One of the toughest things the modern woman has to learn how to do is balance her work and her family life. This to me is the perfect con that our generation was sold. But this is not about me and my opinions.

Catherine kamau (Kate Actress) reveals how much pressure fame and popularity comes with

This is about Kate Actress who believes she found the silver bullet to help her with this issue. She is well aware that women have to compete at the workplace and this usually means sacrificing her family.

Cate Kamau (Kate Actress) reveals the amazing reason she has stopped wearing bikinis

She took to her IG page to share her truth on how to find a balance and what she had to say was,

Hey Kate , How do you find balance ? Between career and family ??? I keep getting this question . Please if you find that Balance before I do , sambaza it ! Truth is , it’s really hard for all of us . Being a mom is a calling . ! We breakdown in secret , we crave for a break every now and then , we worry about our families till the day we die ! May God reward us 🙏🏿❤️. Call a mum you know today and just appreciate her