Meet Ythera, The Next Big Star To Watch Out For!!

Ythera is one of the fastest rising stars in Kenya and her voice can without no doubt make a grown man cry. She has gone far and beyond to prove that she is a talented artiste who’s voice will take her to greater heights.

Ythera has released a number of songs including Wacha Kelele, Kijana, Kaliwa na Wako, Ahadi, Kinky Hair among others. She has been in the music industry for a while now and she is definitely one singer to look out for.


I started singing from a tender age but was always too shy to song in front of anyone. I fell in love with music very early in my childhood,” she revealed.

Apart having a music career she’s building, she is also a contestant on Kenya’s biggest music show, The Search which airs on Kiss TV. Ythera is among the few remaining contestants fighting for the cash prize of 1 million shillings.

Even though she has always been in the background as a background vocalist, she believes that her music will take her places and she is ready to do whatever she can to win The Search competition.


If she wins the money says she’ll give some of the money to her parents as they deserve it and they have supported her throughout her journey. She will also invest some money back into her music.

To see if Ythera will be moving closer to the cash prize, make sure you watch The Search this coming Sunday on Kiss TV at 8pm.

In the meantime, watch the video below to know who left on last week’s show;



“I Regret Getting My Boob Job!” Confesses Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika has come out to confess that she really regrets having her boobs done.

That really will come as a shock for many a Kenyan given the number of times Vera had taken to showing off her perfectly sculpted mammary glands.

Vera Sidika

The Kenyan socialite who has also had other procedures done including skin lightening went off on a tangent on her Snapchat account extolling the virtues of self love -a little hypocrisy never hurt anyone.

She told Kenyan lasses that they should learn to love their bodies as they are and not insist on augmenting the beauty God has blessed them with. I gagged when I read her advice.

Vera Sidika


As she prattled on about her regrets, she made sure to tell her followers not to go to Miami for any plastic surgery as the doctors there are largely quacks who will do a hatchet job of an operation.

Check out the self love tips Vera Sidika shared below:

Vanessa Mdee Takes Her Fans Back To School With Her New Song (Video)

Vanessa Mdee had a really hard time a few weeks ago after she was arrested as part of investigations into allegations she is among those behind drug abuse and trafficking. She was summoned to a police station in Tanzania to give a statement but she was not in the country at the time.

When she came back from South Africa, she was arrested and after 5 days in cell, she was released. She never said much after her release but later on addressed the issue via Twitter. She told her fans that she was fine and that she would be releasing new music.


Well she didn’t let her fans down as she released two songs back to back. Orezi, a Nigerian artiste did a collabo with her in a song dubbed ‘Just Like That’ which is already a club banger in less than a week. As if that’s not enough, she has released a song Dubbed ‘Duasi‘. If you thought you knew Swahili, well think again.

Vanessa went in depth with her vocabulary and released a song that is pretty amazing but the lingo is hard to understand unless you are fluent in Swahili.

Watch the video below to get exactly what I’m talking about;

Dr Ofweneke Gets Heavily Intoxicated At Koroga Festival (VIDEO)

Comedian Sande Bush, better known as Dr Ofweneke, got very intoxicated during Koroga Festival which was held on Sunday, March 19 at the Arboretum.

A video that was exclusively obtained by Mpasho shows the comic in a drunken stupor so much so that he could not walk on his own, let alone stand.

Dr Ofweneke

Ofweneke’s reckless behaviour has left many wondering whether it has anything to do with his split reason being it has come just barely two weeks after his wife outed him.

Nicah The Queen, an upcoming gospel musician, took to Instagram to reveal that she had ended her marriage with Ofweneke and accused him of being a batterer.

DRAMA! Gospel Musician Nicah Allegedly ASSAULTED By Her Husband Dr Ofweneke (PHOTOS)

Two weeks later, the comic who claims he is saved was out partying so hard that he nearly fell down. Luckily, he was in the company of a friend who whisked him away.

Here’s the video:

King Kaka Makes His Baby Mama Shed Tears After Giving Her This Big Surprise

King Kaka is known to be a hardworking lad who has gone far and beyond to make his name a brand. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to find a number of people who know who King Kaka is and even the songs he’s released.

His music career has grown over the years and is among the most listened to. Apart from that he’s even built an Empire, Kaka Empire, that has signed on a number of talented Kenyan artistes who’s music is well known.


Even with being that successful, he needs a woman by his side and in case you didn’t know, he’s got one that he’s more than happy to praise every single day.

King Kaka went all out to spoil his baby mama on her birthday. If you thought he was all about work, well think again. This ninja is a hopeless romantic.

He sent her flowers, hired an uber to pick her up and take her to a nail spa, then later on took her to a candle lit dinner where all the magic happened.

Well, it seems he wasn’t done with the surprises. In the middle of having a romantic dinner, singer Pascal Tokodi surprised her while singing a romantic love song. She had not seen Pascal in a while, so it was definitely an amazing surprise. King Kaka really out did himself with this birthday surprise.

Watch the video below;

The first and the last time I had seen TOKODI Pascal @pascaltokodi was in Karen Hospital on a hospital bed and could barely talk nor walk let alone sing. I walked to his bed and I said 'Hi Pascal' then he asked 'Hi who is this?' He was sleeping on his stomach and could hardly move due to injuries he had sustained from an accident on the day King Kaka and him were launching the song #Milele in Rongai.. Anyway there he was not only standing but singing…for me! I was in awe then eh that performance was tear-jerking to say the least.. The guitarist too did his thing Then I was SERENADED! I actually am screaming right now.Yes it was my first time. Yes I loved it and yes I would love to experience that again. Crowned my eventful birthday So…Yaaaas! He is a romantic guy and a little gangsta. That was the highlight of last night. Thanks babe,thanks @pascaltokodi you are way too cool. Thanks @eugene_masika ha ha! The videographer,Asante sanaa @levy__levy(your girl is lucky!) and the CIC @miss_akumu 😘😘😘😘

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[VIDEO] These Are The Best Kenyan Reality Show Participants You’ll Ever See

Suzziah and Elvis are two extremely talented young musicians every Kenyan is talking about. The two are on Kiss TV’s The Search, which airs every Sunday at 8pm.

They have proven not to be your average artistes since the show started.

The two are blessed to have powerful voices that can move you to tears. If you don’t believe me, tune in to the show this Sunday.

However, everyone has a life story to tell. They did not reach there by luck. It has been all hardwork and commitment. They got to talk about this recently.

In an interview with Kiss FM, they shared their journey to stardom. For Suzziah, she realized that she could actually sing when a friend of hers mentioned it to her when she was young. Ever since, she’s perfected her craft.

Elvis on the other hand knew he was meant to be a singer at a tender age. This prompted him to join a choir.

To know more about the super talented contestants,watch the video below;

Bored Of Watching TV? This Kenyan Show Will Have You Glued To The Screen!

Frankly speaking, not many of us watch TV. We choose to get all our news and entertainment online. This could be catching up with your favorite celebrity’s Facebook or Instagram updates or discovering the latest music videos on YouTube.

The most common habit that most of us love is watching our favorite movie series on a laptop by the pool side on lazy Saturday afternoon. It is just what it is. For a long time, there hasn’t been a kick ass TV show that can actually make you sit on the couch on a Sunday night …until The Search on Kiss TV came about.

We all know it as the show that seeks to discover the next big musical act in Kenya. The contestants were sourced from all over the country and bring a diverse mixture of vocal capabilities.

This Sunday, all eyes will be on the next episode of The Search, which will feature contestants Said Abdallah, Moonboy, Tabitha, Serro and others. The super talented pool will be battling it out as they race to winning 1 million shillings and an amazing recording deal.

This week on The Search, you’ll get to meet the other 7 contestants including the boy-band all the way from Kisii town! The competition is tight folks …but still, three must go home. Tune in this Sunday at 8PM on KISS TV

The show will be graced with your favorite Kenyan gospel singer Size 8 who will be a judge. Stay tuned on Sunday, 8PM, Kiss TV!

Victoria Kimani Releases New Video ‘Lover’ Featuring Nigerian Superstar Phyno

Victoria Kimani is one talented Kenyan female artistes who has gone beyond her means to prove that she is a talented lass. She has been able to work her way up the ladder in the music industry releasing banging hits back to back.


A few years back she was signed to a Nigerian record label, Chocolate City. She is clearly giving her counterparts a run for their money. But I guess it comes naturally since she comes from a musical family.

On a New Level! Victoria Kimani Reveals That There’s No Kenyan Artiste She’d Love To Collabo With Again, Talks About Working With Kanye

Last year she released her first album ‘Safari’. She had been working on it for a while and she was pretty excited for the release. She has done a collabo with a number of artistes like Abbas Kubaff, Phyno, Sarkodie, Khuli Chana, Diamond Platnumz, Ommy Dimpoz among others.


Well, she has been taking her time in releasing music videos to her songs and she has finally released the video to her song ‘Lover’ featuring Phyno.

Watch the music video below;

Mishi Dora Throws Shade At Akothee, Claims She Wants Rayvanny

Forget her hatred filled fight with Nairobi Diaries’ fellow socialite Risper Faith, Mishi Dorah is at Akothee’s throat now. You must have already guessed the person behind all this, Rayvanny, a Tanzanian bongo flava artiste.


In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the socialite wannabe lass condemned Akothee for sending a link to her sex mate Rayvanny of an interview she did with us.

EXCLUSIVE: Screenshots Leaked Of A CONVERSATION Between Rayvanny And Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora (VIDEO)

Mishi was seen talking with alot of anger towards the Benefactor hit maker further citing that she might have wanted to also bed her.


“Mimi Hajaniuliza chochote…Yeye kiherehere bibi ya chief ametumia Rayvanny link direct…She send the video before Rayvanny Smashed but still alikuja akasmash….”

she continued;

“I dont know kama anataka Rayvanny…i dont know…”

Mishi would later reveal that the same person she was insulting, Akothee, was there when she got a near tragic accident, further adding that she considered her as her sister. So, does this mean that the two have now fallen out?

Check out the video;

Diamond Platnumz Receives A Phone Call From President Magufuli After He Aired His Grievances (Video)

By now, it’s pretty clear that Diamond Platnumz is fast rising artiste in East Africa. His music career has grown at a really fast pace, leaving behind people who have been in the music industry for years before he even came into the picture.


He is clearly giving his counterparts a run for their money and has taken bongo music to a whole new level. His artistry in music is unique mastering it in such a way that his fans appreciate. His fan base has also grown with 3.4 million followers on Instagram and over 500,000 subscribers on his youtube channel.

Zari Will Flip: Diamond Platnumz Talks About His Never Seen First Born Child

Apart from that he also  owns a record label, WCB, that has signed on a number of artistes from Tanzania. But even though his music career is growing, he also faces challenges that also affects his peers.


During an interview with Clouds TV 360, he was talking about the challenges they face as artistes in the music industry and President Magufuli called in the middle of the interview and said he had heard all what Diamond had said.

All Things Bongo! Diamond Platnumz Lands At #1 On iTunes In Kenya

Earlier today on my interview with Clouds TV 360, when I was discussing about how far we got and what are the challenges we have on our industry, and The President of Tanzania Dr.John Pombe Magufuli called in the middle of the interview and promised that he will help us with the challenges that we facing,” Diamond revealed.

Watch the video of the interview below;


EXCLUSIVE: Screenshots Leaked Of A CONVERSATION Between Rayvanny And Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora (VIDEO)

Ratchetness is an understatement! WCB’s Rayvanny and socialite Mishi Dora are the real definition of pornstars. Mishi Dora, Nairobi Diaries’ scandalous socialite who is 3 years older than the bongo artiste has apparently been bedding the young boy. In this case let’s call him her boytoy.

Remember when Rayvanny told us that he knew Mishi as a promoter? It turns out it was a lie. And Yes, Rayvanny paid for her flight to Tanzania and even picked her from the airport together with her best friend Bridget Achieng, making Rayvanny a liar once again!


 The two knew each other through social media way before they met face-to-face to an extent of Rayvanny asking for nude photos from Mishi. Mpasho is now EXCLUSIVELY leaking the conversation between the two of them.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Mishi Dora revealed that after Rayvanny’s performance in a popular club in Nairobi, the two went ahead  to lungula again, and this time round it was in her house.

Confirmed!!! Khaligraph Jones And WCB’s Rayvanny To Drop A Hot Collabo (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

So how long did the Bongo kid last in bed? Thanks for asking, he is quite an expert who lasts 1hr 3 mins. Need I say more? For your information, Rayvanny has a girlfriend identified by the name Fahyma and according to his lungula partner Mishi Dora, Fahyma is approximately 5 months pregnant with Rayvanny’s child.The poor girl!


Mpasho wishes Rayvanny and Mishi Dora a successful reality show!

Willy Paul Is The Towns Laughing Stock As Alaine Can’t Bear To Kiss Him (Video)

It seems Willy Paul is one guy who always wants to be the topic in people’s mouths.

I mean, everyday he has done something that is either controversial or just plainly annoying the s**t out of people’s mind. Maybe that’s how he rolls, but he’s pushing it too far.


A few weeks ago he was up and running pulling publicity stunts that are not even worth a penny. He’s always trying to show people that he’s better than his nemesis Bahati. His fans have had enough with his shenanigans as they tell him to decide between spreading the gospel and pulling lame publicity stunts.

Willy Paul Blasted For Claiming His Lifestyle Is An Envy To Many

Willy Paul recently released a music video dubbed ‘I Do’ featuring Jamaican singer Alaine. Before dropping the video, he teased photos of the two together claiming that Alaine is his girlfriend and since there was already a trending topic on ‘Prayer Partners’ courtesy of Bahati, he too claimed Alaine was his prayer partner.


But for some reason it seems Alaine may not be feeling him as much as Willy Paul is feeling her as she is clearly not interested in kissing him.

Willy posted a video on social media and Alaine couldn’t bare to kiss him as she turned her head away from his humongous lips.

His fans did not spare him as they laughed their lungs out;

amos_deguzman: Lakini ata kama hii ni song mi nko sure willy hii maneno ulikula…..

blessed_son_254Sema: kuhatishwa munju.

makoriedna: Tafuta kama Size 8, Gloria, Kambua, Masika ndo regular rhyme scheme yako. Alaine achia kina Redsan.

mutungajoe: Chief, ungeenda secular tu kushinda ukihaibisha gospel artistes. By the way ngoma zako kwa club uea zinaingia vizuri then when I’m sober.

sethlunanijr: Hiyo kiss ilikuwa wiper?

Watch the video below.

After Will Smith Snubbed Kenya, Rae Sremmurd Head To Uganda (Video)

Just last week, word broke that Will Smith had snubbed Kenya in favour of Tanzania as a holiday destination and Kenyans were left feeling some type of way.

I actually see no reason to explain this to anyone because no old foggies are here to read about Rae Sremmurd anyway. And what’s going to get Nu Nairobi cats riled up is the fact that once again, Kenya has been overlooked.


But you really can’t blame anyone but the government for that. You see, Rae Jesus Christ, I am done typing the entire name out are in Uganda to shoot a music video. And Kenya is infamous for being a demonically difficult place to shoot a video or movie. The pricing is too high. And here’s why:
#1. getting licenses to shoot is very costly
#2. the bureaucracy involved makes things so complicated
#3. you have to pay for your equipment once you arrive with it at the airport
#4. restrictions on where you can shoot and how you can shoot are also a factor.


Whatever the case may be, celebrities only ever come to Kenya when they are being paid/ Otherwise, they give us a wide berth.

One of these days we really do need to have a conversation around how this affects us -more than just hurting our feelings- but until then, here is a clip of them talking about their impending sojourn to The Pearl Of Africa:

On the way to Uganda 🇺🇬 Africa

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This Guy Can Gerrit: Khaligraph Jones Outdoes Himself Rapping In Kamba (Video)

Khaligraph Jones is by far one of the fast rising rappers in Kenya. His artistry in music is out of this world and utterly unique.


A while back some artistes were in a war on who is the rap king in Kenya. Khaligraph was among them and as they released diss tracks to claim the throne. People can be childish though.

Anyway, Khaligraph shines in his own way and he shone even brighter when he released a song ‘Micasa Sucasa’ featuring his girlfriend Miss Cashy. The song has been a hit ever since with even international acts recognizing it.



The two first did the song in a car and later on hit the studio and released a banging hit. It seems Khaligraph gets most of his inspiration while in his car as he did a freestyle to Usher Raymond’s ‘Nice and Slow’. Well, this time he did it all differently as he rapped in a Kamba accent unlike his normal English raps.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Khaligraph Jones Spills A Shocking Revelation About His Song “Naked”

He talks about a guy called Kasee who’s trying to vibe a lady by telling her of who he is and what he does.

Listen to his sick rhymes below;

On This Week Freestyle Session, I Introduce to you this Guy Called Kasee Lmao @bettymuteikyallo see your cousin. #respectTheogs

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London-Based Afrobeats Artiste Releases New Jam ‘Incredible’ Ft Ike Chuks (Video)

Renowned for his signature blend of intertwining his West African heritage with his UK upbringing Silvastone has created another infectious banger.

The self-produced “Incredible” features a vocal assist from fast-rising London-based Nigerian Afrobeats star, Ike Chuks. Packed with vibrant energy to the brim this is a perfect kick-off to a very active rest of year for this  talented Sierra-Leonean/Ghanaian beats and songsmith.


The ‘LEVELS’ EP was released on 10th March on all digital stores and streaming platforms.

Recorded partly in Kenya, Nigeria and UK it showcases super-talent Silvastone creatively dissolving musical boundaries, further merging his experiences as an African in the diaspora and excitedly seeking to amplify Afro sounds to higher esteems.

With poignant collaborations and performances alongside Damian Marley, Rita Ora, Habida, Fuse ODG, Ace Hood, Akon, Wyre, Yemi Alade, Popcaan, French Montana, Sarkodie, Chaka Demus & Pliers, etc already under his belt expect a lot more incredible moves from one of the hardest working creatives in the Afrobeats/Afropop scene.

Watch the video ‘Incredible’ below;

Oksyde And Khaligraph Jones Release A Banging Hit ‘Atiyo Matek’ (Video)

Hip hop sensation Oksyde has collaborated with one of the best in the game, Khaligraph Jones. Their new song ‘Atiyo Matek‘ is one of the hottest songs this year.

Oksyde and Khaligraph are definitely here to top the charts. They both delivered perfectly, the energy was on point and production was well thought of.


This is one of those songs you would love to see them perform live considering they are both great rappers.

Oksyde has also released a number of songs such as Niko true, Makalio, Put Yoh Hands Up, All Eyes on Me, Stick Up, Tell ‘Em We’re Ready.

Listen to Atiyo Matek below;

Will He Forgive Him Or Nah? Mike Sonko Finally Talks About His Daughter’s Cheating Ex-Boyfriend In Emotional Video

Times have changed. Gone are the days when a single mother raised eyebrows. And thankfully, gone are the days some “ivy league” schools would turn their noses up at children from single parent families, refusing to admit them.

We are grateful that we are part of a generation that understands that these things happen.

And Mike Sonko understands this well enough not to put his daughter Saumu Mbuvi under any pressure. He understands that whatever happens, she will always be his daughter. And he will always remain her daughter’s grandfather.


You see, Saumu Mbuvi recently gave birth after revealing she had dumped her baby daddy who she claimed was a cheater and a womanizer. Sonko went on to say that he still loves and supports his daughter regardless.

BOY BYE! After Dumping Her Monied Cheating Boyfriend, Heavily Pregnant Saumu Mbuvi Shares Sweet Family Photos

“I love my daughter, I love even the boyfriend who is running for a parliamentary seat but I love him. These things happen in life,” he said.

And Sonko has finally spoken about the fact that his granddaughter was born out of wedlock but that changes nothing. He loves her even more. And loves his daughter and will fully support her.

saumu (1)

“He messed up…my daughter but this things happen…If one day he comes back and asks for forgiveness, I will forgive him, who am I not to forgive if God can forgive,” he added.

When he was asked about what he thinks of Benson Gatu, Sonko said he held no grudge against him because breakups and misunderstandings were part of love and every relationship goes through its own challenges.

MOVING ON! After Dumping Her Wealthy Cheating Boyfriend, Saumu Mbuvi Shares Heart-Warming Family Photos

Here’s what he said:


Here’s the full video as Sonko bares it all.






















Courtesy: Uncle Chim

Mafisi Will Surely Drool! Sanaipei Tande Flaunts Her Sexy Curves As She Makes a Major Musical Comeback (PHOTOS)

Sanaipei Tande is one of the most celebrated veteran singers in the Kenyan entertainment industry with her vocal prowess and smooth lyrics.

The elegant and mellow-voiced singer is known for Swahili hit songs like; Najuta, Ankula Huu, Mfalme Wa Mapenzi, Kwaheri featuring Jua Cali and Mulika Mwizi featuring Kidum.

The stunning singer, who also goes by the monicker Sana, has however been off the limelight for a while after she landed a radio job although she still performed karaoke shows.


Sanaipei Tande would, later on, quit her radio show to get back to working on music full time and at the same time confusing men with her alluring body.

The sassy musician is making a major comeback and recently revealed that she was working on a new single. She dropped not just one, but two songs that are just soothing to the soul.

5 Best Love Songs From The Sassy Sanaipei Tande

Sana started out by dropping her first track two months ago, dubbed Amina and on the 2nd of March, then she debuted her newest song Simama Imara, which is an empowerment message for women to be bold, as she addresses individuals who make uninformed assumptions about others without using supporting facts.

Well, as she markets and publicizes the new song, she also shared a few dazzling photos from a recent photoshoot and I have to say, this lady looks as sexy and stunning as she did years back.

Check out the breathtaking photos below. Isn’t she lovely?

sanaipei-tande-2017-2 (1) sanaipei-tande-2017-3 (1) sanaipei-tande-2017 (1)




IRON LADY! Size 8 Reveals a Shocking Revelation About Her Health, Talks Weight Gain (VIDEO)

Gospel singer Size 8 real name Linet Munyali is one of the most celebrated singers in the music industry.

The Mateke hitmaker converted from a secular singer to gospel back in 2013 after revealing that she had given her life to Christ with the help of her mentor, now husband DJ Mo.

After joining the gospel world, Size 8 and DJ Mo would later come to reveal that they were an item after speculation from the media and fans, as they actually confessed that they held a secret wedding in the presence of their family and friends.


A year later, Size 8 would flaunt her pregnancy to the world. Later she gave birth to the cutest baby girl, Ladasha Belle, who is now grown up after turning a year old in 2016.

Size 8 and hubby Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo have been going strong over the years and are one of the cutest couples in the entertainment industry and other than being a family, the couple has had a few changes in their lifestyle and physical appearance.

Wako Tu Sawa! Size 8 and Hubby DJ Mo Make The Cutest Couple As They Grace The Cover Of Parents Magazine (Photo)

Recently, Size 8 revealed that they had both added so much weight after getting married and were planning to shed it and get their sexy back. The lovebirds have started a video blogging where they are sharing their weight loss journey among other daily activities.


On their first episode, Size 8 revealed something about her health that nobody knew.

Sadly, she has been diagnosed with hypertension (a state of great psychological stress) that at times, takes a toll on her resulting in mood swings especially when she takes the medication.

Watch the video below to get all the details and also get to see a day in their life.

‘Where Was God When My Mum Died?’ Octopizzo Finally Explains Why He’s Not A Believer (VIDEO)

Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, better known as Octopizzo, does not believe in God and he is not mincing his words.

In a candid interview with Mpasho on Wednesday, the award-winning hip hop artiste who has just released a new song with Barak Jacuzzi and Butross titled “Tergat Gang” said he stopped believing in God after his mother’s death.

Octopizzo told this writer that if he had things his way back then, he would have asked God to save his mother’s life since she was the only parent he had after his dad died.

“I lost my dad when I was 14, I lost my mum when I was 15. I stayed in the streets, I’m raised in the streets. I stopped believing in God when I lost my mum. He never helped my mum,”

REVEALED! Meet The Most Unlikely Star That Co-Wrote The 2016 Mega Hit Bank Otuch By Octopizzo And Luo Dollar!

He went on to ask where God was when his mum was dying adding that he doesn’t believe in religion even though he’s aware that there is a certain power over human beings.

“I am not a religious person but I think maybe there’s somebody out there over us but if that guy was that important, he could have helped my mum. He could have taken my dad and left my mum. But they took my mum so fuck religion,” he said.

I am sure you are now asking yourself if at all Octopizzo allows his children to go to church or subscribe to any faith.

Watch the full interview below to find out: