After Being Killed On The Internet, Hussein Machozi Is Back (VIDEO)

He has been recognized as one of the people that reigned supreme at the start of bongo music. After a long silence from the music scene, Hussein Machozi is back and with no apologies.

It was his silence that sparked rumors that he was dead, but alas the artist is alive and kicking and come out to shut down the rumours, saying the horrible news affected his mother leading to her hospitalization.

hussein machozi

Hussein has now broken the silence, and it seems that the lad had been in the US for all that time the internet had killed him. Well, even before he went silent, he was not without scandals. The Kwa Ajili yako hit maker accused Diamond Platnumz of stealing his song which was dubbed Haikai that Diamond later tittled Kizaizai. The singer would then reveal that Diamond had been stealing other people’s song, and in his words he says Nataka Kulewa was also stolen. Talking to a local publication, Hussein said that no one would be able to do music like him other than an artist identified as Mr.Blue.

hussein m

Before venturing into music, Hussein was a professional footballer in the Tanzanian premier league and the under 20 national team. He was then removed from the group under unclear circumstances which made him go for music instead.

As we await his new song, here is a teaser of what to expect;

Kaa Ule mkao wa kula vitamtam.. #goodmusic #tutaelewanatu @man_water @scassandro.ale @mzaziwillytuva

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Machozi is crazy with lovely music… #goodboy #tutaelewanatu

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Confirmed!!! Khaligraph Jones And WCB’s Rayvanny To Drop A Hot Collabo (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

When Kenya meets Tanzania, music becomes the message of the heart! The Kenyan heavyweight rapper Khaligraph Jones is set to make a big collabo with Tanzania’s bongo kid Rayvanny.

The two, who are almost done with their music project, met on social media when Khaligraph made a free style of his lyrics which definitely went viral. It is always nice to appreciate good lyrics and along came Rayvanny, who contacted the Kenyan rapper for a collabo.


In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, Khaligraph made it clear that he had already started a project and asked Rayvanny to join in after which he, Rayvanny added his verse and the chorus and alas, the audio is done. The are now planning for a video for their new track which will be done by next month.

ray vanny

NILIKUWA NAVAA MITUMBA! Khaligraph’s Testimony From Rags To Riches Will Move You To Tears(VIDEO)

The two are well known for good lyrics with Khaligraph reigning in the Kenyan rap industry. Just when you thought Rayvanny cannot rap, the lad surprised many after he released a rap track dubbed Sugu which was well received. Khaligaraph on the other hand is hitting the headlines with the song Naked which I must say is an electric song with great creativity. Did  I mention his freestyle with girlfriend Cashy dubbed Micasa Sucasa? That needs no debate!

As we wait for the two to do their thing, here is an exclusive interview with the Mazishi hit maker;



She Is Here Sleeping! Willy Paul Brags About Being In Bed With Alaine (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

A wedding, a song project or a publicity stunt? You may call it what you want, but one things for sure Willy Paul will be answering some hard questions from his fans.

Willy Paul has posted photos of him and Jamaican singer Alaine, captioning it with words suggesting that the two are now happily married. In an exclusive interview with the Tiga Wana hit maker, Pozze has revealed that he ‘wedded’ the singer last weekend in a colourful wedding.



Willy wrote;

“God is good, I know I’ve kept it a secret untill now!! I finally did what most men are afraid off doing. Yes I did it last weekend. I’m no longer a bachelor!!! #pozzes!!”

He continued to say;

“My Family You Amaze Me With Your Quick Assumptions and predictions …I Know The Problem Is That I Didn’t Show My Newly Wed Wife’s Face ….Here She Is …Yesss!!! Alaine Said Yes….Habari Ndio Hio …Niko Hapa Nawacheki Tuu Najua Maoni Ni Kibao Na Tofauti ….Legoo
GOD has good things in store for the faithful ones..
I know papers and bloggers are going to change the whole story. But you heard it from me.”

willy paul6

The photo by the controversial gospel artist elicited mixed reaction from his followers. Pozze, who now calls himself Simba like Diamond Platnumz, insisted that he did not want his fans to know that he and the Jamaican singer were dating. And yes, something does not add up here!



EXCLUSIVE! Willy Paul Launches Hot And Sexy Kim Kardashian Look-Alike ‘Girlfriend’ (PHOTOS)

Talking to a local publication, Pozze was quoted as saying that he was hosting Alaine for a song project and the two were not lovers. I might agree that he loves publicity stunts and this is one that’s not going to work. So what if it emerges that the two are not legally married, will we be wrong to call the “gospel” artist a terrible LIAR?

willy paul3


We called Willy early in the morning and he was so exhausted, bragging that Alaine was sleeping next to him and that he was also tired from the long night the two ‘lovers’ had. So, where is the honeymoon? He explained that it was a secret destination! Well, we have learnt that Willy Paul is working on his wedding song which will be released any time next week. Let’s wish the controversial Pozze all the best in his drama filled publicity life.

willy paul


Here is an exclusive interview with Willy Paul;





Vanessa Mdee’s Younger Sister and A Tanzanian Media Personality Mimi Mars Launches Music Career With Her First Single ‘Shuga’ (Video)

 Mdee Music presents their latest music act Mimi Mars, sister to celebrated Tanzanian pop music queen Vanessa Mdee in her debut single “SHUGA”, produced at Hightable Sounds.
 Shot in Dar es Salaam by the Tanzania director Hanscana, the colorful music video has cameos by Tanzanian superstars like Navy Kenzo, Rosa Ree, Wildad, Quick Rocka just to name a few.

“SHUGA” is nothing but sweetness. “SHUGA” will leave you on a sugar high, thanks to its dose of funky freshness.

Mimi Mars
Mimi Mars is a media personality who has over the years established herself as a respected YouTube, TV personality and mcee. In her new music venture, the husky-voiced songstress lures you into her world with a sultry tone and her amazing vocals.
Thanks to Mdee Music, the creators of mega hits including Niroge, Hawajui, Never Ever, Nobody but me ft South Africa’s K.O.  – Mimi Mars is already in great company as she takes on a new career path.
Watch the video below;

Top 5 Male Celebrities Women Hate To Love But They Do It Anyway

I thought being solely focused on looks were vanity! EvidentlyI i must have thought wrong and yes, there are hot and sexy men in this nation who give city girls sleepless nights.

Most of these men have moved from controversy to controversy with their scandalous lives putting their names in not so enviable position. But the girls just don’t want to listen, they still go on to love these celebrities over their hunky looks.

Just for the record, there are so many to-die for male celebrities who have gone through horrific scandals but the following have topped the charts being the kings of lover boy’s controversies.



I must agree he is old (or older). His time to get married has since passed, but who are we to judge. The guy has had it rough, from trying to show his nakedness to the public to being rumoured of getting beaten by small girlfriend – I never thought she couldn’t hurt a fly! He has had a long chain of girlfriends from his ex wife to socialite Huddah Monroe and then came the jaw dropping news that he was dumped by socialite gilrfriend, Michelle Yola for cheating. And still; lasses want to get a slice of this Nairobi Dairies’ King of scandals?


Bien Aime Baraza-Sauti Sol

Many would say he rants like a baby. First of all, we know this singer has a dancer girlfriend but why complain over simple chocolates? Bien got angry last Valentine’s over chocolate he was gifted by a PR company.

‘Pris, My Tweet Is Not Worth Sh150 Chocolate Gift,’ Bien Blasts PR Guy

Did I mention how he called international artiste foreign bullsh*t?  He is also known for ranting on journalists and of course making his opinion known. But still city girls will do anything to get this man?


Willy Paul

After his Tiga Wana track exploded, Willy Paul’s conversation with a fan went viral with him hurling insults at a fan, with words strong enough not to be printed here. He did not stop there, Willy Pozze is known for exchanging women like underwear, even after he was accused of impregnating one, claims that he denied. And the girls still forgive him for being accused of trying to ask for nudes?

Mafisilets Mko Wapi! Here Are Top 7 Reasons Why Tiga Wana’s Willy Paul Is A Ladies man


King Kaka

He has the lines, and is one of the baddest rappers we have in the country. The rapper shocked many after he impregnated fellow singer Sage and his girlfriend almost at the same time. He must have been a genius and of course there is that person who was obviously cheated on. Well, these girls seem not to care about how many baby mama’s this Kichinjio hit maker has, some are willing to become a third baby mama.

Exposed!!! Top 5 Male Celebrities Who Never Seem To Stick To One Woman, Gospel Artistes Included

King Kaka2


Vituko galore! If you want to make headlines, call upon this gospel singer to make it easier for you. After having rent arrears at his Karen  house, Ringtone went ahead to accuse Willy Paul and Pitson of planning pregnancy accusations on him citing that they were jealous of his Tenda Wema Nenda Zako hit which was received well.

Gospel Singer Ringtone Finally Speaks Up After Being Kicked Out Of His House

“SO @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson apparently am informed they conspired to create and publicise a pregnancy scandal for me to ruin my reputation and career. The truth is finally out the investigation company I hired has proven to me. SHAME ON @willypaulmsafi and SHAME ON @therealpitson you can’t pull me down. Imagine they did all those evil things to me because TENDA WEMA WAS HITTING. All the tears I cried and all the pain I went through. All the friends I lost and all the shame that I had to live in. I PROMISE YOU @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson he who called will deal with you he sees each tear his beloved shade. I personally forgive all my enemies. To my fans please I personally want to thank you for the faith and prayers you gave during that time of trial. AM NOW FREE AND THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. 1) Rent issues 2)pregnancy issues etc. All are nothing but jealous.”

ringtone a

EXCLUSIVE! Willy Paul Launches Hot And Sexy Kim Kardashian Look-Alike ‘Girlfriend’ (PHOTOS)

New hot catch loading! Forget Kenya’s sexiest female, Vera Sidika, Willy Paul has stepped up his game and this time round, he has brought to the public a lass who looks a lot like Kim Kardashian.

In an exclusive interview with Willy Paul, the Tiga Wana hitmaker has revealed that he and his other ex who is an Italiano-look alike are just friends and it seems he has won himself a new yellow yellow lass. Poor girl, she must have been heartbroken.

willy paul

That aside let’s concentrate on this catch Willy has brought into the picture! The artiste who is currently working on his next video says he and the light skin girl spent time together on Valentine’s after which they wrapped up the day by going to church. Another prayer partner?

willy paul new catch

Nyenyekea Uonekaniwe Bruh! Top 5 Occasions Willy Paul Has Bragged About Himself

Talking to Willy Paul, he seemed so much in love with this girl but did not want to reveal if the lass was a Kenyan but he instead left it for his fans to speculate which country she is from. Team dark skin, I’m sorry for to break your hearts! Willy Paul has exclusively revealed that he loves light skin lasses, with a whole lot of them forming part of his crew.

willy paul girl

And when asked about revealing his girl just after his frenemy Bahati did, Willy said he did not plan to compete with them and instead wished them all the best. Let’s just say Willy is the current celebrity with one of the cutest lady friends ever. In the meanwhile, Kiss Fm wishes you and your ‘new catch’ all the best.

Here an audio of Willy Paul Talking about his lady;


Did Ali Kiba Lie About A Collabo To This Meru Kid? Find Out What May Have Happened (VIDEO)

Nasizu hit the headlines when Churchill introduced him to the world as the best bongo hit maker from Meru during the Meru Churchill Show edition. This was definitely the start of a new beginning in his music career.

Then came another edition of the Churchill Show where Ali Kiba and the Meru superstar graced the occasion. I must agree that the kid has a gift and would later ask Ali Kiba to do a collabo with him. Ali Kiba went ahead to agree to do a collabo with the Meru Kid.

Nasizu asked Ali Kiba;

Tafadhali Ali Kiba naomba kwa hisani yako tufanye Nyimbo pamoja…Ali Kiba, ungependa kufanya nyimbo na mimi?

Ali Kiba answered by saying Yes, the two would do a collabo. Mc Jessy would later back Nasizu’s question by asking Ali Kiba again if he would really do a collabo with the Meru guy;

Ali Kiba would then say:

“Yea, ipo, akama nilivyosema YES”

But did Ali Kiba break his promise to this Meru guy Nasizu? Let’s find out some possible reasons…?

Diamond is Nasizu’s Mentor

We all know Ali and Diamond have been rivals for the longest time and with Diamond playing such a big role in Nasizu’s life, Ali would probably think twice about working with him. The poor boy!

He performs Diamond’s Music

It’s unlikely that Ali Kiba would do a collabo with this Meru kid who always loves his rival Diamond. He even performs his songs all over his shows. No way!


He has a Diamond Refix

Remember the song Utanipenda by Diamond? Nasizu went ahead to write a version of the song in Meru which most probably reached Diamond’s ears. If he really wanted a collabo, he could have at least chosen an Ali Kiba song.

He said He was Meru’s Diamond

In the Meru edition, Nasizu performed the song Nitampata Wapi by Diamond before revealing that he was Meru’s Diamond. Ali might have had to research this boy he was about to do a collabo with and alas, he probably found out how Diamond-inspired he was.

“Kwa mapenzi ya mafans, unajua wananiita Diamond wa Meru, Sasa nataka kumuwakilisha Diamond huku ajue kuna watu ambao wanamuenzi pia…”

He Struggled To  Find Diamond

Nasizu who has now released a couple of songs went to the extent of traveling to Dar es Salam just to meet the Nasema Nawe hit maker. Nasizu says it was a huge challenge to find the now multi-award winning artiste and his manager.





Adelle Onyango And Shaffie Weru React To The #HurtBae Video Doing Rounds (Audio and Video)

The internet is one of the fastest ways of learning new things or rather being up to date with what is going on globally. Last month, the internet went crazy after a guy who goes by the name Nusr-et on Instagram trended with the #saltbae.

Salt Bae

He is best known for being an expert with meat and sprinkling salt in the most divine way. He became an Internet sensation for simply sprinkling salt on slices of meat.

So, a month later, there was a new hashtag, #HurtBae. A video has been going viral of two exes, Kourtney and Leonard. They came together to talk about how infidelity impacted their relationship with Kourtney wanting to know why Leonard cheated on her.

Well, Adelle and Shaffie had a discussion about the video during The Morning Kiss. They were basically assessing the situation, with Adelle shocked when Kourtney remembers how she found Leonard in his house with another lady and Leonard asked her to leave.

Adelle and Shaffie

Shaffie on the other hand, gave his opinion on the aftermath and what he would do.

Listen to the full conversation below;

Woiyee! This Is Why Gospel Singer Benachi Needs Your Prayers(PHOTO)

He is well known for his Mwanake song! Benachi a Kenyan gospel artist has gone to social media to ask his fans to pray for him.

The Nitembelee hit maker is currently hospitalised in the US over an undisclosed illness. The singer hit the headlines late last year after he announced his wedding with the love of his life Joan. The two had a private wedding in the States with only close family and friends attending the glamorous nuptials.


Just after setting base in the US, rumour had it that this gospel artiste had a thing with Benefactor hit maker Akothee, claims he eventually denied and after moving to the states, he revealed the love of his life Joan. Benachi would then dedicate a song to her dubbed Zawadi Nono after the flamboyant wedding.

Benachi made his mark in the Kenyan gospel industry with his hit song Mwanake featuring the late Kaberere, which won Song Of The Year during Groove Awards 2016,  an accomplishment for the talented singer. He has also made it the top gospel charts with songs like Smile featuring Hopekid, Nitembelee, Tulia and Last word.

Mke Mwema! Gospel Singer Benachi Dedicates New Song To Hot Wife Joan (VIDEO)



Well, the singer is now in hospital and we will give you more information as soon as we get it. In the meantime we wish Benachi a speedy recovery. Here is what he has written;

“I just got admitted at the hospital. Please pray for me”

Former Miss Kenya Reveals What Happens After Handing Over The Crown (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

This is a record breaker! She is obviously one of the well-recognized beauty queens in the country. Just after handing over the crown, many beauty queens get lost all over a sudden and we never hear from them anymore.

Well, Ruth Kinuthia is one beauty queen that has kept her standards to the highest levels possible. The former Miss Kenya is the only one who has ever held the crown for the longest time, being the first Kenyan beauty to have the crown for 2 years.

ruth k

Ruth who represented Kenya in the Miss world finals in South Africa has revealed what really happens after winning the crown to when the crown is handed over to the next person. Just like any other lass, Ruth was just the normal version of a campus girl and all that had to change. In came the glamour, the beauty and the fashion.

Make-Up Alert! Former Miss Kenya Ruth Kinuthia Gives Tips On How To Do Your Eyebrows (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

ruth kinuthia

So, what habits should a Miss Kenya leave behind? Ruth reveals that she had to start wearing make-up, good hair grooming and of course she had to get trendy with the help of designers. Ruth who is one of the biggest trendsetters is an award winning make up artist 2016, a dream that she discovered she had after her crowning moment.

Need To Look HOT For A Valentine’s Date? This Is How To Apply The Sexiest Smokey Eye (VIDEO)

Quite evident is that Ruth Kinuthia still brings her A game and her period as Miss Kenya will not be forgotten anytime soon. Check out her exclusive interview;

Kumbe Wanaezaimba??? Video Of Rapper Kenrazy, Sosuun And Visita Singing Will Melt Your Heart (VIDEO)

Forget their rap diss tracks! Visita and Sosuun can sing melodious songs, just when you thought the two are all about rapping and dealing with industry beef with other Kenyan rappers, they have revealed their hidden talent.

In their new song dubbed Amani, Sosuun starts the track with her melodious voice and as you wait for those punch lines to come your way, Visita hits you with a chorus that is well arranged and a steady and charming voice for that matter. I give him a thumbs up and I bet you do too.


In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, Kenrazy had revealed that he was doing a collabo with his bae Sosuun and long term frenemy, Visita which he said was a big tune. He has surely not disapointed his fans by bringing in a another angle to their style of music.

kenrazy 1

Although Kenrazy is the rapper in this track, Sosuun and Visita have shocked many who never believed that the two could actually sing, and do it well. And now you would wonder why they spend their time thinking too much of punch lines, i think singing suits them better (in  my opinion)

Hamuimbi Mnabig-up God tu! Rapper Kenrazy Disses Gospel Artists Over Their Fakeness

The song talks about peace elections as they remind Kenyans the distraction that was caused in the country during the 2007/8 election violence. I must say it is one jam every Kenyan should listen to. Big up people!

Take a look at the song;


Boneye Releases New Jam Ft Tanzania’s Joh Makini, Konkodi And Kenyan saxophonist Owuor Arunga (Video)

Boneye has kept off the public eye for a couple of years, during which he was focusing on building his family business and new music venture – Decimal Records.

He just released his comeback track “Appetite” featuring his label’s signee Konkodi, Tanzanian rap king Joh Makini and the extraordinary Kenyan saxophonist Owuor Arunga.


After taking a break off the scene for a year Boneye is here as a record executive at Decimal Records which he co-owns with Eric Musyoka. Decimal Records have signed up fresh new artistes Brian Nadra and Konkodi Kenya, Boneye is back to the studio and promises fireworks from Decimal Records 2017 and beyond.

Mahaba Ya Kweli! P-Unit’s Boneye Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Beautiful Wife In The Most Romantic Way


He shared more about the release;

I am guided by passion for the game, the business behind it and my love for music. I thank God for an opportunity to give other artists a platform to showcase their talent and share my more than 10 years experience in the industry and partnering with one of the greatest minds in music production (Eric Musyoka) comes as a blessing. Appetite is about the urge and drive we all have to succeed featuring African big wig Joh Makini from Tanzania, Konkodi Kenya (New Decimal Records Signee) and the legendary Owour Arunga.”

Watch the video below;

This Is Why Reformed Singer Ray C Is In Love With Salome Hit Maker Rayvanny

After making a heavy comeback, Tanzania’s once celebrated songstress Ray C is revealing many things about her and one thing that evidently disturbs many is love.

The once upon a time queen of Bongo is now doing well after successfully undergoing rehabilitation following drug abuse which almost took her life, and all this thanks to former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete who saved her from that horrific experience.

ray c

Ray C was doing well with her hits Wanitafuta Nini, Kama Vipi, Uko Wapi among many others before the fame got to her leading to a music hiatus. She has since then reformed after treatment in South Africa. The lass recently kicked off this year with a cover song dubbed Upepo which was originally done by another Tanzanian artiste identified as Recho.

Ray C has come out to say that she loves WCB’s kid Rayvanny, praising him for being hard-working in his career as a musician. Rayvanny, the Salome hit maker is known for writing melodious songs for artistes among them Diamond, Queen Darling, Harmonize and Rich Mavoko. He is definitely one talented guy.

After A Big Comeback, Here Is The Trend Singer Ray C Never Lets Go Of (VIDEO)

ray vanny

Ray C has revealed that apart from the love she has for his music, she would be glad to do a collabo with the bongo kid, and also get him to produce her songs. Let’s wait for this collabo between two heavy weight artistes.

Speaking to a Tanzanian based Tv show this is what she said;

“Nampenda sana yule mtoto Rayvanny. Anaandika sana mashairi, nasikia anaandikia wasanii wengi nyimbo hata mimi natamani kufanya naye kazi,”

Daddy-Daughter Moment: Check Out Nameless And His Daughter Tumiso’s Beautiful Moment

Nameless is among the most celebrated male artistes in the country. He has been in the industry for years and his light is clearly still shining more than ten years down the line.


Apart from being a veteran in the music industry, he’s also a husband to fellow musical icon Wahu and a dad to two beautiful girls, Tumiso and Nyakio. He has never shied away from sharing his family moments on social media and trust you me they are family goals.


Every once in a while he shows a different side of him when it comes to his kids. Well this time he recorded himself with his older daughter in the car having a daddy-daughter moment as they sang along to Shawn Mendes’ latest jam ‘Mercy’. Tumiso seems to be a fan of the young star as she sang along to the song and yes, she knows all the lyrics to the song.

Watch the beautiful video below;

Wyre The Love Child Releases A New Jam Dedicated To His Son (Video)

Wyre is by far among the most successful male artistes in the country. He has managed to stay relevant in the industry, releasing unique songs time after time.

Wyre is a special guy, from his music career to his family. He has managed to keep his family away from the public eye. It’s clear he doesn’t mix his business and his family affairs. He’s one guy who has managed to stay away from public controversies and scandals.

Well, Wyre is not about to let us rest as he has released a new jam.


After giving us a top notch music video shot in Atlanta featuring Dj Protege some time back, Wyre has released a heartfelt jam ‘Lion’ that expresses his love for his son. Lion shows a softer side of the artist.

The video is personal but mostly of sentimental value. Thee dancehall artist did it again.

The song is about my son & what he means to me” – Says Wyre

The Jam was Produced by Andre Ricardo Bailey (Tenament Yard Records) Engineered by Mwax The Herbalist, Directed by Cream Visions and Promoted by Muziki Kenya.

Watch the video below;

After A Big Comeback, Here Is The Trend Singer Ray C Never Lets Go Of (VIDEO)

We know Ray C from her days when she ran the East African music like a queen.

She might have disappointed many after drugs ruined her singing career which saw her go down the drain. Well, she came back after almost 7 years of silence from at the most unexpected time as other fans had already concluded that Ray C would never come back into the game.

ray c

The reformed Tanzanian artiste has this year made a heavy comeback with a cover dubbed Upepo, a song that was originally done by an artiste identified as Recho. Her voice is still melodious, catchy and attractive but one thing for sure, Ray C might is not letting go of are the same styles she used to rock during her days as Queen of Bongo.

ray c1

New Song Alert!!! Ray C Makes A Comeback With New Track (AUDIO)

Remember the way Ray C used to tie a  sweater around her waist to while dancing lingala – it seems that she still does that to date. Not that I’m saying that she should let go of the style though. It does suit her and for her since die hard fans, it would be a good one to remind them of how this Wanitafuta Nini hit maker used to get down.


A post shared by Ray C (@rayctanzania) on

Check out some more  siganture style dances she is yet to let go;

Studio vibezzzzzzz!

A post shared by Ray C (@rayctanzania) on

Guy’s Got Moves! Ali Kiba’s Aje Remix With M.I Will Make Your Day, Must See (VIDEO)

Video alert! Forget Diamond Platnumz’s bragging about collabo with Ne-Yo, Ali Kiba has a hot one this time round with M.I.

So, who is this M.I guy? Jude Abaga known professionally as  or M.I, is a Nigerian recording artist and record producer and  Chief Executive Officer of Chocolate City. The Mama Award winner and BET nominated artist has hit the East African top music charts with yet another song with Ali Kiba which is a remix to Ali’s hit song Aje.


The song was however leaked but Ali Kiba decided to release the original song with some French words which could definitely make the two sound quite different. Ali Kiba went ahead to say that he wrote the song in 30 minutes citing that his collabo with M.I was supposed to be the first track to be released but after the audio was leaked, he went ahead to write another version of Aje which was received well by fans.

MOTO KAMA JIKO YA MAKAA!!! Ne-Yo And Diamond Collabo Finally Out (VIDEO)

ali kiba 0

The video is super hot and now that we know its a collabo between the two, the question would be why M.I is’nt in the video. Speaking to a Tanzanian show, Ali Kiba made it clear that he and the Nigerian singer did not have differences coming up with the video but beacuse of his busy schedule, the rapper could not make it to the video shoot.

Here is the full video;


MAFISI MKOWAPI? Learn From Brown Mauzo As He Gets Lasses TWERKING For Him On Valentine’s (VIDEO)

Many would say Brown Mauzo is a gentleman, at least those who spent Valentine’s with him might think so. I wouldn’t go as far as these here lasses as he is clearly a ladies man, but he proved to know how to treat them on this special day. (Note the use of the plural, them).

Just after Brown revealed his Valentine’s plans, he did not disappoint and went ahead to treat at least 12 ladies during Valentine’s – sorry if I’m pouring salt onto your wounds…

Wueh!!! This Is What Brown Mauzo Did To 12 Ladies In One Night (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, Brown revealed that he entertained 12 ladies in a popular club after which videos of the event went viral.


Brown Mauzo, being that to die for lad, (according to most ladies) invited them to have a good time with him, and he turned up the heat in this packed club, handing out roses AND getting handsy with the ladies. Forget Diamond Platnumz’s ratchet performances, Mauzo seems to have no care about what a girl’s boyfriend will say.

Wueh!!! This Is What Brown Mauzo Did To 12 Ladies In One Night (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)


Mauzo denies that he does not have mafisi characteristics but it is quite evident that the singer doesn’t mind being the victim of ladies’ advances – no matter how forward they may be. Did I mention his sense of style? The lad rocks pure gold (or so he says) so it seems that his music is making money for him. He, however, refuses to tell how much his golden accessories are actually worth. Hataki kujishow!

MIMI NAMFEEL, Brown Mauzo Reveals Feelings For Sanaipei Tande & Hopes Of Being On Nairobi Diaries (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


Check out this video;

MIMI NAMFEEL, Brown Mauzo Reveals Feelings For Sanaipei Tande & Hopes Of Being On Nairobi Diaries (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Now that Nairobi Diaries has gone wild and almost everyone is talking about it, there seem to be those celebrities wanting to get into the high drama reality show, including Brown Mauzo.

Nairobi Diaries About To Get Even More Explosive As They Add Super Rich Bi-Sexual Cast Member

In an exclusive interview with Kiss Fm, the Apotee hitmaker revealed that if given the chance, he would definitely take part the drama series, and yes this man has a lot of drama. Just recently, news came in that he and Benefactor hitmaker Akothee were an item, news that he vehemently denied even after he confessed that she has bought a posh car for him.

REVEALED! The Story Akothee Failed To Silence; Her Boytoy Finally Tells Us Everything About Their Relationship

brown mauzoo


Back to the topic at hand, what are his feelings about Sanaipei Tande? Brown Mauzo revealed that he has just normal feelings for any attractive and beautiful lady like Sana. In an interview with a local radio station, the presenter had to switch off Brown Mauzo’s mic after he tried to flirt with her on air. Well, he did not deny it after he confessed that he has a soft spot for the Najuta hit maker.


I Want To Smash Huddah Monroe!!! Brown Mauzo Salivates Over Yellow Yellow Socialite (VIDEO)

Brown is well known for his hit song Nitulize featuring Tanzania’s bongo star, Ali Kiba, which was received well and has since then hit in East Africa. Brown recently revealed that he had unending love for socialite Huddah and would do anything to get her.

Check out the exclusive interview;




Rauka!! Kiss Fm Presenter Shaffie Weru Pranks A Fan Over Voter’s Registration (AUDIO)

If you haven’t listened to Kiss Fm, you are definitely missing alot and you life surely does need a change. The very famous Shaffie Weru and gorgeous radio princess, Adelle Onyango, wake fans up every morning, kick-starting their day in a humorous manner.

This guy Shaffie should have been a comedian! The ever hilarious Shaffie riled up a fan who he claimed had not registered for voting. Shaffie pretended to be a guy by the name of Sam who was calling from the IEBC ‘department of unregistered voters’ citing that he just received news that the lady fan had not registered.


Rauka! Listen To How This Lass Fell For Shaffie Weru’s Fake Nigerian Accent (AUDIO)

The lady fan defended herself citing that she is a registered voter and a proud one for that matter. Shaffie would later tell her to explain how she did the registering process saying calling fingerprints by a very interesting term. I wonder what goes on in his head though! The fan would then realise that it was actually Kiss Fm’s presenter pulling her leg.

kiss100 shaffie and adelle

Incase you missed the call, here we go;