Kenyan Artist Habida Reveals She Has Returned To Kenya For Good

Kenyan artiste Habida finally returns to Kenya for good to pursue her music career. She was only 16 years old when she got on a plane on her own and left for South Africa.

Already a known local artiste determined to establish her name further regardless of the future plans her father had wanted for her, she followed her heart.

New Music Alert!!! Habida Releases New Single And Announces Plans To Set Up Music Studio


With a lot of pressure from her dad to do law after high school, the talented artist told her father, ” Daddy I cannot read a book even if it was to save my life. I am more of an audio person.” With that being said, she set out to South Africa to fulfill her dreams. Life wasn’t always easy, as she had to wait tables for extra cash and find time to still go to the studio whenever she had the chance.

The beautiful and talented Kenyan artist Habida however, has finally returned home with so much fire and determined to make Kenyans fall in love with her music. “My music is more of jazz and Rnb mixed together. I hope Kenyans are willing to embrace it and love it the way I do.”


Her latest track “Sweet love” which was sent to Kenya all the way from South Africa, was played on Kiss FM. It quickly cubbed attention as Kenyan fans called in on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie to tell Habida that they loved the song.

I am glad that I now have a voice and platform in Kenya. I came back during the last elections and it was heartbreaking that we had to shed blood and stay behind closed doors to remain safe. This time, now that I’m here, I will push for peace and unity. I just don’t want my country to suffer anymore,” Habida shared with enough enthusiasm to take on the world herself if she had to.

Wacha Maneno Weka Muziki: Tanzania’s Finest Darassa And Ben Pol Represent 255 On Kiss FM

The talented and gifted local artists Ben Pol and Darassa checked in on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on The Morning Kiss representing 255. The two local gifted artistes released a song called Muziki late last year, that instantly became a hit.

Wacha Maneno Weka Muziki: Tanzania’s Finest Darassa And Ben Pol Represent 255 On Kiss FM

The song immediately climbed up the charts making Kenyans fall in love with it including the Former prime minister Raila Odinga.

It’s Legit: Tanzanian Superstar Darassa Is Finally Coming To Kenya (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

Darassa and Ben Pol

When asked how they felt about being in Kenya, Darassa whose first time it is visiting Nairobi answered, “Kenya is one of the best places to be, It definitely has something big going on. It feels great that there are so many people who love and support my music.”

The artist was humbled by how big a hit his song with Ben Pol was and said much as he expected it to be a hit, he is still grateful for the love and support he got from his fans.

While in the studio, lots of fans mostly the ladies twitted inquiring if he’s gonna be performing in Nairobi. The answer to that ladies..”We will be making an appearance at B-Club for a meet and greet tonight. We shall also be performing on Sunday at the VIP pool party,” Darassa addressed. So there you have it.. for those that wish to meet and take pictures with the two artistes, you can always go for the meet and greet or attend the pool party where they will be performing.


Oh Em Gee!!! Video Vixen Poses NAKED At Comedian Kajairo’s New Jam (VIDEO)

Kenyans will forever remember Colonel Mustapha’s jam Dodoma Singida and Blaqy’s Money Maker as some of the songs that were ratchet for days. But guess what? We now have another ratchet video…And yes its by non other than Kajairo.

The comic character is well known for his parody videos but it seems this time round, Kajairo is making new steps. Peter Kaimenyi, his real name, sat down with this writer and revealed that he has now started making his own original videos.


Kajairo, a proud father of one is out with a new Jam dubbed Mrrdah. I was also surprised as you are. The hilarious comedian cum radio personality says the song is dedicated to all Kenyan ladies….But there’s something wrong.

Remember the song by Jamaica’s RDX Bend Over? This is worse. A video vixen in Kajairo’s song poses with her nipples naked next to the comedian and the twerking that follows is unbelievable.


Due to the kind of the scene it brings, I cannot screenshot it for you but let you see it for yourself.

PS: Look closely

Here is Kajairo’s new work Mrrdah:

Is This A Nightmare? Never Seen Before Photo Of Zari Hassan Without Make Up

Caution, if you have bad dreams at night, it is not advisable to see this photo!

Zarina Hassan also known as Zari The Boss lady is a house hold name in East Africa. The Uganda-Tanzanian socialite is one lady that has made headlines with her irresistible beauty.

Zari who turns out to be a singer just like her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, is most of the time spotted on social media posting things like ‘Flawless, Fly’ not to forget her vocabulary ‘Queening.’

SMOKING HOT! These 10 Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged ‘Clande’ Prove She’s Way Sexier Than His Fiancee Zari

make up meme

I must agree with you that Zari is all that…But with make-up. Let me first take this opportunity to give a standing ovation to the person who invented all kinds of make-up, you make lasses look more appealing.

BUSTED!!! Diamond Platnumz’s SIDE PIECE Spotted Rocking His Clothes, Zari Throws Shade

Remember when the Internet went wild after Kim Kardashian was spotted without this life saving element?


I was also shocked!

Zari, who many call the East African Kim Kardashian, seems to hide a massive forehead and a bit of black spots.

Check her out;


By now it’s pretty clear that make up is truly a life saver.

‘We Are Not A Clique’ Mayonde, Kagwe Mungai, Fena And MDQ Clear The Air About Being Labelled A Clique

The Kenyan music industry is growing at a fast pace, with new artistes joining the bandwagon to give Kenya and the rest of the world nothing but great hits.

From way back, we have witnessed how local music has evolved. To date we still play music from the 90s because that’s how dope the music is.

the squad

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, every artiste is fighting hard to stay relevant in the streets, as it’s pretty easy for people to get bored with songs.

Kenya’s Dopest Artists Make One Of The Best Collabos Kenya Has Heard

Well, the new era of music is about to blow your mind, in case it hasn’t yet. The Squad has taken the music industry by storm for months now. Comprising of Mayonde, Fena Gitu, Kagwe Mungai, Blinky Bill and MDQ, they have brought an all-new twist to the Kenyan music.

They are recognised as individual artistes in different fields as well, but since they started doing music together, Nairobi has been lit ever since.

the squad

They are currently promoting their latest jam called ‘Party Nation’, which has become an anthem in a short period of time.

But some of their fans have thought that they are a clique because they have done three songs together.

Well, during an interview with Kiss FM, they finally cleared the air.

We recognise that people may feel this way but our thing is to not be afraid. We are very open. Everybody in The Squad has their own individual path and that path opens up things,” MDQ said.

Watch the full interview below:

GORGEOUS! Photos That Proof TV Personality Amina Abdi Is The Most Stylish Hijab Rocker

She is one of the most talented TV personalities in town. K24’s Amina Abdi, a mother and wife has proven she got style…I mean good sense of style.

When it comes to rocking that Hijab, Amina does not seem to disappoint. She is one of those ladies that rock that designer hijab just fine.

Radio Presenter Amina Abdi Reveals What Her Husband Does For Her Every Morning

 The gorgeous media personality who is well known for her radio show, Hits Not Homework has a voice for radio and Face for TV. Shooot. Lucky girl.

While some of them were busy thirsting over her, others envy her when she is hosting her daily TV show coveting her interesting fashion sense. She slays hard.

Amina, who has proven that Muslim-Christian marriages work, is married to Homeboyz’s CEO DJ John Radar and once in a while, Amina surprises us with a hijab.

Singer Amina Planning For Baby Number 2?

Surprisingly, she looks effortlessly gorgeous with all kinds of styles she pulls but hijabs proof to look really good on in her.

Check out her photos;


‘Ne-yo Congratulated Me’ Local Singer Claims

Ne-yo is one of the most celebrated R&B singers in the World. That said, it is obvious that many celebrities would want to associate with him, let alone do collabos with the award winning lad.

His collabo with Diamond though, is one that was anticipated for long and even if fans feel it did not meet their expectations, the collabo is somehow hot. Recently, Diamond, a father of two, claimed that Ne-yo congratulated him on the launch of his new perfume.

 He went on to say that many international artistes supported him among them Nigeria’s Kcee and Zimbabwe’s Jah Prayzah.

Talking to a Tanzanian based TV, the Utanipenda hit maker said;

“Wengi wamekuwa wakinisupport…Wengine wakipost akina Kcee…Na watu wengine wengi kabisa…Akina Jahprazah…”

He continued to say:

“Hata Ne-Yo amenitumia message pia ameniambia hongera sana, thats a big step…”

Must Watch! Neyo, Wangechi, Alikiba And Other African Artists Mash It Up!


Diamond, who is now one of the biggest artistes in Tanzania, becomes the first male artiste to launch his perfume. Let’s wish the lad all the best.


MUST WATCH VIDEO: Singer Bahati Is Received Like A President

Apart from calling himself Mtoto Wa Mama, Bahati is also known as The Ghetto President. This gospel wonder kid has proven that  he is one guy with a massive following of his own… after all he was the ‘President’ for like 3 seconds.

When the Machozi hit maker is not Prayer Partnering with his Video vixen Bae, he is attending to his presidential duties. Last weekend, the Unikumbushe hitmaker was doing what he does best at Soweto, Kayole…Ministering to the crowd through music.


Hypocrites??? Bahati And Girlfriend SPOTTED Sinning (VIDEO)

The way he landed was proof enough that Baha’s music is paying. The singer made an appearance with a chopper ride and ahead to receive him was a massive crowd that danced to his music.

He wrote, “Chopper Ride ???? this Afternoon ….. #GHETTOPRESIDENT Went to Preach Peace to my Ghetto People even as We Approach this Election Period – Let nothing Kill Our Love 4 each Other???? #Peace ???????? #KAYOLESOWETO.”

Reasons We Suspect Bahati Might Have Married A Video Vixen Secretly

Even if it seemed like a campaign thing, it obviously shows that the Maria singer scooped a lot of money from his performance.

Check out the video;

Kenyan-Dubai Based Singer Speaks On What Helps Her Keep It 254

Purity Kanini also known as 2GB is a Kenyan artiste who has been raising the Kenyan flag high in Dubai.

She has won awards for the best dancehall song in United Arab Emirates and also in Ugandan Music Awards 2016 and 2017 respectively.


Check Out Whom Kenyan-Dubai Based Artiste 2GB Would Love To Do A Collabo With

However, living abroad has not stopped 2GB from being connected to her Kenyan roots.

So what helps her to keep it 254 even when she is miles away?

“I was born and brought up in Kenya… rich Kenyan culture is still in me…my long-term career goal is taking Kenyan music to the worlds and to archive this I have to remain true to my roots.”


NEW MUSIC ALERT! Kenyan Dubai Based Singer 2GB Diva Unveils Her Latest Song

She says that her music too has been received well by her fans not just within East African region but also abroad thus giving her the morale to keep going.

“Just like in my home country Kenya, Dubai has been a major platform in terms of elevating my music career, every place I have managed to perform has always given me that type of reception that surpasses my expectations,” says the celebrated artiste.

Her goal just like every other Kenyan artiste is to keep raising the Kenyan flag higher and we are glad that she is doing it perfectly well.

We definitely can’t wait to see what she has in store this year.

Bromance Continues! Timmy Tdat And Sudi Boy Drop A New Song!

The bromance between Timmy Tdat and Sudi Boy is not ending anytime soon and they are back at it again with a new hot jam.


The song dubbed “zile mbili” is absolutely on point and no lie, you will definitely be dying to listen to this song all day every day!

MUST WATCH! Timmy Tdat And Susumila Nailed It On This One

In case you had fallen in love with their previous song titled “Iromo”, trust me on this one, you will absolutely get hooked onto that replay button when you hear the latest one.

The video too is super sexy and you know what it is when the two get together in a jam!

“I AM VERY SINGLE” Dela Denies Dating Rapper Timmy Tdat, Reveals If She’d Date a Younger Guy (EXCLUSIVE)

Their bromance works perfectly well in making the perfect collabo.

Here is the video;

NO CHILLS! Willy Paul Accused By Fans Of Copying Bahati And Diamond Platnumz After Doing This

Gospel singer Willy Paul aka Willy Pozze is known for a lot of controversies in the past, but of late, he seems to have taken a chill pill.

However, despite all the scandals, the Fanya hit-maker is still a favorite to many and one of the top artistes in Kenya.

Willy Paul is currently riding high with his collaboration with Jamaican songstress Alaine, after pulling a publicity stand that they had gotten married to market the song.

The gospel act has however has been linked to a lot of women and at some point he revealed that he was walking down the aisle, but that never materialized either.

willy paul new catch

If you keep up with showbiz, you know that Willy Paul and his frenemy, Bahati have been at logger heads since they both came into the industry, though they actually started out as friends.

However, the two seem to have patched things up in the last couple of months and they haven’t had beef with each other for a while now.

But fans seem to think that the two still compete in one way or the other through their stunts and behaviors. Willy Paul recently shared a picture while holding an adorable baby girl, with a caption that read; “Any questions?”


Fans did not take this gesture lightly, with some saying that he’s just copying Bahati, while others paused the question of when he will get his own kids, as others simply criticised his songs.

His die hard fans supported him on the other hand, taking shots at those who were posting negative comments. Check out some of the posts below.

Nash Janson: But najua unafanya hivi kucopy bahati juu ulimwona amepost na mtoi….aki ww utawai taka kushindwa and you will never be the king…baha aliweka na prayer partner wake ikaweka zako na dem fulani mzungu before alaine akuje so baha akisema ameoa pia ww utaoa mtoshane

Iraitoh Joesse: My question is this,, utazaa wako wen???? kuna vitu tatu tu zilikushinda kucopy kwa DIAMOND (your god),,
(1) kusettle na bibi
(2) Tule tunywele twake katikati ya kichwa.
(3) Swag/mavazi yake,, but hua unatry though unatokea tu vitu zingine

Simon Okech: Thank you Willy Paul, I owe you my life. Yesterday I was in a comma, then the nurse played one of your songs, so I woke up and turned off the radio.

Jemere Dante: Mi sinanga wivu na wewe shida yako ni kucopy indirectly uliona Diamond amepost hii pic akisema haezi ishi bila hiyo spray ya mtoi wake na wewe na kiherehere unatafuta katoi kisha unajinunuisha spray. Ka nimedanganya usininunulie mutura



EISH! You Won’t Believe How Much Diamond Platnumz’s Perfume Costs

East Africa’s top artiste Diamond Platnumz is not about to stop anytime soon when it comes to making new music and giving his fans the best, but for him, it’s not just about the music.

The celebrated Marry You hit maker is also known for his philanthropic acts where he helps out the needy and less fortunate in one way or the other.

During his last birthday celebrations, he opted to go and dine with orphans at a children’s home in Tanzania and is always on charity events every now and then, and has also built several mosques in the Bongo land.

Diamond's family

Diamond Platnumz, real name, Naseeb Abdul Juma has taken his community projects to another level after he recently revealed that he will build a hospital and heart clinic at his native slum village, Tandale, so that people in the area can access affordable medical services.

He mentioned this during the official launch of his new perfume among a host of other side hustles.

Diamond revealed that he got the scent of the perfume from Dubai since they have a variety of amazing and unique scents.

Well, what many people have been asking is, will this perfume be affordable to the common man and how much is the price?

As it turns out, it costs a lot for the Tanzanian fellas, but not as much when converted to Kenyan shillings. The perfume costs a total of Tsh 105,000 which converts to Ksh 4,856.

There you go, not such a bad price for a perfume he says is top quality and classy.



Two Male Voices vs Two Female Voices. Who Can Beat The Other?

If you were told that you could actually win Kshs. 1million right now, what would you do? I’m pretty sure you’d be fast to ask how you can do it.

Well 4 people are battling for the grand prize of Kshs. 1million and a recording deal. How so, you ask. Well, they auditioned for a competition and battling their way through other people who’s aim was just the same as theirs; to be the next big star.


Kiss TV’s The Search has given Suzziah, Ythera, Moonboy and Elvis the chance to sing their hearts out for a prize. Through hard work and determination, they are now closer to the money than before.

Having two guys and two ladies battling it out, one who’d ask themselves, who is better than who? Can the guys beat the ladies at their own game, or can it be vice versa? Well, the only way we can find out is by watching Kiss TV every Sunday at 8pm.

Diamond Platnumz Is Not Your Average Artiste, Here’s His Next Project After Launching His Classy Perfume

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz is one of the biggest and most celebrated artistes in Africa, and there’s no doubt that he has worked hard, against all odds to make it to the top of the game.

Diamond real name Naseeb Abdul Juma has had a very rough and challenging upbringing, growing up in the slum area of Tandale, Dar es Salaam, where his single mother fended for them, trying to make ends meet.

But those days are gone as Diamond Platnumz as Diamond used his amazing singing talent to make it in life, and is now said to be worth a whopping USD 4 Million (KSH 405 Million).


The best part about this artiste is that he never forgets his background. He is always giving back to the community and the less fortunate in one way or the other, but his latest project will blow away your mind.

According to Bongo 5 reports, the Number hitmaker is set to build a heart clinic and full hospital for the less fortunate people of Tandale who don’t have access to medical services in the Dar region.

Diamond recently revealed that he had started talks with the relevant stakeholders who have promised to supply the medical equipment. This happened during his official perfume launch dubbed Chibu, where he promised that the services would be cheap.


“Mafanikio yote tunayopata hatusahau kurudisha kwa jamii kile tunachokipata. Ukiachana na misikiti ambayo nimekuwa nikiijenga katika mikoa mbalimbali nchini Tanzania habari nje kwa ndugu zangu wa Tandale ni kwamba nataka kuwajengea hospitali ambayo itakuwa inatoa huduma pale kwa bei nafuu.”

Diamond Platnumz also added that he wants to make it more efficient for people so that they don’t have to travel abroad to get certain kinds of treatment like heart diseases amongst other medical conditions.

What Is Colonel Mustafa Up To With Bisexual Rapper Notiflow? (PHOTOS)

Veteran Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa has in the last couple of years tried to keep relevance in the Kenyan music industry by dropping a few songs here and there, including his hit song Loboko.

The former Deux Vultures group member is known for his Swahili rap and also for a few scandals in the entertainment industry, but he’s always held his head up.

But this time round, he seems to be taking a different path and might be working on a new project with controversial female rapper Notiflow known for her love for both lasses and dudes.


Notiflow is also known for her scandalous role on the drama-filled reality show, Nairobi Diaries with other popular Kenyan socialites like Pendo, Risper Faith and Prezzo’s ex-girlfriend, Michelle Yola.

The female rapper has been on the spotlight for her fights with some of the cast with the nastiest being with Pendo after a nasty brawl in a club and the two seem to be competing musically too.

Mustafa and Notiflow recently shared photos of each other on social media getting cozy and one would they that they are an item, but from the look of things, they seem to be working on a collaboration.


Mustafa shared a photo with Notiflow with a caption that read: “TUKO WORKS MZEIYA!” Notiflow also shared a video during a recording session in the studio together.

I wonder how a collaboration with the two will actually sound, keeping in mind that their age difference means that the music genres are not the same.

But they say that music unites anyone and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. Check out the photos below.






Kenyan Rapper Wangechi Drops A Hot New Song With Tanzanian Artist Damian Soul

The super talented and gifted rapper Wangechi dropped a hot new song with Tanzanian artist Damian soul that got Kenyans turnt up. The hot new song called Above the base first played Friday on kissFM with fans showing so much love and support. They are applauding Wangechi for representing Kenyan music well.

She’s Back! Rapper Wangechi Gives Her Take On Femcee’s Rap Beef And Why She Wasn’t Mentioned In “Pilau Njeri” (Audio)

When asked what she thought of her fellow Kenyan rappers Kyki and Femi one in regards to what happened on industry night, she answered, “I feel like that was too much. It’s best to keep the beef in the music rather than losing it on stage. I’m just not for all that because I think there must be a little bit of respect on stage.”

Screenshot from 2017-04-21 09:21:09

For those that have no idea what happened, a couple of weeks ago during industry night, Kenyan rapper Kyki grabbed Femi one’s mic while she was performing. This certainly gave fans something to talk about with Femi one’s fans claiming Kyki was way out of line and that she did not have to be disrespectful.

The talented rapper was then asked what her inspiration for the song was and this is what she had to say. ‘I Was watching an episode of scandal and Olivia’s father told her that; You have to be twice as good to get half of what the other guys have. I felt like I could relate because I also feel like in this music industry, being a female rapper you have to work two times harder than the men in order for you to be considered good.”

Damian Soul

“Making this song was such a fun experience especially working with Damian Soul who showed me that there is a wider market to tap and that is the Tanzanian market. Aside from that, he is very artistic given that aside from singing he also plays the guitar and he is who and what he represents,” Wangechi disclosed.

damian soul and wangechi's song


Here Is Octopizzo’s Latest Song That Will Make You Look For His Producer

Octopizzo seems to be doing quite well, from taking trips to Abu Dhabi for culture summit to holding amazing concerts. However, it is his latest song that has gotten everyone talking. Continue reading “Here Is Octopizzo’s Latest Song That Will Make You Look For His Producer”

Biggest Reality TV Show About To Give You Kenya’s Biggest Superstar

Kiss TV’s The Search is getting bigger and better. Starting off with 15 contestants, only four are left to compete for the grand prize of 1 million Kenya shillings and a recording deal. How cool is that?

Suzziah, Elvis, Moonboy and Ythera are all eyeing the grand prize as they we near the finale. The talents are beyond this world and with some of the best vocal coaches, they will definitely leave the competition better than ever.

As we come closer to the end of the competition, the contestants are giving their all with the help of their coaches and mentors as they prepare for ultimate grand finale show.

Who will take home the grand prize?

Well, watch The Search every Sunday at 8pm on Kiss TV to be part of the the journey as we search for the next big superstar.

In the meantime, watch this week’s promo;

Gifted Kenyan Rappers Kristoff And Gabu Turn Up Heat In 254

The gifted Kenyan rappers Gabu and Kristoff turn up the heat in 254 with their latest music videos. Both the cute dimpled rappers Kristoff and Gabu travelled to shoot their latest videos in Nigeria with the aim of trying something new. The videos for their songs Umeniwahi by Kristoff and No spine by Gabu however, got some Kenyan fans riled up over the fact that their videos were not shot at home in Kenya.


When the rappers were asked why they chose to do their videos in Nigeria and not Kenya, they simply answered, ” Given the fact that we have always made our videos in Kenya, we feel like making the same kind of videos is what is holding the Kenyan music industry behind. We already know that we need to improve on the kind of music we produce and so we were only trying to do something new.”


The rappers further elaborated that much as shooting their videos for their songs in Nigeria was expensive, it was surely worth it. ” We were met with complete professionals who knew exactly what to do and when to do it.” Gabu emphasised, “In fact, when they shot the first take of the video, it was too perfect we did not have to do another take to perfect it.”

Kristoff and Gabu

“You will never find that here in Kenya,” Kristoff added. “Not to be rude or disrespectful but shooting a video in Kenya is more costly as there will always be something wrong. Either the lighting is poor and you have to do a retake or the models or video vixens are stuck somewhere on the way. All in all, you will always find yourself spending more money on shooting a video due to the extra and unplanned for costs,” Kristoff stated.

Kristoff and Gabu

He continued to clarify, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing Kenyans but we have a lot of improving to do in all the areas of producing music and the only way we are going to do that is if we take our music to the big dogs and let them know we are also in the game. There is a lot to learn if we are willing to spend on good quality.”

When asked what inspired him to sing his latest song, he proudly and matter of factly stated, “Love. I have a special woman in my life who is the inspiration for my latest song.”

However, he refused to give any further information regarding his love. He did not disclose her name claiming that he wanted his love life to remain private. Gabu, on the other hand, got Kenyans talking about the ladies in his No spine video that danced their hearts out like they actually did not have spines.

Rumours Of Singer Drake Soon To Be A Baby Daddy Confirmed False

So we all remember that not too long ago, a lady called Layla came out claiming that she was pregnant with Drake’s baby. The published cover model had screenshots of a conversation between her and Drake as well as pregnancy test papers to prove what she was saying was not a lie. She did not stop there, she went on claiming that she is not the one who looked for Drake but rather it was the other way round.

Drake Accused Of Getting A Lady Pregnant (Photos)



However, all the effort she put into concocting her story blew up in her face when Djspadenyc, the person who allegedly told her that Drake wanted her number exposed her revealing the truth about the whole situation. He posted a screenshot of his conversation with her on his Instagram exposing Layla and her lies. In the screenshot, she admitted that it was all a publicity stunt and all she wanted was to make that paper.

layla exposed

Just like Djspadenyc predicted, Layla has since then started facing issues as her Instagram account was deleted and she claims it’s not her that deleted it. Instagram is among the social media sites models use to create publicity for themselves. Oh well, looks like she is going to have to start over from scratch.


Layla's page

She posted a screenshot of her inactive account and commented, “Now my page is shut down 😂😂 that won’t stop me. All you did was push me to start getting paid to talk. Thank you 😘 @champagnepapi” referring to Drake. Considering the fact that the cat is out of the bag, she is definitely going to have a harder time gaining back the number of followers she had before. Most people are referring to her as a phony and a fake. Not to mention the Die hard Drake fans are on her case.