‘They even hate my imperfections,’ scoffs Betty Kyallo

Getting trolled is not a party you want to be invited to. Our celebrities have been trolled and cyber bullied and lived to tell tales.

Betty Kyallo revealed recently how mean netizens were to her. Chatting with Lillian Muli, Betty encouraged the Citizen news anchor after she was a victim of hateful trolls.

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli

Lillian Muli posted on her Instagram:

“For all you idle, bored hating types who feed off negative vibe you spew about others in your shady closed platforms you don’t even know the people you talk about and you never will! You’ve only seen them on magazines or TV or heard them on Radio and you claim you know them. You are a fan in denial. Work on your insecurities first it takes a very emotionally unstable person to spread hateful lies. But then again there is no publicity that is bad publicity…y’all just mad at yourselves…For real though get Help; brands pay to get advertised you on the other hand are so philanthropic you advertise them free of Charge; so you make the brand popular and where does that leave you?” Lilian shot back.

Betty chimed in saying, “Love it babe. That’s the truth.”

The KTN news reader added,

“Kwanza juzi they were discussing how dark my armpit it is. I was like my armpit is subject for a discussion. They even have a problem with my imperfections that I don’t worry about. I love it. As they were Love. Waendelee.”

Lillian responded,

“Honey, you are a star keep shining bright no one can touch a star.”

Lillian wrote that the reason she stands up against trolls is because , “I don’t pay attention to haters dear I just don’t want a generation of young girls and boys growing up to become spiteful people.”

Betty Kyalo
Betty Kyalo. photo credit: instagram/Betty Kyalo

Here are other reactions from fans.

kamenegoro: Yaaassssss!

ms._sitawa: Betty don’t mind them; People always look out for something negative to ride on; to make them feel better about their own imperfections. They wish they were half what you are, anyway.

shonella_kanyewest: Betty, armpits, yawa! That’s stupid. Don’t use roll on that have alcohol in it to avoid your armpit being dark. Nakupenda mtoto wa Kyallo.

barbara_kakai: Betty, you’re still on the winning team it’s quite unfortunate such crap is being used to belittle great voices.

miss_ribery: Betty, you are winning and those damn haters will say anything to try put you down. We’ll adjust your crown and keep running your palace as the queen you are. Ignore them naysayers!!

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Siku Za Mwizi Ni Arubaini! Davido Allegedly Sued Over Tax Evasion!

Davido’s day to pay the taxman has come.

This guy makes a whole load of money! Took them long enough but they finally caught up with him!

The Lagos state government have decided to tackle high-profile tax defaulter in the state and ‘Mr. 30 million for the account’ is no exception.

Davido has signed deals with Sony and is the CEO of HKN Music in Lagos has not been filling his tax returns.

Of course he went forward to deny the allegations saying he has always paid his taxes since he is originally from Lagos.

Davido. photo credit:davidoofficial

The Lagos government official even quoted the amount of money he made from a recent concert which was 500 million Naira and so they want to know how much he paid to the government as tax.

He said, “Davido said he made 500 Million Naira from his 30 billion Naira concert recently. We must know how much he paid as Tax.”

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Taylor Swift warned by cops after obsessed fan tells them he’s her ‘boyfriend’, needs gun to protect her

She’s had more than her fair share of obsessed fans.

Now a 58-year-old man is claiming he’s Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and needs a gun to protect her, TMZ reported on Sunday

New Hampshire law enforcement sources told the website the man was at the station for voluntary questioning on an unrelated case when he bragged he was the singer’s significant other.

The police say he even showed them texts with a ‘Taylor Swift’ as the recipient.


They got suspicious when he asked how many states he could drive through with a concealed carry weapons permit.

He also reportedly told them he wanted a gun to protect the 28-year-old pop star in Africa. It’s unclear why he thinks she will be there.

However, she is due to start her tour in support of her new album, Reputation, on May 28 in Glendale, Los Angeles and it will take in Canada, the UK, Ireland and Australia before wrapping on November 9 in Auckland, New Zealand.

The cops didn’t detain the man because, as they explained to TMZ, simply saying you want a gun to protect someone is not a crime.


However, the source told the website that the cops have tried to contact Taylor’s team to warn her.

It’s not the first time the Look What You Made Me Do singer has had to deal with an obsessed fan.

Mohammed Jaffar, 29, was committed to a state psychiatric facility in September by the Manhattan Supreme Court after he broke into the megastar’s NYC apartment building in February and called her management 60 times in a two-week period.

About a week later, he came back two days in a row to ring her doorbell and continued to violate orders to stay away from Taylor until his March 6 arrest.

Daily Mail

Rich Kids, One Side: Anerlisa Muigai’s 30th Birthday Presents Can Pay For School Fees For 40 Form One Students

Anerlisa Muigai has never shied away from showering her social media pages with some of the best things she has in her life, and her fans are always there to drool over her expensive lifestyle. One can’t blame her considering she’s the daughter of one of the richest women in Kenya.

anerlisa 1

Well, last week Anerlisa turned thirty, the number that most ladies are always afraid of including herself; she previously confessed that she was afraid of turning thirty.

Her family did not waste time as they spoilt her with some of the most expensive gifts that we only see international celebrities rock. From shoes to jewelery, Anerlisa was gifted the best of the best, with shoes that cost over 70,000 shillings.

Even without her family giving her these fine things, she’s a hard working lady and can easily afford to spoil herself, but if the family are in a position to give her such gifts, why not.


One of the shoes she was gifted were Loriblu Bijoux jewel shoes that cost 625 euros, that’s approximately 78,000 shillings.

Other gifts that she got were Salvatore Ferragamo heels, a Rolex watch, jewelery, a Chanel handbag and a book.

While many of us are crying Njaanuary, Anerlisa’s family can afford items worth your rent for two years.

Check out photos of the gifts below;

anerlisa gift 3

anerlisa gift 1

anerlisa gift 2

anerlisa gift 4

anerlisa gift 5

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Demi Lovato slams online trolls as she talks about overcoming body image issues

Demi Lovato says she’s found a new strength in the past year she did not possess previously.

The singer and actress, 25, opened up about her evolution on The Ellen DeGeneres Show set to air on Monday, January 15.


She told Ellen how her YouTube documentary Simply Complicated allowed her to face some of her demons including her issues with an eating disorder – even though it made her feel uncomfortable.

‘I’ve been working on myself for the past year, more so than I’ve ever worked on myself,’ she told the chat show host.

‘I’ve surrendered to the process of just learning to love yourself and I think it shows through my pictures.


‘I post more bathing suit pictures online. I want to show my fans that it’s possible that they can get to that self love too.’

And even though the Tell Me You Love Me singer still critiques her photos before deciding to post them on social media, she’s in a space where she’s happy with who she is and what she looks like.

‘I’m a perfectionist. So I decided to post it anyways,’ she said about a photo she posted on Instagram even though she didn’t particularly like how her legs looked.


‘I thought, ‘it’s me, it’s who I am and I love my body. So I’m just going to post it

‘I’ve taken away the power from the negative comments and the haters by not listening to them,’ she added.

‘If I do see [negativity], I just feel sorry for them because who leaves a negative comment on somebodies profile on the internet?

‘You have to be kind of sad to do that so I’ve taken away the power and it feels great.

I posted it because I look so happy.’

‘Make Sure You Have Enough Proof’ Akothee Warns Bloggers Who Write False Stories About Her

Akothee doesn’t care what people say about her and that is what makes her special. She has on many occassions aired her grievances and she never asks for anyone’s approval on any matter she’s addressing. Furthermore, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

Well, Akothee has come out to blast bloggers who are always on her case, yet they can’t even provide for their families. She also revealed that she has bailed two bloggers’ wives from maternity because they can’t afford the money.



Well, she has come out blazing hot to shut those bloggers, stating that there’s no blogger who can challenge her yet their parents are living in poverty.


Sh*t is real behind desktops and laptops , forget about bundles 😂😂😂, there is no blogger who can challenge me yet their parents are languishing in poverty ! Tag me your mother’s house I will respect you Idiot, my parents house is your dream house kubali tuu.

She continued by warning them that they should be careful what they write about her because it will cost them a lot.

“Some wish to enjoy my money so they keep posting crap for me to approach them so they could have a pinch of my money ! OGA am not gonna pay you dahm sh*t , post whoever you want !but make sure you have enough proof coz it might cost you when #MadamBoss wakes up.”

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She Likes Her Hot Chocolate With A Lot Of Milk: Is This Vera Sidika’s New Bae (Photos)

Vera Sidika has been quiet for a pretty long time. She’s known as a controversial woman, making headlines from here to Mars, but that has never stopped her from doing her thing.

Last year, she revealed that she wanted to get her teeth done and was flying abroad to get the dental procedure done. She later on shared photos of her done teeth even though she stated then that the process was not done. But she still looked great.

vera teeth

About a week or so ago, Vera shared photos with a man, that many speculated could be her new bae, considering she had been talking a lot about her bae, even sharing photos of her getting her implant removed.

Meet the man who made Vera Sidika remove her birth control

Well, Vera will always be full of surprises. She has yet again shared photos of herself with a white guy. In one of the photos, the guy is kissing her chic and the rest, he’s holding her waist.


Many have jumped to conclusion that the white guy is indeed Vera’s new catch, but are they correct? Could he be the new man warming her bed every night? Well, only time will tell, but in the mean time, check photos of the two together;

vera and white bae1

vera and white bae3

vera and white bae2



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Moto Kama Pasi: Watch A Sneak Peak Of Susumila’s Unreleased Tune

Top Coast based artiste Susumila has been serving hit after hit. He had gone quiet a while back but once he came back,  he’s been giving his fans nothing but the best he can offer.

Last year, he released a hot tune featuring Avril, ‘Wewe’, that received massive airplay.


Susumila finally makes it clear about praising Illuminati in his upcoming song

Well, it seems 2018 will be the year of making moves rather than just talking about it. Susumila has given his fans a sneak peek of his next song and quite frankly, it will become a hit, especially for those who embrace coastal music.

Here is a video he recorded of the song;

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Here Are 10 Female Gospel Celebrities Who Have Made An Impact In The Music Industry

The Kenyan gospel industry has grown tremendously over the years. Most of us were brought up in a Christian family where the only music we were allowed to listen to were gospel songs; we never complained because we knew if we went against our parents wishes, then that would be a story for the Gods.

Time has gone by and gospel songs have evolved with artistes venturing to different genres, some have gone underground as others have become household names.

Female gospel artistes have proved they too can make a great impact in the music industry and also proven that women too can make it in the field just as well as men.

Artistes such as Angela Chibalonza ministered to us through her songs. Her death came as a shock to many as she was a precious jewel to us, but one thing’s for sure, we will all die some day.

Well, Angela inspired very many women to be their best versions and never to be ashamed of glorifying God, and we have witnessed some of our female artistes administer to the world through their music.

Here are ten exemplary female gospel artistes who have made an impact in the industry;

1. Joyce Omondi

Joyce Omondi

2. KambuaKambua

3. Faith MuturiFaith Muturi

4. Gloria MuliroGloria Muliro

5. Grace EkirapaGrace Ekirapa

6. Mercy MasikaMercy Masika

7. Alice KimanziAlice Kimanzi

8. Rosy OhonRosy Ohon

9. Lady BeeLady Bee

10. Eunice NjeriEunice Njeri

‘I Love You Forever Baba Wahu’ Singer Jots Down A Beautiful Message To Her Late Father

Celebrated female artiste Wahu is one lady who never speaks out much. She chooses her words carefully and her lifestyle is quite different from other celebrities.

Wahu in Black

Just like the rest of us, Wahu is a daughter and her father passed away a few years ago. She took to social media to shower her father with nothing but love, stating that she can now visit his grave side without shedding a tear, considering how hard it was for her to deal with the loss.

She wrote, “Remembering my daddy. It’s been five years today since you went to be with the Lord. What can I say. I finally can go to your grave side without shedding a tear. It took a minute, but I finally can.
Thank you for raising us the way you did. You did real good!! 😊😊. Such an honor to be the daughter of a hard working, descent, loving, warm father.”

wahu's father

She continued to narrate how excited he was when she told him that she was expecting Nyakio, “Im so glad that God chose me to be your daughter. I’m glad I told you that I was expecting Nyakio, just before you went to be with the Lord. I can still remember the look on your face when you heard you were going to be a grandfather again. Priceless 😊. I miss you. I miss you I miss you I miss you. But I do have the assurance that I will see you again daddy. Until then, continue to rest in peace. I love you forever, baba Wahu. 💙💙💛💛💜💜.”

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Khaligraph Jones speaks about his “rolex” and his new album

Khaligraph Jones is one of the few Kenyan musicians who isn’t afraid to buck trends and shock you.

The artiste who describes himself as the real O.G also has a very philanthropic side. In his shows, he will normally give out money or an item of clothing that he has to the fans. He says he does so in the spur of the moment.

khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

When asked about him gifting a fan a watch in Meru? He said:

“I didn’t throw a watch into the crowd. I called a fan on stage to perform. She performed, I was impressed with the way she performed and I just gave her the watch as a token of appreciation.”

khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

We also wanted to know the type of watch that he gave out. Rumours had it that it had been a Rolex. But the O.G wasn’t having that. He retorted:

“That is some bulls*** men. And I am not the type of Ni**** who is going to lie to you, that the watch cost a hundred thousand. I am the O.G, I am from Kayole. The watch cost 18gs and I have had it for 2 years.”

khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

On his future musical plans, he spoke about his new album and he has big plans for this year. He is plans to release an album every month! The first will be called Testimony 1990. He said:

“Testimony 1990, represents the year of my birth. Testimony is about my story. Am giving the people, like an exclusive into me. There are a lot of things that people don’t know about Khaligraph Jones. That is the essence of this album, to let people know about me.”

There you have it, people. Khaligraph has spoken and lets us see if he pushes through with his ambitious plan to release a video every month.

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Now you know: Here are 20 top names of men who make good husbands

From the days of Adam to date, men have been the leaders of families.

God saw it fit to create a helper for Adam, from his rib so that he is not lonely.

Getting the right fit is trick. Adam was lucky his came from his rib. But don’t fret.

According to online pundits, there is a list of men who make good husband material and apparently there is a cosmic science behind the list that is presented below.

Check it out and let me know in the comments section if you agree or nah!

1. David

2. William

3. Andrew

4. Simon

5. Daniel

6. James

7. Paul

8. Chris

9. John

10. Stephen

11. Joseph

12. Job


13. Solomon

14. Mathew

15. Ezekiel

16. Elijah

17. Boaz

18. Cyprian

19. Dennis

20. Yafesh.

Bonus name

21. Idris.

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Risper Faith’s Husband Responds To Claims That He Was Cheating!

Risper Faith is one socialite who has been able to tie down a man into long-term matrimony.

The man in this instance is called Brian and he “put a ring on it” when they had a traditional ceremony a few months back.

And paid a whooping Ksh 2.5 Million in dowry last year, October.

Risper faith
Risper faith. photo credit: Risper faith

But the question that has popped up recently is whether Lady Risper’s man is a man of virtue or is he a philanderer? Why would I ask this?

Well, a lady called Evon Amollo released some screenshots that showed that Brian may be a mhanyanji.

This obviously opened a can of worms as another socialite called Pendo claimed that he had also tried to hit on her.

Risper Faith and Brayo
Risper-Faith-and-Brayo. photo credit: file

This seems to be a pattern with Mr. Risper Faith, the socialites are his bread and butter.

From marrying a socialite to cheating with other socialites! Hmmm!? But he has come out to deny the claim by posting an emphatic endorsement of his marriage credentials to his followers.

The caption which includes the words:

“Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

Below is the photo that came with the caption:

Brian nd Risper Faith
Brian and Risper Faith. photo credit: Instagram/brayo79

Is this just a show for the public or is Brian really the mhanyaji in chief!

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Selena Gomez Mother not happy with daughter reuniting with Bieber

Selena Gomez’s mom has opened up about her famous daughter’s love life.

In an interview with Gossip Cop, Mandy Teefey, 41, has said that while she’s ‘not happy’ about her 25-year-old daughter rekindling her romance with Justin Bieber, 23, ‘Selena can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy.’

The 13 Reasons Why producer also admitted she hasn’t spoken to the Sorry singer in ‘years’, even via text, despite her daughter having had a kidney transplant last summer.

She told Gossip Cop: ‘Selena is an adult and can make her own choices.’

Teefey also debunked claims that she’s no longer acting as her daughter’s manager because of ongoing tensions between herself, Selena and Selena’s stepfather Brian Teefey, who also managed the Wolves songstress’ career.

selena gomez

‘We never expected to manage her her whole life,’ she said of giving up the role in 2014.

‘We lost family time because the only time we saw her, we talked business.’

It has been widely reported that Mandy was ‘upset’ after she rekindled her romance with pop sensation Justin Bieber.

But Selena Gomez and her momager Mandy Teefey have allegedly had a ‘strained’ relationship for over three years after they parted ways as manager and client.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Seek Therapy Over Justin’s Ex Hailey Baldwin

As the singer bounced back with a new executive team in 2014, the breakdown of the pair’s professional relationship ’caused a major rift’ between the mother and daughter, an insider told E! News

Despite eventually reconnecting, this report came shortly after the Bad Liar songstress and her former manager had a ‘heated conversation’ over on/off beau Justin Bieber, which led to a voluntary ‘welfare’ check-up.

According to TMZ, Selena’s family will ‘never forgive him or accept [Justin]’ for their complicated split in 2014.

A source told the website that Mandy was taken to a welfare center in Los Angeles for a health check ‘at a family member’s request.’

justin bieber

Following his split from Sofia Richie and her separation from The Weeknd, the pair began to meet up again in November.

Justin and Selena started dating as teenagers in 2011 and spent three years in an on and off relationship.

They initially blamed work schedules for their first split in November 2012 and they briefly reconciled in April 2013, much to fans’ delight.

Conversely, Justin’s mother Pattie Mallette is believed to be very on board with the reconciliation.

She lavished the Bad Liar songstress, 25, with words of praise when she spoke with People.

‘If he loves her I love her,’ Patti explained. ‘And I’ve met her and we have a special bond so I think she’s precious.’

Like father like son! Zari Hassan’s second born son is taking after Ivan (Photos)

Zarina Hassan, mother to five celebrity kids Pinto, Raphael Junior, Quincy, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan has become a household name in East Africa.

The Ugandan-South African based business-lady was married to the late tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga for 12 years after splitting over domestic violence and other irreconcilable differences.  Last year, she buried the man whom she bore three sons for.

Zari who is currently dating bongo star Diamond Platnumz inherited a whole bunch of wealth for her three sons from Ivan.

His second born, fans see Raphael as the one that’s taking after Ivan, if his social media lifestyle is to go by.

When two of his other brothers have kept their lives on the low key, Rapheal has been flaunting thousands of money on social media, just like Ivan.


Just recently, Zari revealed that Raphael is aspiring to be a rapper, something she says won’t happen if he won’t put his education first

‘Happy birthday raphy_junior that rap music career ain’t happening till you put school 1st😉. I must say you talented boy…. love u baby😙’ Zari wrote

Zari Hassan Is Not Joke! ‘My Mum Watches Me Like A Hawk,’ Her Son Cries

Now, meet him, Zarina Hassan’s second born son:


When a girl moves on! Elodie Zone and new bae serve couple goals

Popular Youtuber Elodie Zone seems to have completely moved on from her ex boyfriend Sean Andrew, who’s grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki.

Andrew and Elodie were college sweethearts and Kenyans had fallen in love with the way they loved each other.

This was before Elodie woke up one day and dropped the ‘B’ bomb – yaani, the breakup bomb.


The news were received with mixed reactions from her fans.

Sean Andrew responded:



War Of Words! Kibaki’s Hottie Of A Grandson Calls Ex-Girlfriend Toxic

And yes, it was a war of words!

A nasty one.

They got used to it and Elodie is now seeing another man. She has been flaunting his photos on social media and the two have been going for adventures abroad.

Meet the man, who is driving the Youtuber so Koo Koo:

Baby on board! Check out how comedian Njugush’s wife dresses her baby bump

In December 2016, comedian Njugush tied the knot with the love of his life Celestine Ndinda. A year later, she’s heavily pregnant with his first child.

The former Househelps Of Kawangware actor had kept their relationship away from the prying eyes of the media but is now flaunting her photos on social media.

njugush 3

”Cheers To Many More My Love’ Comedian Njugush And Wife Celebrate Their One Year Anniversary

Unlike other celebrity wives, Celestine has not hidden the pregnancy from fans and it seems the two are serving couple goals.

Check out how she slays with that baby bump:

Pendo steps out in this gorgeous gown, fans beg Luwi for wedding

Reality star Pendo has shocked fans after stepping out in a gown that stirred fans’ speculations that she’s walking down the aisle. The mixed reactions hit her social media.

But that was a false alarm!

We can confirm that Pendo was having a bridal shoot with a popular fashion house in town. And no, Luwi and Pendo are not walking down the aisle.

Atleast not anytime soon.

pendo 3

But fans wouldn’t stop talking:

harriet_kerry said ‘Wow.. The gown is lit.. Can’t wait to see Luwi capello and the new catch’

Here are other fans’ comments:

rasaddi: Wedding bells are near

beijinyoiks_aka_samegal_is_bak: Wuuuuiii…Pendo ati afanye harusi na tusijue..nefa

rwausi: Nataka kuona bwana harusi…vindu vitwistikanga 😀😀😀

mercyshelmith: Haiya you mean you’ve wedded😆😆😆😆I hope sio na Luwi😅😅😅😅

Pesa Ni Mzuri: Nairobi D Star Pendo Is Serving Mayo With Her Beautiful Hair (Photos)

Here’s what she shared on IG:

Is rapper AY walking down the aisle soon?

Tanzanian rapper AY has come out to show signs that he might be marrying his long time girlfriend identified by the name Remy.

In a recent post, the Habari Ndio Hio hit maker expresses how much he’s in love with his ‘rib’

“Mi hermosa futura esposa..Sweetheart..Te Amo mucho ❤️ 😍 #MaliYaZee #MaliYaTheButcher (My beautiful future wife,I love you so much’

In another post, the rapper says

“My Ride or Die ❤️ #ZeeMapenzini #MyRib 💑”

AY girlfriend

Oops! Is that an engagement ring?

It turns out that the legendary rapper who’s well known for  his Zigo collabo with Diamond has been dating this girl for a decade now. Lets just say its time he walked down that aisle!

Ray C reveals her age, but photos prove otherwise

ay cover

Spending too much time seated can cause diabetes and heart disease

Spending too much time sitting down builds fat around the body’s organs and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

A study found people who spent a large amount of time sitting down had higher levels of visceral and total abdominal fat.

Visceral fat is unseen and wrapped around the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

Carrying a high amount is known to be associated with insulin resistance – the driving factor for type 2 diabetes, a preventable condition.

Many of us are chained to our desk for work and the research found the most harmful effect was on those who do not work out in their spare time.

10 Commandments Every Sane, Healthy Girlfriend Should Follow

The findings are worrying given that most of us now spend more time sitting than retired pensioners, a previous study found.

The new research suggests that while we may not be able to escape being chained to our desks for hours, meeting weekly activity guidelines can make a difference in reducing our risk of preventable disease.

Lead author of the latest study, Dr Joe Henson at the University of Leicester, said: ‘We know that spending long periods of time sedentary is unhealthy and a risk factor for chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

‘Likewise, the amount of fat deposited around our internal organs may also predispose us to these diseases.’

5 Best Fruits for Healthy Skin


Does the rest of your body seems to be shaping up, but nothing seems to work to shift that pesky fat around your middle? Then your stressful lifestyle maybe to blame.

That’s according to health expert Jackie Wicks, co-author of new book Cheats & Eats: Lifestyle Programme.

When cortisol – the so-called stress hormone – is too high for too long, it can increase the amount of fat that’s stored on your stomach, she explained.

Also called visceral fat, this is a form of gel-like fat that’s wrapped around major organs, including the liver, pancreas and kidneys. This type is particularly nasty, being linked to increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.