HUYU NDIO SIMBA! See How Rayvanny Was Received Like A President After Winning BET (VIDEO)

Tanzanian singer Rayvanny, who happens to be in Diamond Platnumz record label WCB was the only East African nominated for the BET awards.

rayvanny 1


The lad went ahead to win the International Viewer’s Choice of the Year Award. He was received yesterday at the Julius International Airport. Rayvanny makes history as the first Tanzanian artiste to win the BET awards.

Africa Wins Big At The BET Awards As Wizkid, Rayvanny And Yvonne Chaka Chaka Are Celebrated

Diamond Platnumz made the announcement that he was going to receive his youngest WCB kid at the airport which saw his die-hard fans accompany him, including other Tanzanian artistes among them Harmonize and Rich Mavoko.

rayvanny 1(1)

Rayvanny Reveals Upcoming Projects That Will Have You Glued To Him

The airport was packed to capacity as Rayvanny landed which saw him grace Dar- es-salaam streets as he held tight to his awards.

Check out the video courtesy of Millard Ayo;

It Shall Be Well: This Is Why Akothee Needs Your Prayers

Singer Akothee alias Madam Boss is ailing. The Benefactor hit maker has for the past few days been sick after having an ankle complication.

It is not clear where and when it happened, but what is evident is that Akothee has been going through a lot of pain, if her social media is to go by.


Fans React To Akothee’s Ratchet Facebook Video

The mother of 5 seemed to have already gotten treated as she went ahead to post on social media;

“😳😳 am worried, you all know that pain that wont let you sleep or touch cold water 😢😢”

Lets wish the Give It To Me hit maker a quick recovery.

akothee 1

Akothee Mourns The Death Of A Child Who Committed Suicide

In the meantime, check out Akothee’s new song New Dance below:

‘Mbona Nikuite Chokoleti Na Wewe Ni Pilipili’ – Willy Paul Makes Special Announcement For All The HUNGRY Ladies (VIDEO)

Willy Paul is among the artistes that rose very fast in the music industry. After years, his music changed for better or is it for worse, as many have put it?

After controversies followed him, Pozze seemed to have finally got a way to handle each and everyone… He chose to simply ignore it all!


Ladies, this time round, Willy Paul has a special announcement for all of you. In his new song dubbed Pili Pili, Willy Paul is roasting ladies for getting too hungry for men’s money. He goes ahead to say that all the money and cars ladies are looking for in the name of love, will come in time.

Is Willy Paul MISSING His Hot Ex Girlfriend Whom He Was Set To MARRY? The ‘Fanya’ Hitmaker Responds After Sharing This Loving Post

Some of the lyrics that have gotten the attention of many, is the fact that he says it is useless to call a lady he loves all the sweets words yet they still hurt him. Lets just say it is a good love ballad.

willy pozze 1

He went to say,

“Here’s my new song, understand and leave a comment.. beware it might leave you in tears!! Money is not everything, ladies if ur married just take things slow.. God’s speed is always the best. Respect the man that God has given you. Usimdharau. He might be poor today but remember no one knows what tomorrow holds.”

He continued,

“You Don’t expect your husband to call you an Angel na tabia zako haziambatani na za malaika..
Don’t leave ur husband and kids for another man…. all for the sake of money…”

Is He This Much Of An Alcoholic? Willy Paul Enjoys Alcohol For Breakfast Leaving Fans Screaming

Here is the song;


‘Why Stay In Unhealthy Relationships?’ – Anerlisa Muigai Speaks On Toxic Love Affairs

Popular Socialite, Vera Sidika was recently the talk of the town after opening up about a violent relationship she was involved in with her Dubai Based Nigerian ex boyfriend.


Vera posted video evidence of her former lover beating her and some of  their confrontational text messages.


Thank You For Calling Me FAT! Anerlisa Muigai Claps Back At Bullies

Businesswoman and C.E.O, Anerlisa Muigai, had her own opinion regarding such relationships. She emphasized on women raising their standards and knowing their worth.

anerlisa muigai

This is what she said;

”Ladies I don’t know why you stick to relationships you well know are not healthy. Have you ever been to a relationship where you feel you are not growing mentally, you feel like somebody is dictating your life? You feel you are mentally abused and demeaned everyday? Well that’s part of what I am talking about. Know when it’s time to walk away. Do not lower your standards to make others happy. This life depends on how you dress IT being Single is not a crime. People break up and life moves on. Blessed day ahead”

Anerlisa Muigai Reveals She’s Been Mistaken For Her Boyfriend’s Mother

However, Vera  Sidika seems to have quickly gotten over her bad break-up. She recently was spotted in Hollywood where she attended a Jamie Foxx Party and met with Superstar Trey Songz.

Had fun with my boo the other night at Jamie's house party. Cc @henyvbaby 👑BOSS QUEENS👑

A post shared by VERA SIDIKA (@queenveebosset) on

Had fun with my boo the other night at Jamie's house party. Cc @henyvbaby 👑BOSS QUEENS👑

A post shared by VERA SIDIKA (@queenveebosset) on

‘Stop FORNICATING And Get Married Immediately’ – Popular Comedian Blasts These Artistes. Is Bahati Included?

Big Brother winner cum comedian Idris Sultan, is fed up with what he is calling hypocrisy.

The lad who is not afraid to say what he believes in, has come out to tell several artistes to stop doing what he is referring to as “sinning.”


In an interview with a Tanzanian based website, Sultan, who is the ex boyfriend to Wema Sepetu, said that Diamond is among the biggest fornicators he has come to know.

Zero Comedy!!! Big Brother Winner Idris Sultan Almost Bares All

He said as quoted by Dizzim;

“Unajua wasanii wengi ni wazinzi, wengi wao hawajaoa wala kuolewa wanapigapiga tu, so nawakumbusha.”


Acha Utoto!!! Fans React To Big Brother Winner Idris Sultan’s Distasteful Jokes [VIDEO]

He went on to roast Diamond for having 2 kids before tying the knot;

“Lakini pia nawaombea kwa mwenyezi Mungu kidogo waweze kuhalalisha mahusiano yao, yaani waoe au kuolewa na mzizi mkuu kabisa ni Diamond hajaoa na ana watoto wawili na wengine wengi akina Navy Kenzo, labda hao wameoa halafu hawajatuambia, lakini si tunajua kwamba bado wazinzi. So mimi nawashauri angalau tuhalalishe mahusiano yetu, yaani hivi tulivyomaliza mwezi vizuri basi tuendelee hivi hivi, tuendelee kufanya kufanya Mambo mazuri.”


Talking about him being an Imam’s son, Idris went on to say that he was doing all he can to get married.

”Najua mi pia ni mzinzi kama wazinzi wengine tu na najitahidi kwenye suala la uzinzi ili kuilinda dini yangu. Najua tunajisahau sana hasa tunapokuwa maarufu lakini mi najitahidi sana kama ambavyo mnajua mi ni mtoto wa Imam, nimekulia kwenye dini, so vitu vingi navifahamu.”


Avril Reveals Her Family Roots That Many Did Not Know. Her Grandpa Is A Legend!

Back in 1968, Kenya sent a squad of sportsmen to represent our country in the Olympics in Mexico. And among those in the team was a handsome man named Philip Waruinge.

Philip went on to win a Bronze.

Avril Valentine's

Philip is Avril’s Grandpa.

Yes, the songstress revealed that to her fans on social media.

philip waruinge
Olympic featherweight boxer Philip Waruinge on return to Kenya, with trophy and Mexican hat

The singer posted on her social media, revealing her special relationship with the Olympian.

She wrote;

“I am humbled having met this man is an under statement .. very few people know know that I am the grand daughter of the living legend Boxing Olympian Phillip Waruinge… hearing tales about him from his childhood friend and boxer as well, Jimmie ‘Pap Pap’, made my heart so full #MyHeroes #GreatnessRunsThroughMyVeins #Stinger #LightWeightBoxingChampions.”

Here Is How Avril Failed In Her New Song

Check out their picture below

Avril-and-boxing-legend-Philip-Waruinge (1)

‘You Will Pay For The Tears Of Your Baby Mama?’ Fans Roast Bahati For Announcing Wedding With Lover

What a dramatic kid Gospel singer Bahati has become!

The controversial star has officially announced that he is going to marry his ‘prayer-partner-turned -lover’ girlfriend Diana Marua.

After all, it is written one who finds a wife finds a good thing.

From what Bahati has been posting, it is clear Mtoto Wa Mama has found his rib and is ready to walk down the aisle with Marua, his video vixen cum lover.

Diana and Bahati1

It is yet not clear as to when the two will tie the knot, but what is clear is that Diana has driven the Nikumbushe hitmaker crazy with love.

Bahati took to social media to announce that he was getting married soon. He later received congratulatory messages but it seems some of his fans did not receive these news well.

‘Hiyo Pesa Ulitumia Kwa Sugar Mummy, Ungeshughulikia Mtoto’ Fan Angrily Roasts Bahati For Buying Daughter ‘Cheap’ Things

He posted;

We Learn , We Fight, We Grow and through the Process God makes Us Glow 🌟🌟🌟 It’s not easy as God molds us to be ONE! Na Wish Watuu wanaeza Jua Vile Ako kakichwa Kako ni Ka’Ngumu- But Siata Wewe Unajua Mimi Ndio Dawa Yako??? 😂 #IwillMarryYou @Diana_Marua DO YOU ALL WANT AN INVITE TO OUR WEDDING???”


Many have blamed the Barua singer for cohabiting and ditching his baby mama. It will be rememberer that it is after 2 years that Bahati finally introduced his daughter to the World.

Is Gospel Singer Bahati Pierra Makena’s Baby Daddy? The Popular DJ Speaks Out

Check out what fans had to say after Bahati proposed to the girlfriend in a weird manner online and even announced his marriage.

Diana and Bahati

Hoot dyzn: Nmechoka na iii mushene ya kila siku aty “I’ll marry you” Nkt kwany unawait utoe filament ndo pollination iende self Nkt,,tafakali io

margaret masela said ‘Ahahaha ain’t a hater but this marriage is going no where,what goes around comes around after kid napping your own daughter now you want to give her a foster mother ata heri ungewacha tu uyo mtoto na mamake aki,,,your so heartless find me dead listening to your songs you lost fellow,,,the tears of your baby mama for sure you will pay for them the bitter way,,,nyw tushazoea malovy dovy kaa nyinyi soon utaona ukidelete pics zake zote ati juu mumekosa,,,if at all that lady is a good woman angepretend ata na kaphoto kaa ameshika Morgan ama mueni but nop she can’t do that all she post is you and her only then you call her a wife to be I pity you bro’

‘Unaimba Wimbo Za Mazishi, Kazi Ni Kugwara Gwara Ngoma,’ Fans Troll Singer After Calling Bahati’s Song Rubbish

heart of gold 254: No one like your daughter’s mother baha God will surely punish you. I never believed you can also be that wicked! Nkt yaani you claim to be saved yet you still break God’s law”

Nairobi On Fire This Weekend As Jidenna And Davido Perform Live At The B Club

Dapper rapper/singer  Jidenna will be stepping on the Kenyan soil tomorrow, 29th June 2017 and Kenyans are going crazy!! Well..if you aren’t then we can’t be friends.

Anyway, having performed in South Africa and Nigeria during his ‘Long Live The Chief’ tour, the budding artiste is coming to East Africa for the very first time to perform the 3rd Edition of Hennessy FOMO Party scheduled to take place on 1st July at the Carnivore grounds.


The slay king who is widely known for his hit singles such as Classic Man, Little Bit More, Bambi and Long Live the Chief will be coming into the country with his entire band to deliver a live performance at the annual event that has gained recognition for featuring global artists.

While in the country, the singer who has established himself as a style icon is expected to work with a local fashion designer. He will also be visiting the Nairobi National Park, and is also scheduled to watch a local football match.

Well, if you feel like you can’t wait till then to get your groove on, here’s something for today. Nigerian artiste Davido is here in Nairobi this evening to party at arguably Kenya’s finest B club.

Through an online video, the artiste has informed his fan to meet and mingle with him at up-market club B-club tonight from 6pm till late. The show will be hosted by The Reverend himself, Shaffie Weru.


Ever since B club started hosting big stars in the city with a Free Entry, so many millionaires have opted to pay an upfront fee just to book tables in the club for the next 10 coming events whereby they will get the best treat and also ensure that the high table close to the artistes are not used be it they are there or not.

Jidenna Is Not Half Black Or Half White – He’s Twice Everything

It was not long since the club celebrated their 1st Anniversary but the management decided to throw a back to back Bash for the “Girls is the city” tonight with Davido and Jidenna tomorrow for a Meet and greet B club V.v.i.p feel.

The tables are 70% sold out for both events leaving some ballers asking themselves why they did not book in advance so as to sit close with the artistes.


13 hilarious reactions from KOT roasting Wizkid over concert ticket prices

An unnamed millionaire is said to have booked a table upfront for this weekend’s star studded appearances by popular stars Jidenna and Davido.

A source very close to the club owners told Kiss FM that the said tycoon dropped 30,000 large yaani, USD to be able to comfortably book a table at the upmarket exclusive club.

The fee affords them access to the two stars who are visiting Kenya this weekend.


Before the big show tomorrow, Jidenna will be on Kiss FM in the morning with Shaffie and Adelle, so make sure you tune in!

American Music Star Jidenna Wants A Woman Who Can Cook Jollof Rice

Davido hasn’t revealed for how long he will be staying in Kenya, but as for Jidenna…we will gladly be hosting him until Tuesday.

EXCLUSIVE: Nameless Reveals What He Does To Stay Happily Married And Lessons You Can Learn From Him

David Mathenge better known by his stage name Nameless, is a top Kenyan pop artist. He came out to the limelight with his first hit song Megarider back in 1999, and later collaborated with the late Esir on the hit song Boomber Train that topped the charts countrywide. Nameless’ other songs include Sinzia, Salary and Butterfly.


The multiple award winner is a graduate from the University Of Nairobi where he studied architecture. Nameless is happily married to fellow singer Wahu and together they have two beautiful daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio. They celebrated their 11-year marriage with a vacay at the Coast.

Size 8 Reveals What She Feels About Nameless And Wahu’s Marriage

We all know marriage is not a bed of roses, couples experience different phases and some end up giving up leading to break ups and divorce.


Nameless and Wahu got married in 2005 and years down the line, they are still blossoming in love unlike many other celebrity marriages that don’t work out. In an interview with this writer in our studio, he shared his experience in marriage.

He said that those who have stayed in marriage for long tend to disagree on decisions and issue but couples must compromise and understand each other.

HOW CUDDLY! Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast (PHOTOS)

This is easy he notes because of the friendship that exists between the couple. Growing together career wise has partly contributed to their successful marriage because they both got into music career at the same time.


Being in the same industry has made it much easier for the two because they both understand the demands that come with the industry like taking photos with fans, acting in the music videos with both male and female actors.

Nameless said that his wife is normally on set during her music shoots and she doesn’t get insecure, as she understands the nature of the music industry.

Daddy-Daughter Moment: Check Out Nameless And His Daughter Tumiso’s Beautiful Moment

When asked what he loved about his wife he was quick to say that they love similar things from movies and much more.

As we drew to the end of the interview the one thing he disclosed is that after being with someone that long there are things you may dislike about your significant other but one needs to know how to deal with weaknesses. He said his wife is the reason they get late to most functions but over the years he has learnt to deal with it.



Is Willy Paul MISSING His Hot Ex Girlfriend Whom He Was Set To MARRY? The ‘Fanya’ Hitmaker Responds After Sharing This Loving Post

Celebrated gospel singer Willy Paul has kept away from controversy for a while now, which he attributes to focusing more on his music and personal growth.

Willy Paul real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido, recently dropped a new song dubbed Digiri, which seemed to be taking shots at Groove Awards for snubbing him in 2016 ad 2017.

However, the singer insisted that was not the main reason he worked on the song, revealing that he was only encouraging up and coming artistes not to rely on awards or degrees in regards to music and life in general.


When the top artiste released his massive hit with Alaine, Yes I Do he revealed that he had walked down the aisle with the beauty, but it turned out to be a publicity stunt to market the song.

But who is the main lady in Willy Paul’s life? Well, we will have to keep guessing, but what I know is that he once had a very beautiful girlfriend that he was set to wed, but things didn’t go as planned.

Is He This Much Of An Alcoholic? Willy Paul Enjoys Alcohol For Breakfast Leaving Fans Screaming


Though the two have now gone their separate ways, they are still very cordial and once in a while, the gorgeous model shares videos dancing to Willy Paul’s songs.

EXCLUSIVE: This Is Why Willy Paul Will NEVER Date An UGLY Women!

But this time round, the dancer decided to give her a shout out, revealing that he has no regrets when it comes to what they had, and calling her ‘good people’.


Willy Paul shared a photo of the young girl, looking elegant, with a short message that read; “#memories#tbt#goodpeople#noregrets.”

I reached out to the singer to ask if he misses her and if there’s a chance of them reuniting, but his answer was very vague. This is what he had to say;

That’s mine to know and mine to keep. No, I have no comment. 

I bet time will tell if the lovebirds will indeed get back together. Do they make a cute couple or not?



Simba Ameguruma: Check Out What Happened To Betty Kyallo’s “Car” (Photos)

Betty Kyallo for a while now has been the talk of town in regards to a car she used to roll in.

The new car raised eyebrows and a ladda questions, with many wondering how she could afford such an expensive German machine.

betty Kyallo1 (1)

A while back, we ran the number plates of the car and we found out that the car was registered in the name of the top politician.

This Is How Betty Kyallo REALLY Makes Her Money

For a while now, Betty has not been seen driving the Porshe Cayenne and it’s now clear where the car has been. It’s pretty clear the ninja decided to take the car away from her, with reasons best known to them.

But what could have transpired between them? That’s a question many people are asking themselves, even though they kept their relationship on the down low and didn’t pull moves that could suggest they are an item. Well, they weren’t really clever about that, coz their secret was out.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

The ninja took away the car and converted it to a campaign car, as politicians are doing campaigns before the general elections.

EXCLUSIVE: Where Did The Rain Start Beating Her?! Betty Kyallo Forced To Move Out Of Her Posh Kilimani Apartment

The car was spotted on the side of a street, covered in the official’s camapign poster. The number plates are one and the same as Betty’s former ride.

Check out the photos below:

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-28 at 13.51.50

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-28 at 13.51.56

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-26 at 23.23.34

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates After Her Bride Price Was Returned (Video)

Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh is smilling her heart out after her bride price was returned to her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill. She had earlier on revealed that she actually paid for her own bride price, which was quite a shocking revelation.


Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Reveals She Paid Her Own Bride Price

It’s a move that is awkward considering the man is the one that pays the bride price and not the other way round.

She went on to reveal even Churchill’s ex-wife paid for her own wedding.

You disappoint me even Bimbo Coker paid for her own wedding and bride price. Is this a curse?


According to reports, families of the estranged couples met in Port-Harcourt, River state to dissolve the traditional marriage.

In a video she posted Instagram, it shows Tonto dancing around with joy after the news broke out.

Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Accuses Her Husband Of Domestic Violence

She captioned the video, “The joy was indescribable ••• #celeratingmyhappiness #celebratingLife #Davids Dance #VictoryDance.”


Tonto and Churchill have been at each other’s necks ever seen they broke up, Tonto even revealing she was in an abusive marriage.

Watch the video below:

The joy was indescribable ••• #celeratingmyhappiness #celebratingLife #Davids Dance #VictoryDance

A post shared by Tonto•Charity•Dikeh (@tontolet) on

Brad Pitt And Sienna Miller ‘Secretly Dating’ Five Months After Angelina Jolie Divorce

Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller are said to be ‘exploring a casual summer romance’, marking his first romance since splitting with Angelina Jolie.

The Hollywood movie stars have been trying to keep their dates a secret, according to new reports, but their cover was seemingly blown when they were seen looking very intimate in a Glastonbury VIP area this weekend.


The pair were previously linked two months ago but actress Sienna gave a staunch denial about their tryst, calling the rumours ‘silly’ and ‘predictable’.

A friend revealed to The Sun on Tuesday: ‘It’s early days, but they are very into each other and enjoying a carefree, casual summer romance.

Brad Pitt Slams Angelina Jolie In New Legal Motion

‘They’re both absolutely determined to keep everything under wraps.

‘Their goal is to explore things without any massive publicity. It could all fizzle out, so they’re waiting to see.’


Representatives for Brad Pitt and Sienna Miller have been contacted by MailOnline for further comment, yet Brad’s people declined to comment on Monday and Sienna’s failed to respond.

The two stars were said to have looked cosy during a VIP party at the Glastonbury music festival over the weekend.

Both Sienna and Brad were among the A-list contingent who descended on the UK’s Somerset event for a weekend of music, but it was believed the duo met privately in the exclusive Rabbit Hole area, at the side of the Pyramid stage at 3am one night.

Victoria And David Beckham Are Proud Of Brooklyn As He Launches His Photography Book

They’ve both shared their excitement over their son’s latest venture, his debut photography book.

So it came as no surprise to see David and Victoria Beckham bursting with pride as they attended the launch and private viewing of Brooklyn’s tome, What I See in London’s Christie’s on Tuesday.


Sartorially in sync, the pair both opted for all-black on the evening, with Victoria, 43, putting a feminine spin on her suit with a cowl neck satin blouse. David looked dapper on the evening, opting for a fitted black suit and brown brogues.

Also looking suave for the event was Romeo, 14, who wore an azure suit, and Cruz, 12, who donned a smart black coat and cherry red boots.

Arguably the most casually-clad of the Beckham clad was the man of the hour, Brooklyn.


The book, which contains 300 images, will be launched with an exhibition in London on 27th June which will run until 7th July before moving to Los Angeles the following month.

Sweet! Brooklyn Beckham Has a Kenyan Baby Named After Him During UNAIDS Trip In The Country With Mother Victoria Beckham

According to publishers, What I See `offers [Brooklyn’s] followers a rare glimpse at the world through his eyes’, and documents his travels around the world – as well as offering an insight into one of the world’s most tightly controlled brands.


However, in the corresponding interview with The Telegraph magazine admits he struggled to get the collection formally passed by his superstar parents, saying: ‘It was hard to get them approved.

‘Took b****y ages. Most times, I’m secretive about taking them. If my mum sees me taking a picture, she kind of poses and stuff, and I don’t really like that.

‘[But] none of my photos are set; I like using natural light.’

‘I Had To Quit My Job Because Of Jua Cali: Rappers Wife Tells All

Paul Julius Nunda, better known by his stage name Jua Cali, is a Kenyan hip hop artiste. For the first time, him and the wife open up about their marriage.

Jua Cali and bae

Singer Jua Cali is arguably one of the finest rappers Kenya has ever had since he first hit the industry in 2001 when he released his first single Ruka and followed it with Nipe Asali in 2002.

Along the way, Jua Cali bagged himself a beautiful woman who became his wife and have two children together; Evans and Doreen, named after the singer’s late father Evans Onditi and his mother Doreen Onditi.

juacali wife

In a recent interview with Parents, Jua Cali reveals how being a public figure comes with a price.

No Chills! JuaCali Takes A Dig At Comedian YY After This Awkward Photo

His wife on the other shared how she even had to quit her work due to pressure at her work place.

“I have never been vocal about my marriage to Paul and I have never even pressured him to  ‘showcase’ me as his wife. I have no idea how my colleagues found out I was married to him. However, as soon as word went round the office, expectations of how I was supposed to live, act and so on grew out of hand making my work environment very stressful,” says Lilly.

The couple have been together for 7 years, and married for 4 years.

The two shared on their marriage experience admitting to arguments that sometime end up in anguish or tears, Jua Cali says marriage is a “personal decision” and “consulting” with one’s partner is “vital”.

At first Lily felt misunderstood she would lock herself up and cry but his husband encouraged her to open up and talk about issues.


Jua Kali on the other hand is grateful to her wife for encouraging and being patient with him through out his career. He says his wife understands when he works late or out of town and that makes him feel like he matters.

Despite all his challenges and achievements parenthood is one of the best decisions he has ever made.

He looks forward to many years of great music and treasured family memories, urges other artistes to follow suite and never to be afraid to follow their dreams.

They also need to embrace other phases in their lives.

AKA ‘Quits’ Twitter, Says It’s Strictly For Business Now

If you thought AKA was joking about leaving Twitter, then you are in for a shock as it appears the rapper officially “quit”.

The rapper has decided that Twitter will be strictly for work from now on and most of his personal tweets have already been deleted.


AKA’s Twitter page is now somewhat of a ghost town and only features links to his songs on iTunes.

The rapper, who has a history of Twitter rants and vocalizing his opinions on the social media platform, made the announcement over the weekend that he will not be as active as he used to.

Africa Wins Big At The BET Awards As Wizkid, Rayvanny And Yvonne Chaka Chaka Are Celebrated

AKA advised fans to rather follow him on Instagram where he would still give them a glimpse of his personal life!


This is not the first time the rapper has ‘quit’ the social media platform. Back in 2015 the rapper also announced that he had decided to hand his account over to his PR company, but that strategy didn’t seem to stick.

Beyonce And Jay Z ‘Struggling To Find Their Perfect Home’

They recently moved into a $400,000-a-month Malibu mansion, where they will nurse their newborn twins.

But it has now been reported that Beyonce and Jay Z only want to stay there until September – but are struggling to find a permanent home they love.


According to TMZ, the musicians have been searching for their perfect family home for several years, but have failed to find a pad that meets their needs for their $75million budget.

The site reports that the 35-year-old singer and her rapper beau, 47, only plan to stay in Malibu for the summer, as their daughter Blue Ivy is enrolled in a school elsewhere.

However, the pair are believed to be struggling to find a home that is worth the huge price tag.


A source said: ‘They want a super baller, crazy estate, and the ones they love are going for $150 mil.

‘They have seen just about everything that’s on the market and nothing in their price range is floating their boat.’

Beyonce and Jay-Z have rented mansions in LA previously, but never bought in the city; being outbid in previous attempts by fashion designer Tom Ford and Minecraft creator Markus Persson.


Earlier this week it emerged they were currently residing in a lavish 10-bedroom, 14-bathroom Malibu pad, where they will raise their newborn twins over the summer.

Beyonce welcomed twins, believed to be a boy and a girl, prematurely on June 12 – with her father confirming the news a week later.

American Singer Jidenna To Bring Nairobi To A Standstill

Global international American recording artist and record producer Jidenna Mobisson popularly known as Jidenna will be jetting into the country on 29th June 2017 for the 3rd edition of the Hennessy FOMO party on 1st July at the Carnivore grounds.


The singer who is widely known for his hit singles such as Classic Man, Little Bit More, Bambi and Long Live the Chief will be coming into the country with his entire band to deliver a live performance at the annual event that has gained recognition for featuring global artistes.

Aside from Jidenna, this year FOMO will be featuring top Kenyan rapper Nyashinski and Zambian born artist Shadaya.

Jidenna, who describes his signature tune as ‘Swank’ is signed to American singer Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Records label and collaborated with her on the single “Yoga” from his The Eephus EP. The song peaked at number 119 on the Billboard Top 200. In February 2015, Jidenna released his first official single, called “Classic Man featuring Gian Arthur.


The song was in heavy rotation globally and debuted at number 49 on the Billboard charts. It will be the Nigerian-born artiste’s first visit to East Africa, with him having performed in South Africa and Nigeria during his ‘Long Live The Chief’ tour where he was promoting his similarly titled debut album.

While in the country, the singer who has established himself as a style icon is expected to work with a local fashion designer. He will also be visiting the national park and is also scheduled to watch a local football match.

Nigerian Actress Tonto Dikeh Reveals She Paid Her Own Bride Price

More details have emerged surrounding the marital crisis between Tonto Dikeh and Oladunni Churchill.

In a leaked chat between Tonto Dikeh and her mother-in-law, the actress revealed she paid for her own bride price.

According to her, “Thinking back and after talking to Bimbo Coker, it’s safe to say you are in on Kunle’s fraud and dirty lifestyle.


Flew your son, clothed him, gave him pocket money, helped him with every sweat in my body, you watched your son dupe me for all my hard earned money.

She went on to reveal even his ex-wife paid for her own wedding.

You disappoint me even Bimbo Coker paid for her own wedding and bride price. Is this a curse?

This comes after Lara Olubo an OAP who is also a niece of Olakunle Churchill’s mother released a message between Tonto and her mother-in-law.


Meanwhile, Churchill’s first wife Bimbo commented on Lara’s post saying that her ex-husband family are all liars. “Smh, this people will never stop lying or even change from their evil ways… soon I know your can of worms will be open Kunle and you mom..Wicked family filled with evil thoughts and evil plans. Someday people will know the real you kunle,just can’t wait for that day to come.”

Interestingly, Tonto also supported Bimbo writing that, “Sisterly these people don’t deserve your Words!! It’s well, Love u mama #Sisters for life.

Such A Cutie Pie: Sharon Mundia And Husband Finally Reveal Their Baby’s Face (Photo)

Sharon Mundia better known as This Is Ess and her husband were recently blessed with a bouncing baby girl, who if you ask me is among the luckiest babies in this century. Having famous parents might be challenging depending on how her parents will raise her.

sharon and lonina

Some celebrities have kids that have never been seen in public because some prefer to protect them from the shenanigans that comes with social media.

Too Cute: Sharon Mundia And Husband Share First Photo Of Their Baby

Lonina Leteipan was recently featured in an episode of a youtube channel that his wife and Susan Wang host. He talked about fatherhood and how it feels being a dad for the first time. From the look of things, the little bundle of joy will have a really fun dad in her life.


Well, a few weeks ago, Lonina posted a photo of the baby’s feet for the first time. The teasing is too much, but it seems they are finally ready to show off the baby’s face. Well, he took to social media to post a photo of the baby’s face for the first. Even though the photo is taken from the side, it’s pretty clear the baby is a sight to see, plus she has so much resemblance to her dad, from the forehead to the head’s shape to the eyes.

He captioned the photo as, “This is me holding the whole world in my hands.

Sharon Mundia daughter

His followers were really excited and had nothing but sweet words to say.

Too Much Sauce: Check Out These Beautiful Photos Of This Is Ess’

Read some of the comments below:

wa_muyu: My goodness ,she is such a beauty.May the Almighty bless her in her every step.May God watch her every dedication and May she a blessing to this world beyond our understanding.SHE IS ANOINTED OF THE LORD.UNDER GOD’s FAVOUR.

suemarshie: Your eyes are exactly the same!

tastiedine: Been waiting for one of these pictures like forever. Congratulations to you and @this_is_ess

barbarakibira: little girls are just precious to raise. Plus their play dates are just adorable😍😍😍😍get ready for the tea parties @this_is_ess get ready for your little hairdresser.

nirvana_montage: Twiiiiiins!!!!!

linda_nyakara: Deffo gets her forehead from you😊cute