Kiss TVs’ The Search Elvis Who Talks About His Music Career

Elvis Who is a famous hot Nigerian artiste based in Kenya. The first time we heard about Elvis Who is when he auditioned for Kiss TV’s reality show The Search.

After the search, he has been in the studio most of the time producing and co-producing a lot of songs for the past few months. “It is about time to release the songs,” he said with so much excitement in an interview with Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango on Breakfast With The Stars.

Elvis Who

He started producing music because he realized every time he would go to producers and gives them a concept or idea and they would completely change it. He decided to learn how to produce music on You tube by watching tutorials, downloaded the softwares required and taught himself.

Also he has been working with Alisha Popat on several covers like Despacito, Coming Home and many others.

Elvis’ journey began back in 2008 when he went for a kids talent show in Nigeria. It was his first time to be on a serious stage. He didn’t think he would be able to make it into the first round but he did. He got into the house but because he was not exposed to different genres of music, he was given a reggae song to perform, he flopped and was sent back home.

Elvis Who

The next audition he went for was the Nigerian idol in 2014, which initially was not his plan. One of his friends in school told him there is an audition and he should try out. Because he had been practicing almost every single day he was ready so he signed up, performed and got a golden ticket to the top 100 finalists. At the end of the competition, he emerged third.

Without giving up he went for another audition, the trace music star and he came in 2nd in the end. Despite facing several rejections especially when everyone is watching, he still didn’t give up and he finally signed up for Kiss TVS’ The Search.

He mentioned that it was very hard for him especially when people would comment on facebook negatively about his performance but he still got back up.

Elvis Who

Elvis also is vast instrumentalist “I can play the guitar, drums, saxophone, piano and flute,”he said, “I learnt all these instruments on YouTube, when someone is really interested in something they will learn.”

What he has learnt in his music career is that one has to be ready for everything. And also jokingly said that he would have told his younger self who started auditioning way back in 2008, to learn reggae and be serious because he was never serious.

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New Song Alert! Kiss TV’s The Search Contestant Elvis Features Suzziah In New Song

The famous stars of Kiss TVs’ reality show, The Search, Elvis and Suzziah have decided to do a duet called Sugarcane. One would think that after the show, people part ways and that’s it. But these two artistes decided to do a song together and they have not disappointed us. Suzziah won and Elvis came in second in the competition.

In an interview with Kiss FM’s’ Shaffie and Adelle on Breakfast With the Stars, Elvis mentioned that it was really interesting working with Suzziah. Actually, they were working on another song then the producer stepped out to pick a call. The guy on the piano was playing some tunes and the two were sited together and music just flowed, and that’s how sugarcane came to be.

Screenshot from 2017-10-19 04:07:49

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Elvis decided to work with Suzziah because he felt like the song should be a duet with a female artist who would complement his voice. Since he had done a duet with Suzziah during The Search he called her up, she came the following week and they did the song. When Suzziah came for an interview with Shaffie and Adelle she mentioned that she actually thought Elvis would win.

Check out their new song:

‘Mapenzi Hisia’…. Otile Brown Drops A Hot New Single

Otile Brown has just released a new song called Mapenzi Hisia. He has been in the industry for just a few years and he has been doing amazing things in the Kenyan music industry. He was born in Mombasa, Mikindani but moved to Nairobi to pursue his musical career.

Otile Brown

Five Reasons Why Otile Brown Is The Next R&B King

This year, Otile Brown has been dropping new songs without giving us a break from Acha Waseme, Kistaarabu, Wembe to Yule Mbaya. And his songs don’t disappoint!! Yesterday, he dropped his new hit song Mapenzi Hisia which has received amazing response from his fans.

myshy lysh: Tokeni wasafi let’s appreciate our own! It’s a lite😍

Abdulmutwalib Saggaf: This guy will take Kenyan music to higher levels…..Good piece Bad Man Shivo u r our new Diamond…wapi likes za MAPENZI HISIA

Dianaah Darling kenya: otilebrown Sauti Yako hunikosesha usingizi Damn😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I Iove you so much brother great Job

Peter Theuri: This is a hit bigup yourself

Edaqueen Natalie: Mko wapi jamani???This song deserves a million views…Come on guys

O’neal Collins Sande: AAAAH..!! M.A.P.E.N.Z.I. H.I.S.I.A…H.A.J.A.LI.S.H.I W.A.MPENDA N.A.N.I ??
#Awe anafanya MAKANGA AU SOGI, #Awe MVUVI AU BODA BODA #Au MUUZA MBOGA, Kupata Kukosa ni Majaliwa Awe SERAMALA Kupata au Kukosa niMajaliwa..Maana mi ni kivuli Chake aendapo mie naendapo Ili Mradi UNANIPENDA..Haijalishi Unampenda Nani..?

Baraka Kalume: Nadhani watu wanakuchukulia kimzaha lakini huyu jamaa ligi yake ya mziki ni ya kuheshimika sana audio and video quality is amazing #BigTuneWatatii💯💯🔥🔥💥💥💥BADMAN

Check out this hot song that most people are raving about:

Otile Brown Sends A Letter To Haters (VIDEO)

‘I Was Sexually Harassed Thrice’ – Anita Nderu Narrates The Horrific Ordeal

Sexual harassment is a topic that has been talked about for a really long time, with many agreeing that it’s quite an annoying thing and very disrespectful.

Most people have narrated their stories on being sexually harassed in the streets, hotels and even matatus. It’s a very sensitive topic and most people prefer not talking about it because they feel as though no one will understand them or they’ll be judged.

Anita Nderu has fallen victim to sexual harassment, not once but thrice. This happened two times in a matatu and one time in a taxi.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu/ BBC

Speaking to BBC, Anita narrated how a man literally put his hand on her left boob and was not apologetic about it.

I have been have been harassed twice in a matatu and once in a taxi and it’s story I will have to remember for rest of my life. It’s just not fair. I have used matatus twice since the incident, I’ll never be 100% comfortable as I was before. It all happened during the day when I was going to work. My thoughts were somewhere, so I was sitting facing the opposite direction, holding my bag and then I just felt something cold on my left boob. I looked down and I see a hand and I follow that hand and it’s this man who had tucked his hand into the sweater, into the bra and just hanging on to my boob. And I’m like “What are you doing? Get your hand out of my boob.” I try to get his hand out and he says to me, “But why do women have boobs then? Are they not there for us to touch them?” she narrated in part.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu/ BBC

She went on to explain how the conductor of the matatu did nothing when she told him what the man had done. “It’s the most helpless feeling, because it’s not fair. You can’t just touch someone without them giving you the permission to do that. So he finally his hand and I’m shouting for the conductor and I’m like “this man is grabbing me, you’ll never believe what he has done” and I’m telling the conductor what has happened and the conductor is like ” there’s nothing I can do.”

At that moment, she felt helpless and all she did was cry. “As soon as the matatu comes to a halt, this man pushes my legs and gets out and walks away. I got out of the matatu and just stood out there and cried. Not one person asked me why are you crying. People just walked by and I’m talking to my dad and crying against the typical city life, everyone is in a hurry to go somewhere. You have to be a caring human being. If you see somebody hysterical on the street because something has happened to them, take a minute and find out how they are doing.”

Anita Nderu 3
Anita Nderu/ BBC

If I could share my story, maybe other women would as well and other men would as well. Considering I’m a journalist in my country, I would like to actually open the debate and as a result people would actually see this is actually a problem,” she concluded.

Watch the full video below:

Major Lazer Premieres Music Video For ‘Particula’ In Kenya

Major Lazer release the anticipated music video of their latest global hit ‘Particula’ produced by the acclaimed South African music producer: DJ Maphorisa, in Kenya – in a big release global campaign and strategy that includes Kenya among 17 African countries.

Major Lazer 3

In support of “Particula”, Major Lazer released a special promotion video with a message to their Kenyan fans earlier (Thursday 12th October) to announce that “they are excited to debut the video in Kenya,” after which they thanked their Kenyan fans for the support.

As a group, Major Lazer has performed in Kenya before. Just this year, Walshy Fire visited Kenya as part of his ‘Finding Africa Tour’. He met influential music producers and artistes, including Sauti Sol, Blinky Bill and Musyoka (Decimal Records). Both Diplo and Walshy Fire then visited Kenya for a massive concert that left Major Lazer fans thrilled and anticipating more.

Major Lazer 1

Directed by South African filmmaker Adriaan Louw, the video features appearances from native South Africans Maphorisa and Nasty C, Nigerian rapper Ice Prince, and Nigerian-American recording artist Jidenna. “Particula” is taken from Major Lazer’s Know No Better EP, surprise-released earlier this year to widespread acclaim. The EP’s title track has been streamed more than 232 million times to date.

Major Lazer 2

The new EP expands upon the group’s global sound, taking inspiration from their travels to Pakistan, Cuba, South America, Africa and beyond while paying homage to their Caribbean roots. Know No Better features appearances from Machel Montano, Busy Signal, Sean Paul, Konshens, J Balvin and more, as well as production work from the likes of Jr. Blender, Boaz van de Beatz and King Henry.

Watch the music video below:

‘I Was Called All Sorts Of Names For Being Fat,’ Willis Raburu Cries Sweating Profusely

Body shaming has sadly become common in Kenya especially on social media. Of late, many celebrities among them Willis Raburu, Pierra Makena, DK Kwenye Beat, Sheila Mwanyigha have been bullied online for their body size and it seems this fad is not going to end anytime soon.

Body shaming is bad and can leave one depressed, as it negatively affects their self-esteem sometimes making some people commit suicide just because they cannot take the trolling anymore.

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu recently embarked on a weight loss journey and he revealed that he did this after his doctor told him that his weight was posing a danger to his life and not social media trolls. He was at high risk of suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, kidney disease and certain types of cancer.

He told me if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death,” Willis Raburu told eDaily.


“Besides his advice, no one pressurized me into shedding off some body weight. I was not doing it because of critics’ constant taunting. I saw it wise to do it, and I felt it was the right time to do it.”

Woiyeee! Willis Raburu Reveals The Saddest Thing About His Life Most Of You Didn’t Know

Willis Raburu2

The multi-talented and ever jovial presenter and his wife Mary Prude have decided to document his weight loss journey on their YouTube channel, to encourage those struggling with weight loss to never give up.

“I hated working out but for my own safety, I had no other option but make gym my home.”

Raburu says he was not moved by critics.

For a long time, a lot of people have talked, shouting about weight and I wanted so bad to ignore it but it just kept coming. If you’re told ‘you’re fat, umejaa sana or you are the elephant in the room, etc. You can brush it off but stILL itabaki,” said the humble news anchor.

Raburu reminisces how he once tweeted that his celebrated show (10over10) would be on fire and someone responded body shaming him.

Willis Raburu

His wife Mary Raburu, was okay with his size and did not want him to work out.

“At initial stages, my wife, Mary Raburu, was opposed to my weight loss because she preferred me plump.”

In his video that has gone viral, Raburu confessed his wife is his greatest supporter and at times they work out together.

I prayed to God give me a nice dark tall guy and one who is a bit plump because I love such,” said Mary Raburu.

Raburu has so far lost 12 kgs in three and a half months and he now weighs 132 kgs down from 144 kgs, and he is hopeful that by the end of this year, he would have met his target.

“My target body weight is 110kgs, though according to my body mass index I should weigh 90kgs.”

Here is the full video

‘This Swag Is The Same You Used To Do Before Getting Saved…’ Fan Tells Size 8

Linet Masiro Munyali aka Size 8 Reborn has just dropped a new track called HALLELUJAH!!!

She is a gospel artist who has had several hits with her songs over and over again without fail, with or without controversy.

Married to the one and only Samwel Muraya, commonly known as DJ Mo, a famous Kenyan gospel DJ and together they have a beautiful baby girl called Ladasha Belle Wambo.

She was hyping her new song by saying;

size 8

“Hey my good people check out my new video now on YouTube link on my bio………… HALLELUJAH!!!”

But it seems like mafans are hating on her new song vibaya sana!!

Here are some of the comments…

Sheilah Baby: Nimetoka Instagram usiniblock 🤣🤣🤣..But you you..This swag is the same way you used to do before getting saved..Where is gospel heading to?? We do not have to doubt your songs and start asking is this gospel?? (like tiga wana) Sing let’s feel it and make the glory of the Lord come down..
Am not perfect but need to do something…All in all mentioning God in a song doesn’t mean it’s gospel..Ata ile Hallelujah ya diamond × Morgan Heritage bado wamesema “” Lord have mercy “” in their lyrics..Indeed Lord have mercy on us..hallelujah🤳🤳🤳

Whitney Alseba: Coppied from diamond song n heritage hallelujah realy siz 8 that’s not gospel

nancy oringe: Size 8 this is not gospel u better stop pretending that uar saved uar not……..this one cannot bring someone close to God
Tattiana Pheyth: No offence am not judging but you disappoint


‘If I Was To Marry Again, I’d Still Choose You,’ DJ Mo Celebrates Size 8 After Hitting The Big 30

But there is still a glimpse of hope. There are a few people who still love and support her music.

Soni Muthoni: first one to comment,,yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey..i love this one so muuuuch,,,,the rap is simple and awesome. Big up mama Wambo. God bless you so much

joan njeri: i love size 8 and all that she does,people be so judgy like they do the record keeping in heaven..i know the hardwork people put in coming up with a song and a video at the same time,go on girl.

Anita Wanza: There is nothing wrong with this song… she is praising God and not people. . If there is something wrong with this let God judge her n not you… tungeni zenu tuziskie

Here is the video that has made people talk all day long since it was released.

Smashing New Song Alert! 3 gospel giants take the nation by storm

Talk about collabos, who saw this coming?! Mercy Masika, Emmy Kosgei and Evelyn Wanjiru have just dropped new single out called Subiri.

The three Kenyan beauties are a force to reckon with, and their chart busting hits rule our airwaves. We first got a hint that something was cooking when Evelyn posted photos with Emily and Mercy, leaving us wondering what exactly they had in store for us.

Mercy Maskia, Emmy Kosgei and Evelyn Wanjiru

Mercy Masika pointed out that it is a song that encourages people to rely on God and not people or themselves because He never fails.

If we can tell of the times that our faith has been shaken, unclear, insecure, it would most certainly take sometime, but the joys of being consistent, true and absolute to the call far outweigh the story, that’s why we stand by choice and voice to tell you to wait on the Lord for He never fails

Emmy Kosgei also echoes Mercy’s sentiments adding that “though we be pressed, tossed from every side God has not forgotten about us, in the midst of all the questions in our minds.. waiting on the lord is the faith option.. don’t take alternative routes, take the stairs at the end of it all it will be worth it! God is not a man that He should lie”

Gospel Singer Mercy Masika Shows Off Her Lovely Family In This Cute Photo

Mercy Masika, Evelyn Wanjiru and Emily Kosgei

The songstresses shared stunning photos after, showing off their similar outfits.

Evelyn Wanjiru posted a photo of their husbands besides them saying;

This Great Powerful Loving men 😊😊 have always been behind the scene giving us full support may God bless you abundantly thank you…...”

Here is the song we have all been waiting for;

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“I have had intensely painful seasons” Kambua’s tough year in a song

Sexy Tv host and gospel artiste Kambua is making serious boss moves. She is doing it without shouting from the rooftop like slay queens do.

The Bambika host has just recently released another new single titled, Mwaminifu.


This song is a personal journey that she has been going through. Kambua on her social media page disclosed that she had a pretty rough year last year, and decided to start on this project.

This beautiful piece was written by the very gifted annete. You see, I have had some intensely painful seasons in the last year. I needed to remind myself that God’s faithfulness endures through all time. And this song did just that!

In the video we see her riding a bike and it is a sentimental part for her because she lost her father, professor Manundu, who used to host a health show on NTV and it was a painful process for her. She wrote;

Yes I can ride a bike!  (my dad taught me! *hope you’re proud daddy*”


Talking about her life and marriage has been the hardest thing to get Kambua to do. She has always managed to stay on the down low for such a long time. Kambua got married to pastor and businessman Jackson Mathu at a garden wedding in a popular Country Club.

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So much is said of marrying an older man but she seems not to mind at all and is very happy in her 5 year marriage.

But anyway check out her new video!

Diamond Platnumz accused of stealing Kenyan music

What is happening? Nigerians copying Kenyan music!!!

While allegations of musicians stealing or copying other artistes’ songs or sounds are not new, this one surely deserves your attention.

There are a lot of similarities between Eric Onyango Omollo aka Qritiqal’s song Won’t Tell and Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie aka Patoranking and Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz’ song, Love You Die, leaving many Kenyans with many questions than answers.

Qritiqal is the latest Kenyan singer signed by Nigerian music label, Chocolate City.


Zari Deletes Diamond Platnumz’ Photos From Her Instagram Account, Does This To Their Children

Won’t Tell was released on 18th April 2017 while Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz’ Love you die was released on 1st September 2017. Isn’t that interesting and a bit fishy at the same time?

Diamond Platnumz and Patoranking

Many among them popular publicist, Ado Veli has come out to talk about this song and he said

“I happen to stumble upon similarities between Qritiqal’s  song Won’t Tell and Patoranking and Diamond’s song, Love You Die. Love you die and Won’t Tell both have an afro fused reggae ragga rhythm to it. The melodies in both songs are somehow similar especially in the beginning of the song even though the lyrics and vocals are marked differently.”

Did Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz copy Qritiqal’s Won’t Tell”

Here is the video of Patoranking and Diamond Platnumz song Love you Die, now its up to you to judge whether they are now copying our music.

Also read;

Whayasay: Patoranking Finally Welcomes His Child Into The World (Photo)

Sizzling Hot! Listen To Joyce Omondi’s New Jam

Joyce Omondi, one of the top Kenyan gospel artists, has released a new single song called Lihimidi Jina lake. The former Rauka presenter has been so silent but now she is back with a huge bang! She has been working on a couple of songs and she is finally excited one of the songs is out. She wrote on her instagram page

“It’s here!!!! 🤗🤗 SO EXCITED to share my heart with you all through this song!!”

She is among the few Kenyan artists who don’t have controversy and so much drama around them. It also seems like being married to Wahiga Mwaura, a news anchor, has been such a good thing. They have been married for two years and it’s like their romance is on fire and can’t be quenched out. Photos of them together have been the talk of the town for the past one week. This is what Joyce posted on her social media page;


Joyce Omondi Jots Down A Beautiful Message For Hubby Waihiga Mwaura

“Thank you Lord for this incredible man. I’m so grateful for his support and how he encourages me to be everything You have called me to be. His dreams for me are bigger than what I even hope for myself. In his warm embrace I’m reminded of just how much You love me. What an honor it is to serve You and minister to Your people by his side.”

And Wahiga replied;

“Awwwww thank you my love for this kind message. I thank God for you so much & I know God will use your ministry mightily very very soon:-)”

And during her birthday, Wahiga appreciated her and called her a special gift from God;

“30 years ago GOD dropped a special gift on this earth.A little under 2 years ago that special gift was entrusted to me. She is a lover of God, anointed minstrel in music,internationally trained development & communication specialist,my amazing wife & best friend.Join me in wishing @joyceomondi a happy birthday & many blessed years ahead.”

Clearly love is still in the air! In the mean time check out her new song.

Kikulacho! Viral Video Of Hamisa Mobetto Showering Zari With Money When They Were Best Of Friends

Zari and Hamisa Mobetto once got along…When she, Hamisa, hadn’t thought of sleeping with her man.

Keeping up with the Chibu Dangotes!

Currently, the two are like ‘maji na mafuta’ after Diamond cheated on her with the Salome video vixen. Now, the bongo singer has two baby mamas.

Look what he did…He just turned best of friends into the worst enemies Tanzania has ever seen.

On September 20th 2015, Zari was celebrating 40 days after her first child with Diamond, Princess Tiffah was born. The event was graced by the who-is-who in the Tanzanian entertainment industry.

This is where she was showered with gifts and money from every one of them…And yes, Hamisa was invited.

Zari Hassan vs Diamond Platnumz vs Hamisa Mobetto

She did what she does best, danced with all her energy and showered Zari with money…Lots of money.

Now, the two can’t even talk and have been throwing shade at each other on social media. Of course you know its because of a man.

Here is the viral video showing Hamisa gifting Zari, giving a meaning to the phrase ‘Kikulacho Ki Nguoni Mwako’


You Asked For It: Khaligraph Jones Finally Claps Back At Eric Omondi (Video)

The game is far from over, from the look of things. Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones have been at each other’s necks for sometime now after Eric exposed the OG saying that Khali’s Range Rover is apparently not even his, but belong to some mama from Hurlingham.

When one of our writers reached out to Eric for comment, he only had this to say, “Queen Serem, Chorea hiyo story.”

eric black

Papa Jones on the other hand had quite a lot to say. He went ahead to shade the comedian, saying if he’s funded by old women he should stick to that and leave him alone.

I’m not one of those niggas wenye wanawekwa na wamama. I’m self made.Mimi ni OG, sipendangi ujinga. I hustle. Kama Eric anapatiwa gari zake na wamama, Its not the same for everybody out there. Aende Akule Anone. Yeye anang’ang’ana bado hana dooh bado. Aache kutafutana na wamama, atafute pesa yake.”


Eric then took to social media to throw shade at the OG. He offered to pay for Khali’s fuel and oil at a gas station.

‘Muekee Fuel Ya 5K’ – Eric Omondi Throws Major Shade At Khaligraph Jones Yet Again (Video)

He told one of the attendants, “Kuna Kijana anakuja hapa na Range Rover ya red. Muekee fuel ya 5k na check his oil umuekee ya 5k alafu hii mpatie ajishikie na akiuliza mwambie ni mheshimiwa.”


Trust Khaligraph to always have the hottest clap backs when someone comes for him. He took to social media to slap Eric with the response of the season warning him at the same time while dancing along to a gospel song.

He said, “Kwa yesu Hakuna Sponsor New Song Dropping ft Jimmy Gait 😂😂😂
Ambieni Uyo jamaa ende gas station aongezwe hewa ama aulize ule socialite mwenzake kitu ilimfanyikia last time alijaribu kucheza na OG, Mazishi ni ile ile, last Warning..”

Watch the video here.

Stella Mwangi’s Music Featured On Top Fashion Designer’s 2017 Collection

Celebrated Kenyan- Norwegian artiste Stella Mwangi is still making waves! Her song GET UP AND GO off her self-titled EP has been picked for yet another commercial deal with world renowned fashion designer. The song which will be used as the theme record for the fashion designer’s fashion shows for a whole year and on digital campaigns and promotions will kick off the 2017 collection.


The models for the new collection who included the Hadid sisters strutted down the runway to “Get Up and Go” at this high profile 2017 Fashion Show live stream in London during the London Fashion Week.

Speaking on this big news, an ecstatic Stella said, This whole year, my fans have been sending me messages congratulating my team about this Hollywood EP; but at the same time they’re quite pissed, saying that I have abandoned them somehow. Well, I just want you all to know that I’m still STL the queen of Hip-Hop and I’ve got some heated records lined up for you. I’m on to some other hustle real quick! Don’t worry; I’ll be back before you all know it. Nawapenda woh!”


Following the success of her Stella Mwangi EP (2016) in Hollywood and across Europe, Stella is currently working on her second Hollywood EP album. Now on its final stages, the new record will position her on a global stage for more Hollywood productions in 2018.

Watch the video below:

Video: Psquare Fight Like Hungry Dogs After Split In Lawyer’s Office

Famous Nigerian group P-Square is on the verge of breaking up.

The twins are fed up with each other and have been having problems lately which is why they’ve been seen hurling insults at each other on social media.


Peter and Paul Okoye were recently seen fighting at a lawyer’s office after Peter presented a termination letter which was made public.The two were seen insulting each other on camera.

Here is the letter of termination:

Paul was heard saying, Peter shame on you. Peter i say shame on you. You are shameful.”

Paul and their elder brother who is Paul’s manager and has sided with him for long responded by saying, You want to beat me? Beat me. Look at this idiot.”

Thats when the fight started and the viral video brought in many questions on why, blood twin brothers were in such anger against each other.

They started their music career in 1999 but released their first album in 2001. For over 18 years of hard work, the No One Like You hitmakers are soon going to split.

Here is the viral video courtesy of Linda Ikeji:

Diamond And Zari Are Back Together Even After He Admitted Cheating On Her Live On Radio (Photo Evidence)

You are siting there and wondering if you could take back a cheating partner. For Zari Hassan, that is water under a bridge. Gone. Poof. Like magic.

The Ugandan socialite and business woman seems to have forgiven Diamond Platnumz for his indiscretions.

Diamond went live on radio and said he cheated on Zari with his video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and as a result the two have a love child together.

diamond and zari 5

He even vowed to crawl back to South Africa and beg Zari for forgiveness.

On Saturday, he was in South Africa to celebrate Zari’s birthday.

Diamond penned a moving ode for his love.


Sooooo, Diamond has basically pointed out who is the main chic and who is the side dish. Pssst, Hamisa, please take note.

Zari Birthday

Zari Hassan’s son Lil Q also wished the mum a happy birthda, “🎁🎂🎊🎉🎈 it’s your day mummy dearest. Happy birthday to the best mother in the whole wide world. You have taught me a lot of things. Surely No one can ever take your place 💕💕❤️😘😍 you are the best thing in my life. I love you mummy. Thank you for all you do for us. You have a heart of Gold 😜😜 May you live to blow 100000000000000000000000 candles 🎂 I love you very very very much 🙏”

Videos have emerged of Zari’s impromptu birthday in South Africa. I say impromptu because she was dressed like someone who was just chilling at home and then people came with drinks and food and thus a party happened.

On her birthday, Zari posted a deep message about her “trials” on her social media.

diamond and zari 4

“It’s usually said 3am is the best time to pray and am usually up to give thanks and praise…. Regardless of the trials one goes through in life, giving thanks and still appreciating what’s left is a MUST. And am here today to thank God for my life, my kids, my family, my friends, my work and you my fans. Tonight was about thanking God for another year as many haven’t made it this far. Thank you God for my life and happy birthday to me. #Blessed #Grateful’

She added, “Thank you God, is all I can say!👏.”

Check out the video, where Diamond attempts to distract Zari but she ignores him.

Chics took to social media to comment about Zari forgiving Diamond…
jevarist: Jamani zari sie tulikua hatuli kwa ajili yenu hata fiesta sijaenda jamni,Leo nimefurahi kuwaona pamoja lakini tunajua diamond kakukosea sana tena sana lakini hembu yaishe iludishe furaha yako ya mombasa japo ni vigumu kuku bali sie tunapenda muwe hivyohivyo na I think diamond hatoludia tena coz mtampa nafasi kinuka chupi mkipendana ile ya mombasa, hata instr atahama kabisaaaaa maana hana jipya kazi kusuka twende kilioni na mashosti wameyaludia hayo mawig yao mpaka basi sijui ajiri ya kufulia omo,,mpendane mpaka sie Tuone wivu basiiiiii…

pee153: This is what we call keeping your circle small…less bullshit… innit miss zee? Enjoy your circle..enjoy every moment of your life 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

arina_bish: Ok Diamond lied to Zari, whats itching u? Shes moved on. Have u asked them if they are married or not? For your information Diamond has been there for Zari’s children since conception & was present when they were born. Diamond proudly declares publicly his love for Zari. The other hes embarrassed & ashamed people to know he was with her, he insulted, denied even rejected her child in public. Shes now shunned by the the very people who plotted against Zari. U are so hurt desperately want to compare the two becoz u see Zari not bothered, that’s what set her apart from bitter people who never want to move on. Becoz u feel the humiliation it doesnt mean Zari feels the same, she has shown the ability to move on graciously and for that we commend her. Anyone who has been in Zari’s situation normally moves on even Maria Shriver ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger moved on. So u move on too. Has the president and prime minister of Greece told u that Greece is going to vanish off the face of the earth? Greece will be there today, tomorrow even next year, if Diamond and Zari want to go there they will go whenever they want. Must they consult u for all this? Who are u? And you sound as if u are about to announce u have also been impregnated by Diamond! Why don’t u take your medication & sleep now u have spewed bile. It will do u good.


faizoldizzo: You look good but I just don’t like it how in a video diamond is forcing himself to look sorry n in love with u…tena mbona umekonda ivo..seems stress mob.

hassani9416: @zarithebosslady can’t believe your ass keep going back to someone who disrespect alot of time, you’re such foolish fool for letting him play you like a Puppet #fishbrain

munamattaka: Enjoy your day zari, kufanya kosa sikosa, kosa kuripiti kosa, msamehe, muendelee, hakuna alie mkamilifu katika dunia hii, vuta subra

mokogoti: In a world where humanity seem cold and selfish,women like Zari gives us hope and inspirations .YOLO Zari. Enjoy your life to the fullest, allow no room for detrimental. People can talk rubbish trying to knock you down, but let those fall on deaf ears.You beautiful personality with beautiful kids and plus beautiful kids to match with..Focus on your business, family-friendly and your good networks of connections…..

Here are photos from the birthday party in South Africa

‘I Was Frustrated’ – Viola Karuri Explains The Inspiration Behind Her Swahili Cover Of Despacito (Video)

Viola Karuri brought the house down a while back when she did the unthinkable. We have heard the famous song, Despacito, that has taken the world by storm. The song has over two billion views on YouTube and was also ranked the highest watched video on the music channel.

Our very own Viola decided to do a Swahili version of Despacito, which came as surprise to many, considering Kenyans don’t speak Spanish, well unless you took spanish classes.


In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, she explained how she came about doing a swahili cover of the famous song.

I love Despacito so much. It’s one of those songs you can’t listen to once, it’s on replay. But it was frustrating me because I do speak some spanish but not to the level of a local, because that’s a local who can speak Spanish. I can sing a bit of it but I can’t sing the whole of it, which is frustrating. So I actually did this cover to solve a problem, my problem because I couldn’t sing that one so I needed to get something I could sing and there are other covers out there and I couldn’t sing any of them, so I said let me take it and do a cover. When I did it, I wasn’t going to release it, it’s just that a few people heard it and said I have to release it and so I did.”


She also went ahead to explain how she went about translating the spanish song to swahili and it was not easy.

I translated the song to English and then when I was looking at it in English, I thought it was a bit weird because it was a guy singing to a chic, so when a chic sings ‘I’ve been watching you for a long time and I want to dance with you’ it’s kinda weird. So I inverted it and sang it as ‘you’ve been siting there watching me and I know you want to dance with me’, so I translated it from english into an inversion in Swahili,” she explained.

Watch the full interview:

Embarrassing Screenshots Of Eric Omondi’s Texts Leak, Claiming Khaligraph’s Range Rover ‘Ni Ya Matha Wa Hurlingham!’

There is a new beef in town.

Comedian Eric Omondi and Khaligraph Jones are not seeing eye to eye.

How did it start, you ask?

Mpasho has got hold of screenshots of a conversation between Eric Omondi and a friend which saw Eric say that Khaligraph’s Range Rover is from a sugar mummy who resides in Hurlingham.


The friend who has leaked the conversation says he and the comedian were talking last night but when we called Omondi, he simply said, “Queen Serem, Chorea hio Story”

We went on to contact Khaligraph who fired vitriol back at Eric Omondi calling him a ‘Nigga’ who should pull up his socks and leave the ‘OG’ alone.

“I’m not one of those niggas wenye wanawekwa na wamama. I’m self made.Mimi ni OG, sipendangi ujinga. I hustle.”

He goes on to tell the comedian to look for money and eat something fatty to build his body.

“Kama Eric anapatiwa gari zake na wamama, Its not the same for everybody out there. Aende Akule Anone. Yeye anang’ang’ana bado hana dooh bado. Aache kutafutana na wamama, atafute pesa yake.”

He denies claims that he is kept by a Mama who leaves in Hurlingham and bought him his Range Rover.

“Mimi ndio sponsor ya watu huko nje. Yeye kama amewekwa na wamama, an’ang’ane, kwanza anaendesha gari gani? Aache na OG acheze na watu rika yake, atachapwa huku juu bana.”

Here are the leaked screenshots of Eric Omondi and a friend’s conversation:





Khaligraph responded:

Mpasho called the two celebrities and here is what they had to say:


Sura Ni Ile Ile: Diamond Finally Unveils New Born Son’s Face! (VIDEO)

Diamond has been on the trend for quite some time now. It was alleged that Hamisa’s son was his. Well, it’s not an allegation no more.

Continue reading “Sura Ni Ile Ile: Diamond Finally Unveils New Born Son’s Face! (VIDEO)”

Pesa Ya Injili: Is This Willy Paul’s New Whip (Video)

Willy Paul has been making headlines ever since he released his new track, Jigi Jigi. For a very long time his fans have questioned his faith, having been involved in a number of scandals and controversies.

The direction his new jam is taking has been questioned with many claiming that it’s not gospel. But at this point, we shouldn’t be surprised by his actions as it’s pretty clear he lives for attention.

His music seems to be paying off really good as he was spotted driving a Mercedes Benz. He drives a Mark X, so it’s not really clear if he’s decided to go a step higher.


So does his music pay that good for him to afford a car worth millions? Well, that’s a question many people are asking themselves.

He posted a video on social media driving the monster machine, singing along to his new jam.

Watch the video below;

The good life that God put mr #jigijigi in.. watch my new video link in my bio

A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

Read some of the comments from his followers;

enotyc: Umebuy Mercedes….I see

mis_gud_life: @willy.paul.msafi ni kutesa tu Love the rooftop

kevin_o.brian_: Bro are you allergic to seat belts,stay safe….nice car though

nicky_modric: Manze good lyf , pllz God help me to have such

dennisthemenace254: Haha tunajua yako ni Mark X….Nice Song though..