H_art the Band and Lady Jaydee Might Be Going To Jail For Killing This!

The long awaited collaboration of 2017 is finally here!! Lady Jaydee plus H_art the Band equals to Rosella!

Lady Jaydee is known as one of the best East African female artistes and her new song dubbed Rosella, is simply amazing.

Simuachi! Lady Jaydee Talks About Her Romantic Nigerian Bae Spicy

Having collaborated with Kenya’s poet and music group, H_art the Band this song is on a new level.

H_art the band

“LOVE is giving someone the POWER to destroy you but trusting them enough NOT to #RoseLLa . ..” H_art the band wrote.

Nyota Ndogo Reacts To H_art The Band’s Cover To Her Song (VIDEO)

There are two versions out, the acoustic and club version. Both are amazing, but we’ve got a recommendation for you; definitely the club version.

Listening to it especially today will make your Monday feel like a Friday and the beats will keep you moving your head.

Rosella is from Lady Jaydee’s upcoming album titled “Woman” and it is definitely interesting and might make some of you guys hit up your exes!

SAY WHAT! Diamond’s Alleged ‘Clande’ Shares a Raunchy PHOTO Suggesting She Got His Tattoo

Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan wife Zarinah Hassan seem like the perfect couple that we all envy.

The power couple has a beautiful family, blessed with two lovely children, a boy, Prince Nillan who recently celebrated his 40 days and the first child, daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote.

Other than just having a beautiful family that makes most celebrities turn green with envy, the lovebirds live a flamboyant lifestyle thanks to Diamond’s wealth and a successful music career.


But we all know that there’s no relationship that will ever be smooth, and in the recent months, there have been rumours of Diamond having an affair with a sassy and stunning Tanzanian model and actress, Hamisa Mobetto.

The said lady was actually the main cast on Diamond Platnumz and Ravanny’s hit song Salome, and there’s no doubt that she’s indeed beautiful.

Zari recently took shots at Mobetto after she apparently shared a photo dressed in pants similar to Diamond’s, saying that it doesn’t matter what she does, she will never have her man.


Hamissa has however never came out to talk about the allegations or comment on them, but this time round, she has raised questions after posting a peculiar photo, where she reveals a rare tattoo on her back.

In the photo, Hamisa Mobetto is covered in a white bed sheet and from her back, you can see a temporary tattoo that spells, Chi, almost reading like Diamonds moniker name, Chibu.

Fans reacted after seeing the ink, and even with all the speculations, Hamisa has not deleted the picture. Check it out below and be the judge.



Fan Blasts Mejja For Being Too Fat During A Live Interview, What Happened Next Will Leave You On The Floor (VIDEO)

The Kansoul – a Kenyan Afro pop group that is made up of Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora – was on The Trend this past Friday to talk about their new single “Bablas”, the local entertainment industry among other things. Continue reading “Fan Blasts Mejja For Being Too Fat During A Live Interview, What Happened Next Will Leave You On The Floor (VIDEO)”

Sauti Sol Send Out An Apology To President Uhuru Kenyatta After The Studio Mashinani Saga (PHOTO)

Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol have over the years proved to be the best in the game after a successful musical career since it’s formation back in 2005.

The BET nominess may however might have found themselves on the wrong side of the government after their lead vocalist Bein Aime Baraza shared his views on a recent project launched by the government, dubbed Studio Mashinani.

According to Bien, the group were the initial brains behind the major project which was launched a few days ago by renowned Jamaican stars, Etana, Richie Spice and Luciano.

Sauti Sol

Studio Mashinani was launched by the Ministry of ICT to provide modern recording facilities for talented youth to record their music and other creative products in terms of entertainment, film or showbiz.

According to Bien, the group had presented the idea to President Uhuru Kenyatta back in December 2015 as a way of introducing music studios, community radio, ICT Centers and Libraries with the spirit of community service.

They were further instructed to give the project to former YouthFund Chair, Bruce Odhiambo and together with other industry players, they embarked on the logistics and then sent the proposal to the involved parties.

Bien Aime Disappointed That Jamaican Stars Launched A Kenyan Government Project


Bien’s rant elicited mixed reactions from fans and fellow musicians, who rallied behind him, but now, it looks like his voice was finally heard as it turns out that the band is in talks with the State over the Sh80 Million project.

But first, Sauti Sol had to apologize for the offensive remarks Bien had made about the government and more so, President Uhuru Kenyatta. Check out the press statement below.





FOR THE LOVE OF KENYA! King Kaka Shows Off His Acting Skills In New Video, Attacks Corrupt Leaders In Kenya

Kenyan rapper King Kaka is known for his lyrical prowess and his amazing rap skills, but his musical journey has not been that smooth and he had to work extra hard a few years back to make it to the top list.

The crooner is one of the best Hip-Hop artistes in Kenya, going head to head with other rappers like Octopizzo, Khaligraph, Juliani and others.

Other than just music, King Kaka is a businessman and is the founder of Kaka Empire, a music label which hosts the likes of Avril, Femi One and celebrated rapper Timmy Tdat.


In the last couple of months King Kaka has been dropping emotional songs with his last single featuring RedForth Chorus dubbed Senzenina taking over the airwaves for it’s touching message.

Now, the renowned rapper has dropped a new video, where he tackles the issues about corrupt leaders who pay the youth to engage in tribal wars in Kenya.

King Kaka Makes His Baby Mama Shed Tears After Giving Her This Big Surprise

In the new film, King Kaka introduces a certain minister, who was appointed as a minister and after 2 months in office, he exposes the dirt and corruption that takes place in the ministry.
King Kaka2

The man, who goes by the name Mwizi Mkubwa, decides to expose the scandal, after he found out that money set aside for development projects was embezzled and used to fund ethnic war between different tribes in Kenya.

In the same video, King Kaka wraps up with a few lyrics where he urges the Kenyan youth not to be lured into tribal fights and violence just because of a few coins.

This is an eye-opener and I think it’s the appropriate message for Kenyans as we draw closer to the general election in August. Check out the new film dubbed Mwizi Mkubwa below.



MUST WATCH! Sexy Singer Vivian Gets Redsan’s Attention!

Vivian is Kenya’s queen of Dancehall and she’s got the attention of the baddest Dancehall artiste in Kenya, Redsan.

In their latest jam titled ‘Attention’, the video is one to die for and you should definitely be on that YouTube link.


The video is shot in the coastal region which makes it more inviting to watch. They choose this scene mainly to create a fun  yet warm feeling for their fans from across the country with the aim of promoting unity.

Have They Hooked Up? Redsan Spotted Getting Cozy With Bootylicous Singer Vivian (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

The song talks about a lover who is acting like they no longer have feelings and as Vivian puts it, all she needs is for them to understand each other.

Being a Mainswitch production it is definitely going to be the next hit song in the streets.

You guys must be on this video right now! We are absolutely sure they will get your attention.



Here Are The 5 Similarities Between Nicki Minaj and Kenya’s Victoria Kimani (Photos)

The music industry is rapidly growing. For musicians to keep up, they rely on their producers to make music videos that will be a hit in the market.

We have seen the western world revolutionize  the quality of production and have vehemently set the bar for the rest of the world.

The African music industry is known for being a male dominated field however there is a crop of women who are giving fans a run for their money.

We see the likes of Tiwa Savage, Juliana Kanyomozi, and Victoria Kimani producing music that moves their fans get on their feet literally.

Victoria Kimani


Victoria Kimani is undoubtedly one of the hottest musicians in Kenya. In fact, she is referred to as the Kenyan Nicki Minaj because of her fabulous sense of style and her curvy body. She is not afraid to flaunt it.

Interesting fact: if you removed the “NICJ” from Nicki Minaj it will leave you with the name Kimani if arranged right.

Setting that aside, here are some facts that have gotten tongues talking in circles about how similar Nicki Minaj and our very own Victoria Kimani are.

1. Music videos
In the very risque music video, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj and Safari for Victoria Kimani, both the gorgeous ladies get into the water looking hot as ever.

They both managed to pull off the wet sexy look.

Check out Nicki Minaj’s water scene in her music video for “Anaconda”

Screenshot from 2017-03-23 06:57:18

Now check out Victoria Kimani’s water scene in the video for “Safari”

Victoria Kimani


2. Hair styles.
I think we can all agree that doing colors is not for everyone. You need to be bold for you to pull off the look that the beautiful Victoria Kimani and Nicki Minaj rock, more so in Africa.

Doing colorful hair abroad is no biggie but doing colors in Africa will definitely get heads turning which is exactly what Victoria Kimani does.

Here is Nicki Minaj looking gorgeous in her bold but beautiful hairsyles

Also check out Victoria Kimani looking gorgeous in her bold but beautiful hairstyles.

3. Dressing

The ever so lovely Victoria Kimani and the bootylicious Nicki Minaj both go all out when it comes to dressing. They have beautiful bodies and most certainly love to show off what they got.

The curvacious Nicki Minaj

The gorgeous Victoria kimani

4. Make up.
Victoria Kimani and Nicki Minaj are beautiful ladies. It is quite evident that they both have mastered the art of make up.

Nicki Minaj

Victoria Kimani

5. Skin
Kenya’s Victoria Kimani and the gorgeous Nicki Minaj  have embraced the new trends and styles in fashion. Both ladies are not afraid to show off a little skin to look sexy and fabulous for their fans.

Nicki Minaj

Victoria Kimani

Meet Ythera, The Next Big Star To Watch Out For!!

Ythera is one of the fastest rising stars in Kenya and her voice can without no doubt make a grown man cry. She has gone far and beyond to prove that she is a talented artiste who’s voice will take her to greater heights.

Ythera has released a number of songs including Wacha Kelele, Kijana, Kaliwa na Wako, Ahadi, Kinky Hair among others. She has been in the music industry for a while now and she is definitely one singer to look out for.


I started singing from a tender age but was always too shy to song in front of anyone. I fell in love with music very early in my childhood,” she revealed.

Apart having a music career she’s building, she is also a contestant on Kenya’s biggest music show, The Search which airs on Kiss TV. Ythera is among the few remaining contestants fighting for the cash prize of 1 million shillings.

Even though she has always been in the background as a background vocalist, she believes that her music will take her places and she is ready to do whatever she can to win The Search competition.


If she wins the money says she’ll give some of the money to her parents as they deserve it and they have supported her throughout her journey. She will also invest some money back into her music.

To see if Ythera will be moving closer to the cash prize, make sure you watch The Search this coming Sunday on Kiss TV at 8pm.

In the meantime, watch the video below to know who left on last week’s show;



Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You Remix By Public Holiday Is The Next Club Banger!

Ed Sheeran’s ‘shape of you’ is a song that many people cannot get over. From the beats to the words, the song is just amazing.

This song with over 450 million views on YouTube just one month after the release of the official video has gotten everyone falling in love with the replay button.

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Latest Kenyan Sensation Brian Nadra Releases New Love Song (Video)

A lot of people have done remixes of this song with fans having mixed reactions, but we have one here that you will absolutely die to listen to all the time.

Public Holiday, an upcoming music collection group based in Nairobi nailed it on this one making us love the song even more. They are giving Lectronica Circle a run for their money.

Sweet! Ed Sheeran Confirms He’s Ready For Marriage Amid Rumours He’s Set To Propose To Girlfriend

House and trap lovers this one is for you! The beats are deeper just like you guys like it. Something close to what Reh3b does. We totally love the heavy trap-house fusion that they have incorporated.

It is definitely going to be the next club banger and these guys should be in EDM headliners!

International Artist Mano Ezoh Takes His Slice of African Fame (Photos)

The popular Artist Mano Ezoh is a well established singer, song writer, producer and vocal coach. Born a natural singer, Mano Ezoh managed to dazzle fans from different parts of the world with his soulful voice. Born and raised in Nigeria, the gifted artist right from childhood took his singing very seriously. As a child, the multi-talented artist had dreams where he was standing in the spot light singing in front of a grand audience. He often told his mother about his dreams and how he loved to sing. His vision was to reach out to the world.

Mano Ezoh

Coming from a Christian family, it was not too long after that when he started singing in church where he attended Sunday school at the age of 5. He went ahead and joined the choir and by the age of 11, Mano Ezoh was singing professionally. He later traveled to Germany where he stayed with a cousin and found employment washing dishes. “I never grew up in a rich family. I come from a family where I am the only child that went to a private school,” he shared.

“I am also the only child that traveled out of the country. I found work when I was in High school, saved up and when the time was right, I organized for myself the means to travel to Germany on my own with the money I had saved up”. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make a good thing happen rather than sitting around waiting for it to happen. The talented singer organized a choir and in 2011 received an entry form the Guinness Book of Records as “the first person with the world’s largest Gospel choir.”

Mano ezoh

In 2013 he produced songs where he collaborated with other established artists such as Snoop Dog and John Legend. The talented young singer took his career all the way to the top and even produced his own label in 2014 which he named “Mezoh Music.” He collaborated internationally with other music companies and produced his first album “Fly” which swept away millions of fans all around Europe off their feet like a fat wave. His songs hit the top of the charts in Europe undoubtedly making him a star.

Today the so full of life, inspirational artist looks to expand his brand and his fan base in his motherland, Africa. He is currently in Nairobi, Kenya and will be leaving for Uganda and Tanzania soon. “I have always wanted to come to Nairobi. I’ve always thought of it as a beautiful country and indeed it is,” he commented. “It would be nice to establish roots in Africa and get my brothers and sisters to love my music,” he continued. The gifted singer will be performing in Nigeria on the 31st of this month.

The talented vibrant Mano Ezoh urges musicians out there to always remember their roots. “I come from a humble back ground and my mother taught me to always be humble and to always remember where I came from. It is so easy to get carried away by all the fame but it is important to stay true to who you are and never lose yourself in it,” he added.

Mano ezoh 2

However when the talented musician was asked if he had a special woman in his life to share his success with he said, ‘the time for that has not yet come although if it does, I will embrace the moment if the right woman comes along.” So ladies, there you have it. Introducing for the first time in Kenya, the super talented Nigerian artist Mano Ezoh. You might want to watch out for the next big thing he is going to do. He is on his way to greatness and there is no stopping him.



Africa’s most downloaded music app, Boomplay rolls out new version, making it Africa’s first music service to go social

Boomplay, formerly known as Boom Player has finally released its greatly anticipated version 3.0 and it is everything any music lover would love.

Boomplay updated and optimized several features in this latest version, which has made many music industry pundits declare it as a game changing innovation for African music consumption.

The new version comes with sleek user interface, which makes music discovery a lot easier and the app even more user friendly. With the rollout, Boomplay has become the first African music service to go social, allowing users do so much more than just streaming and downloading songs and videos.

Download Boomplay from Google Playstore
Screenshots from the Boomplay 3.0 interface

Boomplay version 3.0 will foster the relationship between music lovers, as users will now have the avenue to follow each other including celebrities in order to know, listen and download other users’ playlists.

Talking about the latest version, General Manager of Operations, Boomplay, Oye Akideinde said, “It became more and more important for us to create a more beautiful app with a global standard as our user base grew. We recently celebrated a milestone of reaching over 1 million installations in Google Play store and we wanted to give music lovers a more personal feel while ensuring all user complaints and requests are adequately attended to and implemented in the new version. We listened and made it happen and we are very glad the feedback has been awesome so far.”

The new version also features a ‘Buzz’ section where users can catch up with what’s trending in the entertainment world, keeping them up-to-date with happenings in the industry.

Boomplay Music app is available in Google Play store for all android device users.

Get Boomplay on Google Play
Get Boomplay on Google Play

Vanessa Mdee Takes Her Fans Back To School With Her New Song (Video)

Vanessa Mdee had a really hard time a few weeks ago after she was arrested as part of investigations into allegations she is among those behind drug abuse and trafficking. She was summoned to a police station in Tanzania to give a statement but she was not in the country at the time.

When she came back from South Africa, she was arrested and after 5 days in cell, she was released. She never said much after her release but later on addressed the issue via Twitter. She told her fans that she was fine and that she would be releasing new music.


Well she didn’t let her fans down as she released two songs back to back. Orezi, a Nigerian artiste did a collabo with her in a song dubbed ‘Just Like That’ which is already a club banger in less than a week. As if that’s not enough, she has released a song Dubbed ‘Duasi‘. If you thought you knew Swahili, well think again.

Vanessa went in depth with her vocabulary and released a song that is pretty amazing but the lingo is hard to understand unless you are fluent in Swahili.

Watch the video below to get exactly what I’m talking about;

Otile Brown Drops A New Hit

Otile Brown is back with a major hit dubbed Yule mbaya just a few days after leaving his former recording label Dreamland.


He is known to make people yearn for more and this song is just amazing. It is no different from his other love songs like alivyonipendanga and it should absolutely be in your playlist.

The song is about the bitter truth of being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back and despite knowing that fact, you still cling on to that love.

Mwanaume Amekula Sembe! Here Is Why Otile Brown Is Kenya’s Youngest and Sexiest Male Artist

Otile has matured in the music industry since he first started out back in 2012 and many of his fans can testify to that.

Having teamed up with one of the finest producers in Kenya Ihaji, this is definitely a song you do not want to miss out.

NEW MUSIC ALERT! Octopizzo collabos with Barack Jaccuzzi and Boutross

Cedo The Music Producer Opens Up About The ‘Stolen’ Studio Mashinani Concept

Being one of the top Kenyan music producers, Cedo seeks to revolutionize the music industry in Kenya. He stated this during an interview on breakfast with the stars on Kiss Fm this morning where he was hosted by Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

Cedo is the guy behind such great hits as ‘Mungu Pekee’ by Nyashinski, and one begins to see how true his statement is.

The acclaimed music producer has a great tip for those interested in  producing great hits.

Here’s what you need to do

  1. Get a formal education but go further, because the basics is not enough.
  2. Make sure you get hands on experience on how to make a hit, understand the psychology of music, and how to transform the sound of the streets into a mind blowing club banger.



In mid 2015, the intuitive and talented producer Cedo together with Sauti Sol came up with a grand concept that was meant to promote the music industry in Kenya. This concept centered around building studios in different parts of the country to produce music from the roots of Kenya.

However when this concept was presented to the President in Mombasa, the group did not get any feedback for over a year only for their idea to be launched by a foreign musician in Machakos on Friday last week.

Bien Aime Disappointed That Jamaican Stars Launched A Kenyan Government Project

Kenyans have taken to social media to express outrage at the decision by the government to work with foreign musicians to launch a project which many say the Jamaicans don’t understand.

Cedo has joined the list of celebs and Kenyans questioning the rationale of the government. Cedo pointed out that it would have been more efficient and effective if the Kenyan industry players launched and ran the studio Mashinani concept since they know the business and Kenyan market better.


That being said, the creative and brilliant producer Cedo took everyone by surprise when he revealed that aside from the music, he is also a lawyer. “I attended Kenya School of Law while in college” He continued; “My parents did not let me pursue music production and they had good reason to do so,” he claimed. However today he follows his passion which is producing music and urges Kenyan artists to produce music for the Kenyan industry and by the Kenyan industry.


MUST WATCH! Timmy Tdat And Susumila Nailed It On This One

There is a new jam in town!

Oyoo (Nipende) is the latest song by Timmy Tdat and Susumila who have worked for the first together to drop this amazing song.



It is definitely going to be the next club banger.

Thanks But No Thanks! Fans tell off Bongo singer Harmonize after releasing new song

This song focuses on two people in love with one unsure of what will happen next as the other wants things to move slower.

“The song talks about a guy who wants the relationship to  go slow because he has no clue about mattes of the heart,” says Timmy Tdat. 

The two artistes had nothing but praises for each as Susumila said he loves Timmy Tdat’s style.


” Napenda style ya Timmy Tdat ya muziki na napenda bidii yake,” says Susumila.
On his side Timmy said he looks forward to working with him again.

 Working with an artiste such as Susumila was a great pleasure. I look forward to working with him again,” says Timmy Tdat.


“I AM VERY SINGLE” Dela Denies Dating Rapper Timmy Tdat, Reveals If She’d Date a Younger Guy (EXCLUSIVE)

Men React To Akothee’s Allegations, ‘There Are No REAL Kenyan Men.’

Akothee, a singer and single mum has now revealed why she is not married….MEN….are the real problem to her.

The Benefactor hit maker has recently posted a message to Kenyan men saying she would be impatient keeping up with any ‘crap’ from men. She goes ahead to describe how men disgust her saying most men that have dated her before say she is ‘spoilt’ and would later dump them like smelly garbage.


Mishi Dora Throws Shade At Akothee, Claims She Wants Rayvanny

“well , I really wonder if there are still real men left out there, good enough to date, from my small research, women are still crying even in their wedding rings! & you wonder why I refuse to get married! I just ask myself what that marriage will bring on the table! divorce papers? because am too impatient to keep up with crap especially from men! I dump you like a hot pan.”

What Will Marriage Bring To The Table?’ Akothee Reveals Why She Will Never Get Married


Akothee’s male fans did not leave it there as they went ham on the mother of 5;

[email protected]_mapili: I don’t think u are learned to understand a simple illustration.. where did u see me cursing? I said the truth and nothing but the truth. U women needs to amend ur ways, civilization has made u people to disrespect men and now flexing muscles with men.. i pity all u women I swear.. western life style has done a lot of harm than good on u African women

dykelus: So what? Keep your bile to yourself gal. Some of us cannot allow the past to dictate our lives. You’ve had kids with different men, all of whom you’ve separated with … Don’t you think YOU are the problem? And not your long list of “unreal” exes?

mgoyagram: Your are spoiling ladies out there who are poor and want to get married. Wewe uliangukia sponsor ukapata pesa…give them space for marriage is a God given gift

jkimaiga: Were you not single ndio ukazaa, mlikuwa wawili but due to disagreement mkaseperate that is why u are single

the_scholar_me: Akothee you don’t have a heart hahaha who bewitched you?

Fans REACT To Willy Paul ‘Signing’ Under Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records

Ben Githae sang, “Ulianza na roho unamalizia na mwili kwa nini?”

Willy Paul has added kerosene to fire after he posted a picture of himself and Diamond Platnumz at his offices in Tanzania. Fans are not yet aware why Pozze was there but have instead gone ahead to attack the Tiga Wana hit maker, alleging that he is upto something with the secular artiste.

Making music with a secular artiste is not new to Pozze, he has already done it before, not once but twice.

After Diamond rejected his offer to do a collabo with him, the Fanya hit maker went ahead to copy all he would, to be Kenya’s Diamond. I mean, after all Baba Tiffah is his mentor.

Pozze even wants to lie to fans that he is married to a woman older than him just like his mentor. Anyway, lets not judge him, at least not today!

Check out some photos of Willy Paul and Diamond In Tanzania.

willy paul

One thing I’m sure of, Willy Paul was at the Wasafi offices to sign up with Diamond’s new music selling app. After he refused to promote Willy when he was an upcoming artiste, he now wants to make money off the gospel kid?

willy pozze

As we wait for a collabo with the Wasafi’s, check out fan’s reaction;

Zurinah Zuri Larry: Willy ”’stop these bullshit plz” its either you sing gospel or secular apana song promotion ”ulianza tu ka mchezo ww na Allaine’ ‘tena umeanza mchezo mwingine tena”where are you heading”serve the Lord ur God with all ur heart mind soul and everything ”Diamond has nothing to offer you than bongo” go bak 4m where u started” uliimba sitolia tangu hapo umemea pembe sana”

Benjamin Benjah wrote, “willy shetani anakuandama na watu wao, umepotea hadi unaolewa na mtu rika ya mamayako shindwe.”

Jiamz Baibe: Khai! Kwani nyinyi hamjui Birds of the same feathers flock together. Haha wako sawa wakiwa pamoja walai c wake wao n age mates n wote n wasafi?????

Darlinng Qbouy: This idiot wil kill me one day,kwane ulienda shule kufunzwa ujinga, is diamond God? Unakuaga na umama mingi sana!

Jessika Osebe: Last time uliulizia tekkno miles collabo lkn haijawai kam thiz tym n diamond…spread a true gospel ….ile radi itakupiga young man pliz change 4 better ” ukweli mchungu n kua umearibu gospel industry… None of ur songs inachezwa kanisani….willy Paul,willy msafi,willy pozze,willy mchafuz,willy bronze ft diamond


Diamond Platnumz’s Rumoured Side Piece DITCHES Her Baby Daddy

Hamisa Mobetto, a model, video vixen cum socialite is one lass who has hit the headlines with bongo star Diamond Platnumz for the longest time.

She came to the limelight after she was featured in Diamond’s hit song Salome…I must agree she did a great job! With the twerking of course. So, the question must be, why she is considered by man a side piece or mpango wa kando, right?


Well, sometime back, Zari went on a rant after finding what is rumoured to be Hamisa’s earrings in their Tanzania house. Diamond and his video vixen lass must have been having fun together. All this time Zari was attending to her pregnancy in South Africa and when she went back to Tanzania she found the earring, glaring evidence that Diamond is cheating on her.

Hii Ndio Urembo! Meet The Gorgeous Cover Girl In Diamond Platnumz’s Salome Video(PHOTOS)


In her snapchat, Zari directed her harsh message to Hamisa and all those women who love nyemelearing other people’s men.

 “Watu na Bae zetu… nyaku nyakus can’t even post their own. Told you, if he can’t claim you in public, don’t give him the good good in private. U know what that means right & I bet u know where that leaves you ?????. Tag your bae and wish him or her a good night.”

Well, Hamisa who has a young daughter with a Tanzanian radio personality has gone ahead to ditch him, saying there is nothing like love between the two of them

Loyal Chic! Zari Hassan Defends Her Husband After Cheating Rumours, Reveals That She Won’t Leave Him


Jamani Kuna Habari Zinaendelea Kwa Siku Kadhaa Hivi Nyuma………… Napenda Kusema Kwamba Sitaki Kuhusishwa Kwenye Drama,Matatizo,Purukushani Wala Mapenzi Ya Watu.
Maana Sijui ata Nimeingiaje ????
Enough is enough ayyye ????????
Naomba Mniache Na Mwanangu Out Of This One Tafadhali.
| Huyo Mtu Mwachen Aendelee Kua Baba Mtoto Wa Mwanangu That’s The Only Role He Will Continue To Play In Our Lives…Na Si Vingine????????.

Wyre Celebrates 20 Years In The Music Industry In The Most Amazing Way Ever!

Wyre is celebrating two decades in the music industry.

His success is solely due to his hard work, fortitude and talent.

He now has a new single with music legend, Suzanne Gachukia. It is off the album, Zannaziki All Stars set for a March 28 release.

She has redone the classic single Kondo Gakwa with the Love Child and the video directed by Kevin ‘Bosco’ Jr, brings the song to life with a fresh, entertaining dance vibe.

Talking about the recording session with Danish producer Klaus Seest, Wyre says, “I grew up listening to Suzanne’s music. She was an early inspiration to me and many others in the music industry – that’s why I was excited to collaborate on this latest remix of KONDO GAKWA. Gachukia and her band Zannaziki originally released KONDO GAKWA on their Tamu Tamu album in 1998, which became a big hit and featured a remix bonus track from then fresh hip hop artistes – K South.”


Wyre continues, “When I got into the studio, I loved the whole vibe that (producer) Seest had brought to the track – he’d kept the original sound and the same melodies, so my challenge was to bring the new school vibe and that was the Dancehall vibe that I did on it!”

Undoubtedly, one of Africa’s most entertaining performers, WYRE confides, “This year I’m celebrating 20 years in the music industry – I grew up on Musikly Speaking & Zanna- I’m so proud to be a part of this project, because I really looked up to (them) – Suzanne paved the way for so many of us.”

suzanne Gachukia (1)

The single is the first from Sub Sahara Entertainment’s upcoming twin volume compilation of compositions; by renowned Kenyan hit-maker, performer and trailblazer, Suzanne Gachukia – The Zannaziki AllStars; all performed by a stellar cast of celebrated Kenyan artists.

Check out the video for Kondo Gakwa below.


Bored Of Watching TV? This Kenyan Show Will Have You Glued To The Screen!

Frankly speaking, not many of us watch TV. We choose to get all our news and entertainment online. This could be catching up with your favorite celebrity’s Facebook or Instagram updates or discovering the latest music videos on YouTube.

The most common habit that most of us love is watching our favorite movie series on a laptop by the pool side on lazy Saturday afternoon. It is just what it is. For a long time, there hasn’t been a kick ass TV show that can actually make you sit on the couch on a Sunday night …until The Search on Kiss TV came about.

We all know it as the show that seeks to discover the next big musical act in Kenya. The contestants were sourced from all over the country and bring a diverse mixture of vocal capabilities.

This Sunday, all eyes will be on the next episode of The Search, which will feature contestants Said Abdallah, Moonboy, Tabitha, Serro and others. The super talented pool will be battling it out as they race to winning 1 million shillings and an amazing recording deal.

This week on The Search, you’ll get to meet the other 7 contestants including the boy-band all the way from Kisii town! The competition is tight folks …but still, three must go home. Tune in this Sunday at 8PM on KISS TV

The show will be graced with your favorite Kenyan gospel singer Size 8 who will be a judge. Stay tuned on Sunday, 8PM, Kiss TV!