Beyoncé Announces Formation Scholarship Program To Celebrate The One Year Anniversary Of Her Album Lemonade

Beyoncé is offering four US college scholarships to mark the one year anniversary of Lemonade.

The Run The World (Girls) hit-maker has launched Formation Scholars, which will award scholarships to female students to ‘encourage and support [those] who are unafraid to think outside the box.’

Beyonce Formation Tour

A statement posted on her website reads, ‘To add to the celebration of the one-year anniversary of Lemonade, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter announces the establishment of Formation Scholar awards for the 2017-2018 academic year.’

The program is meant to ‘encourage and support young women who are unafraid to think outside the box and are bold, creative, conscious and confident.’

Ali Kiba’s Ex Girlfriend Narrates How She Met Beyonce And Jay Z (VIDEO)

The scholarships will be handed to four women ‘pursuing studies in creative arts, music, literature or African-American studies’ in attendance at four selected colleges.


The statement adds: ‘Four scholarships will be awarded, one per college, to female incoming, current or graduate students pursuing studies in creative arts, music, literature or African-American studies. The schools selected for participation are Berklee College of Music, Howard University, Parsons School of Design and Spelman College.”

Who Are Her Friends? You Will CRY When You See Femi One’s Makeup Fail

Femi One is one of the celebrities that cannot be recognised without makeup. She doesn’t look like the cutie we are used to seeing at events, in her music videos and during live TV interviews. We have proof enough that publicity seeker and rapper Femi One cannot do without make-up!

femi one 7

You think we are joking?We have proof enough that publicity seeker and rapper Femi One cannot do without

We have proof that the publicity seeker and rapper Femi One cannot do without makeup!


Femi One has been in the music industry for a second, and in this little time, she has managed to grasp the rap industry with her Pilau Njeri hit song.

The video went viral as she received several responses which got some femcees throwing shade at the Tippy Toe hit maker. She has received a lot of attention…And yes, her mission to publicize herself seems to bear good fruits.

femi one 6

I happen to notice that Femi One has changed a lot when it comes to fashion and style. I give her a thumps up. But there is something that is a miss.

Femi One seems to be depending on make-up (Just like most girls do) but it seems her make up artiste is not doing justice to her face. Let me just say on this particular day, her makeup artiste was late and she decided “kuchukua sheria mikononi” and went on to do the makeup. We are assuming that is what happened.

She is one beautiful artiste…But with make-up. Here is evidence that you could confuse her for an angel straight from the pearly gates.


But then here is another proof that she does not know how to do make-up. Something that will even make you feel like crying if you ever see her without any.

femi one1(2)

PS: It is the same person, not her sister!

Sharon Mundia’s Mother In Law Is Totally GORGEOUS, Here’s Concrete Proof (PHOTO)

Most women, or at least the ones I know hope that one day when they finally decide to get married, they will get along with the mothers of their partners.

Seemingly, popular fashion blogger Sharon Mundia, popularly known as This Is Ess is among the lucky one if the photo of her mother-in-law is anything to go by.

Sharon Mundia

A few hours ago, her husband Lonina Leteipan decided to introduce the woman who gave birth to him on social media and many couldn’t help but admire her.

He’s A Hopeless Romantic: Read What Sharon Mundia’s (This Is Ess) Husband Wrote to Her

“I know it’s not mother’s day or anything but I’d like to appreciate this lady just a little bit. I mean I already feel like she has done enough and yet she continues to want to do more from her heart. Thank you mum and thank God for you and your prayers,” he captioned the photo below.


Lonina went ahead to describe his mother as a prayerful warrior who can give you a lecture on short notice. Judging from the photo, you can tell that she’s a good-natured woman.

Kenrazy Explains Secrecy On Wife’s Second Pregnancy

Kenrazy and his wife Sosuun once again surprised the public after they revealed that they were blessed with another baby girl. Sosuun did not show any signs of being pregnant. The news unfolded when Sossun went ahead and posted photos of her pregnancy shoot on social media, catching the public by surprise.


Kumbe Wanaezaimba??? Video Of Rapper Kenrazy, Sosuun And Visita Singing Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

Speaking to Word Is, Kenrazy explained why they preferred to keep the pregnancy a secret, a move that they did even for their firstborn daughter.

“Our dream has always been to have two kids, and Sosuun’s career started picking up and growing fast. So we talked about the second baby and decided to have her at this time, considering our firstborn is already six years old and needed a sibling. Plus Sosuun needed to also get back to making music. The day we put up her pregnancy photos on social media was the day she delivered,” Kenrazy said.

Kenrazy and Sosuun

Rapper Sosuun Angered By YouTube ‘Malice’

“We didn’t want to make the news public because we didn’t want people talking about the pregnancy before the baby arrived, considering the public comes with so much pressure, which is something we didn’t want Sosuun to go through.”


Khaligraph Jones Has Exquisite Taste! Check Out The Inside Of His Expensively Furnished Home

Khaligraph Jones is one of the most inspiring stories within Kenya’s entertainment scene. The Kayole bred MC is the literal definition of rags to riches and he owes it all to his work ethic -unlike many who owe their rise to industry politics.


And the pervasive nature of industry politics actually cuts across the secular and gospel divide. The reason why we have so many artists and their music going untapped and unrecognized is because of said politics.

Politics which can be blamed for the rise of so many garbage artists who know the right people or have the money to push radio presenters into playing their jams. And let’s not even get to the DJs.

Khaligraph Jones Finally Shows Off His New Office And Studio (Photos)

But Khaligraph Jones managed to navigate these treacherous waters by not taking part in the shenanigans. He went the mixtape route and by that I mean, he put out so much quality music and got people out on the streets listening to him long before the entertainment industry and media took notice of him.


What this resulted in was a demand for his music and he was even able to attract endorsement deals with fairly little radioplay and a huge and rabidly loyal fanbase that buys tickets when he has performances.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Khaligraph Jones Spills A Shocking Revelation About His Song “Naked”

As a result, he is living large. His cars and even his home are proof of this fact. Check out the inside of his digs below:

khaligraph jones digos

Khaligraph Jones woman inside his digs

Watch Umeniwahi By @kristoffmluhyawabusia on Youtube right now, #linkinhisbio

A post shared by Khaligraph jones (@khaligraph_jones) on

Watch Umeniwahi By @kristoffmluhyawabusia on Youtube right now, #linkinhisbio

A post shared by Khaligraph jones (@khaligraph_jones) on

Issa Possibility: Rihanna And Lupita Nyong’o Might Shoot A Movie After Twitter Went Crazy

A photo of Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o has sparked a film idea on Twitter and they have both taken to the social media site to say they are up for it.


The 2014 fashion show photo was shared by fans with the comment: “Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and Lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scams.”

It caught the attention of Oscar winner Nyong’o a few days ago, and now Rihanna has tweeted she is up for it, too.

Fans have gone crazy for the idea.


Lupita saw the tweet a few days ago and posted “I’m down if you are @Rihanna”.

More than 200,000 liked the tweet and earlier today Rihanna replied saying “I’m in Pit’z” – her nickname for the Star Wars actress.

Another 99,000 liked that tweet and now the two stars had said yes, Twitter went into a meltdown with ideas about the film.


One fan then tweeted it over to Selma director Ava Duvernay, saying she should direct it, and Duvernay loved the idea.

“Lights set. Camera’s up. Ready to call action for these #queens,” she tweeted back.


It seems Rihanna didn’t want to let go of the idea, as she retweeted a fan’s idea to get Issa Rae, the creator and executive producer of Insecure, on board.

Rae then replied with a Gif of a cat manically typing, which made Rihanna blush.


The idea of a movie based on the photo had been around on Tumblr when the photo was first published, but now that the main players have got involved, it looks like Twitter may have cast and created a movie.

But with so many fan ideas contributed, who takes credit for the concept and gets a cut of the profits?


Most of the fans on Twitter, though, are just desperate to see it happen.

Oh Em Gee!!! Video Vixen Poses NAKED At Comedian Kajairo’s New Jam (VIDEO)

Kenyans will forever remember Colonel Mustapha’s jam Dodoma Singida and Blaqy’s Money Maker as some of the songs that were ratchet for days. But guess what? We now have another ratchet video…And yes its by non other than Kajairo.

The comic character is well known for his parody videos but it seems this time round, Kajairo is making new steps. Peter Kaimenyi, his real name, sat down with this writer and revealed that he has now started making his own original videos.


Kajairo, a proud father of one is out with a new Jam dubbed Mrrdah. I was also surprised as you are. The hilarious comedian cum radio personality says the song is dedicated to all Kenyan ladies….But there’s something wrong.

Remember the song by Jamaica’s RDX Bend Over? This is worse. A video vixen in Kajairo’s song poses with her nipples naked next to the comedian and the twerking that follows is unbelievable.


Due to the kind of the scene it brings, I cannot screenshot it for you but let you see it for yourself.

PS: Look closely

Here is Kajairo’s new work Mrrdah:

Is This A Nightmare? Never Seen Before Photo Of Zari Hassan Without Make Up

Caution, if you have bad dreams at night, it is not advisable to see this photo!

Zarina Hassan also known as Zari The Boss lady is a house hold name in East Africa. The Uganda-Tanzanian socialite is one lady that has made headlines with her irresistible beauty.

Zari who turns out to be a singer just like her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, is most of the time spotted on social media posting things like ‘Flawless, Fly’ not to forget her vocabulary ‘Queening.’

SMOKING HOT! These 10 Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged ‘Clande’ Prove She’s Way Sexier Than His Fiancee Zari

make up meme

I must agree with you that Zari is all that…But with make-up. Let me first take this opportunity to give a standing ovation to the person who invented all kinds of make-up, you make lasses look more appealing.

BUSTED!!! Diamond Platnumz’s SIDE PIECE Spotted Rocking His Clothes, Zari Throws Shade

Remember when the Internet went wild after Kim Kardashian was spotted without this life saving element?


I was also shocked!

Zari, who many call the East African Kim Kardashian, seems to hide a massive forehead and a bit of black spots.

Check her out;


By now it’s pretty clear that make up is truly a life saver.

Prezzo Writes Emotional Letter To Madtraxx And DJ Stylez’ Sister After She Was Laid To Rest

DJ Stylez and Madtraxx laid their sister to rest on Monday at their parent’s home in Murang’a county.

According to reports, Dr Njeri Muigai, who was eight months pregnant, passed away after an accident in her home.

Her mother found her lying on the floor and rushed her to a hospital in Nairobi, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it, either.


DJ Stylez And Madtraxx’s Pregnant Sister Finally Buried In Emotional Send Off (PHOTOS)

It was a really emotional time for the family and friends as they bid her goodbye.

Dr Njeri was loved by many, as scores consoled her family. Prezzo jotted down an emotional message to her as she was laid to rest.


He wrote: “I got so many memories of u my sister from swinging in the play grounds of Rosters when we were kids to u graduating to be a qualified doctor. One thing for sure is that u always had that smile 24/7 & that on its own told what kind of person u are. We all loved u but God loved u more. Farewell my sister Dr Njeri Muigai till we meet again, Mwenyezi Mungu Ailaze Roho Yako Mahali Pema Peponi.”

May she rest in peace.

Gospel Artiste Holy Dave Lands A New Media Deal

David Muthengi, well known as Holy Dave is making major moves. Grinding.  The gospel rapper warmed many people’s hearts when he and sibling Joey Muthengi who is a TV personality initiated the Muthengi Foundation. The foundation helps children in need.

The Award winning artiste who is currently in the process of scooping his Ph.D. has been on the top music charts for some time now, but after a long silence, the Niko Na Reason hitmaker is making his appearance to the screen yet again.

holy dave1

Yes, he has a new song dubbed Ushai Notice but that is still not the reason you will be seeing more of this Certified Business Strategist…Wait for it!

Beauty Runs In The Family: Meet Joey and Holy Dave Muthengi’s Other Siblings

Holy Dave is the new host of the former Kubamba TV show now called Bambika. The lad will be replacing DJ Moz after he and Rauka’s Njugush made an unexpected exit.

holy dave

Holy Dave will be hosting the Bambika show along side singer Kambua.

‘Bebe Cool Stole My Song,’ Claims Fast-Rising Artiste Gin Ideal

Gin Ideal is a fast-rising Kenyan female artiste who hit the top music chats with the song Rede. After the original song made a piercing impression to her fans, Ideal was in for a remix of the song.


The Rede hitmaker did a remix of the original with Kenya’s dance hall artiste Wyre and before it was released, Gin Ideal had first settled for Uganda’s Bebe Cool.

Kenya’s Sexy Female Singer Gin Ideal Gushes Over Her Boyfriend, Reveals Who She’s Dating

Word Is sat with the female star, who explained that she sent the original to Bebe Cool and instead of putting his words to add to the remix, Bebe Cool went on to copy paste her song and came out with another song called Dede, with the same melody.

bebe cool

In the beginning we had settled on Bebe Cool and then he went ahead and took my chorus and did a song called Dede,” she said.


Rather than take any legal action, Ideal who now has a new hit called Kuna Kitu, chose to let it go.

I had a choice of being all dramatic. I just chose to let it all go. It was someone i respected. For me, he proved to be shady.”

DJ Stylez And Madtraxx’s Pregnant Sister Finally Buried In Emotional Send Off (PHOTOS)

The sister to Kenyan entertainers DJ Stylez and Madtraxx was finally laid to rest on Monday, April 24 at her parent’s home in Murang’a County.

According to reports, Dr. Njeri Muigai – who was eight months pregnant – passed away after an accident in her home.

Her mother found her lying on the floor and rushed her to a hospital in Nairobi where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Unfortunately, the baby didn’t make it either.

Madtraxx And DJ Stylez Left Mourning After Tragedy Visits Their Family


The deceased, who worked with the Ministry of Health in Kiambu County, was mourned by many Kenyans including KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Ouma Oluga.

No, Njeri Muigai, you can’t die now. How can you go when we hadn’t even begun working on our plans. Your untimely demise is just very sad news; unacceptable to our hearts. Rest with the angels beautiful. We remain broken,” Oluga wrote.

She was laid to rest on Monday at a ceremony which was held in Gatanga where mourners hailed her as a humble lady who was a go-getter. May her soul rest in peace!

Here are the photos:







‘We Are Not A Clique’ Mayonde, Kagwe Mungai, Fena And MDQ Clear The Air About Being Labelled A Clique

The Kenyan music industry is growing at a fast pace, with new artistes joining the bandwagon to give Kenya and the rest of the world nothing but great hits.

From way back, we have witnessed how local music has evolved. To date we still play music from the 90s because that’s how dope the music is.

the squad

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, every artiste is fighting hard to stay relevant in the streets, as it’s pretty easy for people to get bored with songs.

Kenya’s Dopest Artists Make One Of The Best Collabos Kenya Has Heard

Well, the new era of music is about to blow your mind, in case it hasn’t yet. The Squad has taken the music industry by storm for months now. Comprising of Mayonde, Fena Gitu, Kagwe Mungai, Blinky Bill and MDQ, they have brought an all-new twist to the Kenyan music.

They are recognised as individual artistes in different fields as well, but since they started doing music together, Nairobi has been lit ever since.

the squad

They are currently promoting their latest jam called ‘Party Nation’, which has become an anthem in a short period of time.

But some of their fans have thought that they are a clique because they have done three songs together.

Well, during an interview with Kiss FM, they finally cleared the air.

We recognise that people may feel this way but our thing is to not be afraid. We are very open. Everybody in The Squad has their own individual path and that path opens up things,” MDQ said.

Watch the full interview below:

8 Photos That Prove Ken Mijungu And His Wife Are Couple Goals

NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu last Saturday said ‘I do’ to his longtime girlfriend Laureen in a colourful wedding ceremony at Fuschia Gardens in Limuru.

The ceremony was attended by the who’s who in the industry with his family and close friends present to witness their holy matrimony. The wedding was an invites only affair and if you didn’t get a card, you weren’t going to be part of the awesome ceremony.


His colleagues Dennis Okari, Trevor Ombija and Andrew Ochieng were on the line up as his groomsmen. How cool is that though?

Not much was known about Ken’s bride, but one thing we can all agree to is how cute and pretty she is. Ken scored major on this one.

The two are couple goals, but Laureen mostly steals the spotlight. Well, the two are now one but we can’t help but admire how cute they look together.

Check out these 8 photos that prove the newly weds are couple goals;

Music Producer Jacky B Finally Proposes To His Baby Mama (Photo)

Jacob Otieno popularly known as Jacky B is one of Kenya’s most celebrated music producers. His name is basically a brand and his work is well recognised across the country.


Jacky B has worked with some of the greatest artistes in Kenya including Daddy Owen, Size 8, Dunco, Janet Otieno, Eko Dydda, Esther Wahome among others.

With such a booming career, one would wonder how he even does it. Hardwork people, it’s all about hardwork and dedication. Oh and lets not forget, loving what you do.


He might be a hardworking ninja but he’s also a family man. Last year, he was blessed with a baby girl Iman Atemi Otieno with his long time girlfriend Brenda Michelle. A day after they welcomed their newborn, Jacob lost his adopted mother. But all in all he has always shared photos of the little angel on social media.


Jacky B has decided to take a step forward in regards to his relationship. Both Brenda and himself have dated for  a really long time. He has now decided to put a ring on it after years of dating and even having a kid.

He took to social media to announce the new stating, “I love her so much. So I put a ring on it! 😍😍.”


Zero Chills! Kenyans Viciously Attack Gloria Muliro Over Failed Makeup (PHOTOS)

Makeup is applied to enhance one’s beauty. But it’s important to ensure that you choose the right makeup and artiste or else, you will end up embarrassed and humiliated just like Nyota Ndogo was on her wedding day.


Nyota Ndogo Reveals Why She Looked Like A ‘Ghost’ In Her Wedding Photos

Well, award winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro is the latest victim to be trolled on social media over makeup gone bad.

Gloria shared photos from a recent photoshoot but this didn’t go well with her fans. They disapproved her applying such heavy makeup and asked her to stick to being natural or rather apply minimal makeup.

Here are the photos that got her trolled…

Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro

Gloria Muliro’s fans trolled her on social media and here are some of the comments

John: Punguza make up dear.

Adi: Heee too much makeup????????

Buch: Honestly speaking that makeup is too much for you. Not good at all.

Diana: Makeup artist should be fired…!!! I like your natural look.

Mel: Horrible makeup.

Aaron: Unapendeza sana ila ukiwa natural you always crush them. Makeup mob siz achia Vera Sidika na Huddah.

Susan: That makeup makes you look very weird.

Nyota Ndogo Reveals What She Went Through Before Her Success And Where She Slept Every Night

Nyota Ndogo is an exceptional artiste who has been through so much to make sure her music is heard and the message delivered. She been in the industry for years now and her name has become a brand.


The Mombasa-based artiste was the talk of the town last year when she got married to her Mzungu husband. But what was quite disturbing to many people was her makeup, which was not professionally applied. But, later on, addressed the issue and admitted she also wasn’t happy with her make up.

Ametoka Mbali! Nyota Ndogo Reminisces About Her Days As a Househelp (Photo)

Just like any artiste, Nyota Ndogo also had her own fair share of struggles before she became successful in her music career. She has gone ahead to reveal what she actually did right before her music career picked up, even showing where exactly she slept, trying to make ends meet.


She expressed, Nilianzia hapa. niliuza viazi karai mahabri kila siku hasubui jioni naenda kuimba na band. MUNGU siwezi kusahau uliponitoa.”

This is where she slept every night;

nyota bed


WOLOLO! Pierra Makena Begs DJ Mo To Come For His Other Daughter After Rumors Spread (PHOTO)

DJ Pierra has finally responded to claims that her daughter Ricca Pokot takes after Ladasha Belle Wambui – the daughter to DJ Mo and gospel singer Size 8.

 Speculation has been rife over who sired the sexy disc jockey’s daughter after she unveiled her face a few weeks ago.

Some were quick to point out that her little one looks like DJ Mo’s daughter Ladasha, and  even went as far as speculating that he could be Ricca’s father.


Too Much Resemblance: See How Size 8’s And Dj Pierra’s Daughters Look Alike (Photos)

What fueled the rumour even further is that Pierra Makena has never revealed who Ricca’s real father is.

A few days ago, Pierra left tongues wagging after telling DJ Mo and Size 8 to come and pick their other daughter.

The sexy turntablist was responding to a comment from a  fan who informed her that Ricca resembles Ladasha.

This is what she wrote:

size 8 and dj mo ☝☝☝☝ please come for your other daughter?” Pierra captioned the photo below.


Wyre, Kenrazy To Headline Peace Concert In Mathare

Top music superstars including Wyre and Kenrazy will perform at Mathare grounds on Sunday in a concert organised by the Integrated Development Network to promote coexistence ahead of the August polls.

It will be a big day where we will use our talents to preach peace and unite Kenyans,” IDN brand Peace Ambassador Wyre said.


Other artistes include Kenrazy, Pizzo Dizzo, J-fam, Ecko-Dydda, MOG, MC Allandoz, MC Giant, Deacon and Qwacheez.

The event will also be supported with Peace Caravan Roadshows from Kawangware, with stop-overs at Satellite, Kibera, Mlango Kubwa, Huruma, K-South, Mathare and converge at Baba Dogo Sports Grounds for the main music event and a soccer festival,” IDN project coordinator Wendo Dennis said.

kenrazy 123

Wendo added, “We are a family as a country and must live in harmony and peace. It is our responsibility as Kenyans to ensure peace and stability.”

Wendo added the role of IDN is to advocate, lobby, provide information, educate and provide the capacity and technical assistance in promoting peace, security, and national cohesion in Kenya.

‘Just let them talk’ Kristoff And Gabu Reveal How They Handle Groupies

Kristoff and Gabu are two artistes who have brought about new and fresh heat in the industry. Just like any other superstar, they too have groupies who thirst over them. It’s pretty hard for an artiste to handle groupies in a way that won’t complicate matters for them.


Gifted Kenyan Rappers Kristoff And Gabu Turn Up Heat In 254

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, Gabu said: “For groupies, I just let them talk and eventually they will forget the story, because a groupie is not someone who supports you; she’s just there to get something from you. So don’t give them that.


Kristoff added: “You basically don’t give them the time of day. Just open a WhatsApp group and they can see you from there. And that’s why we wear sunglasses and do our thing.”

Watch the interview below;