Oh Em Gee!!! Video Vixen Poses NAKED At Comedian Kajairo’s New Jam (VIDEO)

Kenyans will forever remember Colonel Mustapha’s jam Dodoma Singida and Blaqy’s Money Maker as some of the songs that were ratchet for days. But guess what? We now have another ratchet video…And yes its by non other than Kajairo.

The comic character is well known for his parody videos but it seems this time round, Kajairo is making new steps. Peter Kaimenyi, his real name, sat down with this writer and revealed that he has now started making his own original videos.


Kajairo, a proud father of one is out with a new Jam dubbed Mrrdah. I was also surprised as you are. The hilarious comedian cum radio personality says the song is dedicated to all Kenyan ladies….But there’s something wrong.

Remember the song by Jamaica’s RDX Bend Over? This is worse. A video vixen in Kajairo’s song poses with her nipples naked next to the comedian and the twerking that follows is unbelievable.


Due to the kind of the scene it brings, I cannot screenshot it for you but let you see it for yourself.

PS: Look closely

Here is Kajairo’s new work Mrrdah:

‘We Are Not A Clique’ Mayonde, Kagwe Mungai, Fena And MDQ Clear The Air About Being Labelled A Clique

The Kenyan music industry is growing at a fast pace, with new artistes joining the bandwagon to give Kenya and the rest of the world nothing but great hits.

From way back, we have witnessed how local music has evolved. To date we still play music from the 90s because that’s how dope the music is.

the squad

Fast-forward to the 21st Century, every artiste is fighting hard to stay relevant in the streets, as it’s pretty easy for people to get bored with songs.

Kenya’s Dopest Artists Make One Of The Best Collabos Kenya Has Heard

Well, the new era of music is about to blow your mind, in case it hasn’t yet. The Squad has taken the music industry by storm for months now. Comprising of Mayonde, Fena Gitu, Kagwe Mungai, Blinky Bill and MDQ, they have brought an all-new twist to the Kenyan music.

They are recognised as individual artistes in different fields as well, but since they started doing music together, Nairobi has been lit ever since.

the squad

They are currently promoting their latest jam called ‘Party Nation’, which has become an anthem in a short period of time.

But some of their fans have thought that they are a clique because they have done three songs together.

Well, during an interview with Kiss FM, they finally cleared the air.

We recognise that people may feel this way but our thing is to not be afraid. We are very open. Everybody in The Squad has their own individual path and that path opens up things,” MDQ said.

Watch the full interview below:

‘Just let them talk’ Kristoff And Gabu Reveal How They Handle Groupies

Kristoff and Gabu are two artistes who have brought about new and fresh heat in the industry. Just like any other superstar, they too have groupies who thirst over them. It’s pretty hard for an artiste to handle groupies in a way that won’t complicate matters for them.


Gifted Kenyan Rappers Kristoff And Gabu Turn Up Heat In 254

In an exclusive interview with Kiss FM, Gabu said: “For groupies, I just let them talk and eventually they will forget the story, because a groupie is not someone who supports you; she’s just there to get something from you. So don’t give them that.


Kristoff added: “You basically don’t give them the time of day. Just open a WhatsApp group and they can see you from there. And that’s why we wear sunglasses and do our thing.”

Watch the interview below;

This Beautiful Lass Causes a Grisly Road Accident While Twerking On The Streets (VIDEO)

It’s sad how women are taking ‘twerking’ to some extreme levels.

Well, a woman recently caused a very grisly road accident when she decided to show off her twerking skills by the roadside, distracting a motorist who crashed head-on with an oncoming vehicle.

From the video that has been making rounds online, the woman is seen getting her groove on as she showcases her seductive dance moves as her friend takes a video from the other side of the camera.

As the lady gets into the groove, a few cars pass by without giving her much attention, but it was when she heard the sound of a motorcycle from the background that she decided to cheer on just to get his attention.


The rider was however distracted, as he turned his head to look at the woman, taking his eyes off the road, smashing straight to an oncoming personal car, launching straight into the air after the nasty crash.

The women get shocked and panic as they rush towards the scene of the accident, terrified. From the video, you can see the biker lying down unconsciously, but from the reports, he survived the accident with a pelvic and leg injury.

The Ukrainian woman’s video has gone viral after it was shared and I hope it’s a lesson learned for them. Check it out below.

Check Out This Kenyan Girl Who Amazed The Judges At Britain’s Got Talent

Kenya is one blessed country when it comes to talent. We have some of the greatest artistes, actors and actresses who have put our country on the map.

Lupita Nyong’o made us proud when she put her all into building her acting career and even winning an Oscar award for the best supporting act for the much publicised movie ’12 Years a Slave.

Other Kenyans who have been widely recognised are Nick Mutuma, Edie Gathegi among others.

Well, Kenyans have another reason to smile as yet another Kenyan has gained limelight.

sarah1British born Kenyan teen, Sarah Ikumu brought the season premiere of Britain’s Got Talent to a standstill after she performed a classic song that is known to be really hard, in terms of hitting the notes.

The song, ‘And I’m Telling’ by Jennifer Holliday is one of the hardest songs to sing but Sarah was determined to prove everyone wrong.

sarah 5

The 16 year old girl whose parents are Kenyan immigrants wowed the crowd and judges who thought she had selected a really hard classic to cover. But she nailed the songs, hitting all the notes just right.

Right after her performance, she received a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges. As the audience was still applauding her, Simon Cowell pressed the golden buzzer, which sends a contestant straight to the semi finals of the competition.

Watch her performance below;


Like A Boss: Check Out Shaffie Weru’s High End Shoe Collection

Shaffie Weru is a classic man. It’s evident even in the way he dresses up, from his shoes to his clothes to his hats. You’ll never catch him looking tacky and unkempt. Further more, your image speaks for you, right.


The rave king is a people’s person and wherever he goes, people recognise him. His name is a brand on its own and that’s why he is among the most talked about media personality in Kenya. He goes far and beyond to make sure he delivers in terms of work-related matters. When it comes to partying, well Shaffie is the guy you should invite or tag along with.

Shaffie Weru Reveals Why He Prefers To Use A Bodaboda And How Much He Pays His Boda Guy

But one thing we all have to agree to is how he stands out with his over the top, high end shoes. He loves his shoes and he’ll spend whatever amount just to get that shoe that he wants. If you’ve met Shaffie before, you can bare witness that he has good taste when it comes to dope kicks.


Well, if you’ve never seen some of his shoes, then don’t fret. I got you covered. He has finally given us a snippet of some of his dope kicks in a video. You better brace yourself for some self esteem issues after watching this video.

Watch the video below;

Brenda Wairimu And Juliani Show Us What They Do In Their Bedroom (Video)

A few weeks ago, Juliani officially announced that he had proposed to Brenda Wairimu in an exclusive interview with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on The Morning Kiss.

Neither he nor Brenda gave out any hints of their engagement. Although Juliani put up a post on social media and mentioned the word ‘f-word’, fiancée.

juliani and brenda

EXCLUSIVE: Juliani Finally Proposes To His Long Time Girlfriend Brenda Wairimu (Full Details)

Well, Brenda had put up a photo of the two chilling with their faces covered in face mask with the caption, “A couple that masks together, stays together.”

That was enough reason to believe that the two were deeply in love, even though they had some problems in their relationship before.

Since they’ve made it clear that they are more than just girlfriend-boyfriend, Brenda posted a video on social media of the two yet again cuddling and masking their faces. But based on this video, fans have drawn different conclusions that confirm they are more than friends.


After all;

1. They’re in bed together.

2. They were sequestered in a dark room.

3. They can be seen cuddling.

4. They took time to put on face masks…together.

5. A family that stays together, prays together. Prayer partner, anyone?

6. They’re comfortable enough with each other to a point where they shot an insta-story video and posted for you ninjas to admire.

An Open Letter From Singer Juliani To His Fiancée

Isn’t this enough to prove that these two are in this to win it? In case you were wondering what you can do with your bae when alone, here’s something you can try out.

Watch the video of the two in their bedroom below;


Kiss TV’s The Search Is Almost Over? Who Will Be The WInner?

As we officially kick off the weekend, it is also time to prepare for the biggest show in the country. I am talking about The Search on Kiss TV.

The exciting reality show is on the search to discover the next big star in the Kenyan musical scene. It has been a journey filled with laughter and tears as the contestants shared moments together.

Several contestants have left the show and we are nearing the announcement of the winner, who will walk away with 1 million shillings and a major recording deal. It’s never easy to win such a huge amount of money, which is the reason why the teams are working extra hard to walk away with the money.

When I was younger, I used to be an aspiring musician. However, when I grew up, I realized that it’s more than just reciting someone else’s lyrics. For people who are passionate like the teams on The Search, this is totally different for them. They would love to pursue music as a long term life engagement.

This is the exact reason why you should tune in this weekend as it will be a really exciting show!

Tune in to Kiss TV on Sunday to catch the show!

‘I Wish Wars Would Be Solved Through Dance Battles,’ Bazokizo Hitmaker Says

Gospel artiste and dance choreographer Bruz Newton popularly known for his hit song Bazokizo, has released yet another hit dubbed ‘Zigwembe’.

His previous song Bazokizo became a hit and a social media sensation as soon as it rocked the Kenyan airwaves, due to its signature dance style Bazokizo.


The dance has been enjoyed by many including the His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta among other top government officials. It’s only recently the Kenya Rugby Sevens team adopted the dance as their victory dance. No other dance style has ever taken Kenya by storm like Bazokizo did.

Afande Wanamtambua: Administration Police Dance To Collo’s Mega Hit Bazokizo (Video)

We spoke to Bruz Newton and this what he had to say, “the word Zigwembe means power.” The song is characterized by dance moves choreographed specifically for the song.


He told Word Is, “The dance will be the biggest in Kenya, if you thought Bazokizo dance nailed it then you haven’t seen anything yet as compared to Zigwembe. I want to share the Kapuka sound to the world. I love dancing and dance has been there for me my whole life, I would love to see the whole world dance to this song. I wish wars would be solved through dance battles, in Kenya a lot of our dance moves have gone down the drain without reaching out to the world.”

Adding, “I want the world to dance to our styles and not the other way round.”

Check it ‘Zigwembe’ video below;

Drop Dead!!! Popular Female Artiste Admits To Procuring Abortions On National TV

People have guts! I’m talking about the guts to publicly hang one’s stinking dirty linen in public. Popular bongo singer Linah has shocked many with her public confessions that she has had abortions before. Note, the word abortion is in plural.

They Are Pregnant! Vicmass Luodollar’s Sexy Girlfriend Shows Off Baby Bump

Now that you are wondering how many abortions she has had, would any Kenyan artiste have the same guts to make such a confession? The Themba hit maker is a celebrated singer in East Africa who has kept her life public, but then she recently confessed to having two abortions.


Talking to a Tanzanian-based TV, Linah revealed that she did all that because of the warning she got from her father not to get pregnant before she was married.

Is Bae Pregnant? Sudi Boy Opens Up About Moving On With New Girlfriend After Death Of Wife

“Nisiwe muongo nilishawahi kutoa mimba kipindi cha nyuma, nilikuwa naogopa kwasababu Baba yangu alikataa mtu kubeba mimba nje ya ndoa” Linah

she continued;

“Mimba nimezitoa, siyo mara nyingi ila naweza kusema kama mara mbilii”

linah 3

Linah is now a celebrated artiste who is heavily pregnant and will be giving birth anytime soon. Thus, making it her third pregnancy.

Well, what can I say but wish the lass all the best! Meanwhile, check out her hit song Themba:




DISASTER!!! Popular Rapper Caught Lying In SEWAGE After Binge Drinking

They say fame and money is good. But does it not come with consequences if you abuse it?

One celebrity is proving this fact right. He is one of the pioneers when it comes to the Kenyan rap industry, but then he seems to be battling this disease called alcoholism. It’s Chris Kantai.

Bank Otuch Gang! 8 Male Artistes Who Prove That The Best Rappers In Kenya Come From Luo Land

 Hip hop lovers will tell you he is a legend, and I agree with them.

Well, late last year, Mpasho exclusively caught Kantai drinking cheap beer probably in one of the Mama Pima places in his turf.

So Touching! Gospel Artist Weezdom Opens Up About His Life As a Drug Addict

The next thing we heard was a collabo with Khaligraph Jones that was a hit, and we thought he had cleaned up and was out of alcoholism.

It seems he still enjoys what alcohol has to offer to his life.

According to Pulse, Kantai was spotted intoxicated and lying on the roadside in a South B street, with passers-by sympathising with his pitiful state.

You Have To See This! Here Is Why Khaligraph Jones Likes To Ride With ‘Wanjiru And Akinyi’


Kantai, who now lives in a flat in South B, ruled the radio airwaves back in the day before alcohol took the talent he had to offer to his hip hop fans. Let’s say rehab could work for this legend right now!

Here is one of the biggest hits back in the day;




Good Vibes Only: Wyre The Love Child Releases New Banging Hit ‘Mr Selekta’ (Video)

Wyre is an amazing artiste who has gone far and beyond to prove that dancehall music rules these airwaves.

He has released a number of dancehall jams and the public seem to actually familiarize themselves with the music.

He started off years back as a member of Necessary Noize alongside Nazizi. The two always brought the house down, but they decided to venture into solo careers.


Wyre The Love Child Releases A New Jam Dedicated To His Son (Video)

Wyre has now released a new jam dubbed ‘Mr Selekta’. It’s definitely a club banger and the video was well shot and pretty colourful too.

Watch the video below;

Unakumbuka Haree? Top 5 Great Music Groups We Truly Miss From Back In The Day (VIDEOS)

If you love Kenyan music, you’ll most likely remember a lot of artistes whose songs we used to bump to back in the and 90s and early 2000s.

The Kenyan music industry has grown tremendously over the years, from the days of Ogopa Deejays, when studios used to be part of a small house and shooting a music video was not that expensive.

Other than that, the types and genres of music have also changed in terms of lyrics, beats, and style of singing, and from years back, we had music genres like Genge, Kapuka, and others.


So many artistes, both secular and gospel have emerged in the last couple of years, with more up and coming musicians ruling the airwaves, including Hip Hop, with the like of Octopizzo, Khaligraph Jones and Timmy Tdat.

But if you used to love songs from veteran Kenyan artistes like E-Sir, Mercy Myra or Jua Cali, I’m sure you miss out on some of them and you wouldn’t mind seeing them on stage. (Rest in peace E-sir)

Well, instead of solo artistes, let’s take a look at some of the greatest groups from back in the day that we truly miss because of their massive hits. Check them out below.

1. Deux Vultures
This was one of the most popular boy bands back in the day, made up of two rappers, Colonel Mustafa ( Daudi Mustapha) and Nasty Thomas (Thomas Konzanga). The duo was known for their hit songs like; Mona Lisa, Kinyaunyau, Katika, Mfupi, Adhiambo and more.

2. Tattuu
This all-girl group was one of the finest in East Africa during their days on the spotlight. Tatuu was made up of three stunning ladies, Debbie Asila, Angie Ndambuki, Angela ‘Shinde’ Mwandanda. Some of their top songs included; Haiya, Songea, Daima, Solophobia, Come back, Napepea, Solophobia, Parapanda etc.

3. Kleptomaniax
This was undoubtedly the biggest and most celebrated groups in the 90s. The band consisted of three talented rappers; Roba (Robert Manyasa), Collo (Collins Majale) and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu). They wowed the crowd with songs like; Tuendelee, Maniax Anthem, Haree, Magnetic, Swing Swing just to mention a few.

4. Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
This Hip-Hop group was popularly known for its song Unbwogable after it was used as a campaign song. The duo made up of Gidi Gidi (Joseph Oyoo) and Maji Maji (Julius Owino) who rapped both in Dholuo, Swahili and some English. Other songs include; Ting Badi Malo, Many Faces, Atoti, Nyako Aheri etc.

5. Boomba Clan
Remember a popular song dubbed Chonga Viazi? Yes, this is the boy band that sang that popular track and are remembered for their creativity in terms of their comical lyrics and music videos. Boomba clan was made up of Viq, Thome, Phillo, Erico and Peter. Other hit songs from the group are; Don’t Touch My Car, African Timer, Sina Habari, Meet my Parents which were club anthems.

Hilarious: Nameless Gives The Funniest Ever Tour Of Dubai And It’s Quite A Show (Video)

Nameless is among the greatest artiste we have in the 254. I mean, this ninja has been in this industry for years and he’s still giving people sleepless nights. I’m pretty sure his talent scares him sometimes, lol.


Having worked with amazing artistes over the years, Nameless has mastered the art of the music culture and what exactly his fans would want to hear, which has worked countless times.

Nameless and his wife Wahu have been Kenya’s most loved celebrity couple for a very long time. Their marriage has been a goal to many young people in the country. The two have been blessed with two beautiful girls, Tumiso and Nyakio. They have never shied off when it comes to sharing their life journey on social media, especially Wahu who gives us a sneak peak into their life as parents to the girls.


Well, Wahu turned a year older a few days ago and the two were in Dubai at the time. They had the privilege to perform at a club in Dubai called Kiza.

During their visit in the Arabian state, they took a drive around to see some of the beautiful places the country has to offer.

But what caught my eye was Nameless narrating their tour. It was too hilarious and I thought, why not share with everyone.

Check out the video;

FOR THE LOVE OF KENYA! King Kaka Shows Off His Acting Skills In New Video, Attacks Corrupt Leaders In Kenya

Kenyan rapper King Kaka is known for his lyrical prowess and his amazing rap skills, but his musical journey has not been that smooth and he had to work extra hard a few years back to make it to the top list.

The crooner is one of the best Hip-Hop artistes in Kenya, going head to head with other rappers like Octopizzo, Khaligraph, Juliani and others.

Other than just music, King Kaka is a businessman and is the founder of Kaka Empire, a music label which hosts the likes of Avril, Femi One and celebrated rapper Timmy Tdat.


In the last couple of months King Kaka has been dropping emotional songs with his last single featuring RedForth Chorus dubbed Senzenina taking over the airwaves for it’s touching message.

Now, the renowned rapper has dropped a new video, where he tackles the issues about corrupt leaders who pay the youth to engage in tribal wars in Kenya.

King Kaka Makes His Baby Mama Shed Tears After Giving Her This Big Surprise

In the new film, King Kaka introduces a certain minister, who was appointed as a minister and after 2 months in office, he exposes the dirt and corruption that takes place in the ministry.
King Kaka2

The man, who goes by the name Mwizi Mkubwa, decides to expose the scandal, after he found out that money set aside for development projects was embezzled and used to fund ethnic war between different tribes in Kenya.

In the same video, King Kaka wraps up with a few lyrics where he urges the Kenyan youth not to be lured into tribal fights and violence just because of a few coins.

This is an eye-opener and I think it’s the appropriate message for Kenyans as we draw closer to the general election in August. Check out the new film dubbed Mwizi Mkubwa below.



Meet Ythera, The Next Big Star To Watch Out For!!

Ythera is one of the fastest rising stars in Kenya and her voice can without no doubt make a grown man cry. She has gone far and beyond to prove that she is a talented artiste who’s voice will take her to greater heights.

Ythera has released a number of songs including Wacha Kelele, Kijana, Kaliwa na Wako, Ahadi, Kinky Hair among others. She has been in the music industry for a while now and she is definitely one singer to look out for.


I started singing from a tender age but was always too shy to song in front of anyone. I fell in love with music very early in my childhood,” she revealed.

Apart having a music career she’s building, she is also a contestant on Kenya’s biggest music show, The Search which airs on Kiss TV. Ythera is among the few remaining contestants fighting for the cash prize of 1 million shillings.

Even though she has always been in the background as a background vocalist, she believes that her music will take her places and she is ready to do whatever she can to win The Search competition.


If she wins the money says she’ll give some of the money to her parents as they deserve it and they have supported her throughout her journey. She will also invest some money back into her music.

To see if Ythera will be moving closer to the cash prize, make sure you watch The Search this coming Sunday on Kiss TV at 8pm.

In the meantime, watch the video below to know who left on last week’s show;



“I Regret Getting My Boob Job!” Confesses Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has come out to confess that she really regrets having her boobs done.

That really will come as a shock for many a Kenyan given the number of times Vera had taken to showing off her perfectly sculpted mammary glands.

Vera Sidika

The Kenyan socialite who has also had other procedures done including skin lightening went off on a tangent on her Snapchat account extolling the virtues of self love -a little hypocrisy never hurt anyone.

She told Kenyan lasses that they should learn to love their bodies as they are and not insist on augmenting the beauty God has blessed them with. I gagged when I read her advice.

Vera Sidika


As she prattled on about her regrets, she made sure to tell her followers not to go to Miami for any plastic surgery as the doctors there are largely quacks who will do a hatchet job of an operation.

Check out the self love tips Vera Sidika shared below:

Vanessa Mdee Takes Her Fans Back To School With Her New Song (Video)

Vanessa Mdee had a really hard time a few weeks ago after she was arrested as part of investigations into allegations she is among those behind drug abuse and trafficking. She was summoned to a police station in Tanzania to give a statement but she was not in the country at the time.

When she came back from South Africa, she was arrested and after 5 days in cell, she was released. She never said much after her release but later on addressed the issue via Twitter. She told her fans that she was fine and that she would be releasing new music.


Well she didn’t let her fans down as she released two songs back to back. Orezi, a Nigerian artiste did a collabo with her in a song dubbed ‘Just Like That’ which is already a club banger in less than a week. As if that’s not enough, she has released a song Dubbed ‘Duasi‘. If you thought you knew Swahili, well think again.

Vanessa went in depth with her vocabulary and released a song that is pretty amazing but the lingo is hard to understand unless you are fluent in Swahili.

Watch the video below to get exactly what I’m talking about;

Dr Ofweneke Gets Heavily Intoxicated At Koroga Festival (VIDEO)

Comedian Sande Bush, better known as Dr Ofweneke, got very intoxicated during Koroga Festival which was held on Sunday, March 19 at the Arboretum.

A video that was exclusively obtained by Mpasho shows the comic in a drunken stupor so much so that he could not walk on his own, let alone stand.

Dr Ofweneke

Ofweneke’s reckless behaviour has left many wondering whether it has anything to do with his split reason being it has come just barely two weeks after his wife outed him.

Nicah The Queen, an upcoming gospel musician, took to Instagram to reveal that she had ended her marriage with Ofweneke and accused him of being a batterer.

DRAMA! Gospel Musician Nicah Allegedly ASSAULTED By Her Husband Dr Ofweneke (PHOTOS)

Two weeks later, the comic who claims he is saved was out partying so hard that he nearly fell down. Luckily, he was in the company of a friend who whisked him away.

Here’s the video:

King Kaka Makes His Baby Mama Shed Tears After Giving Her This Big Surprise

King Kaka is known to be a hardworking lad who has gone far and beyond to make his name a brand. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to find a number of people who know who King Kaka is and even the songs he’s released.

His music career has grown over the years and is among the most listened to. Apart from that he’s even built an Empire, Kaka Empire, that has signed on a number of talented Kenyan artistes who’s music is well known.


Even with being that successful, he needs a woman by his side and in case you didn’t know, he’s got one that he’s more than happy to praise every single day.

King Kaka went all out to spoil his baby mama on her birthday. If you thought he was all about work, well think again. This ninja is a hopeless romantic.

He sent her flowers, hired an uber to pick her up and take her to a nail spa, then later on took her to a candle lit dinner where all the magic happened.

Well, it seems he wasn’t done with the surprises. In the middle of having a romantic dinner, singer Pascal Tokodi surprised her while singing a romantic love song. She had not seen Pascal in a while, so it was definitely an amazing surprise. King Kaka really out did himself with this birthday surprise.

Watch the video below;

The first and the last time I had seen TOKODI Pascal @pascaltokodi was in Karen Hospital on a hospital bed and could barely talk nor walk let alone sing. I walked to his bed and I said 'Hi Pascal' then he asked 'Hi who is this?' He was sleeping on his stomach and could hardly move due to injuries he had sustained from an accident on the day King Kaka and him were launching the song #Milele in Rongai.. Anyway there he was not only standing but singing…for me! I was in awe then eh that performance was tear-jerking to say the least.. The guitarist too did his thing Then I was SERENADED! I actually am screaming right now.Yes it was my first time. Yes I loved it and yes I would love to experience that again. Crowned my eventful birthday So…Yaaaas! He is a romantic guy and a little gangsta. That was the highlight of last night. Thanks babe,thanks @pascaltokodi you are way too cool. Thanks @eugene_masika ha ha! The videographer,Asante sanaa @levy__levy(your girl is lucky!) and the CIC @miss_akumu 😘😘😘😘

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