Catherine Kamau is pregnant and it would seem her pregnancy has come with alot of wisdom. She has been kicking some major wisdom and I for one have come to take notice of the fact.

Cate Kamau (Kate Actress) reveals the amazing reason she has stopped wearing bikinis

Kate Actress as you can see from the link above has announced that she will no longer be wearing a bikini to the beach even though she believes her body is just right for the skimpy swimwear.

Kate Actress gets emotional in a message to her son sitting for KCPE

Now she has reflected on her fame and the pressure that popularity can bring with it. She chose to focus this time on what most untalented yobs can achieve; social media popularity and fame. Kate Actress spoke a truth alot of millennials and Gen Xers can relate with, faking it for the gram:

Had to read rewrite this
If you live for the cheers you will Die by the Boos, especially here on social media, stop putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, unfollow accounts that make you feel like you are not Enough ! You are in control of what you feed us , Guard your heart! Don’t get carried away , one minute they love you , the next they troll your little soul ! Stay prayed up