‘Acting In Shuga Is Harder Than Acting In Music Videos’ South African Rapper Kwesta Reveals

The countdown to #MTVShugaDS has officially begun. On Monday afternoon, we were introduced to this year’s cast members and there were a few surprises including Kwesta.


Kwesta will be starring in an episode on the upcoming season of Shuga. He will be appearing as himself and during the presser, he joked about leaving hip-hop behind and pursuing a life in front of the camera.
After the conference was over, the rapper was asked which is easier… starring in a music video, or acting in a drama?
“Definitely music videos. You don’t have to memorise lines when it’s a video, you’re just reciting your lyrics. Acting needs you to sort of get into character and visualise the scene a lot more. But I love acting, I’m serious about winning an award!”
Do you think Kwesta could win an award by acting?

For The Love Of Ink! Adelle Onyango Finally Reveals How Many Tattoos She Has And The Meaning Behind Them (Video)

There is no doubt that Adelle Onyango is one of the most prominent and popular radio hosts in Kenya. She is also one of the youngest to host a morning show.

The bubbly radio presenter has worked hard to become the renowned media personality she is now, and become a role model for young peeps who brand themselves as Team Adelle.

Miss Onyango is also very active in forming youth projects, girls empowering activities. She also uses her amazing social media skills to spread positive vibes and motivate them.


Adelle Onyango is also the founder of No Means No, a project she started to help out victims of rape and create awareness after she went the most traumatizing ordeal of her life back in 2008 when she was sexually assaulted.

Radio Queen Adelle Onyango Makes Candid Revelation After She Was Named One Of Kenya’s 100 Most Influential Young People

Things got worse for Adelle after her mother, Mary Onyango passed away after succumbing to breast cancer back in 2012, at the age of 45, which was the saddest day for the lovely radio host.

Adelle Onyango kept a brave face, and despite the heartbreaking moment, she later picked up the pieces and has since used the good memories she had with her late mother to keep her thoughts positive and spirits high.

Adelle Onyango and her mother


Pain Of Losing a Mother! Adelle Onyango Confesses That She Almost Quit Radio After Her Mum’s Death

Though many of her fans don’t know this, Adelle Onyango is a big fan of tattoos and if you follow her on social media, you might have noticed a few photos where she’s flaunting or talking about them.

Well, I got the chance to talk to Adelle Onyango about her tattoos though she prefers keeping them on the low, she is proud of them. She doesn’t get inked blindly and every one of her tattoos has a sentimental meaning.

When I sat down to interview the humble and exuberant former singer, she finally got the chance to reveal how many tattoos she has, and the meaning of each one. Personally, I found the one of her mother’s name very touching.

Adelle Onyango also talked about whether she is planning to get more tattoos. She also talks about her love for tattoos and why she loves leaving ink memories on her body.

Watch the video below to find out about the other side of Adelle Onyango you never knew.





Aki Hawa Walidanganya Wakenya Vibaya!!! Top 6 Most Terrible Lies That Backfired On Famous Kenyans

Everyone lies sometimes but these guys just took it too far. Take a seat as I give you the 411! Well, we all have our favorite celebrities and want to know their personal life, but hey, most of them keep lying to us. I guess they want to please us. Well, I found some experts who are well specialized to lying to Kenyans.

Stella Mwangi – I Had A Rap Battle With American Rapper Xzibit

This girl is quite something.! Recently, Stella Mwangi AKA STL, revealed (or should I say lied) that she and American celebrated rapper Xzibit were once pals when she was 14 and had a rap battle with him. Well, this story was the talk of the town after the rapper tweeted denying that she does know STL. Kenyans on twitter went ham on her and since then, the Biashara hit-maker has gone silent.

“I don’t know if you guys know about this rapper Xzibit, I don’t know. Sasa nilikuwa na battle na yeye when I was 14-years-old. I stepped up to him and told him, “let us battle”. So, I have been doing this for a while, it’s a matter of growing up and getting to know yourself better”


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Octopizzo – I Have A Collabo With American Artist August Alsina

Remember the song This Could Be Us by Kenyan rapper Octopizzo? Well, when the song just hit the market, rumour had it that Octo had featured the American star in the song. Things got even worse when Kenyans on Twitter asked why the American singer was not in the video which was followed by a tweet from the singer’s management citing that Alsina had not featured in the song. Hilariously sad, right?

octo screen



Steve Mbogo – I Am A Board Member At Faulu Bank

Faulu Microfinance Bank came out saying that the company had no dealings with the billionaire. In a letter that went viral, microfinance manager cited that Mbogo was neither a board member nor a chairman of the company. What a lie!



Mafisilets Mko Wapi! Here Are Top 7 Reasons Why Tiga Wana’s Willy Paul Is A Ladies man

Prezzo – My Car Is Worth 15 Million

It was rumoured that Prezzo’s Chrysler was worth 15 million some time back. The rapper revealed this only days after rival artist Jaguar bought a car worth 16 million. Well, other sources stated that Prezzo’s car was estimated to actually be less than 15 million which indicated that CMB probably just wanted to compete with Jaguar.


Mr Seed – Bahati Is My Brother

Everyone thought that Mr. Seed and Bahati were real brothers until the truth came out that the two were just pals who grew up together. It became even more interesting when the two released a hit song dubbed Wangu. He probably should have said “Brother in Christ”


Willy Paul – Am Doing A Collabo With Diamond Platnumz

Nomaree! Diamond Platnumz denied ever doing or even planning to do a collabo with Tiga Wana’s artist Willy Pozze citing that Pozze was only introduced to him by Will Tuva. The two had photos of them together and later Diamond listened to Willy’s songs. Did I mention after they met, Diamond did not even remember Msafi’s name? Don’t worry Pozze, it’s part of life kijana!

willy paul platnumz 1



Skiza Hii! Fena Gitu Releases A New Banging Hit Single

The urban-soul sensation, Fena Gitu has released a new single ‘Sema Ng’we‘.  The new single ‘Sema Ng’we’ is produced by Jack Jack on the beat under record label Pacho entertainment features P-unit’s Gabu. It is a wildly catchy track and resonates with the urban youth who love sheng.
sema ngwe
The Sema Ng’we challenge has become popular where fans are dared to dance to the song in the most random of places. Fena started the challenge by dancing in traffic, in the hospital, and at the mall. The challenge has seen several celebrities taking part in it, like Victoria Kimani who cut short an interview to do some push-ups and kiss the radio hosts of the show. Muthoni drummer queen was getting down while at the salon.
Others include Hart the band, Blinky Bill, Kagwe Mungai among others. Sema Ng’we video will be released next week.
Fena plans on having a concert in 2017 which will feature stories of love, lust, pain and joy, ambition, hard work, and resilience, setting the pace for the year. 

Mapenzi Sio Kila Kitu! 5 Reasons That Might Have Led Michelle Yola To Dump Rapper Prezzo

One of the most talked about and loved up couples of 2016, Prezzo and Michelle Yola broke up, something that came as a shock to their fans since they had hardly been together for a year after he proposed.

Prezzo, real name, Jackson Makini went down on one knee in May 2016 to ask the love of his life, Michelle Yola to marry him and of course, she said yes, but that wasn’t a guarantee that she was going to marry him eventually, right? Just a promise.


The two are also reality stars on Kenya’s dramatic reality show, Nairobi Diaries and have been showing off their romance on TV seemingly happy until December 2016 when Miss Yola took to her social media to declare herself; “single and ready to mingle”.

Michelle Yola then went on a rampage, revealing that Prezzo had cheated on her and even shared screenshots of the said lass. She also shared more screenshots of Prezzo apologizing and begging her to forgive him and give the rapper one last chance.

Sura Yake Mzuri! After Dumping Prezzo, Sexy Reality Star Michelle Yola Looks More Ravishing Than Ever (Photos)

But his pleas seem to have fallen on deaf ears, because this time round, Michelle Yola has moved on for good. The two recently celebrated their birthdays and they sent each other warm wishes on social media.


Fans thought that they had reconciled but when Mpasho spoke to Prezzo, he said that was not the case.

The two recently had a live brawl on Nairobi Diaries as Michelle accused Prezzo of cheating on her, with the lad insulting her and stripping on camera to flaunt his manhood.

So, what are some of the things that could have made Michelle Yola break off her engagement to his rapcellency?

Michelle Yola Finally Reveals The Reason Why She Dumped Prezzo (Photos)

Here are a few reasons that we came up with;

1. Cheating
Of course, this had to be the number one reason, something that Michelle Yola has actually admitted to, and not just with one woman. In the past, Prezzo has been with so many women who also accused him of cheating, including his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat who also labeled him a deadbeat.

2. Irresponsibility
Well, a dude who abandons his kid more so a daughter, must be equally terrible when it comes to relationships. So, it’s possible that Michelle Yola felt unappreciated by Prezzo. Though they engaged in alot of PDA, it doesn’t mean that he always cuddled her and made her feel special off camera.


3. Too Much Limelight
When celebrity couples are in the limelight, they tend to put up a united front for their fans and even when thing are bad, they continue pretending to be happy, but behind closed doors, they might not even be sleeping on the same bed. I guess Michelle had put up with so much crap for so long and decided it times to slam the door on his face!

4. Too Many Chances
From the way Prezzo was asking for forgiveness it looks like this was not the first time that he had screwed up and trust me, a girl can only take so much. You know what they say when a woman’s fed up. This is possibly what might have happened to Michelle Yola and Prezzo and this time she decided she’s done for good. Well, let’s hope so.

5. Once a Bad Boy…
We all know Prezzo has a bad boy image, and this is not just speculation since he has proved it several times. In an interview back in 2015, Michelle Yola was asked why she is dating Prezzo despite knowing his history with women, and she said she thinks she can change him. But I guess she came to realize that you can’t cage a wild animal.



Utacheka Uanguke!!! Huddah Monroe’s Messy Baby Pic Will Shock You

Hata socialites hutoka mbali! Apart from a recent video of toothless and broke Huddah Monroe going viral, her photo as a baby is even worse.


The light skinned socialite, come business woman is one lass that has come a long way. Just the other day, she revealed how difficult it was for her to lose her 4 teeth after an accident which she later replaced.

huddah screen

Well, the video vixen girl cum model has finally made it in the industry and is among Kenya’s top socialites. Did I mention her ratchetness?

Socialite Look Alike! This Is The Hot Chic Who Resembles Socialite Huddah Monroe (PHOTOS)

I agree that her baby pic may look adorable and messy at the same time, but have you seen those cheeks? Kwani alikua anakula nini?huddah tbt

The ever scandalous lass is now booming with her lipstick business which has extended over East Africa and is competing with fellow socialite Vera who has her own hair line.

Just last year, Huddah failed to appear at Diamond Platnumz’s beach party with claims that she and the Nasema Nawe hit maker did not agree. But hey, fans have it that she did not want to share the same stage with Vera. That makes sense, right?




What’s the big deal? If your bae’s BFF is the opposite sex asks Kiss FM’s Cate Sidede

When your boo’s got a best friend of the opposite sex, how do you deal? Do you see them as a threat or not?

Off the top of my head one celeb who has a bestie of the opposite sex is reality star Kim Kardashian. On the popular Keeping up with the Kardashian reality show, we often get to see the two meeting up to chat.

So this was the discussion on the mid-morning show with Kiss FM’s Cate Sidede, where she sought to know from #TeamSidede what they think. A majority of TeamSidede said it’s a big deal.


Here’s how #TeamSidede voted on if it’s a big deal or nah;


akuna big deal bora bounderies nayo lazima manze…….. cheking in from kawangware….

100% no big deal in having a bff of the opposite sex if your bae and you fully trust each other

That’s a damn biiig deal…. It can’t be.. Am the only female friend he’s supposed to have… So io asahau.. ..

Big deal!ndio akue ana flirt na yeye kila pahali…itaenda ivo nipate ni mm nme dump iwa

no big deal coz the moment u resist u are pushing ur bae away and loosing it will mean u don’t trust her

i have a male best friend buh the society has a way of twisting issues from its corner,he is perceived as a mate

Sema Kunyemelea! Huddah Confesses Her Love For This Popular Nigerian’s Music

Huddah is not your average female celebrity.

She is beautiful, has a hot body, her own house and of late, she has been focusing on getting a genuine source of income after starting a cosmetics business.

Other than all that, Huddah is also the East African ambassador for a leading detox tea and another mega deal for an international champagne is also on the way this year.

Huddah has grown from a naive young lass to an independent, and classy business lady who is not about to stop anytime soon and her hustle gets better by the day.


The top socialite is also known for her long-time beef with curvy archenemy Vera Sidika and the two simply don’t see eye to eye.

During the Christmas festivities, Diamond Platnumz invited them to make a special appearance during his Wasafi beach party.

Vera Sidika Twerks For Fans At Diamond Platnumz’s Wild Beach Party As Huddah Snubs The Event (Video)

But Huddah snubbed the party after learning that Vera was attending the event, claiming that she and the Bongo star disagreed on some issues and that he didn’t meet his end of the bargain. But we all know that she couldn’t face her biggest competition.

Huyu Hana Chills! Huddah Takes Shots At Lasses Who Bleach Their Skin, Read Vera Sidika

Well, that’s that and Huddah has no gone back to living her flashy life by going on a fun-filled holiday at a disclosed location, where she flaunted her hot body in a yacht.


If you know Huddah well, then you know her love for music, and more so Nigerian music. She has now gone ahead to reveal her best singer from the West African country.

Ghai! This Old Video Of a Toothless-Looking Huddah and “Manyake” Hitmaker Circuit Will Crack Your Ribs

It happens the socialite is completely in love with Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun aka Wizkid’s music, one of the most prominent and youngest successful artistes in Africa.

The sassy lass shared a video where Wizkid’s song is playing in the background with this caption where she’s praising the Ojuelegba hitmaker;

Reality must be told! Lets just give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give the rest what belongs to them!
May God give Wizkid long life coz I dunno what I’d do without his music , I’m always looking forward to the next and the next braaappp!…..Wizkids music puts me in all kinds of moods! Tulale sasa na sio lazima u understand the language! It’s where the music takes you☺️ #BestInAfricaHandsDown!

I guess if you want to annoy her, just pause a Wizkid track while she’s listening… Listen to the audio Huddah shared below…




Hawa Walienda Wapi! Here Is A List Of Top 5 ‘One Hit Wonders’ Including Binti Kiziwi Hitmaker

Na si wamepotea sana! Apart from the artists who we well know released a couple of songs and went silent, there are those ‘one hit wonders’ who just released a hit and saw it better to give way to other celebrities.

From Ray C who was put down by hard drugs to the Longombas who moved to the US, there are those that we have not seen for the longest time after their one hit wonder.

Danny Gift

His one hit wonder song with the legend Daddy Owen dubbed Kazi Ya Msalaba was one song that introduced this gospel kid to the music industry. After a couple of songs that did not do well, the Najua Upo song master has since then gone silent. Solomon Mkubwa has however tried to uplift this melodious uprising artist up again after a collabo dubbed Wewe Ni Mungu. Let’s hope we will see him again in the music industry.

Nani Anatosa??? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Timmy Tdat’s Dela And Kush Tracey Are Like Kerosene And Water

danny gift


This one hit wonder lass was recognised due to her song Toklezea which was the talk of town way back. Well, since then not much has been heard about her career. The once upon a time hitmaker is wife to Kenya’s top music director J Blessing and is rumoured to be set for a great comeback this year. Make it quick girl, fans move on!



This band of 4 was introduced to the music game by the celebrated Matapeli hitmaker Jaguar. Together, they released a hit dubbed Take It Slow which ran the radio airwaves for a while.Well, Morris Bianju, Evans Macharia, Moses Otieno and Kelvin Kamande, the band makers are nowhere to be found. Why are you guys?

Bank Otuch Gang! 8 Male Artistes Who Prove That The Best Rappers In Kenya Come From Luo Land



The Faham maker has gone silent since rumour had it that he and singer Bahati became rivals after Weezdom left EMB records owned by the Mama hitmaker. After several scandals including rumours of impregnating a girl, Weezdom went silent after denying the claims. Woiyee, take heart and come back!


Z Anto

We all remember the famous Binti Kiziwi song which was East Africa’s hit before Ali Kiba and Diamond were well known. Well, the Tanzanian bongo star has since gone silent after he released a couple of Taarab songs which never saw the limelight.

z anto



Watu Watacatch Mafeelings! Sexy Singer Vivian Takes Shots At Mafisi Sacco, Calls Them Poor Characters (Video)

Vivian is currently riding high with her recent collaboration with Ugandan music legend, Jose Chameleone, dubbed Charm but there is more to her than just good music.

The gorgeous singer has proved to be one of the best in the game after Jaguar introduced her to the Kenyan music world back in 2013 with her hit song Dream. 

Kubeba Nayo! Stunning Singer Vivian “Charms” Jose Chameleone With Her Sexy Body (Video)

Vivian then used her talent, songwriting skills and beauty to climb the ladder of success. She now has several songs under her name, but through it all, she has managed to keep her private and love life off the public radar.


The mellow-voiced singer has however grown both professionally and personally, and of course not forgetting her hot curves that have emerged in the last few months, making men salivate whenever she’s performing.

Vivian Wambui has never come out to talk about dating or being in a relationship. Probably because of this people have linked her to some male celebrities like Jaguar, since they were often spotted severally after dropping their collabo. However she revealed theirs was a work relationship and that they are just friends.

Anatosha? Is Timmy T Dat Having a Fling With This Dazzling Kenyan Female Singer?

The stunning lass was also at some point suspected to be having a fling with rapper Timmy Tdat sometime last year after they were seen hanging out a lot and getting cozy, but again they said they were just friends.


But now, Vivian has finally decided to reveal to us if she is dating and who bae is, coming soon after she shared a photo with Jaguar. Some fans then shared some negative comments, telling her to leave the singer alone since he’s married and has kids.

We got to talk to Vivian during a tour of the Nairobi National Park, where she hang out with our writer Grace Kerongo, and while at it, she talked about her dating life, what she thinks about Team Mafisi, challenges she faces as an artiste and her Kenyan celebrity crush.

Watch the short video below to get all the juicy details as Vivian gets candid.


Urembo Ni Wewe! Calvo Mistari And Josh Of Amos & Josh Reveal Why Socialites Are Not The Best Role Models And What True Beauty Is (Audio)

Celebrated rapper Calvo Mistari and renowned Kenyan duo Amos and Josh started the year on a very high note by making women blush with their latest project.

The rapper and the talented singers have collaborated on a new inspirational song dubbed Urembo which celebrates women. It also defines what real beauty is, and in this case, it’s all about character.

According to the artistes, the new song was inspired by the need for men to talk directly to women on what they view beauty as, and this is not about just the physical appearance, but a girl’s personality and mentality about life.


At the same time, the song somehow demystifies the stereotype that exposing your body as a lady will make men be attracted to you, or the fact that becoming a socialite is the best way out for today’s girls who don’t have a real job.

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Basically, Calvo Mistari, Amos, and Josh want women to appreciate themselves despite their physical appearance and realize that inner beauty is what men care about, even if they seem to give a lot of attention to outward appearance at times.

The song has a slow but catchy beat and the talented artistes actually dropped the audio at the start of January 2017. They have officially released the music video, which is colorful and oh so magnificent, featuring Kenya’s top female celebrities.

In the music video, Calvo Mistari features some of the biggest and stunning female celebrities, like our very own Adelle Onyango, singer Sage, Kambua, Phy, Kalekye Mumo, TV host Deedee, Mwalimu Rachel and more.

Calvo Mistari and Josh were at Kiss FM studios to officially launch the video to Urembo and during the interview, they revealed what was the inspiration behind the song, and their take on ladies who become socialites to become successful in life.


They also talked about the women celebrities in Kenya who they value, and respect because of their hard work, commendable personality and beauty.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy details about this new song below as Calvo Mistari and Josh have a candid talk on what true beauty means for them…





Nani Anatosa??? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Timmy Tdat’s Dela And Kush Tracey Are Like Kerosene And Water

Hawa watawahi pendana kweli? Seems like Timmy Tdat’s female celebrity crush could get him into trouble. Just after photos of him and singer Dela went viral, fans have been comparing Timmy Tdat’s ex, Kush Tracey, and singer Dela.

Well, is quite obvious that Dela and Tracey are two very different people who probably only have King Timmy in common. Here’s why;

kush and tracey

Both Are Linked To Rapper Timmy Tdat In Different Ways

Kush Tracey is Timmy’s ex after they broke up caught fans by surprise. Their break up got even worse when Kush Tracey revealed that the rapper was not as good in bed as he appears. A few months later, Timmy was seen hanging out with in a manner that suggested the two were not just friends. Well, they are now rumoured to be dating…

Inaweza Haiwezi? Kush Tracey Becomes History As Timmy Tdat Starts Dating Mafeelings Singer Dela

Dela And Timmy Have Hidden Agendas

The little I can remember is that Kush Tracey was not ashamed of revealing her relationship with rapper, even kissing on national TV which saw their fans unite to support the ex-love birds. Later on, sad news had it that the two had broken up. Well, it seems that Dela is trying to make Timmy hide this rumoured romance even after several ‘romantic’ photos together emerged. Kwani anakaliwa?

kush and dela3

Kush Tracey And Timmy Are Bonded By A Song

Kush and ex Timmy released a hit track Ndulu which was well received. This was the time when the two were head over heels in love. I guess Dela should use this opportunity to do a song with the celebrated rapper because you never know what will happen next. Love is a roller coaster girl!

Exposed!!! Timmy Tdat And Mafeelings Singer Dela Spotted Kissing In Public (VIDEO)

Both Have Different Tastes

Kush Tracey is a rapper who is well identified with hip hop and is among Kenya’s top female femcees. The lass is known for her Ndulu and Dandia Kama Mat remix. Dela on the other hand is a singer known for slow and touching music. Her debut song Mafeelings opened way for Adabu, Nakuahidi and Hello a cover to Adelle’s song. What would a collabo of the two sound like?

kush and dela2

‘Professionals’ In Different Fields

Si wamesoma! Apart from passing through the same man, Dela and Kush Tracey are well educated. Kush is a student at Kenyatta University specializing in Theatre Arts while Dela holds a degree in Architecture. Question is, do they really practise what they’ve learnt? Let’s hope so.

Here are photos of each with rapper Timmy Tdat;








New Year Goals Nazo! Toklezea Hit-maker Chantelle Vows To Do Something Amazing In 2017

She is no doubt one of the most beautiful female celebrities in Kenya, but sadly, many only got to see her for a short time since she turned out to be what we like to call a one-hit wonder.

Chantelle rose to fame with her smash hit, Tokelezea with renowned, veteran Kenyan rapper Abbas Kubaff, who recently moved out of Kenya to be with his wife and daughter abroad.

Chantelle, real name, Winnie Wambui Naisula Ole Siameto, is not just a talented singer bus also very stunning, beautiful, down to earth, with a very bubbly personality.


Chantelle is married to top video producer, director and the C.E.O at Link Video Global, Jibril Blessing better known, as J Blessing. The lovebirds have been together since 2013 and have remained strong despite their ups and downs.

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The couple would later be blessed with the cutest baby boy ever back in January 2015, who they named Kyle Blessing and the two could not hide their excitement. Sadly, that joy didn’t last for long.

Baby Kyle passed away on the 31st of July 2015 after suffering from a short illness while Aga Khan Hospital. Despite the pain of losing a child, Chantelle and J Blessing found a way of bouncing back by taking it one day at a time.


On January 13th, 2017, baby Kyle would have turned 2 years old, and to celebrate the day, J Blessing got Chantelle a fully paid trip to Dubai for her to get things off her mind.

It looks liLe after coming back to Kenya, Chanty has decided to make a New Year’s resolution. It’s never too late, aye?

Mungu Mlaze Mahali Pema! J Blessing’s Wife Chantelle Writes a Heart-Wrenching Tribute To Their Late Son

Chantelle revealed that she will start working out soon so that she can get her figure back. She shared a cute photo with a caption that read; “I’ll start losing weight tomorrow.”

From the picture, Chantelle looks amazing. I don’t see why she needs to lose weight, but hey, that’s her decision. Check out the photo below;





Umeona Hii??? Meet The Sister To Bahati’s Sexy Girlfriend Who Is Behind Singer’s Make Up

Kwani hii ni celebrity family! Just after celebrated singer, Bahati made his girlfriend Diana Marua famous over his Mpenzi video, her sister is now on it.

Diana Marua’s sister is as sexy and hot as she is, and did I mention the light skin gene that runs in the family? Maybe that’s the reason the gospel artist was attracted to her? The lass who seems to be Bahati’s make up artist was recently identified after she made a debut in a local TV station.

diana marua siz


The video vixen’s sister was behind Bahati’s makeup during the shoot of his Moyo Wangu video which he featured Jemimah Thiong’o and Imust say she made him look gorgeous.

The lass who is rumoured to be married to rapper Ian Wills also known as Omusakhulu is a mother of two beautiful twins.

Spotted!!! Bahati With Girlfriend Diana Marua On An Adventurous Date (VIDEO AND PHOTO EVIDENCE)

diana marua siz2

Diana Marua and singer Bahati went silent on the allegations that the two are an item. It is quite evident that the two have been seeing each other even after she and singer denied the allegations on national TV. Was this just stage managed or were they starting their relationship goals?




Jaguar Shuts Down Rumours That He Is Vying For An MP Seat

Kenya is about to elect its new leaders in a few months time and everywhere you go, there are campaigns going own as aspirants ‘preach to their congregation’ of what they would do for the community if they were elected. Jaguar has found himself in a rather weird situation as an idle human made a poster that suggested Jaguar was vying for the Starehe MP seat.

Some public figures like Steve Mbogo and Boniface Mwangi have joined the wagon and are vying for the Starehe MP seat.

Jaguar J

The poster has been circulating and its raising questions if at all the poster is genuine or fake.

Bank Otuch Gang! 8 Male Artistes Who Prove That The Best Rappers In Kenya Come From Luo Land

Jaguar is definitely not happy after he was called to give his sentiments on the whole issue.


He said, “I am not the one who made those posters. Please do not put them up. I am a director. Do not include me in political issues.”

He has made it very clear that he is not vying for any seat and he is strictly a director. And in case you didn’t know, he is the director of National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA).

Akothee also found herself in the same situation after a poster went viral claiming that she was vying for the women’s rep seat of Migori County. Aki watu wakona mchezo!

Sponsoress Manenos! Ommy Dimpoz Finally Speaks Out On Rumours That He’s Living With a Sugar Mummy

Bongo artiste Ommy Dimpoz has over the years become a household name in Tanzania, and has battled it out with the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Alikiba, Rich Mavoko, Nahreel and many others, in the competitive music industry.

Ommy Dimpoz has also worked with Kenyan artistes like Avril in their romantic songs dubbed Hello Baby and Victoria Kimani as well, in one of the biggest songs of 2014, Prokoto also featuring Diamond Platnumz.

Talking of Diamond Platnumz, the two Bongos stars have not seen eye to eye in the last couple of months, after falling out due to different reasons.

Early 2015, Ommy Dimpoz and Diamond’s ex girlfriend Wema Sepetu were spotted cuddling in a bed and though everyone thought they were dating, the two came out to reveal that they were just close friends working on a song together.

Wema Sepetu and Ommy Dimpoz

Chibu Dangote never commented on the issues but the beef started getting messy and later on, the two would accuse each other of blasphemy, with Ommy claiming that Diamond stole his music ideas that he used on his song, Number One.

Shocking!!! Ommy Dimpoz Confesses Of Being Taken To A Witchdoctor By Diamond Platnumz

Ommy Dimpoz recently dropped a new song with top singer Alikiba, where they also talked about artistes who buy YouTube videos to boost their numbers, with fans interpretting that said person was Diamond Platnumz.

Away from all that, Ommy Dimpoz seems to have gotten himself in more drama after rumours that he’s being ‘kept’ by a sugar mummy started flying around. According to reports from Bongo land, the Baadae singer is allegedly being supported financially by an older, white, woman, whom he’s also living with.


But now, the singer has come out to vehemently deny the claims, saying that he currently resides in Mikocheni Dar es Salaam, and not in Mbezi, and has never dated an elderly white woman.

Video: Diamond’s Ex Wema Sepetu Kissing Ommy Dimpoz

Talking to EATV, he also revealed that he’s currently dating a Chinese woman but he’s also building a house in Mbezi but doesn’t live there yet, stating the rumours are lies stemming from maliciousness people and haters.
He also added that he will reveal his lover to the world when the time is right!


Acha Utoto!!! Fans React To Big Brother Winner Idris Sultan’s Distasteful Jokes [VIDEO]

Kumewaka moto aki! Idris Sultan is making a fail yet AGAIN in the comedy industry! The Big Brother winner got into a social media fight with fans after posting what is said to be a distasteful joke.

Idris Sultan, who has on several occasions tried to be a comedian by making small jokes faced the wrath of fans after he posted a cover to Darassa’s song Muziki. This is a well loved by the bongo fans. Idris went ahead to say that the song was the national anthem after which fans went ham on him.

idris sultan1


The song Muziki which has now over 3 million views on Youtube is a spectacular and was received well widely. I guess fans think Big Brother winner Idris did not give justice to the song after his jokes on the song was a terrible fail. Stick to reality Tv brah!

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This is not the first time Idris has made a joke that was an epic fail, mid last year, the to die for hunk celebrity was booed off stage for ‘being a bore’.


In recent times, Idris has been using his jokes to diss his ex Wema Sepetu and after Wema left social media, it seems like he has no content to give his fans. It is true that making a human being laugh is quite a rough job, but hey, this is an expert’s job Idris, maybe you can get something more engaging to do.

Let’s see If Idris is going to say bye to comedy anytime soon. This is Big Brother winner’s comic fail;

Nyimbo ya taifa 😂 #ThatIsKrezi

A video posted by Idris Sultan (@idrissultan) on

Here are some fan’s reaction;

syless444; Kweli pesa za big brother huna tena zimekwisha

coy_mzunguIla; ndugu yangu wewe sio bure you must be having something wrong in you! @idrissultan

havabetty; Hivi we Idris kwenu ni wangap kuzaliwa…ucje kua na mdogo akafata huo mkondo…..my God mbna ni shidaaa😂😂😂😂 kweli akili zko mwingine acngeweza

godfreymnakumuwiii; huyu jamaaa akili zake anajua kuzitumia mwenyewe ukipewa wewe unakua kichaa mara moja

naome_ney_ome; Aki mwenye alikuroga alikufa wallahi

iam_sam_jo; Mungu mchukuwe tu @idrissultan turudishie Nyerere.. 😊😊

la_qingg; See your roommate at the psycho unit

Bank Otuch Gang! 8 Male Artistes Who Prove That The Best Rappers In Kenya Come From Luo Land

Kenyan Hip-Hop has grown tremendously over the years, and there’s no doubt that it’s become one of the most competitive industries in the local showbiz scene.

Well, I have to say that’s a good thing as new and up and coming artistes generate the much-needed buzz and keep the legacy going that was started by former Hip-Hop bigwigs like; E-sir, K-Rupt, The Mashiftas, Chris Kantai, Kalamashaka, Bamboo, Ukoo Flani and others.

But over the last decade, Kenya has become a hotbed of some of the dopest and most celebrated rappers. Not only male artistes but also femcees who have proved that even lasses are good at this game, giving their male counterparts a run for their money.


Some of the top and most popular female rappers in Kenya include; Femi One, Wangechi, Njeri, Kush Tracey, Sosuun, Notiflow, Xtatic, Nazizi, just to mention a few. Femi One nailed it back in 2016 when she dropped her hit beef track Pilau Njeri, taking shots at her fellow femcees.

Hii Beef Ni Noma! Femi One Reveals Who “Pilau Njeri” Diss Track Was Aimed At (Audio)

Has anything peculiar crossed your mind about the male rappers in this music genre? Let’s be honest guys.

If you haven’t, let me break it down for you and let you in on a secret I unraveled. Most of these top rappers are actually luo’s.

So, how about we take a look at some of these renowned Hip-Hoppers who make Luo land the origin of some of the best rappers in Kenya.

1. Octopizzo
He’s one of the most renowned male rappers in Kenya, real name, Henry Ohanga, known for his hit songs such as; Utanisho, Ivo Ivo, Vile Inafaa, Prezidential and many others. He is also a humanitarian ambassador with UNCHR for refugees.


2. Khaligrap Jones
His real name is Brian Robert Ouko and over the years, he’s proved to be one of the best Hip-Hop artistes in Kenya, growing from dropping diss tracks to mature rap songs. He’s managed to achieve 1 Million views on YouTube for his Micasa Sucasa hit song with his rapper girlfriend Cashy.


3. Juliani
Though he’s been on a music hiatus for months now, Julius Owino aka Juliani is no doubt one of the most celebrated Hip-Hop rappers in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. Some of his hit songs include; Utawala, Bahasha Ya Ocampo, Mtaa Mentality and many more.


4. Vicmass Luodollar
He’s one of the most talked about new rappers in the game, known for his 2016 hit song Bank Otuch and he’s not about to stop anytime soon. Vicmass, real name, Ochieng Victor Ondeye, has other songs under his name, like; Simbe Adek, Pesa, Asante Sana and Ndesna Bwoyo.


5. Jua Cali
This veteran rapper is one of the artistes who has shaped the Kenyan rap industry and being in the game for more than a decade, he deserves every respect and accolades. Jua Cali goes by the name Paul Julius Nunda to his friends and family. You may remember him from songs like; Bidii Yangu, Saf Sana, Ngeli Ya Gengi, Geti Kali etc.


6. Big Pin
Big Pin Jatelo may no longer be active in the Kenyan Hip-Hop scene but his rap skills and lyrical talent earned him honor and admiration as one of Kenya’s best rappers back in the day. Real name, Chrispin Mwangale, Big Pin has given his fans songs like; Natafuta, Terramoss, Talk To You with Amani, You, Bamba with the late K-Rupt and E-Sir.


7. Kenrazy
The former Grandpa member has been in the rap scene for a minute and years later, he still drops songs that become smash hits in the 254. Kenrazy’s real name, Aketch Barbanas Oluoch is also husband to top femcee Sosuun. Some of his hit songs include; Hivo Ndio Kunaendanga, Mbilikimo Mkora, Shida Mbili with Visita and Rudia.


8. Timmy Tdat
There’s no doubt that this Inaweza hitmaker is one rapper who makes the ladies go wild with excitement when he steps on stage. Though his songs are mostly ratchet, he seems to be getting a lot of attention from both female and male fans, who even give him the moniker name, King Timmy.

Timmy T Dat



CONFIRMED! Socialite Risper Faith Is Off The Market As Boyfriend Puts A Ring On It (Photo)

2017 seems to be a year of change or rather a year of going for what one wants. Socialite Risper Faith has definitely joined the wagon. As you may recall a previous story, there was speculation that she was engaged.

Well, she is now officially OFF the market after her long time boyfriend liked it so much, he put a ring on it.




Just like any ordinary human, she couldn’t keep the news to herself as she went ahead to share the news on social media. She posted a photo with a rock on her finger with the caption, “He proposed and I said yesssss am engaged.”

Her fans went ahead to congratulate her as team mafisi drowned in sorrow upon realizing that she is no longer part of the single’s club.

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But the engagement news is quite confusing. Brian has been known to have flirted with another lady, Mishi Dorah who is a cast member of the reality show ‘Nairobi Diaries’.


A while back both Risper and Brian had a really ugly fight after he came home with a bag of condoms. He apparently couldn’t really give Risper a good explanation on why he had so many condoms. The fight was nasty and Risper had to pack her things and leave.

But it seems the two have put the past behind them and are now ready to start their wedding plans.

Check out the photo below;


Get Well Soon: Chipukeezy Sends a Heart-warming Message To Ailing Savara Mudigi Of Sauti Sol

Top comedian Chipukeezy is known for his humorous and rib-cracking one man shows and parody videos after leaving Churchill show to launch a solo career.

Chipukeezy, real name, Vincent Muasya however, has moments where he gets serious once in a while especially when it comes to life-threating issues.

For those of you who don’t know, Sauti Sol’s vocalist and drummer, Delvin ‘Savara’ Mudigi was recently operated on after he fractured his leg while participating in outdoor team building activities.


Savara sadly injured his leg and thought it was just a sprain but after a while, the leg became massively swollen. He returned to hospital for further treatment where it was revealed that he had sustained a fracture that required surgery immediately.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi Set To Undergo Surgery After This Sad Thing Happened

The celebrated hunk is, however, fairing on well after undergoing a successful surgery, but is still in the hospital and will be using crutches for a while now to aid in the healing of the leg.

He recently broke his silence on social media, sharing with his fans what really happened, and at the same time appreciating the fact that he’s alive and well. He also thanked his fans, friends and fellow musicians for the support and prayers;

Even though the year is young, I’ve gone through a short period that has shown me what can happen if you dare run away from God. I’ve been through an eye opening situation that has made me appreciate the little things that matter. I would love to thank all my fans for the support during this difficult time. The whole story is that I had an accident at the beginning of the year and didn’t get a major injury and then in a small mishap this week I got my ankle injured and had to undergo a surgery. Let’s not take for granted the moments that we treasure. To all the Sauti Sol and Savara fans let’s stick together. This year will be filled with more blessings and you will be part of the journey. I need you and thank you for being present

Many celebrities have come out to wish the talented artiste a quick recovery and among them is Kiss FM’s Chipukeezy, who recently sent a heart-warming message to Savara.

He shared a photo of Mudigi who’s standing using crutches, with a simple caption that read; “Bro am praying for you, get well soon man @savarafrica”

Get well soon Savara Mudigi.

Savara Mudigi in hospital