Nairobi On Fire This Weekend As Jidenna And Davido Perform Live At The B Club

Dapper rapper/singer  Jidenna will be stepping on the Kenyan soil tomorrow, 29th June 2017 and Kenyans are going crazy!! Well..if you aren’t then we can’t be friends.

Anyway, having performed in South Africa and Nigeria during his ‘Long Live The Chief’ tour, the budding artiste is coming to East Africa for the very first time to perform the 3rd Edition of Hennessy FOMO Party scheduled to take place on 1st July at the Carnivore grounds.


The slay king who is widely known for his hit singles such as Classic Man, Little Bit More, Bambi and Long Live the Chief will be coming into the country with his entire band to deliver a live performance at the annual event that has gained recognition for featuring global artists.

While in the country, the singer who has established himself as a style icon is expected to work with a local fashion designer. He will also be visiting the Nairobi National Park, and is also scheduled to watch a local football match.

Well, if you feel like you can’t wait till then to get your groove on, here’s something for today. Nigerian artiste Davido is here in Nairobi this evening to party at arguably Kenya’s finest B club.

Through an online video, the artiste has informed his fan to meet and mingle with him at up-market club B-club tonight from 6pm till late. The show will be hosted by The Reverend himself, Shaffie Weru.


Ever since B club started hosting big stars in the city with a Free Entry, so many millionaires have opted to pay an upfront fee just to book tables in the club for the next 10 coming events whereby they will get the best treat and also ensure that the high table close to the artistes are not used be it they are there or not.

Jidenna Is Not Half Black Or Half White – He’s Twice Everything

It was not long since the club celebrated their 1st Anniversary but the management decided to throw a back to back Bash for the “Girls is the city” tonight with Davido and Jidenna tomorrow for a Meet and greet B club V.v.i.p feel.

The tables are 70% sold out for both events leaving some ballers asking themselves why they did not book in advance so as to sit close with the artistes.


13 hilarious reactions from KOT roasting Wizkid over concert ticket prices

An unnamed millionaire is said to have booked a table upfront for this weekend’s star studded appearances by popular stars Jidenna and Davido.

A source very close to the club owners told Kiss FM that the said tycoon dropped 30,000 large yaani, USD to be able to comfortably book a table at the upmarket exclusive club.

The fee affords them access to the two stars who are visiting Kenya this weekend.


Before the big show tomorrow, Jidenna will be on Kiss FM in the morning with Shaffie and Adelle, so make sure you tune in!

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Davido hasn’t revealed for how long he will be staying in Kenya, but as for Jidenna…we will gladly be hosting him until Tuesday.

Kenyan Artiste Kenzo releases emotional new track dubbed ” Niambie”

Kenzo is one of the few artistes who’ve managed to remain relevant in the music industry despite the many challenges that come along with the career. And just so you know, I’m not talking about the Ugandan artiste Eddie Kenzo. I’m referring to our very own Kenzo Matata…the original Kenzo.


He was recently in studio with Adelle and Shaffie, where he dropped his new hit single ‘Niambie”.

Kenzo has been in the industry for the past ten years, after his mum passed on. He says that he got into the music industry by default. He used to sing in the house with his guitar before a friend of his invited him to sing at his brother’s wedding, who happened to be the one running Ogopa Deejays.

The friend’s brother asked him to go try something out at the studio and he agreed, as he had nothing to lose.

“I went to the studio maze napatana na magwiji. Kina Nameless, akina Longombas” He says.

Lovy Longomba Starts A Church In Hollywood. Check Out This Video Of Him Healing A Blind Mzungu Woman

His breakout was his song  “Mama Milka” and life for him has changed since then. However, after being in the industry for quite sometime, collaborating with MC fullstop for his song “Jiwachilie” and other projects…he went on a music hiatus for a while.


Kenzo made another major come back with his hit song ” Wapi’, whose reception was quite outstanding.

Other hits Kenzo is recognized for are Zam Zam, Kidogo Tu, Nyoso, Jiwachilie featuring MC Fullstop, Maintainance Fee featuring Canibal and “Na Bado” featuring Maida.


About his latest track “Niambie”, matata hii! It is a definite hit. Kenzo  says that it was inspired by a personal experience. It talks about on and off relationships, and the man asking to be told where they stand.

“It is a personal story” he says ” There’s a time I was dating but ni zile za in and out. This time you guys are good, mara mmekosana, mara mko pamoja, mara hamtaki kuonana. Nikashindwa ah! Hizi ni gani tena? Sa unaambia dame ‘Niambie tuko wapi’ “.

The video to the song will be out in two weeks, but the audio is a must listen!

He also has another song coming through dubbed ” Vumilia’, which you just have to wait for a short while before it is out.

And oh.. for those who’ve been claiming beef between Kenzo and Ugandan Eddy Kenzo, well he confirmed that it is not true.


Kenyan Gospel Artiste Izzo Releases New Track

Just in case you don’t know who Izzo is, he’s the gospel hip-hop artiste behind the hit song Sunday Christian, whose remix involved Ekko Dydda, Mr T, Hey Z and X Po.

He recently released his new single dubbed Not Ashamed, which features gospel artiste Zangi.


Coming from a Christian background, Izzo believed that he was just a SUNDAY CHRISTIAN because he used to go to church and involve himself in churchly activities only because his parents urged him to.

Six months down the line after graduating, Izzo personally gave his life to Christ and at that very moment is when he decided to switch lanes from using his talent for complaining about life circumstances to using it to honour The Giver of the talent.
That is when he wrote the song SUNDAY CHRISTIAN which was his first single to blow in the gospel circle and opened even greater doors as far as his music career is concerned.
Being his first hit, it helped put Izzo on the map and introduced him to other urban gospel artists giants that he decided to do a remix for it. And little did he know, he started making headlines in not just the gospel circle, but also the secular circle since the SUNDAY CHRISTIAN REMIX hit started blowing chart after chart and brought tremendous success in his music.

Talk of concerts, interviews, stories, etc. To make it even more significant, he designed t-shirts with the songs name plus his name on it in 2010.


Some more songs done by Izzo include You see me featuring Young Noah, Nikujue featuring Benachi, Iko Nini featuring Brenton Dowdy, Just begun, Tonight, Born Child, Press On featuring Holy Dave, One Two Three featuring M.A Double among others.

He recently took to his social media account, talking about his new song.

“Hey friends, so here’s my new single “Not ashamed” ft. Zangi just reminding us to be authentic and bold about our faith for just as the scriptures says faith only comes by hearing and by the hearing of the word of God. Be blessed as you share it with a friend.”


Mama I Made It!!! South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest Build’s A Brand New Family House

Cassper Nyovest has been going back to his family roots of late. He is not afraid to put out his family on social media and share his journey before the fame.

The ‘Tito Mboweni ‘hit maker posted a picture  with his mum and his relative just outside their new family house.


Cassper had this words to say about his mother and his other relative;

”2 of the most important elders in my life. Nothing better than making them proud by validating their sleepless nights besides other sacrifices. All I ever want to do is impress them. If this picture is anything to go by, I think I managed to do that yesterday with our new home. ”

He also  posted a sweet message to his mum on social media;

cassper nyovest and mum

He said;

”All I ever wanted was to make my mom proud/ and now we flexing on em , see me with the guns out!!! 🏡 #WeLivingGood.”

Just sometime back Cassper also dedicated a song to his dad on Father’s Day.


South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest Dedicates New Song ‘ Superman ‘ To His Dad

Fans congratulated him on his new move. Below are some of the comments;

mskhuz11: Congratulations to you & your family, may God blessings keep on pouring on your life

gopzz101: That’s why you are so blessed you never forget where you come from big ups to stay blessed. .

glamspire_interiors:Well done Nyovest

ntokozo_rebel:I just wanna see the crib

mstmahubz: Beautiful family. I was watching you on Real talk yesterday,I love your ” dont mess with my family” vibe “my parents are respected in the community” it takes a leader to groom a leader

bafanamaduna7615: Those are blessings my guy big up man

American Singer Jidenna To Bring Nairobi To A Standstill

Global international American recording artist and record producer Jidenna Mobisson popularly known as Jidenna will be jetting into the country on 29th June 2017 for the 3rd edition of the Hennessy FOMO party on 1st July at the Carnivore grounds.


The singer who is widely known for his hit singles such as Classic Man, Little Bit More, Bambi and Long Live the Chief will be coming into the country with his entire band to deliver a live performance at the annual event that has gained recognition for featuring global artistes.

Aside from Jidenna, this year FOMO will be featuring top Kenyan rapper Nyashinski and Zambian born artist Shadaya.

Jidenna, who describes his signature tune as ‘Swank’ is signed to American singer Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Records label and collaborated with her on the single “Yoga” from his The Eephus EP. The song peaked at number 119 on the Billboard Top 200. In February 2015, Jidenna released his first official single, called “Classic Man featuring Gian Arthur.


The song was in heavy rotation globally and debuted at number 49 on the Billboard charts. It will be the Nigerian-born artiste’s first visit to East Africa, with him having performed in South Africa and Nigeria during his ‘Long Live The Chief’ tour where he was promoting his similarly titled debut album.

While in the country, the singer who has established himself as a style icon is expected to work with a local fashion designer. He will also be visiting the national park and is also scheduled to watch a local football match.

Bazokizo Hit Maker Collins Majale Shares His Experience As A Dad Saying ‘Fatherhood Is A Blessing’

Gospel Musician  Collins Majale popularly known as Collo has opened up about being a father . Collo rose to fame when he was in the Kleptomaniacs group  with Nyashinski  and Robba.


After announcing his marriage to his  wife  Phoebe, Collo was blessed with a firstborn child called  Tawala,  who is now all grown up.


In an interview with Parents magazine Collo says Tawala’s birth changed him tremendously.

He  said ;

”Being a father means a lot being a father is being the priest of a home  and the head of  a home . Family is home , family is where it all begins. Kuzaliwa kwa Tawala ulitoa ujinga. Waking up everyday is one of the grand moments of being a dad. ”

He acknowledges his wife as his number one fan even when he was still doing secular music. Tawala however loves the gospel music her famous dad sings.

Exclusive: Collins ‘Collo’ Majale Finally Opens Up About Getting Saved (Audio)

Collo  also reveals  that he is not trying to leave a legacy but to minister and live his purpose according to the bible that he refers to as his manual.

Enjoy the video of  Collo talking about fatherhood courtesy Parents Magazine;





Cuteness Nayo! After Hiding His Family For Years, Redsan Finally Shows Off His Son For The First Time Ever (PHOTO)

Veteran ragga and reggae musician Swabri Mohammed aka Redsan is undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most celebrated and loved artistes in the local music scene.

The Badder Than Most hitmaker has over the years wowed his fans with his catchy and dancea-ble music, and although he had gone on a music hiatus for a while, he came back with a bang with Shoulder Back about a year ago.

Recently, Redsan switched things up and collaborated with a female R&B singer Vivian, on a new song dubbed Attention a few weeks ago, and from what he has been teasing on his social media, we should expect more.

MUST WATCH! Sexy Singer Vivian Gets Redsan’s Attention!

Away from music and the spotlight, not much is known about the heartthrob, only that he’s married with kids, and has never shown off his children or wife on his social media or been spotted with them in  public. Yes, he’s that private about his love life.


From what we know, Redsan is married to Viverz Mohammed, and the two exchanged vows back in 2012 at a very low key and secret wedding ceremony.

During an interview a while back; Redsan give this as the reason he keeps his other life off the pulblic radar;

I value my background, my family and my religion very much. When I’m home with my family, there’s nothing about Redsan. That is private and you will not hear or read about it on the Internet, no matter how much you try.

Though he rarely talks about his family or even flaunts them on social media platforms, this time he decided to give a glimpse of his son.

Redsan was celebrating Ramadhan and perhaps out of excitement, he showed off his son’s face for the first time ever, but later deleted the photo from his page.

But not before I took a screenshot of the cute looking boy, who appears to be about 4 years-old, as they played with filters. Well, check out Redsan and his never before seen picture of his son below. Isn’t he the cutest?







Chris Brown and Migos ‘involved in a brawl after the BET Awards’

Chris Brown and hip-hop band Migos reportedly came to blows after the BET Awards in Los Angeles on Monday night.

According to TMZ and multiple onlookers on Twitter, a brawl broke out between the two artists and their respective teams in the car park, after they left the Microsoft Theatre at the same time.

The fight comes shortly after rumours began to swirl about Migos member Quavo’s relationship with Karrueche Tran – who happens to be Chris’ ex.

Chris had been at the event to premiere the music video for his new track Pie, with Future, and perform his hit Party for the crowds.

However after giving an upbeat performance onstage, things soon went awry for the 28-year-old singer – when he came face-to-face with his former friends Migos, formed of rappers Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, upon exit.

brown Chris(1)

Karrueche Tran Finally Granted Five Year Restraining Order Against Ex Chris Brown

The site reports that Chris’ team had made the first move by pushing Quavo, which caused their team to step in, resulting in a brawl.

The Beautiful People hitmaker was reportedly keen to stay away from the drama, and simply walked through the fight to make his way to the car.

TMZ adds that the police were called, but the fight had disbanded before they had arrived.

MailOnline has contacted representatives of both Chris and Migos for comment.

Get me out of here: The Beautiful People hitmaker (above) was reportedly keen to stay away from the drama, and simply walked through the fight to make his way to the car

The saga, which appeared to take place in the venue’s car park, was also documented by several onlookers on Twitter.

One however appeared to claim that Chris had been the one to stir trouble, writing: ‘Basically chris brown was being funny before migos came up to him so he sat around and waited for them to approach. (From what I saw)’


Another user then shared a video from the night, which saw two male figures squaring off to each other and preparing to fight, captioned: ‘Migos & Chris Brown or Joe Budden were about to fight? #betawards’

It remains unclear whether it was Chris or rapper Joe who had been involved.

Only adding to the drama, a further witness then shared a short clip of Migos after the fight.

In the video, the three rappers  are seen looking very sheepish and stony faced as they make their way out of the event, flanked by a number of security guards – who held their arms up protectively across the musicians.

Chris Brown Hosts Pool Party At Los Angeles Home As Daughter Royalty Turns Three


While the musicians have worked together in the past, the supposed altercation comes shortly after Quavo’s rumoured relationship with Chris’ ex Karrueche Tran emerged.

The rumours came two weeks after it was revealed that Karrueche, who dated Chris on and off for five years, asked for her temporary restraining order against him to be extended to three years.

The With You singer was reportedly left disgruntled by her new romance with Quavo, as he had recently helped the band promote their most recent album Culture.

A source said of the matter at the time: ‘Chris believes it’s no coincidence Karrueche got a restraining order against him at the very time she started getting tight with the Migos rapper.’

Not letting the drama between them faze him, Chris still went on to perform at the event in front of his ex – less than a month after the order was granted, due to his continued threats against her and history of violence.

Ahead of the ceremony, many believed Karrueche would skip the event to avoid any possible encounter with Brown.

A source close to the star spoke to HollywoodLife ahead of the awards, telling the site ‘Karrueche is stressing out about the BET’s this weekend.’

‘Things have been going well with Quavo, so she wants to be by his side at the awards show. But, she fears that might not be possible.

‘Due to her restraining order with Chris, Karrueche fears that there will be a messy run–in between the three of them.’

It is also not the first time that Migos have become involved in a tense brawl this year.

In February, the three-piece were reportedly involved in a fight with Sean Kingston over Soulja Boy in Las Vegas – leaving the singer badly beaten.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO GALLERY: 10 Photos That Proof Alice Kamande Is Among The Hottest Gospel Singers

Alice Kamande is among the celebrated gospel singers in town. One that has distanced herself with controversies that have been following many gospel singers lately.

The singer made her debut with the song Wewe Pekee, one that was received well and her journey to greatness would then start.

What attracted many about this singer was the fact that she was sexy, slayed all the way up and stuck to her spiritual calling. We can say that the Sambaza hit maker has been true to her calling….The calling of creating good gospel music.

Stunning: The 8 Times Kambua Has Made Heads Turn With Her Amazing Hairstyles

During father’s day, Kamande made her fans fall in love with her after she posted a moving tribute to her late dad.

It read: “I’m ever grateful to God for having met and spend time with my dad Gideon when He was alive. He was my great strength and pillar.I can attest to this, that I am a product of a man who lived a selfless life and worked tireless to provide ,a true man of valour, but there’s one thing that i’m ever grateful to have acquired from him and it’s not wealth , it’s the words of wisdom, his presence ,care and love and above all teaching me the word of God . This is the man who led me to Chris ,when I was only 12years old.
On a day like this (Father’s day) 2011 was the last time we celebrated Father’s day with him and a few days later ,went to be with the Lord. It was one of the most devastating time of my life . “A hero was never meant to die”.So I thought to myself. But since then my Father in heaven stepped up his game and took his role and remind me . That I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am the father to the fatherless and a husband to the widows. I know His word is true .
I salute all the dads who try, who fight so hard for their families like Warriors to instil discipline, good character, provide and become the priest to their homes.
You play a great role in our families and society at large.
We are who we are because of who you are ,you are great role models .God bless all the fathers and fathers to be. Much love.”

Kamande has proven to be among the gospel singers that embraces fashion in her music videos.

Check out her photos, that have left many begging for more;


alice kamande 1


alice kamande 6


alice kamande 3


alice kamande 2


alice kamande 8


alice kamande


alice kamande 5


alice kamandee


alice kamande 41



alice kamande 4

SIZZLING HOT: King Kaka And Pascal Tokodi On New Love Ballad

They first brought you the song Milele. A wedding song that hit the music chart by storm.

King Kaka and Pascal Tokodi are back again…This time round with a bang!

The two have released the song Forget, a love ballad that seems to be directed to people who are hurting as a result of this unending topic of love.

It is also a beautifully done cover of French Montana’s single Unforgettable.

King Kaka2

King Kaka Apologizes To Eddy Kenzo After Blasting Him!

The two definitely done justice to the song, from Tokodi’s vocals to King Kaka’s lyrics not to mention the electric video. According to King Kaka’s social media, the song is Adopted from the original Unforgettable by French Montana ft. Swae Lee

Let’s cut down on the talk and watch the music video, shall we?





Kim Kardashian Shows What Kendall Got North For Her Birthday

Kendall Jenner bought her niece North West an adorable gift for her fourth birthday.

After celebrating with a Moana-themed party, Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to share photos of the thoughtful gift the supermodel bought for her pride and joy.

Kendall had bought a science themed book of experiments, called Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects, and had wrapped up the ingredients for each different experiment in labelled jiffy bags.

Kim showcased each carefully labelled experiment in her Snapchat story, and gushed over the thoughtfulness of it with the caption ‘thank you Auntie Kendall!’

kendal book

Kendall Jenner Flashes Massive Diamond Ring On Her Wedding Finger

The jiffy bags can clearly be seen, labelled with experiment names such as ‘bath fizzies’, ‘monster marshmallows’ and ‘sticky slime’.

The supermodel had evidently put hours of thought into the sweet gift idea, which was packed into a wire basket.

North and her cousin, Penelope Disick, already received matching Pomeranian puppies for their birthdays, which are a matter of weeks apart.

kendal and kim

And on Saturday, they were thrown a joint birthday party fit for a pair of Disney princesses in Los Angeles.

Kardashian friend Daphne Joy uploaded a glimpse of North – who turned four on June 15 – dressed in full Hawaiian garb for the Moana-themed bash.


R.I.P English! Diamond Platnumz’s Social Media Guys Insults The Queen’s Language (SCREENSHOTS)

Someone is sleeping on the job!

Diamond Platnumz has been trolled for the longest time now for his incorrect use of the queen’s language. But from the look of things, the Salome hit maker is trying all he can to bury that perception.

It seems his social media guys are the problem and not him this time round.

In a recent post as they were congratulating WCB’s Rayvanny for scooping the gong for International Viewer’s Choice at the just concluded BET Awards, Diamond social media guys made a huge mistake.


Enda Gumbaru School! Top 7 Posts That Prove Diamond Platnumz Does Not Know English That Will Leave You In Stitches

For a person to get paid for what they do, they must do it well with minimal blunders but as they all say, “human is to error”.

His social media guys left tongues wagging as they posted;

diamond tweets

It might seem to be quit a minor mistake for them, but fans can now identify the problem to Diamond Platnumz’s failed English. Lets just say his social media guys ‘Wameathirika na lugha ya mama’

Zero Chills Here: Diamond Platnumz Blasted By Fans For His Incorrect Grammar

Evidently something has to be done, perhaps get them to attend a simple refresher cause in grammer – online.


SIZZLING HOT! Papa Jones Collabo’s With Tanzania’s Rap goddess On New Hit (VIDEO)

Forget the ‘bleaching’ stunt that got Khaligraph Jones trending for all the wrong reasons. Well, one of Kenya’s King of rap is done with stunts and it seems he is  now back to just working.

He is now all about doing good music.

Jones has released another hit song dubbed One Time Remix, one that he has been featured by Tanzania’s femcee Rosa Ree also known as the rap goddess.


Check Out This Sick Tattoo Khaligraph Jones Just Got (Photos)

Ree was in the country last month and from the look of things, the two might have started working on this song then. From the video, it is evident that East Africa’s rap industry is going to the next level.

Forget the curse words in the chorus, one thing that is evident is that Rosa has made a big debut in Kenya.

Check out the video;

Blac Chyna Involved In Grisly Accident In Her Rolls-Royce Car (PHOTOS)

Blac Chyna was involved in a car accident in the Studio City neighbourhood of Los Angeles county on Saturday morning.

The mother to Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream was seen in the back of an ambulance after the incident.

According to witnesses on the scene, the Rob & Chyna star was driving her white Rolls-Royce at 2:30 am on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, when she was rear-ended by a suspected drunk driver in a black vehicle which sustained substantial damage.

The 29-year-old star could be seen with her short blonde hair in the back of an ambulance. She appeared to have a male friend with braids with her at the time.

chyna cars(1)

Super mom! Blac Chyna treats son King Cairo and baby daughter Dream to fun-filled day (PHOTOS)

The ex of rapper Tyga did not appear to be hurt, and because she was not lying down on a stretcher, her injuries appeared to not be life-threatening.

Paramedics looked at her for 45 minutes, it was claimed. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians guest star was released by the paramedics and taken away in another vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department, a witness said. It is believed the driver was given a DUI test.


She Slays! Blac Chyna Yields Knife While Showing Off Curvy Chest

Chyna’s white Rolls-Royce seemed to be not that impacted by the crash, with little damage to the rear end. The vehicle was seen stopped at a traffic light and was halfway in the crosswalk.

 While it appeared that Chyna’s Rolls-Royce could have been driven home, the other car was most likely not in driving condition

Chyna peeked out the back of the ambulance through a rectangular window. She looked to be wearing a halter top, as if she had just gone out for the evening. Her hair was still nicely styled.

chyna car 1(1)

Chyna has several cars in addition to her Rolls. The star was often seen on Rob & Chyna in her Range Rover. She also bought a red Ferrari, which she has shown off on Instagram.

In 2015, Chyna’s friends got into an accident with her BMW and fled the scene. Chyna was at first accused of driving the car, but she insisted she had just lent the vehicle to some pals.


GORGEOUS! Never Seen Before Photos Of Auntie Boss’ Shiru That Will Leave You Begging For More

Auntie Boss is one of the most-watched comedy shows in town. One of the hilarious main actresses is Shiru, who has won many people’s hearts.

Shiru, real name Nice Wanjeri, is among the comedians who keep people glued to the screen, but one thing we know about her is her hilarious character as a house girl. From having a dramatic relationship with her employer to her Kikuyu accent, Shiru has created a rapport with her audience.

shiru 44

‘You Are My Daddy Too’ – TV Actress Has Nothing But Sweet Words For Her Man

One thing that has amazed many is how different she looks when she is not shooting. She is a whole different person all together.

Check out her photos in real life:



SIZZLING HOT: Diamond Platnumz Releases Twins ‘Fire’ And ‘I Miss You’ (VIDEO)

Diamond Platnumz has become a household name in and across Africa. Nasib Abdul, his real name, made his debut in the music industry back in the day with the song Kamwambie. He would later release another hit song Mbagala that hit across East Africa.

Today, Diamond is among the most celebrated artstes we have in the world. Platnumz recently did the Nyashinski Challenge: he dropped two songs at a go.

Did Socialite Huddah Monroe Bed Diamond Platnumz? She Speaks Out


His song Fire, featuring Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage, has won many people’s hearts and is now reigning in the radio airwaves.

His second song, I Miss You, had already been released but its video was dropped recently, after it was leaked to fans, prompting him to rewrite the second verse.

Check out the song Fire featuring Tiwa Savage:

Hilarious! TBT Of Diamond Platnumz Alleged SIDE-PIECE Will Leave You In Stitches

Here is the song I Miss You:



Hilarious! TBT Of Diamond Platnumz Alleged SIDE-PIECE Will Leave You In Stitches

Diamond Platnumz has been linked to a Tanzanian model cum his video vixen in the song Salome. The girl who is identified as Hamisa Mobetto was once rumoured to be Platnumz’s side-chick.

Hamisa and Diamond’s baby mama Zarina Hassan alias Zari The Boss Lady have not been seeing eye to eye since the Salome video was released, one that Diamond used Hamisa as her video vixen.

Days after the Salome video was shot, Zari announced that she had found earings that were not hers at her matrimonial home. The earrings would later be rumoured to be Hamisa’s as photos went viral of her wearing them.

‘I Meant Everything I Posted’ Diamond Platnumz Speaks Out About Zari Going Out With Another Man

Since then, fans believed that the Utanipenda hit maker might have had a soft spot for this model which he vehemently denied.


Reactions: Fans Roast Diamond After Singing For Both Zari And Ex Wema Sepetu This Love Song (VIDEO)

Recently, Diamond shut down rumours that Hamisa is carrying his pregnancy as he called her out to tell the World who the father is.

He said at a Tanzanian radio station;

“Tangia ilivyotoka video ya Salome, yalitoka maneno mengi sana kwamba mimi natoka na Hamisa. Baada ya video ilibidi nikae naye  mbali kwa sababu tena naona nikama matatizo. Naskia ni mjamzito na sijawaikua na mahusiano naye.”

He went on to say:

“Bwana naye si ajitokeze aseme mwenye mimba! Nafikiri video ya Salome ilichangia vitu vingi.”

‘It Is Not My Pregnancy’ – Diamond Platnumz Shuts Down Rumors About Alleged SIDEPIECE

It was not the first time that Hamisa appeared in his video. Diamond featured her in one of his TBT videos Mawazo.

Check out Hamisa’s tbts and now:


Africa Wins Big At The BET Awards As Wizkid, Rayvanny And Yvonne Chaka Chaka Are Celebrated

The BET awards were held last night and saw a couple of African celebrities go home with the coveted award. This award that is meant to celebrate African-Americans in music, acting, sports were held at the  Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Among those that won were Nigeria’s Wizkid as the ‘Best International Act: Africa’ as South Africa’s Yvonne Chaka Chaka scooped the Global Good Power Award.

Wizkid Expresses Interest In BET Awards 2017, Starts Campaigning For Votes

Tanzania’s Rayvanny went home with the International viewer’s choice. He took to social media to appreciate his fans and boss Diamond Platnumz.

he wrote: “God is good all the time.Asante Mungu wangu Ulieniumba,Unaejua mwanzo na mwisho wangu.Uliyaona machozi yangu nilipokua mpweke sina furaha na mwenye majonzi mengi.WEWE NDIYE MUWEZA… Asanteni wadau Wote mlio VOTE kwa Ajili yangu Ushindi umerudi Nyumbani.SITOACHA KUSHUKURU UONGOZI MZIMA #WCB.”

Uganda’s ghetto kids graced the occasion as they performed with French Montana.

Here is a complete list of the winners;

Best Female R&B/Pop Artist
Beyonce (WINNER)

Andra Day
K. Michelle

Best Male R&B/Pop Artist
Bryson Tiller (WINNER)

Chris Brown
The Weeknd

Best Group
Drake & Future (WINNER)

2 Chainz & Lil Wayne
Puff Daddy & the Family
Rae Sremmurd
The Internet

Best Collaboration
Rihanna ft. Drake – “Work” (WINNER)

Big Sean ft. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign – “Play No Games”
Big Sean ft. Kanye West & John Legend – “One Man Can Change the World”
Future ft. Drake – “Where Ya At”
Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce – “Feeling Myself”

Best Male Hip Hop Artist
Drake (WINNER)

Fetty Wap
J. Cole
Kanye West
Kendrick Lamar

Best Female Hip Hop Artist
Nicki Minaj (WINNER)

Dej Loaf
Lil Kim
Missy Elliott
Remy Ma

Video of the Year
Beyonce – “Formation” (WINNER)

Bryson Tiller – “Don’t”
Drake – “Hotline Bling”
Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”
Rihanna ft. Drake – “Work”

Video Director of the Year
Director X (WINNER)

Benny Boom
Chris Brown
Colin Tilley and the Little Homies
Hype Williams

Best New Artist
Bryson Tiller (WINNER)

Alessia Cara
Andra Day
Tory Lanez

Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award?
Kirk Franklin (WINNER)

Anthony Brown & Group Therapy
Erica Campbell
Tamela Mann
Tasha Cobbs

Best Actress
Taraji P. Henson (WINNER)

Gabrielle Union
Kerry Washington
Tracee Ellis Ross
Viola Davis

Best Actor
Michael B. Jordan (WINNER)

Anthony Anderson
Courtney B. Vance
Idris Elba
O’Shea Jackson Jr.

YoungStars Award?
Amandla Stenberg (WINNER)

Quvenzhane Wallis
Willow Smith
Yara Shahidi

Best Movie
Straight Outta Compton (WINNER)

Beasts of No Nation

Sportswoman of the Year
Serena Williams (WINNER)

Cheyenne Woods
Gabrielle Douglas
Skylar Diggins
Venus Williams

Sportsman of the Year?
Stephen Curry (WINNER)

Cam Newton
Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
Odell Beckham Jr.

Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Award?
Beyonce – “Formation” (WINNER)

Bryson Tiller – “Don’t”
Chris Brown – “Back to Sleep”
Drake – “Hotline Bling”
Future ft. Drake – “Where Ya At”
Rihanna ft. Drake – “Work”

Centric Award
Beyonce – “Formation” (WINNER)

Andra Day – “Rise Up”
K. Michelle – “Not a Little Bit”
Rihanna – “BBHMM”
The Internet – “Under Control”

Best International Act Africa
Wizkid (Nigeria)
AKA (South Africa)
Black Coffee (South Africa) (WINNER)
Cassper Nyovest (South Africa)
Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania)
Mzvee (Ghana)
Serge Beynaud (Cote D’Ivoire)
Yemi Alade (Nigeria)

Best International Act UK
Skepta (WINNER)

Krept & Konan
Lianne La Havas
Tinie Tempah



Reactions: Fans Roast Diamond After Singing For Both Zari And Ex Wema Sepetu This Love Song (VIDEO)

Diamond Platnumz released a love song which he featured Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage dubbed Fire.

The song is already hitting the charts hard and topping them but what many have noticed is the fact that Diamond has sang for both Zari Hassan, his current baby mama and his ex girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

Let me take you back a little bit:

Wema Sepetu, former Miss Tanzania cum actress was in a romantic relationship with Diamond back in the day when he was an uprising artiste.

According to reports, the two tried getting kids, which was not successful. They would later call it quits terming irreconcilable differences.

Wema and Diamond

‘I Meant Everything I Posted’ Diamond Platnumz Speaks Out About Zari Going Out With Another Man

Weeks later Diamond and Ugandan-South African based businesswoman would be seen together, they would then admit that they are dating.

Now, Zari and Diamond are blessed with two gorgeous kids. This just sparked an ongoing beef between Zari and Wema as they keep on trolling each other on social media.

diamond and zari

‘It Is Not My Pregnancy’ – Diamond Platnumz Shuts Down Rumors About Alleged SIDEPIECE

What has shocked many is why Diamond would sing for both his ex and his baby mama. In his lyrics Diamond is heard saying.

“Niwe kama Tsunami, jinsi unatetema…Sura Zarina Hassan, Shape Sepetu Wema…I say you are fire baby”

Here is the video:

Check out fans reacting to these lyrics;

thalia Alita: maybe its showbiz but as for me I can’t stand that kind of disrespect. u don’t mention ur baby mama and ex bitch in the same

Wambui Yunny: haiya zari n wema in the same sentence….kunani huku?

Ray Nish: wait sepetu? Zari? warrishappenin here

Sarah Wasike: I don’t believe this is the diamond who sung ‘mbagala’ just miss the good old days….. siku hizi tunaimbiwa mathogothanio tu 😏😏😏

Naijat Yakub: Sura Zarinah Zari 😂 shepu sepetu wema😂 this dude has the gats. Love the art of the lyrics 👍🏽

angie isabel: Sura Zari Hassan, shepu Sepetu Wema,akinigusa Hamisa Mobetto 😂😂😂

conso kwadi: Wait!? Did he just do a call combo? Sepetu n Zari?…,confused boy

Justine Fundi: am I the only one who hear sepetu wema?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Kelvin Brontoh: kama bado wamuimba wema basi bado una mapenzi kwenda kwake duh!!!! chibu dagote iko juuu

pennypeshable: Ati sura Kama ya Zari Hassan na shepu Kama ya Sepetu Sema! Mambo ndio Kama hayo basi

Big Money Spender! See How Jennifer Lopez Chopped Money On Holiday With Daughter

She’s been in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez since March of this year.

And three months later, Jennifer Lopez headed out – without her boo- for a girl trip with her daughter Emme, 9.Meanwhile, Alex her boyfriend was in Miami supporting his nephew Joe Dunand, who was just signed to the Marlins baseball team.

The 47-year-old actress posed in the driver’s seat of her car while rocking a simple white T-shirt and large silver hoop earrings.

The singer said:

‘Are we so excited for our little weekend? So excited?’ 

To which her daughter answered ‘yes!’ 

jeniffer lopez

Oops! Jeniffer Lopez’s Pants Split During A Performance

 Jennifer then sweetly tickles her daughter before heading off on their outing.

Her boyfriend Alex, who played 22 seasons of professional baseball, was at the Miami Marlins ballpark to support his nephew Joe.Joe, 22, signed his first professional contract with the Marlins organization.

While there, Alex took some time out to sign a baseball for a young fan.He also shared a series of Instagram story clips as his nephew debuted his jersey.

jennifer boo

Jeniffer Lopez sued in Morocco for raunchy performance

Jennifer has two children with her ex husband Marc Anthony: twins Max and Emme, both nine.Alex has two kids with his ex wife Cynthia: Natasha and Ella, nine.

Earlier this month, Jennifer and Alex enjoyed a romantic holiday to Paris.