimi_mvrs11 dah dogo alinitoa jasho, moyoni nawaza hayo sijasubutu kusema kwa sauti anisikie…..😅❤ Akatoka Pota @mimi_mvrs11 akaingia caterpillar Somali @vanessamdee. Hiyo caterpillar ikapita akatufunika wote tukalala chini flat!! Kwa kifupi session yetu ilienda hivyo 😀😁.”

Vanessa then added,

“Merry Christmas to you my darlings. @mdeemusicofficial presents #BeautifulJesus by @_nancyhebron ft @mimi_mvrs11 and myself. We love the holidays and our dad loved carols so we made it a tradition to give you a song for the season. Merry Christmas and Blessings on Blessings. 💜Video link on @_nancyhebron bio.”

Check out their Christmas song;

Revenge Body? Navy Kenzo’s Aika Steps Out Like A Model Weeks After Giving Birth

About two weeks ago, Tanzanian group Navy Kenzo welcomed their first born. The group, made up of Aika and Nahreel have been dating for the longest time now, after meeting while studying abroad.

Their new born named Gold is yet to be unveiled but Aika has shared a photos of her post baby bump. She looks really good.

aika nay kenzo


Congratulations! Navy Kenzo Welcome Baby Number One (Photos)

Check out fan’s reactions:

kiiutto: my goal in life is to look this hot after having a baby 😍👐

merlywambui: Weren’t you pregnant like 5mins ago!😩🔥😍😍👌 you look fabulous! That bounce back!🔥😍👌🙌

loulouciv: Didnt you just have a baby like 2 weeks ago ?? 🤔🤔🤔

mamysohail: Wow! Utasema hujazaa hata arobaini bado uko fit..congrats dear