Kenyan Chocolate City Artiste Qritical Releases Video

Qritiqal, Chocolate City’s newest Kenyan signee has released a video for his debut single “Malkia” under the label. The melodious track was shot in Nairobi with noticeable locations such as the Hilton Hotel.

Eric Onyango Omollo is a Kenyan singer and a songwriter. His unique ability to fuse dancehall, reggae, RnB and soul to create feel good music earned him the name Qritiqal derived from the word ‘critical’.

Qritiqal 2

In his music career, he has released hit songs, won awards, done collaborations with well-established artistes in Kenya and worked on DJ dub-plates that are major theme songs for top DJ’s in the region. He got discovered and signed by Chocolate City in July 2016.

For The Love Of Ink! Adelle Onyango Finally Reveals How Many Tattoos She Has And The Meaning Behind Them (Video)

There is no doubt that Adelle Onyango is one of the most prominent and popular radio hosts in Kenya. She is also one of the youngest to host a morning show.

The bubbly radio presenter has worked hard to become the renowned media personality she is now, and become a role model for young peeps who brand themselves as Team Adelle.

Miss Onyango is also very active in forming youth projects, girls empowering activities. She also uses her amazing social media skills to spread positive vibes and motivate them.


Adelle Onyango is also the founder of No Means No, a project she started to help out victims of rape and create awareness after she went the most traumatizing ordeal of her life back in 2008 when she was sexually assaulted.

Radio Queen Adelle Onyango Makes Candid Revelation After She Was Named One Of Kenya’s 100 Most Influential Young People

Things got worse for Adelle after her mother, Mary Onyango passed away after succumbing to breast cancer back in 2012, at the age of 45, which was the saddest day for the lovely radio host.

Adelle Onyango kept a brave face, and despite the heartbreaking moment, she later picked up the pieces and has since used the good memories she had with her late mother to keep her thoughts positive and spirits high.

Adelle Onyango and her mother


Pain Of Losing a Mother! Adelle Onyango Confesses That She Almost Quit Radio After Her Mum’s Death

Though many of her fans don’t know this, Adelle Onyango is a big fan of tattoos and if you follow her on social media, you might have noticed a few photos where she’s flaunting or talking about them.

Well, I got the chance to talk to Adelle Onyango about her tattoos though she prefers keeping them on the low, she is proud of them. She doesn’t get inked blindly and every one of her tattoos has a sentimental meaning.

When I sat down to interview the humble and exuberant former singer, she finally got the chance to reveal how many tattoos she has, and the meaning of each one. Personally, I found the one of her mother’s name very touching.

Adelle Onyango also talked about whether she is planning to get more tattoos. She also talks about her love for tattoos and why she loves leaving ink memories on her body.

Watch the video below to find out about the other side of Adelle Onyango you never knew.





Watu Watacatch Mafeelings! Sexy Singer Vivian Takes Shots At Mafisi Sacco, Calls Them Poor Characters (Video)

Vivian is currently riding high with her recent collaboration with Ugandan music legend, Jose Chameleone, dubbed Charm but there is more to her than just good music.

The gorgeous singer has proved to be one of the best in the game after Jaguar introduced her to the Kenyan music world back in 2013 with her hit song Dream. 

Kubeba Nayo! Stunning Singer Vivian “Charms” Jose Chameleone With Her Sexy Body (Video)

Vivian then used her talent, songwriting skills and beauty to climb the ladder of success. She now has several songs under her name, but through it all, she has managed to keep her private and love life off the public radar.


The mellow-voiced singer has however grown both professionally and personally, and of course not forgetting her hot curves that have emerged in the last few months, making men salivate whenever she’s performing.

Vivian Wambui has never come out to talk about dating or being in a relationship. Probably because of this people have linked her to some male celebrities like Jaguar, since they were often spotted severally after dropping their collabo. However she revealed theirs was a work relationship and that they are just friends.

Anatosha? Is Timmy T Dat Having a Fling With This Dazzling Kenyan Female Singer?

The stunning lass was also at some point suspected to be having a fling with rapper Timmy Tdat sometime last year after they were seen hanging out a lot and getting cozy, but again they said they were just friends.


But now, Vivian has finally decided to reveal to us if she is dating and who bae is, coming soon after she shared a photo with Jaguar. Some fans then shared some negative comments, telling her to leave the singer alone since he’s married and has kids.

We got to talk to Vivian during a tour of the Nairobi National Park, where she hang out with our writer Grace Kerongo, and while at it, she talked about her dating life, what she thinks about Team Mafisi, challenges she faces as an artiste and her Kenyan celebrity crush.

Watch the short video below to get all the juicy details as Vivian gets candid.


Urembo Ni Wewe! Calvo Mistari And Josh Of Amos & Josh Reveal Why Socialites Are Not The Best Role Models And What True Beauty Is (Audio)

Celebrated rapper Calvo Mistari and renowned Kenyan duo Amos and Josh started the year on a very high note by making women blush with their latest project.

The rapper and the talented singers have collaborated on a new inspirational song dubbed Urembo which celebrates women. It also defines what real beauty is, and in this case, it’s all about character.

According to the artistes, the new song was inspired by the need for men to talk directly to women on what they view beauty as, and this is not about just the physical appearance, but a girl’s personality and mentality about life.


At the same time, the song somehow demystifies the stereotype that exposing your body as a lady will make men be attracted to you, or the fact that becoming a socialite is the best way out for today’s girls who don’t have a real job.

READ; Bank Otuch Gang! 8 Male Artistes Who Prove That The Best Rappers In Kenya Come From Luo Land

Basically, Calvo Mistari, Amos, and Josh want women to appreciate themselves despite their physical appearance and realize that inner beauty is what men care about, even if they seem to give a lot of attention to outward appearance at times.

The song has a slow but catchy beat and the talented artistes actually dropped the audio at the start of January 2017. They have officially released the music video, which is colorful and oh so magnificent, featuring Kenya’s top female celebrities.

In the music video, Calvo Mistari features some of the biggest and stunning female celebrities, like our very own Adelle Onyango, singer Sage, Kambua, Phy, Kalekye Mumo, TV host Deedee, Mwalimu Rachel and more.

Calvo Mistari and Josh were at Kiss FM studios to officially launch the video to Urembo and during the interview, they revealed what was the inspiration behind the song, and their take on ladies who become socialites to become successful in life.


They also talked about the women celebrities in Kenya who they value, and respect because of their hard work, commendable personality and beauty.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy details about this new song below as Calvo Mistari and Josh have a candid talk on what true beauty means for them…





Acha Utoto!!! Fans React To Big Brother Winner Idris Sultan’s Distasteful Jokes [VIDEO]

Kumewaka moto aki! Idris Sultan is making a fail yet AGAIN in the comedy industry! The Big Brother winner got into a social media fight with fans after posting what is said to be a distasteful joke.

Idris Sultan, who has on several occasions tried to be a comedian by making small jokes faced the wrath of fans after he posted a cover to Darassa’s song Muziki. This is a well loved by the bongo fans. Idris went ahead to say that the song was the national anthem after which fans went ham on him.

idris sultan1


The song Muziki which has now over 3 million views on Youtube is a spectacular and was received well widely. I guess fans think Big Brother winner Idris did not give justice to the song after his jokes on the song was a terrible fail. Stick to reality Tv brah!

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This is not the first time Idris has made a joke that was an epic fail, mid last year, the to die for hunk celebrity was booed off stage for ‘being a bore’.


In recent times, Idris has been using his jokes to diss his ex Wema Sepetu and after Wema left social media, it seems like he has no content to give his fans. It is true that making a human being laugh is quite a rough job, but hey, this is an expert’s job Idris, maybe you can get something more engaging to do.

Let’s see If Idris is going to say bye to comedy anytime soon. This is Big Brother winner’s comic fail;

Nyimbo ya taifa 😂 #ThatIsKrezi

A video posted by Idris Sultan (@idrissultan) on

Here are some fan’s reaction;

syless444; Kweli pesa za big brother huna tena zimekwisha

coy_mzunguIla; ndugu yangu wewe sio bure you must be having something wrong in you! @idrissultan

havabetty; Hivi we Idris kwenu ni wangap kuzaliwa…ucje kua na mdogo akafata huo mkondo… God mbna ni shidaaa😂😂😂😂 kweli akili zko mwingine acngeweza

godfreymnakumuwiii; huyu jamaaa akili zake anajua kuzitumia mwenyewe ukipewa wewe unakua kichaa mara moja

naome_ney_ome; Aki mwenye alikuroga alikufa wallahi

iam_sam_jo; Mungu mchukuwe tu @idrissultan turudishie Nyerere.. 😊😊

la_qingg; See your roommate at the psycho unit

Bazokizo Kando! Kristoff And Femi One Reveal Their Chemistry As They Introduce The New Dance In Town (Video)

Kaka Empire signed rapper Femi One was one of the most talked about femcees in 2016 after she released her diss track Pilau Njeri, where took shots at the top Kenyan female rappers in Kenya.

The hit song Pilau Njeri dissed popular female rapper Njeri, known for her songs like Nduta and Miti Ni Dawa featuring celebrated Norway-based femcee Stella Mwangi STL.

Hii Beef Ni Noma! Femi One Reveals Who “Pilau Njeri” Diss Track Was Aimed At (Audio)

While throwing shade at Njeri, Femi One also passed on the beef to Kenrazy’s rapper girlfriend Sosuun, Timmy Tdat’s ex, Kush Tracey and also urban female rapper Notiflow.

Femi One

Njeri and Notiflow later on released replies to the diss track, with Njeri’s song getting more traction because of its parody music video of Femi One’s Pilau Njeri, which portrays her as a moody and angry lass.

At the end of the day, that is what Femi One’s intention was from the word go, to have female rappers up their game and by dropping the diss track, she got attention from her fans and the entire music industry, since beef sometimes keeps the industry alive.

NOMA SANA! Rapper Njeri Hits Back At Femi One With Some Serious Shade After “Pilau Njeri” Diss (Video)

Wanjiku Kimani aka Femi One has not released any other song since then, but now she is back to keep her fans entertained, but this time she decided to work with one of the biggest male rappers in Kenya, Kristoff (Mluhya wa Busia).


The new track is dubbed Tippy Toe, a club banger which will rock Nairobians especially the dance moves which somewhat resembles Collo’s popular dance style Bazokizo.

The music video has some really energetic and electric dancers who show us how to tippy toe, shot indoors at a popular club in Nairobi. Femi One flaunts her sexy curves in racy hot pants and a figure-hugging crop top.

Huyu Ni Yule Dame! After Dropping “Pilau Njeri” Femi One Talks About Beef With Kenyan Female Rappers (VIDEO)

In other shot, Femi One rocks a short, pink skater skirt and tight spaghetti top, revealing her tender thighs in metal strapped boots. Kristoff drops his dope rap lines, and you can be sure his hook in the song already makes it a hit.

Check out Tippy Toe by Femi One below. Is it a hit or nah?

EXCLUSIVE: Khaligraph Jones Reveals When He Lost His Virginity And His Shortest Relationship (VIDEO)

Celebrated Hip-Hop crooner Khaligrpah Jones was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth regardless of what you may think. He has worked hard to achieve musical success and the finer things in life.

Born in Kayole slums, from a humble background, Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones has experienced what poverty is first hand, but he didn’t let his poverty-stricken past keep it from achieving his goals.

Chills Ni Wewe! Khaligraph Jones Brags About His Bedroom Skills In New Steamy Video

Khaligraph real names, Brian Ouko, started out as a humble rapper and when his songs started hitting the airwaves he started dropping out beef tracks, aiming at his Hip-Hop industry competitors like King Kaka and Octopizzo.


The Yego hitmaker has, however, stopped with such tracks to focus more good music that relates to his fans. Late last year, he proved to be one fo the best in the game after his smash hit song with his girlfriend Cashy, hit 1 Million views on YouTube.

Ride Or Die Chick! This Is Why Khaligraph’s Stunning Girlfriend Cashy Is So Proud Of Him (Photos)

When Papa Jones and his soft-spoken yet, super talented lover, Cashy Karimi, released the song, it became an instant hit. This was after fans pressured them to work on a collaboration when he shared a video as they dropped a random freestyle which resulted in Micasa Sucasa.

Well, I got the chance to talk to Khaligraph Jones to ask him a few random questions away from the usual music-oriented ones, in a fun way, though…


I got to ask him questions like when he lost his virginity, his most embarrassing moment during his career, his shortest relationship, and whether he has ever been arrested and the one thing he can’t live without.

You will be shocked by some of the answers he gave but to get all the juicy answers about Papa Jones, watch the short video below.



EXCLUSIVE! This Is What Gloria Muliro Carries In Her Handbag And Her Most Expensive Item (VIDEO)

Na si ako na pesa! It is every lasses dream to own the most expensive jewelery, handbags and make up. Gloria Muliro, a well celebrated Kenya gospel artist is one to watch out when it come to that classy lady.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, Gloria revealed the things she carries closely in her hand bag which is basically her “To Have” things. The number one thing this Mpango Wa Kando hit maker cited was her money. She must have alot of it though!

gloria muliro

You might have thought make up would come first, but guess what! Gloria revealed that she does not walk around with make up in her handbag but instead leaves it in the car.

Ghai Fafa!!! Gloria Muliro’s Photos Rocking Primary School Uniform Will Shock You (PHOTOS)

The Msaidizi songstress however revealed that her car is the most expensive thing she owns. The Toyota Celica which is estimated to be worth over 1.3 million shillings is one thing that she has invested her music money on. Let’s just say she is one classy lady with taste.

gloria muliro2

Gloria Muliro, who has done a couple of hit song including Sijafika, Kitanzi, Sitolia featuring Willy Paul, and the famous Ndio Yako is currently hiting the airwaves with her new single dubbed Narudisha.

May He Rest In Peace: Gloria Muliro Lays Her Dad To Rest In An Emotional Send Off (Photos)

gloriaa m

Gloria however found herself in the middle of a social media storm, when she left her 5 year marriage after rumour had it that her ex husband, Pastor Omba had side chicks. Since then Gloria says it has been a tough journey but has since moved on.

Here’s is Gloria Muliro’s video;

Rapper Collo Mfalme Releases Yet Another Banging Hit (Video)

Celebrated gospel rapper Collo and hit maker behind the famous dance movement BAZOKIZO has dropped yet another explosive hit!

The fresh track titled ‘Jijue‘, features Scooby (The Lazy rapper) with the official music video set to be released end of January 2017. This is the second track off his upcoming dance EP scheduled to be launched in April 2017.

According to him, Jijue is a celebration of finding identity through spiritual growth and more specifically being anchored in Jesus Christ. The upbeat track is a fusion of dance and rap with extra depth in the lyrical content that gives the tune a simple but mature new-age feel.


Collo surprised many when he announced that indeed he got saved as it was not clear before if they were rumours or the real deal.

His jam ‘Bazokizo’ caught people by surprise and everyone is dancing to the tune of the song. Collo has always been a great rapper and we must agree even if he calls himself Mfalme, he totally suits the name.

Afande Wanamtambua: Administration Police Dance To Collo’s Mega Hit Bazokizo (Video)

Watch the lyric video to Jijue below;

Is Bae Pregnant? Sudi Boy Opens Up About Moving On With New Girlfriend After Death Of Wife

They say life goes on! Sudi Boy a reknowned Kenyan-Mombasa based artist has come out clean revealing details about his  personal life after the death of his beloved wife.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, the Mombasa-based artist has revealed that it took him almost one month to come to terms with the passing on of his wife Salma. Well, quite evident is that Sudi has moved on and is likely to walk down the aisle soon, however he was pretty shy about revealing whether he is seeing someone yet, but the thing is emotions don’t lie. Quite confusing, right?

sudi boy3

Sudi, a proud father of one has shut down rumours that he sacrificed his wife citing that it was ill will from a relative, who allegedly spread the rumours. The Kule Kule hit-maker, who has described his dream girl in an exclusive video, is rumoured to have a neww bae only identified as Cashatter who’s rumoured to be pregnant. Sudi will definitely be happy to have another child together with his new love.

Is It Gospel? Sudi Boy Reveals What His Imam Thinks About His New Song (AUDIO)

sudi boy2(1)

Sudi Mohammed recently hit the headlines when he released a gospel song dubbed Maulana which has been received well especially by Christians. He has released hits like Naona Bado featuring Ameleena, Twende featuring King Kaka and Iromo featuring rapper Timmy Tdat.

sudi boy

Join me in congratulating the new couple. This is what Sudi Boy had to say in the exclusive interview with me below;



Spoilt Heart Breaker!!! Sexy Youtuber Elodie Talks About Public Break Up With Kibaki’s Hot Grandson (VIDEO)

When love goes sour! Former President Kibaki’s grandson attracted the attention of all Mafisilets when he gave a heartfelf tribute to late grandama Lucy Kibaki. Since then thirsty girls followed him on social media only to get disappointed that he had a sexy girlfriend, Elodie, who is a top Kenyan Youtuber.

elodie and sean

Well, it is now time to rejoice Mafisilets! After a few weeks of an intense relationship, the two broke news on social media exchanging unkind words over their break up without revealing what went wrong. Just like any other teenager Sean Andrew, Kibaki’s grandson, went on to call Elodie toxic.

This is what Elodie wrote;


Here is what Sean Andrew wrote;



13 Things You Didn’t Know About Sean Andrew’s Ex Elodie

Just before the break up, Sean who is a photographer showered his social media fans with their romantic pictures together leaving his female fans heart broken. The irresistible rich kid who has been giving Mafisilets sleepless nights surely broke the sexy Youtuber’s heart prompting them to delete each others pictures on their social media pages.


In an exclusive interview with Malkia, Elodie revealed how she handled the break up and being a mum’s girl, her mother was obviously there for her which lifted her spirit.

Here is what Youtuber Elodie said;


Is She A Lesbian! Controversial Rapper Kyki Unapologetically Reveals Why She Kissed Fellow Female Rapper (VIDEO)

Si dunia inaisha! Kyki, a controversial Kenyan rapper who bombed the industry with her diss track Kuku Mwitu is airing her dirty linen in public. The Femcee, who has now received a massive following after her response to yet another diss track by fellow rapper Femi One dubbed Pilau Njeri, is becoming too much to handle to fellow rappers.


In an exclusive interview with Malkia, the rapper shed some light about pictures that went viral of her kissing fellow female rapper who was identified as Tizianna. Kyki has said that the two clicked when doing a track dubbed Sisi Ndio Hao not to mention the two look alike.

“Noti Flow is a stripper!” Kenyan rapper warned against married men by Kyki (VIDEO)


Kyki, who has revealed that she is not a lesbian, says she loves pretty girls which prompted her to kiss her fellow female rapper. Is this just so ironical? Kyki has however said that both of them get naughty sometime to a point of kissing. This is what Kyki refers to as not being a lesbian. I’ll let you be the judge on that.


Kyki says she is mostly wooed by lesbians but has a boyfriend who has never had a problem with that. She has however gone ham on fellow rival Noti Flow claiming she loves girls and can never go around kissing her like she does with other girls.

Here is how Kyki opened up;

Head Over Heels In Love! Vicmass Luodollar And Pregnant Girlfriend Get Mushy On Camera (VIDEO)

It is now official that Vicmass Luodollar is taken. This Kenyan rapper is truly and deeply in love with girlfriend Chimami who is now expecting the rapper’s child. Evidently, the light skin Bank Otuch girlfriend is a hot and sexy lass who is running the rapper’s heart. What a lucky girl!


In an exclusive interview with the Star, Vicmass Luodollar and girlfriend came out clean revealing the things that made her steal his heart. Luodollar, who looked so excited to be expecting with his girlfriend, disclosed that her religious nature meant so much to him.


Aliangukia Ka-light Skin! Meet Vicmass Luodollar’s Sexy Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Chimami, the girlfriend who is rumoured to come from the coastal region, was so emotional that she could barely tell all that made her fall for the rapper. The two have confirmed that they’ve dated for 3 years now and so it’s time for them to expand their family. However, the Simbe Adek hit maker however disclosed that he was not ready yet for a wedding.


Chimami has come out to clear the air saying that she trusts her man and that he wouldn’t leave her despite getting so many DMs from enthusiastic lasses. Vicmass has however acknowledged that he has a massive female following which is a plus for him and is not going to ruin his relationship with his sexy girlfriend.

Here is how the two feel about each other;




Kuzeeka Ni Wewe! Betty Kyallo and Janet Mbugua Reveal Their Wild Side As They Party Like Teens (Video)

Female media personalities seem to have a rapport with each other perhaps because of the nature of their job, thus they can relate and understand each other more than women in other fields.

This is the case with Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua and KTN’s Betty Mutei Kyallo, who are both bigwigs in the Kenyan media industry and very stunning at that, not forgetting successful as well.

Wild At Heart! You Have To See Janet Mbugua’s Secret Boob Tattoo (Photos)

If you remember well, Janet Mbugua previously worked at KTN before she was ‘poached’ by South Africa’s media house, ETV then resigned and caame back and landed a job at Royal Media, where she’s alleged to be earning close to 800 K.


The celebrated news anchor recently turned 33-years-old with her hunk twin brother, Timothy Mbugua, who is currently dating former KTN news anchor, the elegant Edith Kimani.

Janet Mbugua and Tim shared a warm video during their born day where they talked about the weird and wonderful things about being twins and the kind of questions they hate being asked once they reveal they have a twin of the opposite sex.

“We Are Not Illuminatis” 33 Year-Janet Mbugua and Twin Brother Reveal The Weirdest Things About Being Twins(Video)

The stunning las would later share 33 lessons she has learned as she turned 33, where she opened up about how she lost some friends when she got married and had her first child, why people should stop men-shaming because there are nice men out there, health resolutions and more.

Janet Mbugua and twin brother

Well, Janet Mbugua held a birthday party with her family and friends, and one of those buddies that turned up included the sassy Betty Kyallo, who recently launched a classy and high-end Hair and Studio Spa.

Betty Kyallo attended the party with her best friend and business partner Susan Kaittany, with Janet Mbugua excited to have her around, as they are always supportive of each others ventures. Mbugua also attended Betty Kyallo’s hair spa opening event.


The two media queens were so ecstatic and thrilled during Janet Mbugua’s bash as Betty Kyallo took to her social media to share a warm photo as they catch up, wishing Mama Huru a happy birthday with loud music playing from the background.

Janet Mbugua is also very close to Citizen Tv’s Anne Kiguta and former business anchor, Terryane Chebet, Edith Kimani, and Sharon Mundia.

Check out the video below. Clearly, these mothers are still young at heart and know how to have fun.

Spotted!!! Bahati With Girlfriend Diana Marua On An Adventurous Date (VIDEO AND PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Hata mfiche, this is not rocket science! It seems like singer Bahati and video vixen bride Diana Marua are dating for real. The two who have gone silent on the issue have been spotted together severally.

Get ready team Bahati for the breaking news! During Bahati’s birthday, pictures that the two love birds posted on social media of them rocking the same Kitenge shed more light to those who might have suspected the two are madly in love with each other.


Bahati together with Mr. Seed and one Daniel Mutua, were on a tripple date, with the love of their lives evident in a video that they were having the time of their life. Well, fans have figured out this secret romance and they obviously know how to add one plus one.

Saitan Riswa!!! Bahati Responds To Haters Using Diamond Platnumz’s Lyrics

diana marua

Unatubeba ujinga! Just recently Diana was spotted rocking trousers and shoes similar to Bahati’s not to mention the several times they have posted pictures that seem to give suggest that the two are always at Bahati’s apartment.



Did She Sleep Over At Gospel Singer Bahati’s Place? Video Vixen Rumoured To Be Dating Star Rocks Trousers Similar To His (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

That’s not all, Diana has been seen posting pictures while leaning on Baba Morgan’s Mercedez Benz, evident that the two have been going for several dates together. Efforts to reach Bahati and alleged girlfriend Diana Marua have failed but in the meantime we wish them a happy relationship as we wait for them to come clean and confess their undying love for each other.


Here is a video of the two love-birds hanging out;

Me and my love

A video posted by mutuadaniel (@mutuatuks) on

Ride Or Die Chick! This Is Why Khaligraph’s Stunning Girlfriend Cashy Is So Proud Of Him (Photos)

Khaligraph Jones is doing well as far as Kenyan Hip-Hop is concerned, dropping smash hit after smash hit and he never seems to disappoint.

The celebrated rapper, real name, Brian Ouko has several hit songs under his name, having grown musically from doing diss tracks to making tracks that fans can relate to, which include; Yego, Open Doors, Mazishi, So Gone, and his latest track with his sassy girlfriend Micasa Sucasa.

His collaboration with his rapper boo Micasa Sucasa was one of the biggest and most talked about tracks back in 2016, earning him a cool 1 Million views on YouTube, his first ever music video to get him to that milestone.

MOTO KAMA PASI! Khaligraph Jones And His Hot Girlfriend Take Shots At Kenyan Deejays In “Micasa Sucasa”

When the new year started, Papa Jones did not take time off music, as he went back to the studio to work on a new project, dubbed Naked which he officially dropped on the 9th of January, 2017, revealing a side of him we have never seen before.


In the new music, Khaligraph Jones talks about his amazing bedroom skills and how his romantic antics can make a lass stick to him like glue, without leaving his side, as the steamy music video showcases a bikini-clad model showing off her hot thighs.

Chills Ni Wewe! Khaligraph Jones Brags About His Bedroom Skills In New Steamy Video

But if you think that Khaligraph Jones has achieved it all, think again. The Kayole-born rapper has taken his ambitions a notch higher by starting his own music and studio label by the name, Blue Ink where most of his songs included his latest were produced.


Khaligraph has actually acquired a big space for the studios, which is set to launch soon, and the love of his life Cashy is so proud of her bae for this great milestone. And just like diamond Platnumz, Papa Jones too wants to make history.

KABOOM! Khaligraph Jones Talks Beef With Octopizzo And Why He Recorded “Micasa Sucasa” With His Boo (VIDEO)

He wants to make history like Diamond Platnumz who is the founder of WCB (Wasafi Records Baby) music and entertainment company, which is one of the biggest record companies owned by an artiste in Africa.

The new studio for Blue Ink is top-notch, with the latest recording and musical instruments, and Cashy shared a few photos from the interior, as she praised her boo for the had work and achievement. Check it out below.





Here’s a sneak peak of the Khaligraph Jones new record label, Blue Ink studio, in a video he had posted a while ago.




Is It Gospel? Sudi Boy Reveals What His Imam Thinks About His New Song (AUDIO)

It seems like secular artists are trying to expand their horizons by getting into the gospel industry and quite evident is that they are doing way better than a couple of gospel artists. From Sauti Sol, Collo to Nyashinski and now Sudi Boy who just released a gospel song dubbed Maulana, it is obvious that these artists are crossing borders.

sudi boy3

Well, Sudi Boy who is well known for his bongo love songs has revealed the idea behind his new gospel track, saying that it was inspired by friends who stab each other in the back. Sudi has however added that he is not yet decided if he is a gospel artist or not and left it to his fans to be the judge on his new track.

Check out his latest gospel track Maulana below;

What do you think? Is it gospel or nah?

sudi boy1(1)

Sudi, who is well known for hit tracks like Naona Bado featuring Ameleena, Kule Kule and the famous Nakuchukia featuring King Kaka, has said that he would appreciate if his song was played in gospel shows to reach more people.

sudi boy2(1)

The Twende hit maker has however said that his Imam would have no problem with his new gospel track putting into consideration that it talks about God. It is very agreeable that this celebrated Kenyan artist who runs the airwaves with his melodious voice is evidently doing good religious music than most gospel artists.

Here is an exclusive interview with Sudi Boy;


That Was Awkward! Ciara’s Exes Future and Bow Wow Attend Her Husband Russell Wilson’s NFL Game

Two of Ciara’s exes, Future and Bow Wow, showed up at her husband Russell Wilson’s NFL game in Atlanta on Saturday, January 14.

As Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks faced off against the Atlanta Falcons, sports commentator Ryan Cameron shared a photo with Future, 33, on the sidelines.

“Well well well look who’s here! @1future,” he wrote on Twitter.

Shortly after, the Atlanta Falcons tweeted a video of Bow Wow, 29, at the Georgia Dome.

“They don’t know it yet, we about to win this one!” the rapper, who dated Ciara in 2006, told the team’s followers.

It is unclear if Ciara, 31, was cheering on Wilson, 28, at the game, but she shared an Instagram photo of her growing baby bump while aboard an airplane with Seahawks player DeShawn Shead’s pregnant wife, Jessica Shead, shortly before kickoff.


“We Were Talking and Our Babies Were Talking Too,” Ciara captioned the post.

As fans know, the “I Bet” singer and the NFL star tied the knot in England in July 2016 and are expecting their first child together.

She also shares a 19-month-old son, Future Jr., with the “Low Life” rapper, who she separated from in August 2014.

We Were Talking and Our Babies Were Talking Too ❤️ @mrs_jshead

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Last January, Future made headlines when he claimed in a Twitter rant that Ciara had “control problems” and tried to prevent him from seeing their son.

A month later, she sued him for slander and libel in a $15 million lawsuit but reportedly dropped the case “without prejudice” earlier this month.


Fresh Beef! Nicki Minaj’s Ex Boyfriend Meek Mill Says He Would Fight Drake For $5 Million (Video)

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy aren’t the only ones looking for a fight. Apparently, Meek Mill is also interested in a bout and he wants to duke it out with Drake.

In a video posted to social media, the Philly rapper challenged his longtime rival to a fight for $5 million. “I’ll break Drizzy for five mill. Of course, I would,” he says.

He also has a proposition for his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj: “And we gon’ let Nicki be the ring girl.”


It’s unclear when the original video was made, but it’s said to be from an Instagram Live stream. The clip also makes references to Soulja and Breezy’s feud, which kicked off after the Meek/Nicki breakup.

But that’s not all. Minaj’s ex Safaree is also getting involved. Responding to a social media post about the fight, the “Stunt Daddy” said he’s available to box, too.

Better video quality of #meekmill saying he'd fight #drake for $5 million and #nickiminaj can be the ring girl.

A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

“Drake Don’t got time,” he wrote. “but I do.”

Meek isn’t the only artist inspired by the Draco/Breezy effect. Recently, Kodak Black said he wants to fight Lil Wayne for the “best rapper alive” title.


Meanwhile, Soulja and Chris are planning to squabble in Dubai.

The two stars are reportedly working with The Game’s manager Wack 100 on a venue and date for the controversial bout.

#Safaree stepped into #TheShadeRoom and said he got time for #MeekMill if #Drake don't 👀👀👀 (view previous post)

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She’s Naughty! Bootylicious Blac Chyna Twerks for Her Boo Rob Kardashian

Dancing for daddy! Blac Chyna twerked for fiancé Rob Kardashian — with whom she shares daughter Dream — on Snapchat on Wednesday, January 11.

The former stripper, 28, put her booty-shaking skills to good use for the Arthur George sock designer, 29, as seen in the video below.

The clip, which Kardashian shared on Instagram, begins with Chyna — rocking a long-sleeved black top and matching yoga pants — walking along the couple’s driveway as her future husband greets her.

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“Hey, babe,” he says, to which the Lashed Bar owner responds, “Oh, hey Robert.” Next, Kardashian asks Chyna to get her groove on. The model agrees and treats her man to a cheeky performance.

One day before the makeup maven busted a move for Kardashian, she posted a sweet snap of the formerly reclusive reality star kissing their little girl during a doctor’s appointment.

oh Hey Robert 👋👋🏿 @blacchyna

A video posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

“2 month Check up with Dream, Daddy, and I,” the mom of two — who also shares son King Cairo, 4, with ex-fiancé Tyga — captioned the Instagram photo.

In the pic, Chyna flaunts her massive diamond engagement ring as she holds her daughter’s hand, while Kardashian leans over to plant a peck Dream’s head.

Rob shared the same shot on Tuesday and penned a touching note about his first child. “Dreamy Dream bean got her first shot today and she is 2 months old!” he wrote.


“Woohoooooo 😊😊 I wanted a boy so bad and now that I got my girl I am so Thankful and Happy for her and wouldn’t want it any other way!”

The couple’s sweet social media moments come just weeks after they briefly split before Christmas when Chyna moved out of the house she shared with Kardashian, taking their daughter and clearing out the baby’s nursery.

As Us Weekly reported on December 20, the pair, who got engaged in April, reunited after the “heat of the moment separation.”

“He apologized to her on the phone,” a source close to Chyna told Us at the time. “She was just sick of him and his behavior. She had it with his insecurities and jealousy.”






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