SMOKING HOT! These 10 Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged ‘Clande’ Prove She’s Way Sexier Than His Fiancee Zari

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has always been very open about the women in his life, more so that he’s now settled down with Ugandan-native Zarinah Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz, real name, Naseeb Abdula Juma is a lucky man, after wooing Zari, who is older than him by 5 years though she doesn’t look it.

The love birds have been blessed with two adorable children, their 1-year-old daughter, Princess Tiffah and their second born, Prince Nillan who is now 3 months old, and resembles his elder sister.


Diamond Platnumz and Zari are indeed happy, having beautiful kids, successful musical career and businesses, luxurious homes and expensive cars, but there’s an issue about Chibu’s alleged mistress that won’t go away.

Apparently, Diamond once had an affair with stunning Tanzanian model and actress Hamisa Mobetto who also happens to be the main video vixen in his smash hit Salome, with Rayvanny.

DRAMA! Diamond’s Wife Zari Attacks His Alleged ‘Clande’ After She Posted a Photo Wearing His Pants

The sassy lady is a popular model and fashionista and in the last couple of months, she has been indirectly at war with Zari, who seems threatened by the young, sexy girl.

The drama started when Zari found earrings in Chibu’s bedroom, daring the woman who had left them to go for them. Then, later on, Hamisa posted a photo suggesting she was in the same room as the singer.

Mobetto then went on to share a photo wearing pants that were similar to Diamond’s and recently, she put up a photo suggesting she had a temporary tattoo of his name, Chibu.

Diamond Platnumz SHOWS OFF His 7 Million Kshs Worth Of Jewelery (PHOTOS)

Recently, Zari came out to tell off Hamisa Mobetto, reminding her that it doesn’t matter what she puts on or says, she only looks desperate to have Diamond Platnumz, emphasizing that she will never have him, though she sounded a bit insecure.

As the cat fight goes on, how about we take a look at why some people think that Hamisa Mobetto is way hotter and more stunning that Zari Hassan. Though they are both mothers, Mobetto only has one kid and is younger than Zari, who has 5 kids.

Check out Hamisa Mobetto’s breath-taking photos below.


Watch Out For This EDM Fans! Diplo Set To Visit The Country Again!

Electronic dance music has grown to be everyones cup of tea and one of the greatest acts in this genre, Diplo, is coming to Kenya.


Yes, you read it right! Diplo will be jetting in the country early next month, so EDM fans better get ready.

In case this name doesn’t ring a bell and you are wondering who he is, trust me you definitely know a lot about him than you thought. He is the guy behind “Watch out for this (Bumaye)”, “Lean on” and many more hits.

You may not see him on music videos or hear his voice in these songs but, Diplo is one of the greatest DJ’s, record producer and a songwriter that a lot of upcoming artistes look up to.

Can Any Kenyan Musician Be On A Drake Album? Here’s How It Can Happen

If you know Major Lazer crew, you absolutely know this guy and love what he does.

Here are some things you didn’t know about Diplo;

1. He is the engine behind Major Lazer. A lot of people love this group especially because of the Jamaican beats that are fused with house to form magical beats.

2. He loves girls who twerk. So if you want him to steal glimpses be ready to shake that booty.

3. He is in love with letter L. The celebrated DJ is a dotting father to two sons; Lockett and Lazer. Not forgetting the group that has made him be recognized internationally; Major Lazer!

Justin Bieber, Kanye West & Drake Are Skipping the 2017 Grammy Awards; Here’s Why

4. He is the guy behind some of the hit songs that could still be on your playlist even in 2017 like Climax by Usher, Look at me now by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, Run the world(Girls) by Beyonce and he is also credited for producing two songs in Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade.

5. There could be a Jack U comeback. Jack U is the group behind Kanye’s favourite song, What do you mean by Justin Bieber. Skrillex and Diplo parted ways last year and there hasn’t been any new song from the duo since then. However in a recent post on Twitter Diplo is kinda hinting something is cooking. He posted a picture with the Jack U logo but he has neither denied nor confirmed the comeback.


Tanzanian Rapper Arrested For Releasing A Song ‘Insulting’ Magufuli

Popular Tanzanian rapper Emmanuel Elibariki, who performs as Ney wa Mitego, has been arrested for releasing a song deemed insulting to the government.

The song, Wapo, which has not made it to the radio airwaves yet, emerged last week and was widely shared on social media, especially on Whatsapp.

K4 Ft. Ben Pol & Nay Wa Mitego - Kero

Part of it asks: “Is there still freedom of expression in the country?”

It makes reference to a doctor who lances boils but cannot tolerate criticism.

President John Magufuli has often spoken of “lancing boils” in reference to his no-nonsense approach to governing.

The police told a local newspaper: “Ney wa Mitego will be questioned for releasing a song with words that malign the government.”


The rapper is popular for his scathing lyrics attacking not only the government but even his fellow artists.

On his social media accounts he uses the name Nay true boy (translated from Swahili), saying he always speaks his mind and tells the truth.

His arrest comes just days after President John Magufuli warned media owners to be careful on how they use their press freedom.

Check Out These 10 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Prove That Natural Hair Rocks (Photos)

We are constantly reminded that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is a statement that needs to be eradicated from the human vocabulary. I mean, why should one be defined as a beautiful creature just because of how they look on the outside?

I believe true beauty lies from deep within then exhumes to the outside.

Clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags makeup; these are some of the things that define beauty in an individual which is absurd at some point in time. Ladies are mostly labeled beautiful by what clothes they have on and what make up they wear.


We tend to forget that the hair of lady speaks for itself. It’ what makes one stand out, be it weaves, braids or natural hair.

Many Kenyan celebrities have proved that even when you wear your natural hair, you are as beautiful as any other lady in weaves, wigs or relaxed hair.

These Are The Top 5 Hairstyle Trend Setters Everyone Is Talking About

I came across 10 ladies who have embraced their natural hair and have mastered the art of taking care of their hair.

Well, here are 10 ladies who have proved that natural haired chics rock;

1. Sheila Ndinda


Sheila is one beautiful petite lady who has embraced her natural hair and even started her own blog dubbed African Traces and Treats. She mainly focuses on the products she uses and how to style natural hair. Her methods are quite simple and easy to try out while at home.

2. Silvia Njoki

silvia njoki

Silvia has learned how to take care of her dreadlocks over the years. But she decided to chop her dreadlocks off because she has always wanted to try out short hair. With or without her locks she’s one lady who loves her natural naked hair.

3. Patricia Kihoro


If you thought short natural hair was boring, think again. Patricia has experimented with her hair quite a few times. She has dyed her hair and even played around with hair rollers. She has learned a few tricks to rocking short natural hair, and I must say, she’s doing a pretty good job while at it.

4. Michelle Ntalami


Michelle is one lady to look out for when it comes to the natural hair fraternity. She went ahead and started her own company dubbed Marini Naturals, the first hair care line for women with natural hair in Kenya. She has given natural haired women the chance to take care of their hair with products that have been tested to fit and hair texture as long as it’s natural. Her hair is always on fleek and she sure does know how to work her way around it.

5. Bridget Shighadi


Bridget is a model and a blogger. She is more into fashion and style and she has given petite ladies hope that they can also look good in right about anything. But her hair is one thing we can agree is attractive. Her natural curls always stand out and she is also keen on what she does to her hair. Even when she cuts it short, she still looks oh so ravishing.

6. Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita is never shy to experiment with her hair. We have seen her on countless occasions playing around with different hairstyles but still maintaining the natural look.

7. Brenda Wairimu


She stands out with her puffy hair which is quite a sight to see. She protects her hair time and again by braiding or weaving. In case you didn’t know, weaves do protect one’s hair from damages that you won’t even see coming

8. Huddah Monroe

huddah wiats

Huddah chopped off her hair a while back and we were all surprised considering socialites are always keen on how they look. But then again she said she’s a business lady. Her short hair works wonders as she doesn’t have to do much in terms of styling. It’s pretty evident she loves her hair short.

Here Are 6 Sexy Hair Dos That Define Huddah Monroe’s Effortless Beauty (PHOTOS)

9. Anne Kiguta


Beneath the weaves and wigs, lies long beautiful natural hair. Anne rarely lets her hair loose or out in the open. If you watch news, you’ll realize that she prefers to wear weaves. But he natural hair long and she’s also instilled the same discipline of growing strong natural on her daughter, who also has pretty long natural hair.

10. Tabitha (Craving Yellow)


Even though she’s living abroad, Tabitha always shares her tips to growing long natural hair on her blog, Craving Yellow. She uses different products; some are found locally and some you just have to import. She has engaged her followers on the little tricks to keeping one’s hair healthy and strong even though it’s natural.

Save The Date!! Former BBA Finalist Idris Sultan Set For KIUMENI Movie Launch

Idris Sultan will be in Kenya this weekend to launch an action packed movie titled KIUMENI.

This is a Swahili movie about a rich son of a successful businessman who is confronted with the realities of how poor folk live after he falls in love with a girl from a poor family.

As he tries to convince her to move in with him he is forced to visit her home.

This guy struggles so much to fit into the girls lifestyle and it gets worse when he is robbed and kidnapped by the jealous ex boyfriend.

The former Big Brother Africa finalist will be accompanied by other top three Tanzania Actors; Ernest Napoleon, Antu Mandoza & Irene Paul.

The event will be going down this coming Friday  the 31st of March at English Point Marina.

Former Big Brother Winner Idris Sultan Defends Ex Girlfriend Wema Sepetu From “Unloyal” Friends

The movie will be launched in a colorful red carpet event expected to be graced by top models, actors, media personalities, film makers & top coast celebrities.

A sneak Preview on the guest list included Timah Keilah who was crowned miss global 2016, fast rising fashion and spot media queens  Trisha Fosi, Stella Charles & Ruthalia, Babelyn Mukila Miss Tourism Mombasa 2017 among a list of others.

Mombasa Is Gearing Up For The Biggest Movie Premiere Yet! Here Is Why

Watch a trailer as we anticipate the big launch.

Diamond Platnumz SHOWS OFF His 7 Million Kshs Worth Of Jewelery (PHOTOS)

Diamond Platnumz has caught the headlines once again. This time round, he is not cheating on his socialite wife Zari Hassan, he is bragging about his 7 million shillings worth of jewelery.

The Salome hit maker has revealed how many of the expensive jewelery pieces he can buy. In his recent posts, the Tanzanian superstar was seen rocking a gold chain which he later revealed was Ksh. 5 million.

Diamond Wrote;

“Thanks God for my new GOLD & DIAMONDS collection…i never thought i would be able to hang 50,000$ on my neck…”

diamond platnumz 1

BUSTED!!! Diamond Platnumz’s SIDE PIECE Spotted Rocking His Clothes, Zari Throws Shade

He went ahead to post golden bracelets worth Ksh. 2,200,000;

“Thanks God for your daily blessings never thought i would be able to walk with 22,000 $ on my Hand!!!”

diamond platnumz

Yes, you have observed well, the bracelets still have the tags. Did he forget to remove them or was he just doing the fitting? I’ll let you be the judge on that.

Diamond Platnumz’ wife dragged by the internet after showing off her lavish home

Diamond’s first child might be sleeping hungry while he flosses his 7 million golden jewelery! Am not talking about Tiffah either. In a Tanzanian based radio show, the Utanipenda hit maker revealed that he has three kids, two with Zari and one with a woman that he met during his show at Mwanza. Its called a one night stand!

Diamond said, “Niko na mtoto Mwanza…Nilikua nimeenda Mwanza Zamani mwaka 2010…Yaani hapo ndo nimetoka ustaa unanichanganya nasema mimi washanikataaga sana…Huyo mwanamke alikua Ametoka kwenye chumba cha brother Dully akaja kwangu mimi nikafanya yangu…Mi nikarudi huku akaniambia ana mimba…

Now that he has all that cash to floss with, lets wish him a low drama life!

Listen Up Guys: Here Are 10 Things You can Do To Look More Attractive To A Lass

It is all about the ladies. It is totally understandable that from time to time if not all the time, dudes go out of their way to look attractive to girls. Just like women do, men should also put in a little more effort in how they look. The secret behind it all are the things women look at the first time they meet you. Appearance is everything. The more effort you put into your looks, the more attractive you will be. Factually speaking before everything else, your appearance will determine whether or not a girl will be willing to see you again.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your appearance, to make you look more attractive in a woman’s eyes.

  1. Go to the barber from time to time
    Your hairline is one of the things that outline the features of your face. Get a nice haircut, trim your side-bands and any other extra hair you have growing in your nose. Yes you might ignore it but when you have excess hair popping out of your nose it can be quite distracting. Rather than your other attractive features, a girl might be distracted by that extra hair in your nose, so take time and trim it before you go out to meet her. Guys who take care of their looks seem more attractive as it evident that they have some style which is an attractive feature in a man.haircut 2
  2. Wear shirts that actually fit
    Try getting shirts that actually fit you right. Rather than buying shirts that you will still fit into if you add about 10 kilos, go for the ones that flatters your body. Fitting shirts give you a neat but hot and sexy look. Do not let your suits wear you as they were made for you to wear them and not the other way round.fitting shirt
  3. Invest in cologne
    Yes, women love a man that smells good. Don’t over do it, there’s such a thing as “too much perfume” so keep it light. You certainly do not want to enter an elevator with people in it, only to have them choke on the amount of cologne you’ve sprayed. Wear cologne just enough to leave a hint of your scent in the air when you
  4. Your shoe game is important too
    There is just something about a guy with a dope shoe game. Shoes enhance your look. They say something about you. A man that cares about the kind of shoes he wears with a particular outfit has proven to be one of the most attractive features. You will find that guys who put effort to dress up will and have loads and loads of female followers on social media. This is because women are attracted to a man with a sense of style.shoegame
  5. Posture
    Posture says a lot about one’s confidence, so it is paramount that you avoid timid. Keep your head up and your chest upright. Walk with purpose and avoid moving around all over the place as though you lack a sense of direction. Women do not like a man that slouches around. You need to portray confidence and strength in the way you sit, stand and walk at all times.posture
  6. Confidence
    There is nothing more attractive than a confident man. Women go crazy over men that will sit down in a chair right in front of her and say “come over here.” I know it may sound silly but that confidence can be quite contagious to a point that the girl you are with will feel it too. Who knows, she might actually walk over to you just like you had requested.posture
  7. Give the ladies your undivided attention
    Avoid using your phone when you go out with her. In fact, you should switch off your phone. Giving a lady your undivided attention makes her feel like you really wanted to spend time with her. We all know ladies love to feel special, so give her the special treatment and she just might find you really attractive enough to date you.
  8. Avoid using the “B” word when talking to her
    It is totally understandable how you may have become accustomed to using the “B” word. However this word can be disrespectful and offensive so give it up and she just might give it up too.
    not listening
  9. Listen to her
    Women love a man that will listen and pay attention to them. Laugh at her jokes and engage yourself in the topic at hand. This will make her feel like you actually care about what she says. A woman will pick a man that may not be so attractive, but who listens to her over a handsome man who ignores her.
  10. Read a book
    There is something about a man who reads a book rather than reads the content online on a tablet or phone.. In the digital era that we are in, reading a book works like old-fashioned charm that is practically akin to wearing a three-piece suit. Reading a book suggests that you have interests and a long attention span which is a highly desirable character in reading

Wahu Kagwi’s Mom Is Beautiful!

Mothers are irreplaceable and Mrs Mathenge is proving that she still has time to appreciate her mom by revealing her to her over 300,000 fans on Instagram.

Since Wahu Kagwi shared a picture of the two of them together, she has been getting nothing but love from her fans.

HOW CUDDLY! Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast (PHOTOS)

The singer bears such a striking resemblance to her mother especially the eyes and the nose.


The sexy singer posted a photo of her mum to celebrate Mothers day, where she praised her. In a post on Instagram, Wahu wrote;

“Meet My beautiful wonderful mother. No words can express how much I love you!”

Mbegu Pap! Nameless Confesses That He Wants a Baby Boy As Third Child With Wife Wahu

Her fans too had a lot to comment about especially on how these two ladies resemble each other;

Lovely mum. Keep loving her I lost mine last year n I miss her dearly

She must be so proud of yotu n what you have become and achieved. You are truly blessed to have her

Macho zinafanana

Happy mother’s day to your beautiful mama,you both look alike

Hahaha macho ni exactly the same….

Wahu…..kai……look alike…indeed like mother like daughter…… Pass my greetings..

We definitely agree, they are absolutely G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!

Dethroned Miss Kenya 2016 Roshanara Ebrahim Lands A New Deal!

When you are a combination of beauty and brains, landing new and great deals is easy.

Roshanara Ebrahim has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Rohto Mentholatum, Japan’s second largest consumer healthcare company, dealing with anti-hair loss products.


The 23-year-old model is the first beauty brand ambassador for the hair brand and will market and promote the brand.

I’m Not Pregnant! Dethroned Beauty Queen Says After Releasing Statement To Sue Miss World Kenys Franchaise

She is a law student at the University of Nairobi and has been an icon in the fashion and beauty industry and once walked the runways of Miss World 2016.

Two Kenyan Beauty Queens Deny Dating Controversial Kenyan Mp Moses Kuria

The dethroned Miss Kenya 2016, was in the limelight last year after she lost her crown, after her ex boyfriend, who was mad he had been dumped leaked her nudes that led to her losing the most coveted title.


H_art the Band and Lady Jaydee Might Be Going To Jail For Killing This!

The long awaited collaboration of 2017 is finally here!! Lady Jaydee plus H_art the Band equals to Rosella!

Lady Jaydee is known as one of the best East African female artistes and her new song dubbed Rosella, is simply amazing.

Simuachi! Lady Jaydee Talks About Her Romantic Nigerian Bae Spicy

Having collaborated with Kenya’s poet and music group, H_art the Band this song is on a new level.

H_art the band

“LOVE is giving someone the POWER to destroy you but trusting them enough NOT to #RoseLLa . ..” H_art the band wrote.

Nyota Ndogo Reacts To H_art The Band’s Cover To Her Song (VIDEO)

There are two versions out, the acoustic and club version. Both are amazing, but we’ve got a recommendation for you; definitely the club version.

Listening to it especially today will make your Monday feel like a Friday and the beats will keep you moving your head.

Rosella is from Lady Jaydee’s upcoming album titled “Woman” and it is definitely interesting and might make some of you guys hit up your exes!

Davido’s Alleged Babymama Reveals How He Didn’t Want to Wear Protection

Ayomide Labinjo, the alleged babymama of pop singer, Davido has revealed that the Sony Music artiste refused to wear a condom the first time they were intimate.

The lady who met the singer at a club claimed that music star showed an intense urge to get laid when they met.

“The reason I slept with him the first time we met was because I just wanted to catch my fun. The day we met at the club, Ebevande, I was with my friends, I did not really know him then but I just knew he was an artiste.

“I went out with my female friends; we had like a ladies night out; then one of his bouncers came to meet me and told me that his boss wanted to see me.

“I actually thought it was the owner of the club that wanted to see me. When I got to where they were, I noticed that it was David and he was with B. Red. I greeted both of them, B. Red did not respond but David did and we talked.

“He collected my pin and asked me to return to my seat. When they were about to leave, the bouncer came to meet me again and informed me that they wanted to leave.


“My friends thought we were all going together but when we all got to the car, he asked my friends to go back. He said that I was the one he wanted to see.

“We went to the Genesis Hotel. When we got to the room, we talked for a long while before we had s3x. He is a very jovial person and he loves talking.

Davido Finds Himself In Yet Another Paternity Test Scandal

“He made me laugh a lot and we talked at length. B. Red was in the other room. I insisted that he should protect himself by wearing a condom but he refused. He said that he does HIV test every two weeks.

“Then I asked him how sure he was that I did not have any disease but he said he was very sure I did not have a disease. After he had said all that, I told him to just do what he wanted to do and allow me go home in the morning.


“That night, we did it twice. You would know he was in the mood that night and it lasted for a while. He has a big manhood and it hurt me a little.

She also refuted Davido’s claim that he gave her money, boldly asking the singer in her interview with Punch News to provide evidence of such payment.

Davido Expecting Baby Number 2 With Atlanta-Based Girlfriend

Labinjo described the singer as a stingy person who has never given her a penny since they began interaction.

“I saw where he said he sent money to my family and that is a lie. The question I would ask is that what account did he pay the money into?


“He should bring out the bank teller. He has never given me money. If they said they have given me money, there would be a record or evidence and they should bring it out.

According to reports, the claimant’s family are already making moves to take the singer to court concerning the paternity test.

She alleged that Davido has insisted that he is not submitting himself for another DNA test, but hopes a court injunction can make him do so.

Ice Prince Admits To Ruining Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend, Maima

Rapper Ice Prince is opening up about his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Maima Nkewa, admitting that he ruined the romance.

There were earlier rumours that the light skinned beauty had an affair with another man while she was dating the Super Cool Cats record label owner.


The rapper, in an interview with Punch News however denied this claim.

She didn’t cheat on me. I never caught her cheating and I never suspected her to be cheating on me. I was the one that messed up.

“That is all I can tell you. It is gone now. I don’t intend to say how I messed up. Right now, I am single,” he said.

Despite taking responsibility for the way the relationship turned out, Ice Prince wasn’t the bit sober for his action.

ice prince and maima

He stated that his focus is currently on making more money and strengthening his brand, as opposed to brooding over the dead romance.

I’m not trying to get over her, I am over her already. I am trying to rearrange my life and make money and establish my brand“, the rapper noted finally on the subject.

This confirms a recent comment he made in an interview with the Linda Ikeji Blog where he mentioned that none of his girlfriends including Maima has ever cheated on him.

After Getting a Car For Her 19 Year Old Daughter, Akothee Gives a Special Birthday Treat To Her Last Born Girl (PHOTOS)

Kenya’s richest female artiste Akothee has been the talk of the town after she recently gifted her first born daughter a car on her 19th birthday.

The Sweet Love hitmaker is a mother of five beautiful children, three daughters from her first marriage, and two sons, whom she says are also from different fathers.

Akothee is a proud mother and has never been shy to show off her kids to the public, despite not being married.

akothee-children-10 (1)

In 2016, she had revealed that she was engaged to a ‘mzungu’ man, but months down the line, there has been no wedding and that looks like a thing of the past now.

She recently revealed that she will never get married because there are no real men left and that her past violent relationship made her insecure since most guys pretend to be good when the relationship is starting and then end up being abusive later.

‘You Love Your Quiet Life’ Akothee Praises Her Daughter For Being Different From Her Other Daughters

The singer cum business lady is happy to be single mum and is doing just fine, and after he fist born turned a year old, another one of her daughters is growing older.
Akothee’s last born daughter by the name Prudence Apundo, who happens to be the quiet one, celebrated her 17th birthday 4 days ago, and though she didn’t get a car as her older sister,  her mother surprised her with an amazing gateway to Tsavo East.


The last born girl shared a picture with her mum, with this sweet message; “love you mommy @akotheekenya thank you for the best birthday family trip ever off to tsavo east😚😚😚”

Check out some photos from the escapade below as Akothee and family celebrate their girl’s birthday.

HOT GRANDMA! Gorgeous And Sexy Grandmother Attracts a Huge Online Following Thanks To Her Astonishingly Youthful Looks (PICS)

Without a wrinkle in sight and with her keen eye for trends it is hard to believe that Zaklina would be a mother let alone a grandmother.

Zaklina doesn’t look a day over 25 but in reality she is a 47-year-old grandmother but that does not stop her strutting her stuff on social media.

The grandmother-of-two, originally from Serbia goes by the name ‘realfashionist’ on social media and her stylish snaps have thus far attracted more than 158,000 followers.

Her athletic figure and elegant style make her the envy of models decades years her junior.


She is a passionate fashion blogger and says she picked up her fashion tips from living in various countries such as Switzerland, France and Poland.

She currently lives in one of Europe’s fashion hubs, Italy, with picturesque surroundings providing the perfect backdrop for her popular snaps.

With every picture she shares Zaklina uses the hashtag #grandmotherthatlovesfashion showing she is clearly proud of her family.
She said: ‘My main goal is to inspire women to wake up their wild side.’


The grandma said her favourite things to do, apart from blogging, is ‘hanging out’ with her unnamed 28-year-old daughter.

According to her social media account, the star also had a son called Stefan, who passed away last year on Christmas Eve after he was run over in Belgrade, Serbia.

On every picture she writes #rememberstefan in memory of the son she calls her angel.

Kirigo Ng’arua Makes Surprising Career Change After Being Laid Off By Citizen TV (PHOTO)

Former Citizen TV news anchor Kirigo Ng’arua has made a surprising career change months after losing her job at the media organization which is located along Maalim Juma Road.

Continue reading “Kirigo Ng’arua Makes Surprising Career Change After Being Laid Off By Citizen TV (PHOTO)”

HOW CUDDLY! Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is Growing Up Too Fast (PHOTOS)

There’s no doubt that Wahu Kagwi and her celebrity husband David Mathenge aka Nameless make one of the cutest couples in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The musical stars have been in the industry for more than a decade and still rule the airwaves when they release songs.

Wahu and Nameless have been married for 11 years now and are blessed with 2 lovely daughters, first born Tumiso and their last born, Nyakio Mathenge.

The two have been going strong in the last 16 years of their relationship, despite a few rumours a year back that they were on the verge of a separation, claims Nameless denied.


In an interview back in 2016, as Nameless talked about his wife, he revealed that he would love to add another child to the family, a son.

He confessed that he would like to have a Mathenge junior and when they decide to have a third child, they will do everything to make sure it’s a baby boy this time around.

As for Wahu, though she has been on and off music in the last couple of years, she is also a businesswoman running a renowned salon and beauty parlor in Westlands.


Though they both have busy schedules, they always find quality time for each other and the children. Wahu recently turned a year older, and during their Dubai trip, Nameless jotted a sweet birthday message that read;

Your birthday finds us in Dubai working and experiencing life adventures together… You are such an amazing woman and I thank God he brought you in my life… we have been through alot together… always remember I got your back.. Happy birthday babe many more wonderful adventures!! Fam help me wish this african beauty @wahukagwi a happy birthday!!!

Away from that, I’ve come across a few photos of their last born daughter Nyakio, who turned 3 years in 2016, and I can’t help but notice how tall she is growing. They do grow up too fast I must say.

Check out her latest photos below. How cute.






SAY WHAT! Diamond’s Alleged ‘Clande’ Shares a Raunchy PHOTO Suggesting She Got His Tattoo

Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan wife Zarinah Hassan seem like the perfect couple that we all envy.

The power couple has a beautiful family, blessed with two lovely children, a boy, Prince Nillan who recently celebrated his 40 days and the first child, daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote.

Other than just having a beautiful family that makes most celebrities turn green with envy, the lovebirds live a flamboyant lifestyle thanks to Diamond’s wealth and a successful music career.


But we all know that there’s no relationship that will ever be smooth, and in the recent months, there have been rumours of Diamond having an affair with a sassy and stunning Tanzanian model and actress, Hamisa Mobetto.

The said lady was actually the main cast on Diamond Platnumz and Ravanny’s hit song Salome, and there’s no doubt that she’s indeed beautiful.

Zari recently took shots at Mobetto after she apparently shared a photo dressed in pants similar to Diamond’s, saying that it doesn’t matter what she does, she will never have her man.


Hamissa has however never came out to talk about the allegations or comment on them, but this time round, she has raised questions after posting a peculiar photo, where she reveals a rare tattoo on her back.

In the photo, Hamisa Mobetto is covered in a white bed sheet and from her back, you can see a temporary tattoo that spells, Chi, almost reading like Diamonds moniker name, Chibu.

Fans reacted after seeing the ink, and even with all the speculations, Hamisa has not deleted the picture. Check it out below and be the judge.



Fan Blasts Mejja For Being Too Fat During A Live Interview, What Happened Next Will Leave You On The Floor (VIDEO)

The Kansoul – a Kenyan Afro pop group that is made up of Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Kora – was on The Trend this past Friday to talk about their new single “Bablas”, the local entertainment industry among other things. Continue reading “Fan Blasts Mejja For Being Too Fat During A Live Interview, What Happened Next Will Leave You On The Floor (VIDEO)”

Sauti Sol Send Out An Apology To President Uhuru Kenyatta After The Studio Mashinani Saga (PHOTO)

Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol have over the years proved to be the best in the game after a successful musical career since it’s formation back in 2005.

The BET nominess may however might have found themselves on the wrong side of the government after their lead vocalist Bein Aime Baraza shared his views on a recent project launched by the government, dubbed Studio Mashinani.

According to Bien, the group were the initial brains behind the major project which was launched a few days ago by renowned Jamaican stars, Etana, Richie Spice and Luciano.

Sauti Sol

Studio Mashinani was launched by the Ministry of ICT to provide modern recording facilities for talented youth to record their music and other creative products in terms of entertainment, film or showbiz.

According to Bien, the group had presented the idea to President Uhuru Kenyatta back in December 2015 as a way of introducing music studios, community radio, ICT Centers and Libraries with the spirit of community service.

They were further instructed to give the project to former YouthFund Chair, Bruce Odhiambo and together with other industry players, they embarked on the logistics and then sent the proposal to the involved parties.

Bien Aime Disappointed That Jamaican Stars Launched A Kenyan Government Project


Bien’s rant elicited mixed reactions from fans and fellow musicians, who rallied behind him, but now, it looks like his voice was finally heard as it turns out that the band is in talks with the State over the Sh80 Million project.

But first, Sauti Sol had to apologize for the offensive remarks Bien had made about the government and more so, President Uhuru Kenyatta. Check out the press statement below.





OUCH! Ofweneke’s Ex Fiancée Nicah Takes Low Blow Shots At The Comedian After Their Nasty Breakup (PHOTO)

Celebrated comedian Dr Ofweneke and his ex-fiancée Nicah The Queen have been the talk of the town after they revealed that they had actually separated after years of what seemed like a healthy relationship.

The former love birds were at some point inseparable and during their time together, they were blessed with a daughter, though Nicah had another girl from a previous relationship.

Dr Ofweneke real name Sande Bush was the first one to confirm that he was no longer dating the beautiful gospel singer, which prompted her to come out and reveal the truth about the real reason the engagement was called off.

Dr-Ofwenekes-woman2 Nicah says Ofweneke was violent towards and had severally physically abused her, but she had opted to stay in the relationship because she thought he would change his abusive ways, which was not so.

The two called it quits in September 2016 and now that their secret is out in the open, they seem to be dealing with the pain in different ways.

Dr Ofweneke is still on the grind but recently he was caught on video intoxicated and had to be helped to walk out of the entertainment spot by a friend. Looks like he’s not dealing with the breakup to well.

As for Nicah, she went ahead to delete all her photos from Instagram, after people came out to criticize her, but of late she seems to be back as she shares a few distressed and at times encouraging posts on her social media.


But this time round, she seems to be attacking her ex and baby daddy, with a cryptic post that reads: “People have to pretend you’re a bad person so that they don’t feel guilty about the things they did to you.”

Well, is she talking about how Dr Ofweneke hit her and never admitted or apologized for it. Well, check out the post below and be the judge.